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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Occupation of a resident`s house in Husanthomas hirschvogel-Hirshblog-"On Sunday morning something unexpected happened: A jew from Bitar Eilat settlement arrived and expressed his disagree with the army`s actions. He also confirmed that there had never been an incident of stones thrown on the close-by road which he uses every day. It was not clear if it was because of the settler`s complaint, but a few minutes later the army opened the road. Then at noon reporters from "al arabiya" and another arbic TV channel arrived and started filming and the soldiers closed the road again. "31/10/2008
Israel Bars Visit to a Father`s GraveJONATHAN COOK-Counterpunch-"“He was killed 60 years ago as he was travelling to work,” she said, struggling to hold back the tears. “... This photograph is the closest I’ve ever got to him.” Six decades on from his death, she has never been allowed to visit his grave in Galilee and lay a wreath for the father she never met." This month, after more than 10 years of requests to the Israeli authorities, she learnt that officials are unlikely ever to grant such a visit, even though Mrs Qupty is an Israeli citizen and lives only a few miles from the cemetery. Government sources said allowing the visit risks encouraging hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees to claim a right to return to the villages from which they were expelled in 1948."31/10/2008
Israeli Settlers yell Death Threats at Palestinian children going home from schoolCPT-At-Tuwani, Palestine-"Two adult Israeli settlers chased them, throwing stones and threatened to kill them. The children started running while the soldiers remained in their vehicle and got out of the humvee only at the conclusion of the escort...Settler attacks on the schoolchildren from Tuba and Maghaer al Abeed have been a recurrent problem for years, and the implementation of an Israeli military escort has failed to solve the problem."31/10/2008
Israeli forces kill 67-year-old Palestinian farmer near Jenin Ma`an - "The witnesses added that Israeli forces stormed several homes leaving Abahra to bleed to death." 29/10/2008
No place like home as Palestine redefine the meaning of winningJames Montague - Guardian - "Yet you get the feeling that, with Rajoub at the helm, anything is now possible. He has already achieved more for Palestinian football, and Palestinian national unity, than almost anyone else in the past few years." 29/10/2008
Israeli Army defends `shoot-to-kill` policy after three Palestinians die in murky circumstancesCherrie Heywood - Daily Star - "Palestinians are forbidden by law from approaching the 400 meters of mined territory that separates the camp from the settlement. Any who do so are shot." 29/10/2008
Floods in Gaza force dozens of families to evacuateSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...the flood could drag the impoverished and besieged area into a further humanitarian crisis." 29/10/2008
Female Palestinian detainee release after 12 years in captivitySaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Souna Al Ra’ey stated that her happiness cannot and will not be complete as long as female detainees remain imprisoned by Israel under harsh conditions. “We were 14 detainees in the same room, a room with one toilet and filled with bugs and insects”.28/10/2008
Bimkom report:: `Israel strangles Area C development` Dan Izenberg - Jerusalem Post - According to the report, Israel generously granted building permits to Palestinians until the end of the 1970s, when it launched its large-scale settlement program.28/10/2008
Palestinian football team held to draw, but scores a victory / An open letter to the president of FIFABen Lynfield - The Independent - They play their first home game in their home stadium, in the shadow of Israel`s barrier 27/10/2008
Gaza`s flourishing tunnel tradeRami Almeghari - IMEMEC - “A recent United Nations report stated that Gaza`s local market is beholden to the tunnel trade or ‘death trade,’ which has so far claimed the lives of 40 people. Known locally as ‘grave diggers,’ a few thousand men earn their living by digging tunnels where they transport essential goods from Egypt like food, cooking gas, petrol, live stock and even electric devices”27/10/2008
Mental-health specialists protest after Israel bars them from Gaza medical conferenceAFP - The Daily Star - “Dozens of mental-health specialists protested Israel`s siege of Hamas-ruled Gaza Sunday after they were prevented from entering to attend a conference there. Around 70 protesters waved signs denouncing the Israeli closure of the Palestinian territory, with slogans such as ‘Let Gaza live’ and ‘Israel: a medical conference is a security threat?’"27/10/2008
