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Life under occupation

Leaving Gaza - a travel story by a Palestinian womanLaila El-Haddad - "Busload after busload, entire families and their children and spouses were clinging to the ceilings, crushed inside, or piled on top of the luggage in back. Some fainted. Others erupted in hysterics. Everyone had a reason to. There were mothers separated from their spouses. Students needing to return to college. The ill. The elderly. And those with nothing particularly remarkable to preface their reason for traveling with-it was their right, after all."31/7/2007
Two press releases by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights and a Ma`an update(1) "Only the dead enter Gaza; During 45 days of Israel`s closing of the Rafah Crossing, the corpses of 19 Palestinian dead men and women have been allowed to cross into the Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom Crossing. The some living 6,000 people have been denied entry under complete silence from the part of the international community"; (2) 457 stranded Palestinians [out of 6000] are returned to the Gaza Strip" - Ma`an; (3) "Al Mezan issues a report on the availability of medicines in Gaza" - "the shortage has reached 120 items, representing 25%. Obviously, the shortage is varying from one month to another, but has been persistent. As far as disposables are concerned, such as cotton wool and surgery threads, the shortage has ranged between 150 and 200 items out of about 1000 used by the MoH during the first half of 2007. "31/7/2007
In the Qalandiya refugee camp, north of JerusalemTwo pieces by anti-occupation activists Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt - - Reports from the West Bank - "It is in no one`s heart and out of every place. Totally transparent. A transparent place with transparent people. It happens almost every day in Qalandiya refugee camp: they come at night and capture someone. Several jeeps enter the camp. Stop by the house. Then take one or the other away. Very seldom do they just arrest someone and leave. Mostly they smash glass, overturn drawers, sometimes searching for something, at other times just for the hell of it, sometimes looting, sometimes beating up family members, shooting at cars, or at people" "When Ayoub was sixteen he went to buy falafel for his family at the center of the camp. Just then soldiers invaded the camp.." 31/7/2007
Settler population in West Bank tops 475,000Ma`an -- "According to a new report by the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics, the settlers live in 144 individual colonies, totaling 16.1% of the total population of the West Bank"30/7/2007
Frustration mounts amongst the stranded at al-ArishRami Almeghari -- IMEMC -- "The Rafah crossing terminal, the sole outlet to the outside world for the population of Gaza, has been closed since 10 June, by an Israeli order. Approximately 6,000 Palestinians have been deprived of their right to return back to their homes and families"30/7/2007
Gaza "almost completely" aid-dependentIRIN -- EI -- "About 1.5 million Palestinians live in Gaza, and 1.1 million already receive some food aid from UNRWA and WFP"30/7/2007
Licence to killSaleh Al-Naami -- Al-Ahram -- "General Gadi Eisencott, commander of the northern zone and former commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank, said that the use of elite units in target killings carries a ‘deterrence’ message to the Palestinian resistance movement, one that is far more effective than shelling by planes. ‘When a Palestinian terrorist knows that soldiers of the special units can fire at his head point blank while he is standing in the alley outside his home, this is a message to the rest of terrorists that our long arm can reach any of them,’ he told the newspaper Haaretz"30/7/2007
IDF company suspended following the shooting of a Palestinian civilian By Efrat Weiss/John Smith - Y-Net/IMEMC - Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni, head of the Israeli army Central Command, ordered the company involved in the shooting of a Palestinian bystander on Thursday be suspended from active duty. A Military Police investigation has been launched into the incident. 28/7/2007
Israel to select which stranded Gazans could go homeGhassan Bannoura & John Smith - Associated Press/IMEMC/Y-Net - Instead of opening the Rafah Border Crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, some (but apprently not all) of the Gazas who had long been stuck on the Egyptian side will be allowed to go home by a long and roundbout route via Israeli territory (and with the Israeli authorities deciding who will and who not be allowed in). 28/7/2007
