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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Holding on tight to the frequenciesAmira Hass - Haaretz - The air is one escape route from the roadblocks and the separation regime that Israel imposes on the Palestinians. But Israel catches up with them even in the air. Israel does not allocate cellular frequencies to the Palestinians that answer their modern technological, economic, social and personal needs.31/5/2007
My Areen and the end of the worldWhat is the end of the world? A composition by Areen, daughter of Sam Bahour. Areen studies at the Friends` School in Ramallah. 31/5/2007
Israeli army withdraws from Tulkarem after ransacking numerous houses and arresting bystanders Tulkarem correspondent - Ma`an - The incursion and search operation concentrated on a café in the centre of the refugee camp.30/5/2007 broad daylight, in the center of RamallahAl-Haq - press release - The soldiers made no attempt to arrest Omar Mohammed Abd al-Halim. As he attempted to escape on foot he was shot in the neck by a uniformed soldier, and fell to the ground. An undercover soldier in civilian clothes then shot approximately six bullets into his body, finally kicking him to make sure that he was dead.30/5/2007
PCATI Report: Israel has no barrier to tortureJerusalem Post - According to the report, the High Court of Justice`s ruling on the interrogation of suspects defined as "time bombs" allows for "almost any Palestinian prisoner to be tortured." 30/5/2007
Homes demolished in Beqa`a ValleyChristian Peacemaker Team - "One home was under construction and nearly finished. The young man who was building the house was away at work. His extended family watched in horror as the bulldozer, and then a wrecker, crashed into the home destroying months of labor, years of savings and the priceless hopes and dreams of this young family...At another home just to the south, the wrecker had already destroyed the addition to one family`s home...we could see the remainder of the home, against which there was no demolition order, badly damaged by the demolition.Both families were in the process of appealing the demolition orders against their property. Now any decision from the High Court is moot. The bulldozers have made final the decision that these families have no right to safe and secure homes." 29/5/2007
FIDH calls for a cease of the attacksThe International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) calls for a cease of the attacks - " In a report published in October 2006 on “The impact of the Economic Strangulation On Human Rights within the Occupied Palestinian Territory”, FIDH was extremely clear about the effect of Israel and the international community’s attitude towards the Palestinian Authority... in the final analysis , this attitude was creating the necessary conditions either for a return to full Israeli occupation, despite the apparent unwillingness of Israel to accept the responsibilities inferred by its status of occupying power, or for the emergence of a “failed state”- an impotent state in which extremist groups, including terrorists might prosper and threaten Israeli civilians”. Today, it seems that this exact scenario has become the reality in the OPT."29/5/2007
News May 29, 2007Nadav Shragai - Haaretz - " Public Security Minister Avi Dichter responded to pleas to reserve the area as a significant archeological site. The area is one of the most sensitive in Jerusalem`s Old City, bordering on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount and running parallel to it. ... Dichter rejected the Jerusalem police`s initial argument, that halting burials on the site would lead to riots and bloodshed." (3) "Detained Palestinian Legislative head and Legislator receive extended detentions " - 29/5/2007
And we sleep.Laila El-Haddad - Diary of a Palestinian Mother - "This explosion was closer than ever before. It turned out to be another money changer only a few shops down from our house, no more than 50 metres. The store was leveled. What exactly the Israeli army is "targeting" is a mystery. But of course the media machine spins it as "Hamas targets". This is how it read the next morning in Haaretz-including a note on how the attacks resulted in "no damage or casualities". I thought, maybe the author shoudl come to Gaza. The popular thinking seems to hold that they have simply run out of "legitimate" targets--and so have now resorted to bombing things like moneychangers and supermarkets. "28/5/2007
Israel arrests wounded Palestinians Aljazeera - "Nail al-Srouki, a local chief with al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and Omar Abu Diyyeh were seized by Israeli soldiers after an incursion that left the two men wounded, sources said on Monday..Hamas meanwhile has kept up rocket fire into Israel on Monday in defiance of a ceasefire call by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, and Israeli threats to escalate military strikes in the Gaza Strip. Seven rockets struck the town of Sderot in southern Israel but caused no casualties, the military said. Israel has struck back with an aerial bombing campaign that has killed more than 40 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them fighters."28/5/2007