Armed settlers burn farmers equipment in BurinInternational Solidarity Movement - A total of 10 buckets, 7 tarps, 3 ladders, and one olive tree were burnt by 9 settlers - 3 women and 6 males. The settlers were still present and 4 were armed as Palestinian farmers boldly continued their work, first alone, then accompanied by international activists.26/10/2008
Israeli navy escalates attacks against Gaza`s fishermenInternational Solidarity Movement - Last Wednesday three international human rights observers (HRO`s) accompanied three Palestinian fishing vessels from the port of Gaza City, as they trawled offshore in Palestinian territorial waters. This is their report.26/10/2008
The pauperization of Palestine Sonja Karkar - The Electronic Intifada - Today, Israel will cite the demographic problem it faces with a Palestinian population fast catching up in size to the Israeli population. It is a problem of Israel`s making and one that it could solve tomorrow if it was not moving systematically and determinedly to expand its territory and fulfill its colonial ambitions for a Greater Israel. It will not be long before the four million Palestinians being herded into reservations will be as much a problem for Israel to police as it will be for the Palestinians to endure. The word apartheid looms large. 26/10/2008
World bank assails Israeli chokehold on West Bank Abid Aslam - The Electronic Intifada - The West Bank`s economy continues to gasp for air despite increased international aid mainly because Israel keeps the Palestinian territory in a stranglehold, says the World Bank.26/10/2008
Israeli bureaucracy at its bestB. Michael - Ynet - An important lesson for sick people in the Gaza Strip who seek to leave it in order to get medical treatment: You want your requests to be handled quickly and efficiently? Please be kind enough to die quickly.26/10/2008
Olive harvest attacks anger AbbasBBC-"There have been several reports of attacks in recent days, a week into the yearly olive harvest. But settlers have accused Palestinians of burning their own olive groves and then blaming them." (Ed. The settlers` chutzpah is beyond worthy of comment.)24/10/2008
At-Tuwani Reflection: The school runJan Benvie-CPT-"Armed Israeli settlers attack any Palestinian using the public road, which passes between the Israeli settlement of Ma`on and the settlement outpost of Havot Ma`on (both illegal under international law). The escort began in 2004 after Israeli settler attacks on the children and their international accompaniers received widespread publicity."24/10/2008
Barak asks AG to bar visitations for Hamas detaineesSaed Bannoura- IMEMC - Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, sent a letter to the Israeli Attorney-General, Menachem Mazuz, requesting him to examine the “legal aspects” of barring visitations to Hamas detainees imprisoned by Israel as a means of pressure on Hamas to release the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. 23/10/2008
The Children Of Gaza: Weaned On Fear And TraumaSamah A. Habeeb - Countercurrents - The summer of 2007 was a start of a mayhem for a poor Bedouin family of Sahar. Sahar Owaidat, 6, remains in state of shock or perhaps is exhibiting symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder ever since Israeli soldiers stormed her home and brutally beat her father and siblings while she and the rest of the family members helplessly observed. 23/10/2008
Settlers and soldiers continue to attack Palestinians coming to harvest olives on their land.Amos Gvirtz - Don`t say we did not know - In no single case was any attacker arrested21/10/2008
Gaza: UNRWA`s Ging calls for immediate end to Israeli siege Rami Almeghari - IMEMC - John Ging called on decision-makers worldwide to assume their responsibilities towards ending the suffering in Gaza, inviting them to visit the poverty-hit region, Gaza being one of the most impoverished communities worldwide. bz21/10/2008
Palestinian granted posthumous entry to IsraelAli Waked - YNET - Death of 58-year-old cancer patient who was denied access to treatment in Israeli hospital blamed on Shin Bet, IDF bureaucracy. Family outraged as security clearance arrives days after man`s death20/10/2008
Israeli navy again attacks Gazan fishermenInternational Solidarity Movement - By 08:15 on 17 October the fishing boats were proceeding in a southerly direction, 8 nautical miles from the Gazan coast. At that point, an Israeli naval gunboat approached the fishing boats, and began to circle them. A loud explosion was heard, the cause of which is unknown.19/10/2008
Shufa village plunged into darkness for sixth dayInternational Solidarity Movement - The village of Shufa in Tulkarem has been without electricity for the sixth day in a row, after the municipality generators, which are the only power source for the village, burnt out.19/10/2008