Abbas and Hamas respond positively to unity call by Arab leadership in Israel Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - Bith Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and leaders of the Hamas movement reportedly responded positively to an initiative by the leadership of the Palestinians living in Israel to form a unified body that would strive to overcome internal fighting.28/7/2007
Israeli troops kill six Palestinians in Gaza Strip The International News - It was the deadliest day of Israeli-Palestinian violence in three weeks and cut against recent diplomacy designed to revitalise defunct peace talks and bolster Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas since Hamas seized control of Gaza27/7/2007
Is this Ben Gurion or Hell?Remi Kanazi- Electronic Intifada - "Sami put it bluntly: as of the moment we were called in we were considered "terrorists" or people intending to "engage in terrorist activities" because we "lied" to airport security about the intention behind our travel. Sami defined terrorism and terrorist activities as meeting up with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), working in "terrorist" branches of the Alternative Information Center (AIC), and nonviolently protesting against the Apartheid Wall in the village of Bil`in."27/7/2007
Israel kills Islamic Jihad members Al Jazeera - "Three members of the Palestinian faction Islamic Jihad have been killed, including a military commander, after an Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a car in Gaza City, Palestinian medical workers said." 27/7/2007
IDF company suspended after Palestinian accidentally shotEfrat Weiss - YNet - "During IDF operation near Hebron on Thursday soldiers accidentally shot Palestinian they mistook for wanted man. After initial probe revealed numerous failings company was suspended pending Military Police investigation" 27/7/2007
New Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip leaves one Qassam Brigade member dead, several citizens injured, farmland destroyed Ma`an - "A member of the Hamas-affiliated Al Qassam Brigades has been killed, and a further five citizens have so far been injured in a new Israeli invasion in both the north and south of the Gaza Strip on Thursday." 26/7/2007
A Hamas-linked group proposes a solution for Rafah crossing crisisRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "According to the proposal, Palestinian official police forces will have to take control of the crossing, while the Palestinian legislative Council will have to guarantee safe return of the European observers." 26/7/2007
Report: Palestinian children in Israeli detention abused, torturedSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The report includes personal testimonies from children that expose physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the Israeli army and brutal treatment during lengthy periods of interrogation. At the end of the interrogation process the children were told to sign papers, despite not knowing what they were signing." 25/7/2007
Israeli forces botch assassination attempt in Gaza and injure five civilians Ma`an - "Eyewitnesses said that the missile missed the car and hit the upper story of an empty house, damaging the house irreparably. Neighbouring houses were also damaged, including an orphanage."25/7/2007
PA: Both parents held in Israel, 6 kids left aloneAli Waked -- YNET -- IDF holds Palestinian couple in administrative custody without informing them of charges against them or enabling them to stand trial. Meanwhile, their six children being raised by their grandparents suffer mental distress23/7/2007
Stranded at the borderami Almeghari -- EI -- "Along with these border-bound people in al-Arish, there are about 5,000 Palestinians, 20 percent of whom are medical patients, who are staying in other Egyptian border towns. [...] Twenty-eight medical patients have lost their lives at the border since the crisis began in June"23/7/2007
Palestinian union hit on all sides Omar Khalifa - Aljazeera 22/7/2007
Unnamed Fatah leaders call early elections `a crazy step`IMEMC/PIC - The central council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) concluded a two-day meeting yesterday with a largely symbolic endorsement of President Mahmoud Abbas` plan to hold early elections. Calling an election would be a risky move for Abbas; his popularity is low, as is that of the Fatah party, and there is no guarantee that he would win the presidency again.(...)A number of prominent Fatah leaders has described the call for early elections without national harmony as “a call for early civil war”. 21/7/2007
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryPalestinian Centre for Human Rights Gaza - Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) 20/7/2007
