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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Raja Shehada`s Occupation Diaries Joseph Dana - Los Angeles Review of Books - Occupation Diaries is a memoir of a Palestinian intellectual who finds himself increasingly sidelined in the changing dynamics of a national struggle. That struggle is transforming from one of a secular resistance infused with intellectual currents, to one in which religion plays a more dramatic, organizing role. Shehadeh seems to take all this in with a certain resignation.-rh 31/10/2012
How to get from counting calories to adding jobsGisha - Israel may no longer be counting calories, but the restrictions that remain – on movement of people and goods between Gaza and the West Bank and Israel – continue to hamper the ability of thousands of individuals to engage in dignified, productive work and thus feed and support themselves and their families.-rh 31/10/2012
Killed A Child With A Shot To The Head; Soldier Acquitted By Israeli CourtSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "The soldier admitted to firing two rounds of live ammunition at the child, Ahmad Mousa, 10, leading to his death." ... "The soldier said that “not firing back at those who hurl stones at the army is considered weakness; therefore, I opened fire”." id 31/10/2012
Never mind the settlements, it`s the absurdity Amira Hass - Haaretz - "The flip side of every bunch of Jewish grapes from the Jordan Valley sold in Europe is an impoverished Palestinian family, because Israel has expropriated most of its land and also deprives it of water." - id31/10/2012
The war on the Palestinian olive harvestAlon Aviram - +972 - Instead of harvesting, the families gathered outside the closed military zone, overlooking their unpicked olive grove from a distance." - id 31/10/2012
Palestine olive farmers cultivate resistanceDalia Hatuqa - AlJazeera - Attacks against Palestinian farmers by Israeli settlers have been on the rise since the olive harvest began in October30/10/2012
Hunger striker Hasan Safadi released at last Ma`an - Hasan Safadi was taken by soldiers from his Nablus home in June 2011 and has been since then held in Administrative Detention without trial. He went on a hunger strike in March and continued for 71 days, and stopped when the Israeli authorities promised not to extend his detention. But his detention was nevertheless extended in June, and he went on a new hunger strike, for 93 days this time. Today, he was finally set free. 29/10/2012
Hamas fighter killed in Israeli Air Force, rockets shot at Be`er ShebaMa`an - Three days after Egypt brokered an unofficial cease fire between Israel and Hamas, a Hamas fighter was killed in an Israeli air strike and Palestinians retaliated with two rockets shot at Be`er Sheba. ak28/10/2012
Israel detains leading MP near NablusMa`an - Al-Ramahi has brokered talks between Hamas and Fatah, and Hamas officials said his last detention was an Israeli attempt to disrupt reconciliation talks. bz 28/10/2012
Three Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip tunnel collapseSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - After three days of digging by civil defense teams, the body of 22-year old Akram Al-Ghazbawi was found in the rubble of a collapsed tunnel on the Gaza Strip - Egypt border. Two other Palestinians were killed in the same collapse. An estimated 209 Palestinians werekilled since 2006 in the collapse of such cross-border tunnels, on which inhabitants of the besieged Strip need to rely for a large part of their daily needs. ak 28/10/2012
Palestinian college entrance exams canceled by IsraelJ. Zel Lurie - When I visited Israel in the time of Moshe Dayan, I was presented with a fancy brochure by the IDF-controlled West Bank Department of Education, listing the number of classrooms that had been built for Arab children. Nowadays, the Army`s Civil Administration is busy bulldozing schoolrooms which Arab villagers have built for themselves, and preventing them from holding examinations. 28/10/2012
Israeli TV admits: No rockets were ever fired from UNRWA schools in Gaza during “Cast Lead”Ali Abunimah - EI - "What this means is that with 18 schools destroyed and 280 damaged – 46 percent – almost half – of all schools in Gaza were hit by the Israeli army. If this was not deliberate, then the Israeli army, which claims to be “the most moral army in the world,” is also one of the most poorly trained and inaccurate." - id 26/10/2012
There Was No Reason For My Son’s DeathPalestinian Centre For Human Rights - IMEMC - "Israel’s actions against the fishermen is also a violation of their right to an adequate standard of living." - id26/10/2012