No swimming for Palestinians. Beating them permitted. Link to - Reports from the West Bank. Written by Aya Kaniuk, video by Tamar Goldschmidt. Translation by Tal Haran. GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR ENGLISH TEXT. " There is one single – obvious – criterion only, determining the right to recreation: ethnicity. Race. Any Palestinian as such, whether child, elderly, male, female, baby – all are denied approach to the Dead Sea. Sometimes, as it happened on the day we were present, there is battery too."28/5/2007
Huge Israeli contingent invades Jenin and arrests the daughter of a prisoner and the brother of a `wanted` PalestinianMa`an -- "Palestinian security sources said that more than 20 Israeli military vehicles broke into Jenin and launched a search campaign, claiming that they sought so-called `wanted` Palestinians. Armed clashes erupted in Jenin refugee camp between the Israeli forces and Palestinian gunmen, no casualties were reported"28/5/2007
Water and ResistanceTimothy Seidel -- IMEMC -- "ARIJ [Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem] had begun a waste water treatment project in Nahhalin that will now be duplicated to provide rural Palestinian areas in the West Bank with new sources of water for irrigation" 28/5/2007
Report: IOF offensive continues: 47 killed and 189 wounded in GazaAl Mezan/Electronic Intifada - 27 May 2007 - Al Mezan has documented that 47 Palestinians have been killed and 189 others injured since the start of the offensive. Dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged from the 58 air strikes and 19 artillery and heavy machine gun attacks on different locations around the Gaza Strip.27/5/2007
Diary: Live from Palestine: war gamesLaila El-Haddad - Electronic Intifada - I can`t sleep. I get up maybe once every two hours. Go to the bathroom, walk around a little, and then doze off again. Only to be awakened by the drones, followed by the manic hovering of helicopter gunships. This time they were directly over our apartment building. I waited for the dreadful conclusion. The intensity of the propeller`s sound waned and intensified at various intervals, until finally two missiles were fired. I could hear them hissing, and then, exploding.27/5/2007
Two internationals hospitalized after Israeli settlers attackISM Media Crew -Press Release -"I went to go and help George when the settlers kicked him to the ground, then 2 settlers started to attack me. The settlers kicked me in the stomach. They were big boys, 15-17 years old. I started to scream. The settlers didn`t leave when the soldier yelled. They left when they saw the police arriving."25/5/2007
Israel Seizes 33 Palestinians in CrackdownISABEL KERSHNER-NY Times-“The information minister, Mustafa Barghouti, described the arrests as “a massacre” of Palestinian democracy and civil society.”25/5/2007
Israel strikes near Haniya`s home Al Jazeera -"Late on Thursday, Israeli aircraft hit several more targets in southern Gaza, three from Hamas and one from Islamic Jihad, the Israeli military said. Nine people were hurt, including three children and two women, Palestinian hospital officials said." 25/5/2007
Don`t say we did not know 56ICAHD-"The supreme court issued an interim order according to which the farmers should be permitted through 24 hours a day. The IDF soldiers think otherwise. "25/5/2007
Occupation and the MindDr Samah Jabr -The New Internationalist -"..I saw men complaining of non-specific chronic pains after they lost their jobs as labourers in Israeli areas; school children brought in for secondary bed-wetting after a horrifying night of bombardment. My memory of a woman, brought to the emergency room suffering from sudden blindness that started when she saw her child murdered as a bullet entered his eye and went out from the back of his head, remains all too vivid." 25/5/2007
Israeli Passage Procedures at Erez Crossing Led to the Death of a Palestinian PatientPCHR-Press Release-"Even though the passage of the ambulance was coordinated in advance with the Israeli side, the ambulance had to wait for approximately 3 hours under the pretext of security checking. Mansour was handed to an Israeli ambulance at approximately 23:00. A few minutes later, the Israeli ambulance officer informed his Palestinian counterpart that Mansour died."25/5/2007
At-Tuwani Update 10-18 May 2007CPT - "Settler(s) from Hill 833 (Havot Ma`on outpost) flung stones at a Tuba man on donkey passing through At-Tuwani just below the trees (not far from Juma`s house). ...The team called the military and police but were unwilling to help. "25/5/2007
