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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Army destroys five wells, five tents near HebronSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The soldiers, accompanied by a military bulldozer, destroyed five wells and three tents in Zannouta, south of Hebron. Soldiers violently assaulted a number of Palestinian residents protesting the destruction of their property. Two more tents were destroyed in Khirbit Susya village, the whole of which is under a comprehensive demolition order. 28/8/2012
Nine suspects indicted in Jerusalem lynch case Noam (Dabul) Dvir - Y-net - Indictment exposes Jewish teens` acts of violence and abuse against host of Arab victims in Jerusalem; eight charged with racist assault. 28/8/2012
Navy opens fire at fishermen off GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Israeli navy opened automatic fire at Palestinian fishermen, in Palestinian territorial waters, north of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and chased several fishing boats to the shore.28/8/2012
PA: Four Palestinians, settler wounded in clash near Nablus Settlers arrived in ten cars at the southern Nablus District village of al-Lubban ash Sharqiya and clashed with local residents. Four villagers were injured and a settler was beaten with an iron bar, locals said. Israeli authorities regarded this as a case of Palestinian agression and as such it was reported on Israel radio. 28/8/2012
Video: Breaking the Silence: Israeli veteran reflects on everyday abuse of PalestiniansThe Guardian - Tomer Rot, a former soldier in the Israeli army`s 50th Battalion Nahal Brigade, recounts what happened during a curfew in Hebron. The video is part of the Breaking the Silence project, where veterans who served in the Israeli military have taken it upon themselves to expose the reality of everyday life in the occupied territories27/8/2012
Israel `detained 7 teens near Gaza border` since FridayMa`an News Agency - "Human rights advocates said Sunday that Israeli forces have detained seven Palestinian teenagers near the Gaza Strip`s border with Israel in recent days"27/8/2012
Israel breaks silence over army abuses Donald Macintyre - The Independent - Ex-soldiers admit to appalling violence against Palestinian children27/8/2012
Palestinians are home for the holiday – at least for now Gideon Levy--Eid al-Fitr was celebrated by with joy, but also fear, since many Palestinians are not sure they`ll get to enjoy the traditional celebrations again on the land of their fathers. dn26/8/2012
Army Confiscates Palestinian Tractors In the Jordan ValleySaed Bannoura - IMEMC "On Wednesday, Israeli soldiers invaded Bardala village, in the northern plains area of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, confiscated three agricultural tractors that belong to Palestinian farmers, and imposed heavy fines on the owners." ca 24/8/2012
Army To Confiscate Lands Near TulkaremSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "Israeli soldiers handed, Thursday, several residents of the Kufr Jamal village, south of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, military orders informing them that the army intends to confiscate large areas of their farmlands. " ca 24/8/2012
Israel: 2009 Killings of Mother and Daughter Unresolved Human Rights Watch - Human Rights Watch found that Israeli criminal investigations of apparent laws-of-war violations in the Gaza conflict were not prompt, thorough, or impartial. Investigations also failed to credibly examine policies authorized by senior levels of the country’s political and military leadership that may have led to violations of the laws of war, including rules of engagement that allegedly led to shootings of civilians, firing high-explosive artillery shells into populated areas, and the widespread destruction of civilian property.-rh 23/8/2012
7 Detainees Injured In Ramon Prison, Several Sent To Solitary ConfinementSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Rajoub said that “what happened in Ramon is a compliance with what, Ben Caspet, an Israeli journalist said, who described the Palestinian political prisoners as pigs”, the PPS reported.-rh 23/8/2012
Settlers `attempt to set fire` to cars in Nablus villageMa`an News Agency - Ghassan Doughlas, who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma`an that settlers from Itamar raided the village of Awarta and poured petrol over cars belonging to Nidal Qawariq and Eyah Qawariq. The settlers also sprayed racist slogans on several walls in the village but failed to ignite the petrol before fleeing, Doughlas said.-rh 22/8/2012