Israel‘s Formula for a Starvation Diet : How 400 Trucks to Feed Gaza Became Just 67Jonathan Cook - Dissident Voice - To achieve this large reduction, officials deducted trucks based both on an over-generous assessment of how much food could be grown locally and on differences in the ”culture and experience” of food consumption in Gaza, a rationale never explained.-rh 25/10/2012
Israel: Ethnic cleansing in the NegevBen White - Al Jazeera - There is a grim familiarity about new efforts by Israel at expulsion - during the Nakba in 1948, the vast majority of the Negev`s Bedouin population were expelled, while those who remained were forcibly relocated to an area known as the "Siyag" ("fence" or "closure"). Sixty four years later, the Nakba continues.-rh24/10/2012
Palestinia​n activists protest at Rami Levi settlement​’s supermarke​tPopular Struggle Cooperation Committee - Press Release - This morning, more than 100 Palestinians, joined by number of international activists staged an action protest at the entrance of Rami Levi’s supermarket in Sha’ar Benjamin settlement north of Ramallah, to protest occupation and settler terror. They entered the market and walked up and down the aisles chanting for freedom and waving Palestinians flags.-rh 24/10/2012
From manifesto to reality: `Gaza Youth Breaks Out` member tells his storyMohammed Matter – AlJazeera - "My story is marked by violence, persecution, arrests, abuse and resistance"22/10/2012
Farmers Attacked By Settlers And Soldiers In Nablus And HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...suffocated after inhaling gas fired by the army at dozens of Palestinians picking olives in Wad Reesha area." - id21/10/2012
For some Israelis, Gazans receive 2,279 calories too manyGideon Levy - Haaretz - "So now it`s not just their bedrooms that are brutally broken into every night; now it`s also their digestive system." - id 21/10/2012
Israeli Settlers Attack Undercover Israeli SoldiersIMEMC & Agencies - The Israeli TV reported that a group of extremist Israeli settlers violently assaulted a number of undercover soldiers of the Israeli army thinking they were Palestinians. The incident took place east of Yatta town, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.-rh 20/10/2012
Occupied Lives: Violation of the right to freedom of worshipPalestinian Centre for Human Rights - Narratives - Israel’s policy of preventing certain groups of Muslims from reaching al-Aqsa dates back to the beginning of the occupation: “The major violation has been denial of access to the mosque for worshipers from Gaza and the West Bank. During the First Intifada, which began in 1987, only some people were allowed to visit Jerusalem after obtaining permits. After the Second Intifada began in 2000, a complete restriction and total ban on travel was declared by IOF and nobody from Gaza or the West Bank could travel to perform rituals at Al-Aqsa.-rh 19/10/2012
Whatever You Do, Don’t Say Thank You Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Israel has announced it would mull the idea of offering additional entry permits into Jerusalem over the Eid Al Adha, the Muslim’s most major holiday. It also said its decision would be contingent upon “security considerations”, that is, if Palestinians play good and don’t bother the occupation.-rh19/10/2012
Government releases `Red Lines` document detailing Gaza food restrictionsMya Guarnieri - +972 - After a three and a half year legal battle, Israeli NGO Gisha has obtained the state’s ‘Red Lines’ documents, which detail Israel’s severe restrictions on the amount of food that could enter the Gaza Strip between 2007 and 2010, including calculations of Palestinians’ caloric needs.-rh 19/10/2012
Israeli court extends detention of rights advocateMa`an News Agency - "An Israeli court on Thursday extended the detention of a human rights researcher arrested in the West Bank earlier this week.The Jerusalem court ruled that Ayman Nasser stay under interrogation for another seven days based on secret evidence, the prisoners group he works for, Addameer, said in a statement.Nasser, 42, was detained overnight Sunday from his home in the village of Saffa, west of Ramallah." ca19/10/2012