Israeli troops kidnap P.A education minister, at least thirty officials and ministersSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli soldiers invaded on Thursday at dawn several Palestinian cities and towns and kidnapped the Palestinian Education Minister along at least thirty mayors, legislators and officials and Hamas supporters." 24/5/2007
IDF enters Gaza Strip, snatches 7 civilians from their houses - also raids and arrestst in Nablus Nisreen Qumsieh - IMEMC - After the operation, the Israeli army realized that the kidnapped civilians were not part of any resistance group and released them.23/5/2007
Refusing to Kneel to the OccupationISM Hebron - On the morning of Tuesday, May 22. two human rights workers (HRWs) witnessed a young Palestinian man being detained at the Israeli soldier post in the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron.23/5/2007
In HebronA letter from a human rights activist - "*two settlers with guns they came to me stood in my way and started photographing me , one from them told me i will kill you i will kill all the Arabs,..I called [soldiers] and I told them please help me.. [the soldiers] told me what do you have in you bag , they forced me to take off everything from the bag and put it in the ground, I told them I work for `Btselem` and its the Israeli center for human rights , one of the regular soldiers said I hate them more than you , I told him why he said shut up, after they saw every thing in my bag ,they were trying to provoke my feeling and they said many bad words..". (2) Joint Report of B`Tselem with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel - "The "quiet transfer" in Hebron"22/5/2007
Some reports on recent destruction wreaked by the State of Israel (1) Continuing demolitions in Jerusalem" - from Rabbis for Human Rights; (2) "Home Demolitions of Bedouin Israeli citizens in the Negev" Mailing by Yeela Raanan, the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages in the Negev; (3) "Family`s trees uprooted in Artas, Palestinian Information Minister attacked by Israeli soldiers" - from the International Solidarity Movement22/5/2007
Minister dismisses Hamas cease-fire offer as `manipulation`"Minister Bar-On dismisses Hamas cease-fire offer as `manipulation`". by Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz - "Hamas: We`ll halt rockets in return for West Bank truce` "22/5/2007
IAF hits Gaza facility; Israel: Hamas leaders in our sights; WAFA: 4 Citizens Killed in More Israeli Air Raid on Civil Car in GazaAvi Issacharoff and Amos Harel -- Haaretz -- 13 people killed in 24 hours in Strip, including 4 civilians; IDF shells knock out power for 50,000 Gazans21/5/2007
Soldiers attack information Minister during protest in BethlehemSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC -- "Israeli soldiers attacked on Sunday the Palestinian Information Minister, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, after his participation in a nonviolent protest against the bulldozing of olive orchards in Ertas village, near Bethlehem. The soldiers violently assaulted Barghouthi, hitting him and several others with batons"21/5/2007
Army invades southern cities in the West Bank and kidnaps four civilians 21/5/2007
Cabinet okays attacking Hamas, Jihad chiefsRonny Sofer -- YNET -- Security Cabinet convenes to agree on ways to battle ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, authorizes army to carry out assassinations of top Islamic Jihad, Hamas commanders responsible for escalation21/5/2007
Palestinians `academically boycotted`Dan Izenberg -- The Jerusalem Post -- "`At a time when we are trying to prevent an academic boycott of Israel, Israel itself is pursuing a policy that continues to sweepingly deny the right of education and academic freedom of Palestinian students,` wrote Prof. Kenneth Mann of Tel Aviv University. Mann is chairman of the advisory council of Gisha, the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement"21/5/2007
8 dead as IAF strikes Gaza home of Hamas lawmakerAvi Issacharoff, Amos Harel, Barak Ravid and agencies - Haaretz - The Israel Air Force fired missiles at the Gaza home of a Hamas lawmaker Sunday evening, leaving at least eight Palestinians dead, hospital officials reported.20/5/2007
Five Palestinians arrested while settlers continue to attack and harass farmers in Al-BuweibEileen Hanson - Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron - In recent weeks, CPT and Operation Dove have gone to Al-Buweib on at least four different occasions, each time encountering settler harassment and threats of violence against the local Palestinian landowners. Three weeks ago, settlers attacked a Palestinian partner from Tuwani, and Arik Asherman of Rabbis for Human Rights. One settler also tried to steal the camera of a member of Operation Dove, and chased him down the valley.20/5/2007