Don`t say we did not know 65General e-mailing - Prof. Stacy Krainz, a US citizen, directed the English department of the Arab-American University in Jenin for three years, and taught there. Every month or every three months she had to leave the country to have her visa renewed. In September 2006 she went to Jordan for visa renewal but, on return, her visa and re-entry were denied.20/7/2007
Cancer patient dies while stranded at RafahMaan - "The death toll of Palestinians stranded at Rafah now stands at 29 since the closure of the crossing in the first week of June." 19/7/2007
Riots erupt in Egypt-Gaza border airportASSOCIATED PRESS - J-lem Post - ""We are living in a 100 square meters. There are no services. Water is salty and masses of mosquitoes attack us every night.""18/7/2007
At-Tuwani Reflection: `This is my home.`Peggy Gish - Christian Peacemaker Teams- `During the confrontation on the hillside one of the soldiers yelled, "Go Home!" to one of the shepherds. The shepherd calmly replied, "This is my home."`17/7/2007
Report from JayyousUrsel Kammann - general e-mailing - I speak to as many soldiers as possible to make contact and to learn about their opinions and their thinking and always see the human in them. Some are tough and it`s almost useless to talk to them. Some walked straight up to us and told us that they did not agree with what they had to do at the gates, and they did not like the policy of their government. They are the ones to make it easy for the farmers. Sometimes we even get an early cup of coffee or tea. 15/7/2007
Report from this trip into Palestine: Right to enter PalestineMazin Qumsiyeh - " I digress but it did seem history repeats itself and those in power never learn that it is far better to have peace than continuing injustice. We need to push our government, embassies and foreign officials on this issue of right to enter. Please take a few minutes to jot a note to those people to complain about this. For more information on right to enter issues, please visit The fact is that not a single Israeli educational institution has complained about the right to enter or move around (which obviously also is intended to cripple Palestinian educational institutions). "14/7/2007
Israeli, Palestinian, and international activists to begin a two-week work camp to rebuild demolished Palestinian homesMaan News Agency - " The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions rebuilding camp will resist the Occupation policies while building valuable partnerships between Palestinians, Israelis and internationals," an ICAHD statement said. "14/7/2007
Israel allows five Palestinian leaders, amongst them Qaddoumi, to enter the West Bank for PLO Central Council meetingsMaan News Agency - " The men were allowed to enter in 1996, in order to participate in the Palestinian National Council (PNC) meeting at that time, but they refused, as Israel set demands and certain conditions to their entry. "14/7/2007
Israel agrees to pardon 178 "wanted" Fatah gunmen;Maan News Agency - " Palestinian security sources close to the Fatah-affiliated Al Aqsa Brigades have confirmed to Ma`an that a list has been drawn up, comprising 178 names of "wanted" Palestinians, which Israel intends to pardon. "14/7/2007
LATEST GAZA SITUATION REPORT WITH CROSSINGS PHOTOS ** UN Secretary-General calls for opening of all crossings into GazaUNITED NATIONS - " Critically, the inability to import raw materials to support Gaza`s industrial and construction sectors, compounded by the abrupt loss of export outlets, has caused some Gaza 65,000 workers to be laid off (with up to 450,000 dependants affected as well). The combined value of UN and private sector construction projects that have come to standstill due to lack of supplies is estimated at over $370 million. "14/7/2007
Nablus: planting trees in TillISM - The fear of being shot or having their tractors confiscated has made it impossible for the farmers to reach parts of their land. In addition, thanks to an Israeli law, Palestinian land that has not been cultivated for 3 years may be confiscated by the state of Israel.13/7/2007
Tel Rumeida: freedom to trespassISM - An Israeli settler uses small children in order to trespass on private Palestinian property13/7/2007
Hamas rejects Gaza crossing openingal-Jazeera - The Hamas movement has rejected an offer to open the Israeli-controlled Karm Abu Salim crossing between Egypt and Gaza, despite 6,000 Palestinians being stranded on the Egyptian side.13/7/2007
Israeli soldier dies in Gaza attackal Jazeera - Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters have clashed in the Gaza Strip, leaving one Israei soldier dead and two slightly wounded.13/7/2007