Attacks on Palestinians, presumed by Jews, kindles debate on state of Israeli valuesAssociated Press - Washington Post - "Over the weekend, unknown assailants firebombed a Palestinian taxi in the West Bank. Hours later, a mob of Jewish teens beat a 17-year-old Palestinian unconscious in downtown Jerusalem." - id 22/8/2012
Jerusalemite faces decades in prison after visiting nearby villageMaath Musleh - EI - "Israel annexed East Jerusalem following its occupation of the West Bank after the 1967 War, though it is considered occupied territory under international law. According to the Israeli definition, the boundaries of the municipality of Jerusalem extends north to include the Palestinian village Kufr Aqab. Issawi was captured in a location within the Israeli-defined boundaries of Jerusalem, midway between Kufr Aqab and the center of the city. [...] If Samer is convicted of breaking the conditions of the pledge he signed, he will be held in prison to serve the 20 years that remains of his original 30-year sentence"21/8/2012
Video: Foreign Press Association in Israel demands investigation of soldiers beating journalists AIC - "The Foreign Press Association in Israel contacted the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israeli army on Sunday, demanding an immediate investigation into the incident last Friday in which foreign and Palestinian journalists who arrived to cover the protest demonstrations against land confiscation in Kufr Kadum, near the settlement of Kedumim in Samaria, were beaten"21/8/2012
The judge of the Israeli Magistrate​s’ Court rules to release under conditions the 14 years old Abd al Rahim Ez al Deen BarbarSilwan, Jerusalem - Bail, a fine, and ten days of house arrest - after the boy had been pressured into a confession about stone throwing. 20/8/2012
Palestinian legislator released from prisonMa`an - Khaled Tafesh, MP for the Hamas-affiliated Change and Reform Bloc, was released after seven months` detention, having been seized by Israeli forces from his Bethlehem home on January 19, 2012. Palestinian legislators are going in and out of Israeli detention with no obvious rhyme or reason - other than conclusively demonstrating that the Palestinian Legislative Council is a completely powerless body. 20/8/2012
Firebomb attack: Palestinian `pulled kids from burning car`Noam (Dabul) Dvir - Ynet - "Jamila Riada, who was injured along with her husband and three children in what police called a `Jewish nationalist attack,` says she saw assailant. Netanyahu instructs Shin Bet to bring perpetrators to justice ." ca 17/8/2012
PRESS RELEASE: Thirty olive trees cut nearby the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani, South Hebron HillsPress release - "In the afternoon of August 16th some Palestinians discovered that an olive grove situated in Humra valley had been recently destroyed during the night, according to a Palestinian. Thirty olive trees were broken or severely damaged. The olive grove belongs to a Palestinian family that lives in Yatta, a Palestinian town close to At-Tuwani." ca 17/8/2012
Report: Gazans spend 30% of income on fresh water new report by the British human rights organization Oxfam determined that the fresh water supply in Gaza Strip fails to keep up with the growing populations. Ynet "The report found that the Strip`s residents pay up to one-third of their household income on drinking water and the growing shortage of fresh water sources is posing a growing health risk." ca 17/8/2012
Life Under LockdownJamal Mahjoub - Guernica Magazine "Residents of the Gaza Strip are restricted in their movements, in what they can bring into and send out of their land, even how far off their shores they can fish. Words, though, know no borders." ca17/8/2012
Defying AG, ministers decide to hand Hebron market stores over to Israeli settlers Chaim Levinson - Haaretz "A panel of ministers has decided to instruct the army to transfer possession of a Hebron building that Jewish settlers were living in illegally to the city`s Jewish community, after first evicting the squatters. Weinstein is recommending that the Jewish squatters be evicted and that the property not be given over to anyone at this stage." ca17/8/2012
Israeli soldiers laughed and cursed as they kicked handcuffed Palestinian youth in stomach, causing severe injuryPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - The assault lasted for almost two hours and left ‘Uday with excruciating pain all over his body, especially in his abdomen, handcuffed wrists and shoulders. Afterwards the soldiers took him to a place ‘Uday recognised as a gate of the settlement ‘Karem Zour’, which is the closest settlement to Beit Ummar. ‘Uday was forced to wait for approximately one hour, during which time some soldiers hit his head against the wall several times.-rh15/8/2012