IOF escalates offensive in the Gaza Strip: 23 Palestinians killed and 86 others woundedPalestinian Center for Human Rights Gaza - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued their military operations in the Gaza Strip for the 5th consecutive day in a manner unprecedented for several months. They have intensified air attacks targeting civilian facilities and paramilitary sites mostly of Hamas and the Executive force of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior.20/5/2007
HEBRON UPDATE 7-14 May 2007CPT-Weekly Newsletter Update-"..observed an Israeli soldier, on the Shuhada Street side of the gate, pointing his gun at a young Palestinian boy (aged about 10 years old) who was standing on the market side of the gate...The boy moved a little further down the street and the soldier shouted and cocked his weapon."18/5/2007
Gazans trapped in `ghost town` Laila El Haddad - Al-Jazeera - "Government officials will convene with the military commanders, and ask them to show restraint. The gunmen will withdraw from the streets. And for a few more weeks, things will be calm again. We`re in a maelstrom and I can`t really see a way out." 17/5/2007
Bulldozers waiting to uproot Palestinian trees in Artas village- Presence neededAtras Village - Bethlehem - "Hussam, from Atras, says, "The bulldozers are already waiting in the field in Atras to destroy our precious trees. It is a huge field of tress that the army will demolish. All of this in order to clear the way for a new sewage system for the illegal Israeli settlement of Efrat. Soldiers came today and said they will destroy the trees tomorrow morning."17/5/2007
The Nakba has Never EndedJulia Pitner - EI - "We are witnessing the slow but sure strangulation of Palestinian culture and existence in their homeland through Israeli bureaucratic policies and strategies."16/5/2007
Jerusalem village`s `nowhere` people in limboDAN IZENBERG - J-lem Post - "According to Dirawi, the most devastating blow of all is that Palestinian friends and relatives living in the West Bank are not allowed to visit. They cannot attend weddings or funerals of their loved ones in Nueman." 16/5/2007
Today`s news By Mijal Grinberg and Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondents "Two wounded by Qassam rockets in Sderot; Hamas claims responsibility "15/5/2007
Updates of Rabbis for Human Rights,"The plowing in Awarta and Wadi Yanoon was finished this week. We know that if we would not have been there the Palestinian farmers could not have plowen".."We submitted the writ of defense in the civil suit of Yaakov Talyah, the settler of the illegal oupost, Havat Luzifer, against our petitioners. In our petition we asked the Supreme Court to order the return of the petitioners to their land and houses from which they were expelled from by Tayah`s violence..".." The Jerusalem Municipality demolished on Tuesday a building in the Vadi El-Jose neighborhood of East Jerusalem, which serves the non profit organization `Eiat` - an organization for the advancement of children with special needs, and the `Kochavy Yerushalayim` (Jerusalem Stars) non profit organization. The building was used as a center for sheltered children from families belonging to the weakest population. ".."May 8th, 2007, the Government of Israel once more demolished the entire village of Twail Abu-Jarwal in the Israeli Negev: 30 tents and huts."15/5/2007
The Children of El Hudidiya live here no moreDaphne Banai - MachsomWatch - "A month ago we went to see the people of El Hudidiya. They have been living in the Occupied Jordan Valley for over 100 years, but have been expelled - to accomodate the needs of the Israeli settlement that popped up around them. for the last 10 years they have been living near the settlent of Roi, growing wheat and tending to their sheep. But their neighbours demanded their removal because they fancied their land."15/5/2007
Two Lawyers of Mandela institute visit detainees in Gabloa’ and Shatta detention facilitiesIMEMC - "Commenting on the condition inside the prisons, detainee Sharif Raddad, in Galboa’ prison, said that the administration has escalated its attacks and violation against the detainees, and that soldiers attacked the detainees after breaking into their rooms on May 6, used military dogs in searching the rooms and handcuffed several detainees before hitting and clubbing them. "15/5/2007
On Palestinian infighting in GazaAmos Harel and AP - Haaretz "Hamas kills 7 Fatah men in Gaza, IDF kills 2 who fled scene "; 15/5/2007
`Peace house` harms PalestiniansBy Tom Spender in Hebron - Aljazeera - "About 10,000 Palestinians have left H2, their boarded-up shops now daubed with slogans such as `Death to the Arabs’. "Even the settlers` dogs have more rights than us" [says] Bassam al Jabary, Palestinian resident. But none of this concerns [settler] Sarit Weinberger who says matter-of –factly, "the Arabs – I don`t see them". 15/5/2007
