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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Israelis Keep a Fishy WatchJon Elmer - IPS - "Israel has been "tightening the noose" on Gaza`s fishers. Since late June 2006 -- almost eight months -- the ban has been total. The World Food Programme, which feeds about a quarter of a million of Gaza`s most destitute, has issued an urgent appeal over malnutrition resulting from the removal of fish and other animal proteins from the diet in Gaza. According to the WFP, fish protein accounted for at least a third of protein Gaza`s mostly refugee population consumed. ..As soon as you leave the dock you are in Jewish waters," said El-Amoudi. "They make no distinction."27/2/2007
Don`t say we didn`t knowScenes from the Occupation, by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions 27/2/2007
Qalandiya, Friday 16.2.07 from noon until evening, Link to - "Reports from the West Bank". GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR ENGLISH TEXT. By MachsomWatchers Tamar Goldschmidt and Aya Kaniuk - "Everything began with a provocation by soldiers. They spread over the hill and on the road, moving back and forth. And the boys and children went down to demonstrate because the soldiers were there, and because of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and because they are under Occupation, because they are boys and that is what they do together."27/2/2007
2nd day of Nablus incursion: 1st Palestinian casualty, residents under siege in their homes, school becomes a prison Ma`an - "Nablus - Ma`an - The Israeli military operation in Nablus entered its second day on Monday with its first casualty and an Israeli confirmation that it will last for many more days"27/2/2007
Israeli military court extends solitary confinement for another year on grounds of Israeli security Ali Samoudi -- PNN -- "[Sheikh Jamal Abu Al Hija & Sheikh Hassan Salameh], as is the case with most Palestinians in the Israeli military court system, were not afforded due process. Even when charges are made and trials conducted, or when lawyers are allowed to meet with clients, neither are allowed to view the evidence used against them. Both [...] have been imprisoned for several years in solitary confinement in Askalan and Beer Aseeba"26/2/2007
Israeli troops raid NablusAl-Jazeera - Israeli troops arrested 20 Palestinians, triggering clashes that left six people wounded.25/2/2007
Israeli forces launch Nablus raid BBC News - Witnesses say dozens of army vehicles have surrounded several buildings, including the two main hospitals. 25/2/2007
4 Palestinians killed in Khan YunisPCHR Gaza - PCHR strongly condemns the bloody incidents that occurred in Khan Yunis in the past two days, which killed 4 Palestinians, including a woman, and wounded 23 others. 25/2/2007
Twilight zone/quality timeGideon Levy - Haaretz - Yihye Bassa, a 40-year-old date merchant, has for several years been forbidden for security reasons to travel to Jordan; Nibin, his wife, 26, is forbidden to come here. He barely knows the two girls, 4-year-old Nur and 1-year-old Talin. They are with their mother in Jordan. In an unusual and very moving humanitarian gesture, Israel let the couple meet for three hours on the Allenby Bridge, after preventing them from seeing each other at all for about two years.25/2/2007
Al-Haq report on the killing of two Palestinian security officers by Israeli soldiers on February 2"When Palestinian security officer Muhammad Abu-`Arab enquired as to what the unidentified men with blackened faces were doing in the the apartment building, the men began shouting in Hebrew and opened fire from less than four metres away, killing him instantly with six bullets in the chest (...). Official statements by Israeli military sources which described Abu-`Arab and the other victim as "gunmen," whereas they were in fact members of the official security forces wilfully killed in attempting to carry out their duty. Under the Oslo Agreements, Israel agreed to bestow authority onto the PNA to uphold public order and security in areas under PNA jurisdiction. In practice, however, it does not respect the jurisdiction of the Palestinian security forces, as evidenced by this and other incidents, such as the arbitrary executions of 12 Palestinian security officers in Nablus and Ramallah in February 2002, and the killing of five Palestinian policemen by Israeli troops at a checkpoint in Bitouniya in May 2001. 24/2/2007
Israeli truck uprooting Palestinian olive trees near NablusGhassan Bannoura - IMEMC - Qassem Al Najar, the owner of the trees stated that the Israeli army is planning to expand a Settlers road24/2/2007