Commission says 515,000 registered to vote on SaturdayMa`an News Agency - "Some 515,000 Palestinians have registered to vote in Saturday`s municipal elections in the West Bank, Central Elections Commission director Hisham Khahil said Thursday.At a news conference in Ramallah, CEC chief Hanna Nasser said 10,000 members of police and security forces had registered to vote on Thursday in an early ballot so they could secure the electoral process on Saturday.Saturday`s vote will be supervised by more than 4,600 party representatives, 1,890 local observers, 550 journalists and 130 international observers and guests, the CEC says." ca 19/10/2012
Farmer Arrested for Being a Victim of Israeli Stone ThrowersPalestine Solidarity Project - "On Sunday Mohammed once again was attacked by a group of violent colonists who were throwing stones. Later soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces arrived but instead of arresting the colonists for throwing stones the soldiers turned to the target of the stones, Mohammed, and told him he could not be there. They arrested him without charges.Mohammed was released the day after but his agricultural equipment was confiscated. In addition he is banned from visiting his own land more than twice a week." ca19/10/2012
Colonist Activity in Beit Ommar Land Supported by SoldiersPalestine Solidarity Project - "At 10 a.m. Friday, October 12th about 100 colonists, escorted by soldiers from the Israeli occupation forces, walked out of Karmei Tsur. They went in the direction of Jala at the west of Beit Ommar where several Palestinian residents have their olive trees.Local families were harvesting their olives, but fled when they saw the group of colonists to avoid being victims of settler attacks that are common in this area. Last year a colonist killed a Palestinian boy in Saffa. The colonists were also intimidating to the people of Jala who stayed home instead of going to Beit Ommar, as they usually do on Fridays." ca19/10/2012
Why are we here?Melkam Lidet - MIFTAH - I still cannot get over the fact that our presence was needed for more than the extra hands to pick olives. It was needed to make sure the harvesting happened at all. It was needed because of an occupation that has placed an unequal value on human life, opinion and rights based on nationality. Because according to the occupation, everyone except Palestinians are worthy of protection, are entitled to basic human rights and are more dignified. Is this not racism?-rh18/10/2012
Olive Harvest FactsheetOCHA - The annual olive harvest is a key economic, social and cultural event for Palestinians. Communities with olive groves located between the Barrier and the Green Line and in the vicinity of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and along the perimeter fence surrounding the Gaza Strip face serious challenges in maintaining and harvesting their olive crops which, in turn, undermine their livelihoods and increase their vulnerabilities.-rh18/10/2012
Israel vs. No. 2 PencilsLena K. Awwad and SHATHA I. HUSSEIN - The Harvard Crimson - As countless students around the world took the SAT a week ago, Palestinians from the West Bank could not join their ranks. The October SAT exam was cancelled for students in the West Bank: The Israeli authorities held the exams sent by the College Board for weeks, not releasing the tests to AMIDEAST’s office in Ramallah.-rh 18/10/2012
Imprisoning Munir, the `Leader` Tamar Fleishman - The Palestine Chronicle - Now the teenager Munir has become a political prisoner and like a chronicle foretold, when he and his friends protested against the checkpoint without veiling their faces, and being a person who is familiar with the area and the locations of the cameras, he couldn`t have been surprised when he was hunted down.-rh18/10/2012
High Court rejects settler petition to immediately demolish "tire school"The Jahalin Association - While the immediate threat facing the community has been lifted, it still faces forced displacement by the Israeli Army. "The court backed the Civil Administration regarding the displacement of the community," says Adv. Shlomo Lecker, lawyer for the Jahalin. "But for the time being, at least until next year, the demolition orders will not be enforced. In addition, the judges repeatedly urged the IDF to initiate dialogue with the Jahalin community on finding a peaceful planning alternative. "-rh 17/10/2012
"Red Lines" presentation: New details about the old policy, while the current policy remains shrouded in secrecyGisha - A three-and-a-half-year long legal battle waged by Gisha has led the Israeli Ministry of Defense to reveal the document entitled "Food Consumption in the Gaza Strip – Red Lines". The document includes information about the policy of restricting the entrance of food to the Gaza Strip, which was in effect between 2007 and 2010.-rh17/10/2012