Twilight Zone / A day in the lifeGideon Levy - Haaretz - "We were just sitting down on the plastic chairs in the living room when the noise began. Boom after boom, volleys of gunfire. Closer, farther away, single shots and rounds of automatic fire. Occasionally, too, a brief respite. "15/5/2007
10 `wanted` Palestinians arrested in the West Bank on Monday at dawnMa`an -- "Israeli sources said that the army arrested six `wanted` from the Fatah and Hamas movements in Ramallah, and the surrounding area, and four from Hebron"14/5/2007
Renewed Fatah-Hamas infighting in Gaza leaves two killed; Following the deadly clashes in Gaza, Minister of Interior suspends his resignationRami Almeghari -- IMEMC & Agencies -- "Yesterday, at least five people were killed and about twenty others wounded after a Fatah militant was killed. Hamas and Fatah traded accusations on the surge of violence, which came after the Palestinian interior minister announced a security plan to restore order"14/5/2007
Israel to continue assassinationsAgencies -- Al Jazeera -- "Israel`s security cabinet has approved more assassinations of suspected Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip"14/5/2007
Security chaos: clashes between armed groupsPalestinian Center for Human Rights - 2 Palestinians killed and 6 injured including a woman in clashes in the Gaza Strip 13/5/2007
Demolition of a children’s centre in JerusalemOn the morning of 10 May the Jerusalem municipality demolished a building in the Wadi Joz neighbourhood in East Jerusalem that served the Iyat association and the Stars of Jerusalem association – children’s welfare organizations. 13/5/2007
Gaza`s fish break the blockadeYousef Alhelou - electronicintifada - Joy has filled the hearts of hundreds of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip this week as they expressed their happiness over the most plentiful fishing season in 40 years. The news is all the more sweet considering the Israeli navy’s restrictions on fishing off of Gaza`s coast.12/5/2007
Israeli Army map excludes 80% of Palestinian village buildingsAmin Abu Wardeh - IMEMC - Sadeq said the village is on its way to be wiped out, not only from the map, but also from existence, saying that according to the new map, “only five or six houses will remain from the whole village especially that the army demanded him to remove all the houses that are built outside the new boundaries set by the army.” [map in the end shows Aqba village to be in the Jordan valley area which Israeli authorities want to "Judaize" - ed.]12/5/2007
The High Court of Justice criticizes a GSS Interrogation method Public Committee Aganst Torture -Cases of the Month-"..the High Court of Justice ordered the GSS to inform Mahmoud Abed Elaziz Switi, who had tried to commit suicide and had begun a hunger strike, that "his wife is not, and never was, detained." The GSS also informed Mr. Switi before the hearing that his father is not, and never was, detained."11/5/2007
Don’t say we did not know 54Israel Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)-"..the settler Moshe Butra arrived in a white jeep near the house of Abdel Karim Ja`abari. He used a road that goes through the family`s land, and which the supreme court declared forbidden to be used by settlers, except in emergency. The settler got off the jeep and started attacking `Uday Ja`abari, one of Abdel Karim`s sons. " 11/5/2007
Army kidnaps a Palestinian woman while going to visit her detained brother - Other IOF incursions May 10 2007Ghassan Bannoura -IMEMC & Agencies -"The Israeli army tends to kidnap family members of Palestinian political prisoners to use them during interrogation to put pressure on the detainees. Ex-detainees report that during their interrogation by the Israeli secret police, Israeli agents kidnapped their wives or sisters and threatened to rape them if the detainee do not cooperate, in a move that has been widely condemned by Israeli and international human rights groups."11/5/2007
Nablus: Pregnant woman seriously hurtJerusalem Post staff - "A pregnant Palestinian woman was seriously wounded on Thursday morning in Nablus after she was shot by IDF soldiers, Palestinian sources reported. The woman, who was seven months pregnant, lost her baby." 10/5/2007
It smells like discrimination Muhammad Amara - Haaretz - "Many Arabs see the investigation of former Balad MK Azmi Bishara as political persecution whose aim is to deal with Arabs who constitute a strategic threat - as defined by the head of the Shin Bet. The latter has declared that the Shin Bet "will take care of" any attempt to change the Jewish nature of the state, even if this is done by Arabs using democratic means." 10/5/2007