High Court: Security fence may be built on Palestinian farmland Yuval Yoaz - Haaretz - The High Court of Justice ruled Thursday that it is permissible for the Israel Defense Forces to build security fences around West Bank settlements, even if the barriers cut into agricultural land owned by Palestinians. Justices Dorit Beinisch, Eliezer Rivlin and Edmond Levi rejected a petition submitted two years ago by ten Palestinian residents of the West Bank opposing the construction of security fences surrounding adjacent settlement land. 24/2/2007
UN: Almost half of Palestinians in Gaza, W. Bank are food insecureAssociated Press-Haaretz-"He (John Dugard)says it is grossly inaccurate to say Israel`s 2005 removal of settlers and soldiers from Gaza constituted an end to its occupation of that territory, captured from Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War. "Israel retained control of Gaza`s air space, sea space and external borders, and the border crossings," he writes. "Gaza became a sealed off, imprisoned and occupied territory." "23/2/2007
High Court: Security fence may be built on Palestinian farmlandYuval Yoaz- Haaretz-" "We accept the stance that the security fence and the extent of defense are necessary to provide to Avnei Hefetz and Einav the required security from terrorist infiltration and from terrorist activities," wrote Beinisch in the ruling."23/2/2007
Hebron Update 11-17 February 2007CPT Hebron - "The soldiers at the corner checkpoint stopped the Palestinian when he walked by them. The soldier asked how he got there. He replied, "why, on my two feet," and kept explaining that he had a right to walk there." 23/2/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the O P T No. 07/2007 15 – 21 February 2007PCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights-"Contrary to Israeli claims, IOF positioned at various checkpoints in the West Bank have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians. Two Palestinian civilians died as IOF soldiers at checkpoint obstructed their evacuation to hospitals."23/2/2007
HEBRON REFLECTION: "This is Our Life"Abigail Ozanne - CPT Hebron -Two weekends ago, after soldiers beat two men, one to unconsciousness, tear gassed everyone in an enclosed space, and arrested several people, including the journalist, I said what a terrible day it had been. Our Palestinian neighbor answered, "this is our life." " 23/2/2007
Israeli Army Reinforces Presence on Southeastern Gaza Border LineRami Almeghari - IMEMC & Agencies - "These latest developments come after Israeli ministers gestured recently a possible attack on the Gaza Strip, while the latest Israeli/Palestinian/American summit meeting in west Jerusalem failed to achieve its objects, according to commentators. " 22/2/2007
Come with me, pleaseAryeh Dayan - Haaretz - "Discussions with Israeli Arab frequent fliers reveal that academics are subjected to longer, more annoying and more insulting questioning, particularly if they are headed for international conferences." 22/2/2007
Settlers abuse Ra`fat `Askar, 16, imprison him and beat himB`Tselem - EI - "I felt a blow to the back of my neck. It felt as if an electric current ran through me, and I fell to the ground. I think I lost consciousness. I found myself lying in the truck, which was moving, but I couldn`t get up." 21/2/2007
Hebron: living resistanceJanet Benvie - Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - For Palestinians the simple act of every day living often becomes an act of non-violent resistance against the cruel, illegal Israeli occupation and confiscation of their land20/2/2007
Locked in the ghetto, 2 February 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams - a video of a routine experience for Palestinians in Hebron18/2/2007
Arrests at al-Aqsa prayersAl-Jazeera - At least 20 people were arrested during scuffles in east Jerusalem as thousands of Muslims attended Friday prayers at the al-Aqsa mosque. 18/2/2007
House demolitions in QawawisInternational Solidarity Movement - Yesterday at 10am 22 Occupation vehicles invaded the small village and began demolition work. These vehicles comprised IOF, Border Police and DCO* jeeps, Civil Police and two bulldozers, one with a digger.18/2/2007
Hebron Update 5-10 February 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - Another week under occupation in Hebron18/2/2007
Administrative detainees on hunger strike, protesting beatings and solitary confinement Najib Farag - PNN - Palestinian political prisoners in the Israeli prison of Etzion are on hunger strike in protest of ill-treatment. Palestinian Prisoner Society lawyer Hussein Sheikh says that conditions in the detention camp are intolerable due to the actions of the soldiers and administrators. There is also an acute shortage of blankets while the food is inedible. 17/2/2007
Settlers occupy a Palestinian house in HebronSaed Bannoura -IMEMC -"The sources stated that a group of twenty armed settlers occupied the house and remained there while the army arrived to the area and provided them with protection instead of evacuating them."16/2/2007