Children are in the Front Line of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza Stephen McCloskey - The Palestine Chronicle - But since February the length and regularity of cuts have increased as Egypt has clamped down on smuggled fuel. The ostensible reasons given are a shortage of fuel in the Sinai region and Cairo’s insistence that the tunnels are an unsuitable and unsustainable means of importing industrial goods. However, what may also underpin this new regimen, is a sense that Israel’s ulterior purpose in maintaining the blockade is to have Cairo assume increasing responsibility for the welfare and movement of Palestinians – a responsibility that legally resides with Israel as the occupying power in Gaza.-rh 15/8/2012
A zoning intifadaAmira Hass - Haaretz - Will we witness Palestinian senior security personnel abandoning their air conditioned offices, where they coordinate security matters with Israel, to make their way, together with thousands of policemen, to Jinba and Susya so that they can build clinics and preschools and, with their bodies and in their uniforms, defend the drivers and construction workers and residents? - Only time will tell.-rh 15/8/2012
Pre dawn raid in Kufr Qaddoum: army storm houses and arrest three, including one minor Popular Struggle Coordination Committee - Press Release - Yesterday night, August, 15th, Israeli army staged pre dawn raid to the West Bank village of Kufr Qaddoum. Massive numbers of Israeli soldiers stormed three houses in the village, and caused extensive damages to resident Mohammad Taha Amer’s house, while looking for his son Moawiya.-rh15/8/2012
Living and Sustaining an OccupationMelkam Lidet- MIFTAH - The construction of the settlements and the labor employed in the construction of Israeli settlements in Ma’ale Adumim and others in the West bank is also another paradox. While all Palestinians are against the expansion of settlements in the West Bank, most of the labor employed in the construction of settlements is Palestinian.-rh15/8/2012
Settlers Empty Palestinian Well, Flood FarmlandsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...settlers used electric pumps to empty a Palestinian irrigation well and flooded Palestinian farmlands." - id 15/8/2012
Detainee Sentenced To 27 Life Terms, Fathers A ChildSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...after being able to “smuggle” his sperm that was carefully carried by his visiting wife to a local fertility center in Nablus." - id 15/8/2012
Ethnic cleansing on the road to an Israeli colonyMarshall Pinkerton - International Solidarity Movement - "While Khalid was in prison, settlers removed all of the doors and windows to his homes, destroyed the irrigation lines that fed his crops, and destroyed a section of wall in one house." - id 15/8/2012
Detainee smuggles sperm out, fathers a childSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - Palestinian detainee Ammar az-Zaben, 37, who has been imprisoned by Israel for 15 years and sentenced to 37 life terms, managed to father a child after being able to “smuggle” his sperm that was carefully carried by his visiting wife to a local fertility center in Nablus14/8/2012
Israel sniper to get 45 days over Gaza war shootingAFP - Yahoo!News - "An Israeli soldier implicated in the killing of two Gaza women carrying a white flag faces a 45-day jail term under a plea bargain approved by a military court on Sunday, local media said"13/8/2012
Gazans face familiar problems during Ramadan FastMa`an News Agency - "For the duration of the Holy Month, in almost every Palestinian village, a volunteer walks the streets an hour or two before dawn, beating his drum to wake people up for the Suhoor, or pre-fast meal, before the dawn prayers." ca10/8/2012
Renewed barrier construction threatens Palestinian HeritageMa`an News Agency - "It is a crime to build the wall through here," said Akram Badir, head of the village council in Battir, a Palestinian community just outside the Green Line to the southeast of Jerusalem. Battir is the site of an ancient system of irrigation that has provided freshwater for the community`s rich agriculture for centuries. From an old Roman pool, the water flows downhill from terrace to terrace and is then distributed to farmlands through channels."If the wall is built across the terraces as planned, they will collapse," said Giath Nasser, the lawyer dealing with Battir`s legal case against the planned barrier route." ca 10/8/2012