Army Invades Bethlehem, Clashes ReportedSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Dozens of local youths hurled stones and empty bottles at the soldiers who fired rounds of live ammunition, gas bombs, and concussion grenades. " - id 17/10/2012
2,279 calories per person: How Israel made sure Gaza didn`t starveAmira Hass - Haaretz - "The document states that Health Ministry officials were involved in drafting it, and the calculations were based on "a model formulated by the Ministry of Health ... according to average Israeli consumption," though the figures were then "adjusted to culture and experience" in Gaza." - id17/10/2012
Palestinian detainee resumes hunger strike after Israel fails to honor agreementAddameer - On 21 September 2012, representatives of Egypt and Israel agreed that administrative detainee Samer al-Barqbe be released and transferred to Egypt. On this basis, itself a painful comromise from al-Barqbe`s point of view, he ceased his hunger strike. Findinghimself still imprisoned nearly a month later` he resumed his hunger strike, this time also refusing to drink water - putting his condition in severe danger. In The Israeli authorities undertook to deport Samer al-Barq resumed his hunger strike on 14 October 2012, after the Israeli authorities failed to honor its agreement to deport him to Egypt. The agreement was signed on 21 September 2012 between representatives of Egypt and Israel. Samer subsequently ceased his hunger strike on this date, having being told he would be transferred to Egypt the following day.16/10/2012
Please consider signing the petition demanding a U.S. Investigation of Rachel Corrie`s DeathThe U.S. cannot sit idly by as Israel continues to injure and kill our human rights defenders with impunity.15/10/2012
Israeli forces detain at least 15 Palestinians overnightMa`an - A farmer from the town, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani Suleibi, had been released, a day after he was seized by forces tending his land near the Israeli Bat Ayin. His agricultural equipment was confiscated and he is banned from visiting his land more than twice a week. bz15/10/2012
Settlers Uproot Olive And Grape Trees In Al-KhaderSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Sbeih’s land had been repeatedly targeted by the settlers, and he has been repeatedly prevented from entering his own land as the army requires him to obtain a special permit from the military. 16/10/2012
PA: 2 Palestinian prisoners in critical conditionMa`an News Agency - "Eighteen prisoners in Israel`s jails are suffering from cancer." - id14/10/2012
Two Palestinians Assassinated In Northern GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Two Palestinians were killed, on Saturday evening, and one child was injured when the army fired a missile at a motorcycle driving in the center of Jabalia town." - id 14/10/2012
As Palestinian frustration grows, young man considers armed struggleMya Guarnieri - +972 - Hakem would join the armed struggle against Israel “if only there was an organization to join.” Fatah means the Palestinian Authority and, like many Palestinians, Hakem sees the PA as “a branch” of Israel: “The PA is a project of the Israeli government. [It has been] since the beginning, and it’s not changed… it facilitates the Israeli job within the Palestinian society.”-rh 13/10/2012
In Palestine, Olive Trees are so Much More Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - The olive harvest is upon us. Some Palestinians with olive groves close to Israeli settlements have already begun picking the fruit in the hopes that they may, at least this year, escape the settlers. But of course, this is too much to hope for. The havoc has already begun; settlers from Nahla’el attacked residents of Beit Illu, a village northwest of Ramallah, attacking the olive pickers and burning down dozens of trees. Palestinian sources say around 300 olive trees have been cut down in Beit Illu alone in the past month.-rh 12/10/2012
Palestinian Injured As Settlers Attacked Farmers In HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Palestinian medical sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, reported that one resident was injured after a group of extremist Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian family picking its olive trees.-rh 12/10/2012
2012 Edward Said Memorial Lecture Sara Roy - The Palestine Center - This lecture will address some of the destructive policies and measures imposed on the Gaza Strip and their economic and social impact. I argue that as a result of these policies, Gaza is being rendered unviable and by that I mean dispossessed of the capacity for sustainable economic growth and development on the one hand, and increasingly incapable of effecting social change on the other.-rh 12/10/2012