A Deepening Humanitarian Crisis: Making Gaza ScreamStephen Lendman - the Counterpunch - "The US has a notorious record of imposing economic or political sanctions against any nation daring to operate outside of Washington Consensus political and market rules."10/7/2007
UNRWA forced to halt all construction work in Gaza due to closure of crossingsMa`an - `“Some 93 million dollars worth of projects are on hold because cement and other building supplies have run out”, said John Ging, UNRWA’s Director in Gaza, in a press release issued today. “This is all vital humanitarian work, including repair of dilapidated and damaged shelters of about 16,000 refugees currently living in appalling conditions," Ging added. "It is imperative that the Crossings into Gaza resume full operations not just for food aid and medicine, but for all commodities and supplies otherwise Gaza faces the prospect of a humanitarian and public health crisis," he warned.`9/7/2007
Palestinian news in brief IMEMC - The International journalists Association condemned Israeli for attacking journalists / More Druze refuseniks / Five Hamas members abducted in an Israeli invasion to Tubas / Villagers of Wadi el-Neiss protest against land confiscation etc.7/7/2007
Palestinians mourn Gaza raid deadal-Jazeera - Thousands of Palestinians have marched in Gaza at the funerals of 11 people, including nine Hamas fighters, who were killed in an Israeli raid into the central Gaza Strip a day earlier.6/7/2007
Ahmad Abed Al-Muhsin Skafi (15) Maan News - The Israeli army claimed that one of their patrols in Hebron saw a Palestinian boy holding a toy gun, and when they ordered the boy to stop, the troops shot him dead. Palestinian medical sources at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron stated that the boy (...) was "brutally murdered"; his intestines were hanging out of his body and his right hand showed signs of mauling by dogs. He had also been riddled with bullets. 4/7/2007
Hello from RafahYasmine Moor - Electronic Intifada - The [Sharm al-Sheikh Summit] meeting was aimed at bolstering Abbas and isolating Hamas, and that`s exactly what it did. But what the world fails to realize is that it`s not Hamas they are isolating, its 1.4 million men, women and children, who like the rest of the world want to live in freedom and who like anyone else have hopes and dreams.4/7/2007
Protest of Gaza workers denied salaries because hired by HamasAl Jazeera - The new administration in the West Bank has said it plans to pay Palestinian Authority workers - excluding up to 23,000 who report to Hamas - their first full wages in 17 months.4/7/2007
Israeli army invades the Old City of Nablus for the second consecutive dayAmeen Abowarda - IMEMC - Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli army opened fire on the street lights in the city and on the commercial center (...) and kidnapping 4 Palestinians, among them a 15-year old.4/7/2007
Tel Rumeida: A Water DeliveryISM - When the truck tried to reach its destination, a group of approximately fifteen settlers went out of their homes, blocked the street and prevented the driver of going further. The truck spent about one hour in this miserable situation. During this time settlers were shouting at the truck driver and using a CD to reflect the sun into his eyes. A couple of children made several attempts to enter the truck by stepping on the trucks stairs, while other settlers were throwing eggs at the trucks windshield.4/7/2007
From Palestinian Centre for Human Rights(1 ) 9 Students of Islamic University Kidnapped by “Army of Islam” in Gaza; (2) PCHR Reiterates Its Call for Keeping Palestinian Society out of the Current Political Crisis 3/7/2007
Report: Israeli and Palestinian attacks against journalists in June 2007IMEMC3/7/2007
Stranded at Rafah Amr El-Kahky - Aljazeera - "Sinai - the Egyptian peninsula – is said to have been the passage of the prophets, a land bridge across the Red Sea. But for Palestinians it has proved a one-way street because from here, they cannot get back to Gaza. Also, Gush-Shalom international release - "*Thousands of Palestinians stuck under appalling conditions at Rafah - 31-year old mother of five died yesterday under the blazing sun - Gush Shalom demands immediate opening of the Rafah Crossing for which the government of Israel and the European Union share responsibility*" Thousands are stranded here."; "Israeli–Egyptian agreement will allow stranded Palestinians to enter the Gaza Strip" Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC 3/7/2007
Israel Targets Islamic Jihad, Aqsa Martyrs; Releases Tax RevenuesMiftah -- "Yesterday, the Israeli government transferred NIS500 million ($118 million) to the new Palestinian emergency government in a `goodwill gesture` to show their support for the Abbas-backed government [...] In releasing the money to the emergency government, Israel is attempting to starve out the Hamas government in Gaza while pumping up Fayyad’s government in the West Bank"2/7/2007