Paralysis, prophets and forgivenessAnna Baltzer - EI - "I pitied you for saying that you are the victims of the Nazis of yesterday, and I don`t understand how yesterday`s victim can become today`s criminal. That worries me in connection with today`s victim -- my people are those victims -- and I am afraid that they too will become tomorrow`s criminals."9/5/2007
Guns Vie with Used Cars in Gaza Market REUTERS - NY Times - "``Come along, come along, a bullet for eight shekelsand a stun grenade for seven shekels ($1.75),`` Hassan, a 17-year-old arms dealer shouts." 9/5/2007
The yearnings for a magnetic card Amira Hass - Haaretz - "The "smart" cards fit into the picture in a natural way that strikes fear in anyone who understands that "separation" and peace are contradictory terms."9/5/2007
World Bank scolds Israel for limiting movement in West Bank Avi Issacharoff - Haaretz - "The report notes that the number of physical barriers, including checkpoints, roadblocks and gates, in the West Bank continues to rise."9/5/2007
Today`s news from the Occupation, by IMEMCIMEMC: 1) Army withdraws from Al Doha leaving behind three children injured and a destroyed house - by Ghassan Bannoura; (2) 14 Palestinian civilians kidnapped as Israeli army invades Tulkarem city - by Ghassan Bannoura; (3) Residents and fighters foiled Israeli infiltration into Jenin - IMEMC Staff Report (4) Soldiers force out of vehicle a woman returning home after a cesarean procedure - by Saed Bannoura; (5) Soldiers break into Galboa’ prison - by Ali Samoudi & Amin Abu Wardeh8/5/2007
Utterly Forbidden: The Torture and Ill-treatment of Palestinian Detainees - complete textB`Tselem and Hamoked - The report`s findings are based on the testimonies of 73 Palestinian residents of the West Bank who were arrested between July 2005 and January 2006 and interrogated by the ISA. Although it is not a representative sample, it does provide a valid indication of the frequency of the reported phenomena.8/5/2007
Two articles in international press, following publication of the report on torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian detainees(1) "Israel `routinely tortures prisoners`" - Steve Weizman - The Independent; (2) " Palestinians `routinely tortured` in Israeli jails" - Conal Urquhart - The Guardian - "Out of more than 500 complaints against Shin Bet since 2001, not a single one has been upheld. Israel`s justice ministry said Shin Bet interrogations were carried out in accordance with the law, although it declined to comment on the "interrogation techniques" detailed in the report."8/5/2007
`They will not break me`Adri Nieuwhof and Amer Madi -- “…when Hani Amer refused to leave his land `voluntarily`, a new strategy was introduced. An Israeli officer came to Hani Amer and threatened that he could not stay. According to Hani Amer, he said, `We will break you, if you don`t accept our good offers. We could send someone to shoot at the settlement and we will have already prepared the charge against you. Then your house will be bulldozered because you are known as a terrorist`”7/5/2007
Israeli forces raid Jenin camp, clash with al-Quds BrigadesRaed Abu Baker -- Palestine Times -- "The forces seized the camp at midnight. They took over some houses and changed them into military posts and watch towers. They then proceeded to ambush and assassinate resistors"7/5/2007
Settlers, Sunday, 6.5.07IMEMC -- Burn 80 Dunams of agricultural lands near Tulkarem; attack Palestinian civilian and try to take over Palestinian land near Hebron; attack International human rights workers in Hebron7/5/2007
Utterly Forbidden: The Torture and Ill-treatment of Palestinian Detainees - complete text B`Tselem and Hamoked - The report`s findings are based on the testimonies of 73 Palestinian residents of the West Bank who were arrested between July 2005 and January 2006 and interrogated by the ISA. Although it is not a representative sample, it does provide a valid indication of the frequency of the reported phenomena.6/5/2007
Hebron: Settlers attack Palestinians with stones, beat human rights workers with pipeISM Media Crew - The young settlers started to throw stones at two Human Rights workers, a New Zealander and an American and poke them with a long pipe. Two male settlers in their twenties and one additional settler youth joined the attack by the three other settlers. 5/5/2007
Palestinian Finance Minister receives German Foreign Minister in BethlehemRami Almeghari - IMEMC - This was the first meeting between a high-profile European official and a member of the Palestinian coalition cabinet, after the installation in March of a national unity Palestinian government. The EU is still refusing to lift its economic boycott of the PA, enacted in concert with the Israeli and US governments. 5/5/2007
Bushra`s final examGideon Levy - Haaretz - "Bushra, 17, was killed by a sniper`s bullet aimed at the middle of her forehead as she paced her room, grammar book in hand, memorizing the material for the exam the next day. A direct hit. The lights were on in the room, the shooter must have seen the person at whom he was firing, whose life he was taking with such dreadful ease. " 5/5/2007