Acrid harvest among West Bank olive grovesDouglas Hamilton - - Kaho`s sector is where the Jewish settlement of Hashmonaim rubs up close to the Arab village of Nilin -- soon to be cut off by the barrier Israel is building in the valley between. "This is an especially difficult place," he says. "In relation to other places we have lots of injuries. So it`s a very problematic area."Israeli settlements on occupied land in the West Bank are perhaps the most contentious issue in the way of a peace settlement with the Palestinians ending decades of conflict. 18/10/2008
Scottish activist films Israeli navy shooting at Gaza fishermenSunday Herald (Scotland)-"You feel horror first of all seeing the video because you are seeing images of unarmed people being viciously attacked by military might; anger because there is no justification ever for this kind of action, and because it is illegal as well as immoral. Then terror for your own son`s safety, and his friends, and for the brave fishermen who have to face this situation every day."17/10/2008
Narratives Under Siege (22): Gaza Factories Continue PCHR - The date, understandably, is etched on his mind. “Our last delivery of raw materials from Israel was on 28 August, 2007,’ says Rafat Redaisi. “But for more than a year now the imports we need have been banned. Before the closure [of Gaza] we used to buy a ton of raw plastic for $2,500. Now we’re forced to rely on the black market – and we have to pay twice as much for the plastic.” 16/10/2008
Businesses Engaged in Cross-Border CommerceIPBF 23 October 2008, 2pm – 5pm Konrad Adenauer Center, Mishkenot Sha`ananim, Jerusalem 15/10/2008
IDF kills Palestinian youth hurling Molotov cocktail Ali Waked - Ynet - ""...we expect the IDF not to treat every 16-year-old child as an existential threat to Israel.""15/10/2008
Hamas`s spokesman denies his party received a letter from U.S Secretary of StateRami Almeghari - IMEMC - The Quwait-based Aljareeda newspaper reported the US has started contacts with Hamas, sending the party a letter from Secretary Rice via the American embassy in Damascus. " Such a report is untrue and if we happen to have something to announce ,we would do so without delay. We have never been against opening to the international community, and we never want to live in isolation" said Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas Spokesman. 14/10/2008
Gazan industries downsize as imports remain bannedPalestinian Committee for Human Rights - The Gaza Strip has six border crossings, five of which are directly controlled by Israel. The sixth crossing, at Rafah on the Egyptian border, has been almost continually closed since June 2006. Israel therefore controls the movement of goods in and out of Gaza. Its illegal siege and closure of the Gaza Strip has included mass restrictions on imports and exports, including imports of vital raw materials for the construction, manufacturing, textile and furniture industries, as well exports of manufactured products.12/10/2008
Huwwara, Sunday 5 October 2008MahsomWatch - We headed to our shift by way of Nebi Elias-Kedumim-Yitzhar colonies. At the spot where the `illegal` outpost (offshoot of the illegal colony) had stood until recently, merely piles of garbage are seen now. Two young Jewish colonists proudly seated on their horses, their sidecurls ruffled by the wind were also seen at the roadside.12/10/2008
NewsIsraeli settlers attack family harvesting olives in West Bank - Ma`an; Report: Sick Palestinans suffer neglect, abuse in Israeli jails - Ma`an; Nonviolent resistance and residents attacked in Hebron [Beit Ommar ]: young men used as human shields PNN; Settlers in process of overtaking Sheikh Jarrah - PNN; Fatah welcomes Hamas assent of Egypt`s reconciliation plan - DPA Amnesty International; ISM Gaza join 2008 Olive Harvest Campaign; Jews protect Palestinians in harvest of hate - Israelis cross religious divide to shelter olive farmers from settlers` attacks - Donald Macintyre - The Independent 11/10/2008
At-Tuwani Reflection: Swings and RoundaboutsBy Jan Benvie - Christian Peacemaker Teams - "under Israeli military occupation, summer camp is not all fun. .."11/10/2008
Glimpse into life under the OccupationMachsomWatch report from Nebi Samuel- "His wife and children cannot stay with him in the village and live in Bir Naballa... The reason, why his family cannot live with him, is that there is no possibility to enlarge existing buildings or - God forbid - build a new home... Any attempt to build or renovate in order to slightly improve the living conditions is immediately doomed to demolition."11/10/2008
Where water leaves a bitter tasteRamesh Jaura - The Electronic Intifada - "In arid environments such as the Middle East, water is considered a major factor for stability and prosperity for all people. For this stability to happen people who live under similar climate and hydrological conditions must be treated equally in terms of their rights and needs for water." 10/10/2008