Israeli forces storm Tubas, clash with fighters and raid Palestinian homes; One Palestinian resistance fighter killed as army invades Jenin Refugee camp in the northern W.BMa’an – “[In Tubas] The Israeli intelligence contingent warned families to surrender the `wanted` citizens, adding that if they did not surrender, they would become the target of assassination operations”/ Ghassan Bannoura -- IMEMC News -- Mohamed Abu Al Hija, 24, said to be a member of the Al Aqsa brigades, was killed when Israeli army invaded Jenin refugee camp 2/7/2007
Palestinian detainees demand an end to medical neglect and collective punishmentIMEMC -- "Palestinian detainees imprisoned by Israel in dozens of detention facilities and camps demanded the international community and human rights groups to intervene in order to force the Israeli authorities to provide the sick detainees with the needed medical attention and treatment"2/7/2007
Economic downturn in Beit Umar and HebronJeanne Abdulla -- EI -- "The city [Hebron] has been divided into six areas by the Israeli occupying forces and 27 Israeli settlements have been established in the area. Three-hundred-and-fifty Palestinian shops have been closed by military order to the effect that 1,500 are indirectly closed in the city itself. There are numerous checkpoints inside Hebron with seven gates, three of which are electronic"2/7/2007
IOF escalates attacks against the Gaza Strip: 7 Palestinian civilians killed and 10 others wounded 2 air strikesPCHR Gaza - On Saturday, 30 June 2007, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed 7 Palestinian civilians, including a man and his son, and wounded 10 others, including 2 children, in 2 air strikes against Khan Yunis town in the southern Gaza Strip and al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.1/7/2007
Reflection: A level playing field with Israel?Jan Benvie - Christian Peacemaker team - "Then the Palestinian boys suggested a novel resolution - a football game between themselves and the Israeli soldiers. Already a few soldiers were kicking the ball around, laughing and jostling with the Palestinians teenagers who, after all, are only a few years younger than they are."22/7/2007
Closed crossings pushing Gaza into disaster, says UNRory McCarthy - the Guardian - " Agency asks Blair to visit Hamas-controlled strip; 68,000 Palestinians lose jobs in one month" 22/7/2007
Amnesty Action : Thousands of Palestinian civilians stranded"Several thousand Palestinians are currently stranded in northern Egypt, unable to return to their homes in the Gaza Strip. The Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt has been closed by the Israeli authorities since 9 June; on 15 June they announced that it would remain closed until further notice. Hundreds of those stranded are camped out close to the border crossing, afraid to leave the area in case the crossing is opened briefly enabling them to return home, and are unable to afford accommodation. Many have inadequate food, water and shelter although they are in the desert at the hottest time of the year. Their health and safety remain at risk.. Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in Hebrew, English or your own language.. [addresses follow]17/7/2007
Settlers in Hebron area cut down Palestinian trees, in sign of plans for settlement expansion; Israeli settler attacks an elderly Palestinian farmer in the Immanuel settlement bloc 16/7/2007
Releasing only 250 Fatah prisoners is a blow to national unity, Palestinian prisoners` families sayMa`an -- "...they called on President Abbas to make a deal that includes all Palestinian detainees without exceptions"9/7/2007
Israeli army assassinates a senior fighter in JeninIMEMC -- "Medical sources in Jenin reported the Nazzal bled to death after the soldiers barred an ambulance from reaching him after stopping it for more than one hour"9/7/2007
Hunger strike at Rafah terminal enters third day; strikers on water-only fastSaed Bannoura -- IMEMC --"More than 6,000 Palestinians are trapped at the borders under tragic living conditions, a number of them died while hundreds others are suffering after returning from medical treatment but could not go back to their homes in Gaza"9/7/2007
A meaningless stampMatthew Cassel -- EI -- "Israelis should not be scared of whether people like me enter Palestine or not. If I did enter, what would I do? Take another photograph of their humiliating checkpoints, or maybe write another story about listening to their tanks rumble down the streets during an invasion" 9/7/2007
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