Israeli Plans – An Instrument to Force Palestinians out of JerusalemKhalil Al-Tafakji - Arab Media Internet Network-"The plan 2020 with all its political and structural dimensions has one publicly declared goal: to reduce the Arab Palestinian presence in the City by offering housing units to the Jews.."4/5/2007
CPT: HEBRON UPDATE: 8-24 April 2007Christian Peacemaker Teams -"Settlers` stones and rocks have cracked the roofs of two of the homes. They are uninhabitable and the Israeli authorities will not give the Da`nas permits to rebuild them."4/5/2007
Settlers from Pnei Khever attacked Palestinian shepherds from El-Buweib.Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman-Rabbis For Human Rights-"His first words to me were, "I am not stupid like the others. I have broken the cameras and there will be no evidence." He proceeded to threaten to murder me and my family. "4/5/2007
PCHR Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (26 April -02 May 2007)Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Weekly Report No. 17/2007-"..26 April 2007, IOF shot dead a member of the Palestinian Presidential Guard (Force 17) and wounded 2 of his colleagues in al-Bireh town in the West Bank. Those security men were chasing a suspicious vehicle when IOF soldiers positioned in the vicinity of “Pssigot” settlement fired at them. On Wednesday, 2 May 2007, IOF shot dead a Palestinian civilian and arrested his brother in the northern Gaza Strip. IOF fired at the two brothers when they were collecting metals. "4/5/2007
Palestinian teachers on strike Al Jazeera - "...the difficulties the unity government faces in meeting the expectations of Palestinians - who have not received their full wages since Hamas was elected into power last year." 2/5/2007
Palestinians celebrate of the opening of Al Khadr international stadium, funded by the Portuguese government Ma`an - "The ceremony opened with the Palestinian and Portuguese national anthems and a reading from the Qur`an." 2/5/2007
Twilight Zone - Who is free at the Hallalim crossroad?Gideon Levy - Haaretz - translated by Judith Green - "When Nablus and Jenin bury their dead, in Kabatia which is between them, they are still fuming over the murder of one of theirs, Ashraf Haneishe. Haneishe, a taxi driver and Palestinian policeman, maybe also "wanted", was wiped out here this week by the mist-aravim, in broad daylight, in front of his three astonished taxi passengers...And how can a "wanted" man work as a taxi driver, daily crossing the numerous IDF checkpoints? his friends ask... Sabana saw Haneishe lying on the side of the road, his body riddled with bullets. According to the testimony, he was shot at close range, after he had already been shot in the legs." 1/5/2007
`State Lands” is not an objective storyHava H. - Occupation reality observed by an activist: on a settler attack on Palestinians and on volunteers for Rabbis for Human Rights and the Christian Peacemaker Teams. `Those [settler] youths understood their mission very well: “to get the Arabs out of there”. Since we were not impressed by them and their dog they began to telephone in their tone of commanding familiarity: “Send the army and the police here right away.” It was clear that they knew very well that the army and the police would do their bidding.` Translated by Mark Marshall.1/5/2007
Palestinian workers without employment or income on Labor DayPNN - IMEMC - " Tomorrow is May Day when workers of the world are meant to unite, to organize, unionize. Some take to the streets and demonstrate, while others stay at home with their families. But this year the day seems a mockery in Palestine where the blockade has exacerbated an already troubled economic structure trying to survive decades of occupation."1/5/2007
Protection of Civilians` Weekly ReportUN-OCHA - "Humanitarian Briefing Notes | 17 - 24 April 2007 "Eight Palestinians were killed in the West Bank by the IDF, five on the same day in Jenin. 100 Palestinian residents of Al Hadidiyya in the northern Jordan Valley were evicted from the area this week. The IDF closed all entrances of Palestinian villages near the evacuated Khomesh settlement.The strike of PA health care workers continues throughout the West Bank". Download, pdf, 186 Kb1/5/2007
Today`s news from IMEMCNajeeb Farraj - "Workers Unity Bloc appeals ending the siege"; Rami Almeghari - "Palestinian resistance fighters survive an Israeli air strike attack"; Ghassan Bannoura - "25 Palestinian civilians kidnapped as Israeli army invades several West Bank areas"; Shadeed Shadeed - "Teachers union calls for protesting at PLC in Ramallah and Gaza on Wednesday"; Rami Almeghari - "Six residents injured in Khan Younis, as angry families attack an Egyptian building" 1/5/2007
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