It`s Time to Visit GazaMiko Peled- The Electronic Intifada-"Since 1967, 280,000 people in Gaza have passed through Israeli prisons, detention cells and interrogation rooms....Muhammad, who would hit smaller children or shatter cups when he did not get his way, eventually revealed in an after school meeting that two IDF soldiers had executed a young man right in front of him."" 16/2/2007
Officials: U.S. will boycott new Palestinian unity governmentAvi Issacharoff - Haaretz- "The Americans have informed us that they will be boycotting the new government headed by Hamas. The Fatah and independent ministers will be treated the same way that Hamas ministers are treated."16/2/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the O P T No. 06/2007 08 – 14 February 2007PCHR -"Israeli settlers living in the West Bank in violation of international law continued their systematic attacks on Palestinian civilians and property. IOF also continued to destroy civilian property for the purpose of settlement expansion. They demolished 17 civilian structures near Hebron and Jenin. "16/2/2007
The Psychosocial causes for the Palestinian Factional WarDr. Eyad El-Sarraj-Arabic Media Internet Network-"The commonest problem arising from torture is the violence which the victim directs to women and children, which in its turn makes the home a battlefield."16/2/2007
Despite loss of his child, Palestinian ex-fighter remains dedicated to peaceAmelia Thomas - The Christian Science Monitor - "On April 6, 2006, The Christian Science Monitor reported on the inauguration of Combatants for Peace, a groundbreaking group of Israeli and Palestinian ex-fighters campaigning for peace in the tense and turbulent region. Tragically, in mid-January, their mission was brought sharply into focus when the 11-year-old daughter of Palestinian cofounder Bassam Aramin was killed by a rubber bullet outside her school in Anata, near Jerusalem. (Rubber bullets, intended as a nonlethal way to disperse crowds, can be fatal if fired at close range.)" 15/2/2007
Four Arab law students refused entry and taunted at Netanya mall Fadi Eyadat - Haaretz - "The students were asked to leave after one of them could not produce an identity card, even though his colleagues did present theirs. As they were ordered to leave, a guard sarcastically told them: "Now you have something to do your clerkship about." " 15/2/2007
Israeli forces arrest 13 Palestinians on Wednesday at dawn Ma`an - "Israeli radio reported that the arrests took place in the cities of Tulkarem, Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah." 14/2/2007
Hamas official accuses the U.S and Israel of planning to collapse unity governmentSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "“This summit might in fact plant basis of incitement against the government”, Mousa said, “The United States and Israel are not interested in a Palestinian National Unity Government”." 14/2/2007
It`s Time to Visit GazaMiko Peled - The Electronic Intifada - "Pretending to pull out of Gaza for the sake of peace, Israel tightened the noose around Gaza and its people while freeing itself from any obligation for the welfare of the people of Gaza." 14/2/2007
A mother`s resistance Ofri Ilani - Haaretz - ""You want to shelter your children as long as possible - but at a certain point, you can no longer do that," she says."14/2/2007
What a strange `abroad` Amira Hass - Haaretz - "And this is the greatness of the Israeli occupation: It manages to present itself as nonexistent, while its authority reaches all the way to the bedroom." 14/2/2007
On the new Palestinian unity government 1) "Rumors abound on Unity Government makeup" Laila El-Haddad - "Everyone in Gaza is waiting anxiously for this miracle plan of all plans that is supposed to save Gaza from its ultimate spiral towards self-destruction to unfold.. God knows we need something to work for us right now." (2) "Haniyeh: Mecca accord marks a new era of inter-Palestinian nonviolence and reflects the will of Palestinians " - Ma`an; (3) "Ban backs PA unity deal, urges recognition of Israel " - News Agencies / Haaretz; (4) ) Haniya asks West to restore aid Aljazeera 13/2/2007
Teaching HatredMike Odetalla - "More than anything else, it is the Israelis themselves who are having the greatest influence on the youths of Palestine. By their words and deeds, they are the ones that are teaching the Palestinian children to hate, because as we all know, experience is the greatest "teacher" of them all and the Israelis are doing one hell of a job "teaching". "13/2/2007
Undercover Israeli force abducts a Palestinian child from Bethlehem; Israeli army injures one Palestinian man and abducts 13 others from several northern West Bank areas; Israeli police close Palestinian schools in Jerusalem, fearing protests 12/2/2007