Israeli Government Sued over Settlement Mohammed Mar’i - MIFTAH - Yesh Din’s attorney Michael Sfard has filed a 1.5 million Israeli shekel ($427,000) lawsuit with the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on behalf of five Palestinians from the West Bank villages of Burqa and Dair Dibwan, who claim their land was confiscated for the sake of erecting Migron, northeast of Ramallah9/10/2008
Blair hails policing progress in JeninDonald Macintyre - The Independent - Mr Moussa...yesterday said that Jenin now boasted "one gun, one law, one leadership". "If anyone breaks the law he is arrested. There are no militias any more in Jenin." He was strongly backed by Jenin`s police chief, who insisted that the Fatah-dominated Preventative Security had arrested 80 per cent of wanted men in the city. Both men complained vigorously that continued raids into the city by the Israel Defence Forces undermined the credibility of the Palestinian security forces` efforts. "The incursions inhibit the role of our security and police. They should co-ordinate their operations with us. We cannot go into the villages without their agreement." 9/10/2008
`Yom Kippur riot` in Israel city BBC - Riots have broken out in the mixed city of Acre after an Israeli Arab man drove his car during the Yom Kippur religious holiday, Israeli reports say. Dozens of cars and shops were damaged as hundreds of people took to the streets, Haaretz newspaper reported. 9/10/2008
Israel’s OccupationNeve Gordon
interviewed by Chris Spannos - Redress Newsblog - The book has two distinct sources. First and foremost, it is a product of many years of activism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. My understanding of the forms of control deployed in the Gaza Strip and West Bank began during the first Intifada, initially as a member of the Gaza Team for Human Rights and later as the director of Physicians for Human Rights, Israel. During the second Intifada, I became an active member of Ta`ayush (Arab-Jewish Partnership) and spent much time in the Occupied Territories resisting, together with Palestinians, Israel`s abusive policies. 9/10/2008
Salwa Salah and Sara Siureh Receive their Second Administrative Detention OrderADDAMEER - PRESS RELEASE - This is the first time that girls under the age of 18 have been put in administrative detention. On June 12, 2008 they were issued with military administrative detention orders....They were due to be released on October 4th 2008. On October 5th 2008 both girls were issued with a second administrative detention order. On October 6th 2008 a judicial review of the administrative detention order took place. The military judge (Eyal Noon) upheld the order for a further three months from October 4, 2008 until January 3, 2009. 9/10/2008
She stood firm defending her home, and, like an Olive tree, died standingMaisa Abu Ghazala - PNN - IMEMC - "“Yesterday my mother became a martyr, as she died at the hands of the occupiers. And it wasn’t enough for them to kill her in cold blood! They also barred the ambulance from reaching our home!”" 8/10/2008
The dance of the cranes in JerusalemMats Svensson - A Letter - "Five children have been made homeless, three children homeless, four children homeless." 8/10/2008
Gaza merchants: Israel holding our stockAviad Glickman - Ynet - "...the ports have been holding the commodities and refusing to transport them to their rightful owners due to instructions from the Defense Ministry, while the companies continue to pay storage fees against their will." 8/10/2008
Fact Sheet:: Broken family relations of Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons 7/10/2008
Palestinian Shepherd Killed by Settlers in NablusPCHR -Press Release -"On Saturday, 27 September 2008, a Palestinian teenager from Aqra village south east of Nablus City was shot dead by Israeli settlers."6/10/2008
She stood firm defending her home, and, like an Olive tree, died standingMaisa Abu Ghazala-IMEMC-"she suffered a fracture in her lower skull which also lead to brain hemorrhage...This latest crime has revealed the real face of the occupation and its plans to avoid achieving peace and stability in the region – this is what they are doing on the ground at the same time that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are attempting to reach a peace deal”"6/10/2008
U.N. report castigates Israel for harassing journalistsThalif Deen - IPS - A new United Nations report on the human rights situation in Palestinian territories blasts the Israeli government for its heavy-handed treatment of journalists reporting on the military occupation.5/10/2008
Israel celebrates - Palestine suffers Link to youtube video by Aljazeera: On tightened closure of the Palestinians during the Jewish holiday season - 4/10/2008
Gaza`s underground lifelines Link to youtube - "The closure of Gaza`s border crossings has created a multi-million-dollar economy - underneath the Palestinian territory`s frontier with Egypt. Al Jazeera`s Ayman Mohyeldin reports from the Gaza-Egypt border reports on the intricate network of tunnels that was once used for smuggling weapons and people and is now, a vital route into Gaza for medicine, food and fuel supplies. "4/10/2008