High Court upholds flawed procedure on torture investigationsRoi Manor - +972 "The High Court of Justice upheld the procedure regarding complaints of torture against Shin Bet agents, despite the fact that this procedure resulted in no investigations after nearly 600 complaints.Postscript: The English language story on the ruling by Haaretz omits the fact that no criminal investigation has been opened out of 600 cases, and does not include PCATI’s response to the ruling. Both pieces of information appear in the Hebrew version of the same article. This is not the first time something like this has happened." ca 10/8/2012
"I can`t dictate methods of Palestinian struggle": Israeli boycott activist interviewedCecilia Dalla Negra - The Electronic Intifada And as long as Israel and its backers use means of terror against the Palestinian civil population, then we cannot legally and should not morally condemn those fighting for their liberation from doing so. Having said that, it so happens that the popular struggle is also a nonviolent one, meaning that the international and Israeli supporters are lucky to have the opportunity to join in and fully participate, and I am grateful for that opportunity." ca "10/8/2012
The Humanitarian Impact of Israeli-declared “Firing Zones” in the West Bank : August 2012OCHA - Approximately 18% of the West Bank has been designated as a closed military zone for training, or “firing zone”, with significant humanitarian impact on affected Palestinian communities .-rh9/8/2012
Israel Bars Foreign Envoys From West Bank MeetingJODI RUDOREN - The New York Times - Israel on Sunday barred the delegations of five countries from attending a diplomatic conference in Ramallah, in the West Bank, upending plans by the Palestinian president to announce his intention to renew the Palestinians’ bid this September for enhanced status in the United Nations.-rh8/8/2012
Otherwise Occupied / Caught between Price Tag and red tape Amira Hass - Haaretz - Behind the arbitrary mass cancellation of work permits lies an attempt to recruit collaborators. Several dozens of names are put on the barred-entry list, the assumption being that someone desperate enough will get hooked, and agree to give information in exchange for getting his permit back.-rh8/8/2012
Occupied Lives: I have no futurePCHR - Narratives - Mamoun Ahmad Dalloul (36) lives in Tel-el-hawa with his wife and 9 children. Until recently, he owned a dairy-products factory that produced milk, cheese and yoghurt. Since December 2008, Mamoun has re-built his factory 4 times after it was repeatedly targeted and destroyed by Israel’s forces.-rh8/8/2012
Israeli Supreme Court approves obstruction to freedom of worship: Israel refuses to consider requests from Gaza Muslims wishing to pray in JerusalemGisha - Israel recognizes the right of Christians living in Gaza to freedom of worship by allowing travel to Jerusalem and the West Bank during holidays, subject to age restrictions and numerical quotas. Similar requests by Muslims are categorically rejected.-rh8/8/2012
`Palestinian homes in IDF fire zones face demolition` TOVAH LAZAROFF - J-Post - "Approximately 38 Palestinian villages with a total population of 5,000 are located in West Bank IDF firing zones.... Two schools and one kindergarten located in the zones also have demolition orders issued against them." - id 8/8/2012
IDF raids Hebron-area village; residents fear impending demolitionAmira Hass- Haaretz - "IDF helicopters ferried masked, armed soldiers to isolated Palestinian village of Jinba." - id8/8/2012
Israel to PA: Abandon Statehood and You Can Develop Gas FieldsJason Ditz – AntiWar - Top PA Negotiators `Unaware` of Offer6/8/2012
Lambs to the settlers` slaughter, screaming and unheardAmira Hass--There is still a bruise under Ibrahim Bani Jaber`s left eye. The blows his brother Jawdat received to his right ear didn`t leave any marks, but they still make his head feel heavy. During our meeting at their home in the West Bank village of Akraba last week, they did not spend much time describing the fear and pain they felt when they were attacked. Instead, they spoke about the family`s sheep, that they had rushed to try and save that day, July 7, when they heard that settlers were attacking them. dn5/8/2012
Romney, economic realities and one Palestinian’s story Kristin Szremski--Murad`s story typifies Palestinians` experience of running into proverbial roadblocks at every turn of their development. dn5/8/2012
Settlers vandalize property in Ramallah villageMa`an News Agency - "A group of settlers from Givat Ariel outpost wrote "Palestinians should die," and "Stay away from our lands," on a wall in the village, Sinjil mayor Ayoub Swaied said.Settlers also left an improvised explosive device made from chemicals under a car. A box containing ethylene, benzene and sulfur was found underneath a car in the village, Swaied added." ca 3/8/2012