Tair`s Palestinian peersGideon Levy - Haaretz - A child a week, almost every week. In recent weeks, I again went out to document the circumstances of the killing of several Palestinian children and teenagers, shot dead by Israel Defense Forces soldiers. "They send an 18-year-old boy with an M-16 and tell him that our children are his enemy, and he knows that no one will be brought to trial, and therefore he fires in cold blood and becomes a murderer."11/2/2007
Hebron Urgent ActionCPT Hebron - The Israeli military has issued stop building orders to five Palestinian families living in the Khirbtkasah area of Hebron district. In the past such orders have often been followed by demolition orders. 11/2/2007
at-Tuwani update 15-31 January 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams - another week in a Palestinian village under occupation11/2/2007
As the international community remains silent, Israeli Occupation authorities continue the judaization of Occupied Arab JerusalemPCHR - PCHR strongly condemns diggings conducted by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the vicinity of the al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Arab Jerusalem.11/2/2007
Judge: troops at fence protest were more violent than protestersMeron Rapoport - Haaretz - "Every time we`ve provided videos, the judges released the Palestinians charged with attacking soldiers" 11/2/2007
IOF invades Hebron market area for fourth dayInternational Solidarity Movement Hebron - Today’s confrontation lasted for about 3 hours. Two Palestinian men were taken to hospital: one due to tear gas and another was shot with a rubber bullet. One Palestinian man was arrested.11/2/2007
Under the steamroller Yitzhak Laor - Haaretz - "The boundaries between the legal and the illegal, which have never existed with regard to the Arabs (and not only when a landowner Jewish executes an Arab thief) - these boundaries are fairly hidden, and the security bodies have the power to establish or obscure them, thanks to the support they get from the judiciary and the media in any affair whose skewers smell of "security." 10/2/2007
The Twilight Zone / Victims of the fence Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "In this terrible place the children of Qalandiyah and its surroundings are killed like flies. At least eight have been killed here in the past few years, along the death fence. In this space we wrote about 11-year-old Yasser and his brother, Samar, 15, the two children of Sami Kosba, who were killed at the fence a month apart, in February, 2002; about Omar Matar, 14, killed in April, 2003; and about Ahmed Abu Latifi, 13, in September, 2003. And there was Fares Abed al-Kader, 14, killed in December, 2003. Now there is also Taha Aljawi, February, 2007." 10/2/2007
From behind the bars Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - "Like the "prisoners` document," the draft of the latest unity agreement was born in Wing 3 of the Hadarim Prison, in the cell of the leader of the Tanzim, Marwan Barghouti, the most famous Palestinian prisoner of all. If a unity government does arise in the end, Barghouti`s emissaries, Kadoura Fares and attorney Khader Shkirat, will be able to be considered the ushers of the agreement, those who succeeded in bringing Hamas leader Khaled Meshal and Fatah head Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) into a political marriage." 10/2/2007
Human rights advocate kept from Jerusalem meeting by IsraelAl-Mezan-Electronic Intifada-"Due to the obstacles erected by the Israeli DCL, Mr Younis was de facto prevented from leaving Gaza to meet with Ms Beckett. Indeed, no representative from Gaza was thus present to brief Ms Beckett and offer her a full account of the human rights violations occurring within the Gaza Strip based on detailed fieldwork and in depth monitoring."9/2/2007
Growing bitterness in GazaAmira Hass -Haaretz-"This is the essence of the easing of restrictions: Basic rights are enjoyed by "exceptions," according to the decision of the security establishment. And, thus, the exceptions become suspects. The Palestinians ask themselves: What made these people acceptable to the occupation authorities? Why were they lucky? And if this is not suspicion, what we have here is bitterness, jealousy and animosity - surefire components for any civil war."9/2/2007
IDF has no plans to evict settler families from Hebron IDF camp after 10 yearsAmos Harel- Haaretz- "..the fact that the (settler) families reside in an army camp is a reflection of the "growing distortion in the relations between the IDF and settlers. The IDF stays in the territories because of the settlements, and they depend on the army for their existence. As usual, the tragic and continuous cost of this unhealthy coupling is borne by those who have no part in it." "9/2/2007