Caught On Tape: “Settlers Harvest Palestinian Olive Trees”IMEMC & Agencies - "The Youth Coalition Against Settlements reported that its Media Unit managed to document the attack.Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and inspected the ID cards of a number of activists. One of the settlers was also filming the residents with his mobile phone. After an argument with the residents, the settlers left the scene leaving several cut olive branches, and took what they harvested from the Palestinian olive trees." ca 12/10/2012
IDF may reinstitute Arabic translations in West Bank military courtsAmira Hass - Haaretz - The petition notes that most of the petitioners are Palestinians residing in the occupied territories, who did not study law in Hebrew, and even if they learned Hebrew, their fluency is incomplete and their ability to fully understand the legal documents is limited.-rh 11/10/2012
No child should have to go through this PCHR - Occupied Lives - “My son Nassim was sitting at the entrance of the house when the missiles were launched. I rushed to bring him inside and found that he had already been injured by shrapnel. He just kept saying, “There is some blood on me, there is some blood on me.” Some people came and put him in a car to take him to hospital. I was trying to calm my other baby down when I noticed that she was also bleeding from her head. Both of the children were then rushed to the hospital.-rh10/10/2012
Israeli police shut down, attempt to raid Palestinian school in East Jerusalem Aziz Abu Sarah - +972 - The Palestinian community in Jerusalem is convinced that the Israeli police have double standards when it comes to dealing with violence. When a Palestinian throws a stone, it must be stopped at any price, but when a Jew does the same or worse, it is a minor incident that poses no danger.-rh 10/10/2012
Palestinians: Lost in representationThe Stream - Al-Jazeera - "Who speaks for those in the West Bank and Gaza?" "The fourth and final Russell Tribunal on Palestine convened in New York City on October 6-7 to hold third parties, like the US and the UN, accountable for alleged Israeli human rights violations." - id 10/10/2012
1 Palestinian Man Assassinated, Another WoundedPCHR - IMEMC - "It should be noted that the attack was carried out at the end of the school day, moments before the students began to leave the school." - id 10/10/2012
Wheelchair-bound photographer documents life in Gaza Ma`an - Freelance photographer Moamen Qreiqea, 25, lost both his legs in an Israeli air strike in 2008 while taking pictures east of Gaza. The father of two, from Gaza City, is determined to continue his career despite his disability (see photo by fellow-photographer Suhaib Salem).9/10/2012
No olives for the Ja`asra family - because of two army mistakes in one week (video)On 6 October 2012 the Ja`asra family, Women, men and children went for their Olive harvest on their own land, Tarqumiya, west to Hebron. After an early attempt that week which ended in expelling and tear gas by IDF, their lawyer from the RHR (Rabbis for Human Rights) legal team contacted the civil administration head officer of the area, to make sure it wouldn`t happen again. His response "it was a mistake (the expulsion), they can come and harvest". He was notified they would, on Saturday. When they came, tear gas again.. 9/10/2012
Regional publishers take part in Gaza book exhibitionMa`an - Publishers from Cairo, Beirut, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are taking part in an international book exhibition in Gaza. The exhibition has attracted a large number of university students and those wishing to buy affordable books. Ahmad al-Shami, director of Lebanese publisher Al-Rayyan, told Ma`an that he decided to participate in the event in order to meet the people of Gaza. 8/10/2012
Five Gazas injured in Israeli shootingMa`an - Five Palestinians were moderately injured by Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip border town of Khuzaa. The shelling was in retaliation for a shooting in which there had been no casualties on the Isralei side. 8/10/2012
The documentary that should make every decent Israeli ashamedGideon Levy--No moments of reprieve in the probing documentary by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, "5 Broken Cameras," which chronicles the struggle in the West Bank Palestinian village of Bil`in. dn7/10/2012