The Red and White Bird in GazaMATTS SVENSSON-CounterPunch-"On the morning of the last day of the war, the soldiers stopped their heavy metal box and aimed the long cannon barrel at the house. That was the morning they didn’t just pass by. The girl will never forget it. She saw how they went by the house and slowly turned back, and in their wake followed four bulldozers. Daddy had already gone looking for work. They were surrounded by tanks carrying soldiers and heavy, specially built bulldozers. The houses were emptied of women, men and children. The soldiers were screaming, and so were the women and children. The soldiers only gave them a moment. She forgets how long, but it wasn’t long enough...The sound of your house being destroyed is terrible."3/10/2008
Right to Education Urgent Appeal: Update on Omar QassisR2E Campaign- Birzeit University- "He was charged with throwing stones sometime between 2001 and 2002, to which he pleaded `not guilty`. The charge of throwing stones does not involve a specific day, making it very difficult for Omar to provide an alibi and refute the allegations. He is also being tried retroactively for something he allegedly committed as a 16-year-old, which under international standards means he was a child, however the Israeli military law treats 16-year-old Palestinians as adults. "3/10/2008
Archaeology used politically to push out Jerusalem Palestinians Jonathan Cook- The Electronic Intifada-"A series of court judgments going back more than a decade have found the settlers falsified documents to seize land and property from Palestinian families and that they built in contravention of local planning laws. The judgments have been ignored and the evictions gone unenforced by the police and the municipality. The Israeli government is also continuing to fund the security guards who keep watch over the illegal homes."3/10/2008
Narratives Under Siege (21): harvesting in hope PCHR - Mawasi is the garden of Gaza, renowned for its guavas, which used to be exported throughout the Middle East and even to Europe. But three years after the Israeli settlers were withdrawn from Gaza, Sa’id Al-Agha is still waiting to export guavas from Gaza. Increasingly draconian restrictions on exports of all goods from Gaza have been steadily imposed by Israel, devastating Gaza’s overall economy, and crippling its farming industry. 2/10/2008
Testimony: Soldiers prevent pregnant, bleeding woman from crossing checkpoint and she gives birth to a stillborn babyB`Tselem - Testimony - We started on our way to the hospital in Nablus at about 12:50 A.M. At the Za’tara checkpoint, we told the soldiers I was pregnant and had to get to the hospital, and they let us cross without a problem. When we got to the Huwara checkpoint, the soldiers didn’t let us pass. They said we didn`t have a permit to cross by car. We told them my brother has a permit to cross the Ma’ale Efraim checkpoint because he works at settlements in the Jordan Valley, but that didn’t help. 2/10/2008
The secret service is trying to turn Eyad into a collaboratorAya Baker Kaniuk - mahsanmilim - The pressure on Palestinians to collaborate and betray their own people is deep and vile and as old as the State of Israel. Physicians for Human Rights have published a terrifying report lately, describing Gazan Palestinian cancer-patients in life-threatening condition, sent to hospitals elsewhere that can offer them treatment not available in Gaza. They (and their escorts) are required to collaborate with Israel against their own people in order to obtain permission to travel, and if they refuse, they are sent home to their near-certain death. 2/10/2008
No Eid with the siege Rami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada - Essam Hamdan, 40 years old, from the Khan Younis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip tells a similar story. He has lived alone for the past two months after his wife, who is originally from the West Bank city of Tulkarm, was forced by the Israeli authorities at the Erez checkpoint to sign a written pledge that she would not return to Gaza.2/10/2008
Hamas exploits boom in Gaza smuggling tunnelsToni O`Loughlin - Guardian - ""The tunnels are integrated into the economy. We have a new economic structure now, a new business community."" 22/10/2008
Hundreds of Gaza students still held hostage under Israeli siegeMohammed Omer - Daily Star - ""Israel is not just denying Palestinian rights, it is also hurting its own interests." " 22/10/2008
PCHR Launches Investigative Report on Child Killings Perpetrated by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF)PCHR - "`Blood on Their Hands` examines IOF killings of children in the Gaza Strip from June 2007-June 2008."22/10/2008
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