Palestinians Reach Deal on Power-SharingMOHAMMED DARAGHMEH-ABC News- "U.S. and Israeli acceptance is crucial to the deal`s success. Unless they are convinced Hamas has sufficiently moderated, the West is unlikely to lift a crippling financial blockade of the Palestinian government, and it will be difficult to advance the peace process." 9/2/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: No. 05/2007 01 – 07 February 2007PCHR Palestinian Centre for Human Rights -"6 Palestinians killed by IOF; 7 Palestinian civilians wounded by IOF gunfire; 40 incursions; 67 Palestinian civilians imprisoned by IOF;...IOF killed a Palestinian child in the northern West Bank town of Tulkarm. They fired one bullet at him when he attempted to escape. They left him bleeding to death. The victim was not armed. "9/2/2007
Israeli soldiers detain Palestinian boys and CPTers CPT Hebron - Press Release - "On Wednesday February 7, Israeli soldiers detained three CPTers in the area around the Beit Romano checkpoint, while they were trying to negotiate the release of two young Palestinian boys aged 13 and 15." 8/2/2007
Lebanese and Israeli troops clash Al-Jazeera - "An Israeli army patrol has returned fire at Lebanese troops after they shot at an Israeli military bulldozer near the border between the two countries." 8/2/2007
On the internal Palestinian conflict(1) "Along the Lines of the Bloodiest Israeli Incursions" - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - "PCHR strongly condemns the bloody events over the past three days, the worst of their kind. These tragic events left 29 dead, including 7 civilians (incl. 3 women and 3 children), and more than 200 injured, half of them innocent civilians. "; (2) "Tense calm follows Gaza fighting" - BBC News(3) "Abbas aides: Good chance of reaching deal on unity in Mecca" - Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz (4) " Mecca meeting: a last opportunity for reconciliation?" - Ma`an 5/2/2007
The Twilight Zone / By the book Gideon Levy - Haaretz - "There`s no question about it - no soldier deviated from the procedure, everything was done by the book, the book of the occupation. That is how it happened that a cancer patient was delayed for about an hour and a half at the Hawara checkpoint, until he died in a taxi that was not allowed to enter Nablus, a taxi in which he was trying to get from the hospital to his home, his final request. That is also what happened when the young woman in labor was forced to stand in the cold and the rain for about half an hour and to make her way on foot for several hundred meters while in labor. That`s the procedure. "5/2/2007
Israel restricts access to al-Aqsa Al Jazeera and agencies -- "Israeli police and army forces deployed on Sunday around al-Aqsa mosque`s compound […] manned barricades and checked Palestinians` identification, allowing only men over 45 years of age and women near the site"5/2/2007
IOF escalates war crimes in West Bank, killing 6 Palestinians in 2 daysPCHR Gaza - Two were killed resisting an IOF incursion into Nablus. A third was killed in an extra-judicial execution in Tulkarm. A child was killed due to excessive use of force in Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem. And two Preventive Security operatives were killed in Beitunia, west of Ramallah.4/2/2007
Shepherd abducted in Tel RumeidaISM - Bilal Il Qadi was abducted from his home in Tel Rumeida at around 2pm by the IOF after a sheep had been seen in an olive grove on CCTV. 4/2/2007
Villager beaten and arrested at Bil`inISM - Farhat Burnat will be held at Ofer Military Detention Centre for another 4 days on suspicion of `assaulting a soldier`. Many Bil`in residents have been abducted and held at Ofer on trumped up charges only to have their cases collapse due to lack of evidence.4/2/2007
The US proxy war in GazaAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - In recent days the unremitting, murderous brutality of the Israeli occupation has been eclipsed by the carnage in Gaza as dozens of Palestinians have been killed in what is commonly referred to as "interfactional fighting"3/2/2007
Israeli Special Units Assassinate Citizen in TulkaremWAFA-"Abu Zghaib was shot in the head and several other citizens were wounded in the attack, they said. Witnesses added that IOF kidnapped the body of Abu Zghaib and citizen." 2/2/2007
Hamas gunmen ambush Gaza convoy, 6 killedAli Waked and Reuters-Ynet News- "Israeli troops shot dead a fourth Palestinian near Israel`s West Bank barrier, hospital sources said. They said the 17-year-old bled to death after being wounded in the leg. "2/2/2007
Prosecutor: Troops must step in if Hebron settlers disturb peaceYuval Yoaz- Haaretz-"Nitzan`s statement, which was based on instruction given to military sources in the West Bank, contradicts a claim made a few weeks ago by Defense Minister Amir Peretz, according to which soldiers are not permitted to intervene in cases of settlers disturbing the peace."2/2/2007
IOF Kills 2 Citizens in Nablus WAFA - "Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed Thursday two citizens in the West Bank city of Nablus, medical sources reported." 1/2/2007