The official olive harvest season begins on Friday and throughout the West Bank. RHR--The olive harvest will begin soon in the shadow of a wave of “Tag Mechir” incidents "dn7/10/2012
Help my son out of prisonPopular Struggle Coordination Committee - Abd el-Razzaq Tamimi "Living in the West bank village of Nabi Saleh, now made famous for its demonstrations, my wife Ikhlas and I have brought up six children – five boys and one girl – to be honest, warm, hospitable and proud. Fighting for freedom sure has its price, and in recent years, my family has paid it in the hardest currency – from insult to injury to imprisonment, and even death. Last December my son Mustafa was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers." ca5/10/2012
Month in Pictures: September 2012The Electronic Intifada - "The month of September witnessed growing unrest in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip over deteriorating economic and living conditions. In the Gaza Strip, several Palestinian resistance fighters, two Palestinian police officers and a fisherman were killed by Israeli forces. In the West Bank, Israeli forces injured protesters during weekly demonstrations against the occupation, and settlers attacked Palestinian farmers." ca5/10/2012
Israel excluded as model UN meets in GazaRami Almeghari - Electronic Intifada "Rawya Shawa, an independent politician in Gaza, said the purpose of the “model” UN was to alert the PA and international leaders that the Palestinian people should be involved in the discussions about their own self-determination." ca5/10/2012
Thousands join Islamic Jihad rally in GazaMa`an News Agency - "The Palestinian project of establishing a state on the 1967 borders through negotiations has obviously failed," Shallah said. Nineteen years of failed negotiations have created a crisis which cannot be resolved by insisting on more negotiations, or through non-violent resistance, he added. Shallah said Islamic Jihad supported all methods of resistance, and would not rule out armed struggle from the Palestinian agenda." ca5/10/2012
Financial Distress at the East Jerusalem HospitalsPNN - The World Health Organization (WHO) issued an urgent warning about the situation of the six Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem, to which Palestinian are regularly referred when needing services and procedures not available in the West Bank and Gaza. In recent months the PA`s severe financial crisis resulted in a big accrued debt to these hospitals, endangering their continued functioning. 2/10/2012
Qatar’s Emir Visits Gaza, Pledging $400 Million to HamasJODI RUDOREN - NYT - "The sheik, his wife and the Qatari prime minister led a large delegation that entered Gaza from Egypt and sped in a convoy of black Mercedes-Benzes and armored Toyotas through streets lined with people waving Qatari and Palestinian flags." - id 24/10/2012
Gaza fisherman dies after Israel shootingMa`an - Hamas officials said the pair were fishing on the beach when they were wounded, while an Israeli military spokeswoman said the men came right up to the border fence and ignored calls from troops to back away before they were shot at. bz1/10/2012
Israel`s High Court of Injustice Ben White - Aljazeera - But this case serves to highlight another aspect of Israel`s denial of Palestinian rights: The role of Israel`s Supreme Court. Often portrayed as a bastion of "liberalism", and subjected to absurd attacks by Israel`s political far-right, the court has in fact been complicit with numerous aspects of Israel`s discriminatory and colonial policies.-rh 4/10/2012
Palestine Should Never Become a Lost Cause Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - So it is time. Time to reshuffle the cards, let go of illusions of power and trivial desires. If the PA is to remain after Palestine scores membership, it must change form and become a tool for liberation rather than for maintaining this stagnant and dangerous status quo.-rh 4/10/2012
The right not to worryAmira Hass - Haaretz - The justices don`t even seem to worry about their names being associated with names of other jurists who preceded them and like them accepted the reasonableness of the means and the justice of slavery, racial segregation and the cult of the party and leader - and being sent to Siberia.-rh 4/10/2012
P.A. Financial Crisis Likely To EscalateSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "“We did not hear any promises of any funding”, the official stated, “The Europeans even said that they paid enough and cannot continue to pay, and the Arabs did not show any interest”." - id 3/10/2012
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