Israel`s Economic Stranglehold a Silent Killer Nora Barrows-Friedman - - "Through the Israeli, US and European move to paralyze the precarious Palestinian economy over the last year, daily life has become a constant struggle for the ordinary Palestinian trying to put food on the table or run a business within a choking, round-the-clock military occupation." 1/2/2007
Settlers take Palestinian lands by force, plant trees on themSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Dozens of farmers from the West Bank city of Hebron complained that Jewish settlers took their lands by gunpoint and started digging holes in the lands in preparation for planting thousands of trees before the Tu B’Shvat Jewish holiday. The settlers were carrying there attack under the soldiers’ protection."1/2/2007
Settler violence against Palestinians in January 2007Ahmad Jaradat - Alternative Information Center - Another month of institutionalized terrorism against the Palestinians 20/2/2007
Soldiers and children in HebronPhotos by Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron showing detentions of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers - January 200718/2/2007
Arrests at Beit Romano, Hebron, February 2007A video by Christian Peacemaker Teams members showing arrests in Hebron18/2/2007
Update from Gaza Laila El-Haddad - A Mother from Gaza - ""It was the saddest the thing I`ve ever seen-a university burning." emblematic, perhaps, of the entire situation in Gaza." 7/2/2007
New truce attempt amid Gaza clashes al-Jazeera - Leaders of Fatah and Hamas have agreed to implement a new truce even as supporters of the two rival Palestinian groups continued to clash violently3/2/2007
Attack by IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) on the house where Muassasat office is locatedMuassasat - " Mrs Rabah lives alone in the first floor of the house, since her husband passed away. Her daughter, who is currently out of town, lives alone on the third floor. According to Mrs. Rabah, the attack lasted for about an hour. Mrs Rabah was ordered outside the house, in the cold, for the duration of the attack, while soldiers searched her house."2/2/2007
Hebron Update 22-28 January 2007CPT-"The woman spoke about the harassment they suffer from the settlers of Beit Hadassah. She told the CPTers that her daughter used to go to Qurtuba Girls School, but now went to a different school because of settler attacks. She also told them that she comes from Jerusalem and, although she has an ID card that allows her to travel there, her children cannot travel with her. "2/2/2007
The 75 Homes of Tarabin A-Sana Received Demolition Orders Today ActLeft-"So what does Badash (mayor ofOmar) do with the remaining half: the 250 men, women, children, old-folk, who stubbornly demand their rights? Demolishes their homes, and leaves them with nothing. After the `successful removal` of these people, each plot of land will be sold for over $200,000 as part of the pretty town of Omer. "2/2/2007
Two residents injured, one taken prisoner, during anti-Wall protest in BethlehemSaed Bannoura- IMEMC & Agencies-"..the planned route of the Wall will annex 700 Dunams planted with vines grapes and olive trees. The lands belongs to the families of the 700 residents of the village...this route is also part of an Israeli plan to expand the settlement of Efrat which was constructed on Palestinian lands that was illegally annexed by Israel."28/2/2007
Israeli Settler Attacks Italian Crew in HebronWAFA Palestine News Agency-"When the mostly elderly farmers tried to resist by blocking the bulldozers they were beaten and attacked with concussion grenades and tear gas. Two elderly farmers were injured, one of whom was taken to hospital with a broken arm.... Before leaving IOF soldiers threatened the villagers not to come to their land again or there would be `serious consequences`. "28/2/2007
REFLECTION Hebron: Barriers to PeaceJanet Benvie-CPT Hebron Reflections-"None of these barriers separate Israel from Palestine. They separate Palestine from Palestine; Palestinians from Palestinians; farmers from their land; cities from their surrounding villages and therefore their food supply. "28/2/2007
Israeli forces withdraw from Nablus Aljazeera - "Israeli forces have withdrawn from Nablus after conducting a three-day military operation there, Al Jazeera`s correspondent in the West Bank city reports. "27/2/2007
One dead as Nablus raid continuesAgencies -- Al Jazeera -- "According to witnesses, a 42 year old man, Anan al-Teibi, was shot in the neck in his home in the old city; medics said his son was also wounded and taken to hospital. Neighbours said al-Teibi was hit by fired shots from a passing Israeli army jeep" 26/2/2007
At-Tuwani update: 1-17 February 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams - another week under occupation in a Palestinian village25/2/2007
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