Gaza Power Plant to function in full capacity, first time in six yearsGeorge Rishmawi - IMEMC "The power plant was running only with 25% of its capacity due to lack of fuel and the damage Israel caused when bombarded the power plant in 2006. It took around six years to rehabilitate the plant due to the closure. The rehabilitation of the plan was made possible by funds from Islamic Bank, and fuel provided from Qatar through Egypt." ca3/8/2012
Israel Claims Arrest of Palestinian “Cells” in HebronKelly Joiner - IMEMC "In the past week alone, at least nine actual attacks on Palestinians by the Israeli military or Israeli settlers have been documented in the Hebron area. No charges have been filed against any Israelis for any of these incidents.The cells were allegedly located in Halhoul village north of Hebron and had plans for a “series of attacks” on Israelis. These attacks consist of Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli civilian or police cars." ca 3/8/2012
Israeli Group Maps Palestinian RemovalsJillian Kestler-D`Amours - Mondoweiss "A resident of the Israeli settlement Mevo Horon, Arad is head of the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) division of Regavim, a right-wing Israeli organisation whose work focuses primarily on using legal channels to have demolition orders on Palestinian homes and other structures carried out. Asked whether he feels bad when a Palestinian family has their home destroyed as a result of his work, Arad responded: “No. Really, no.” ca3/8/2012
Settlement spending reaches two-decade high of $1.1 billionAllison Deger - Mondoweiss "The government spent NIS 1.1 billion on West Bank settlements last year, and could save at least that much if it were to make its spending proportionate to the number of Israelis who live in the settlements, according to two different reports made public this week. Last year`s government spending on the settlements represents a 38 percent rise over that of 2010. But it is significantly lower than the peak of NIS 2.5 billion (in real terms ) in 1993, when the funds were geared toward infrastructure changes required by the Oslo Accords, according to Central Bureau of Statistics findings reported on Monday by Israeli business newspaper Calcalist." ca3/8/2012
Palestinian Child Sentenced To 4 Months ImprisonmentSaed Bannoura - IMEMC IMEMC & Agencies "The Israeli Military Court at the Salem military base, north of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, sentenced, Thursday, a 16-year-old Palestinian child, from Ya’bod village, near Jenin, to 4 months imprisonment and NIS 3000 ($800) fine." ca 31/8/2012
Breaking the Silence: IDF`s treatment of Palestinian children Soldiers` Testimonies 2005-2011 - +972 "a compendium of testimonies given by over thirty IDF soldiers who served in the West Bank and in and around the Gaza Strip in the years 2005-2011. Like previous publications by Breaking the Silence, it portrays daily events in the Occupied Territories. The testimonies in this anthology illuminate the realities of everyday life for Palestinian children and youth who live under Israeli occupation." ca31/8/2012
PCHR Weekly Report: 14 civilians wounded, 33 abducted by Israeli troopsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "In its Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 16 – 29 Aug. 2012, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) found that a Palestinian woman was seriously wounded by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. 33 Palestinians were abducted, including 10 children." CA31/8/2012
How we created `the world`s only prison where prisoners must provide for themselves` Noam Sheizaf - +972 "A surprisingly candid op-ed from a high-level Israeli official explains the role the Oslo Accords played in allowing Israel to maintain the occupation.Weisglass published an interesting op-ed in Ynet in which he explained the value of the 1993 Accords from a right-wing perspective. The agreement, he wrote, allowed Israel to maintain control over the West Bank without bearing responsibility for the Palestinians living there." ca31/8/2012
Hopes for freedom of movement dashed, once again, in GazaRami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada = "I know first-hand about the hardships these restrictions cause." - id 29/8/2012
Two Children Injured After being Attacked By SettlersSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Several settlers attacked and broke into the home of Majed Daraghma, while trying to occupy a natural spring near his home. Daraghma’s two children, 9 and 13 years old, suffered fractures and bruises and were moved to a local hospital." - id 29/8/2012
Israel Police may probe group warning Arab men not to date Jewish womenAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - "`We don`t want you to get hurt,` flyer read." - id 29/8/2012
Tales from the West Bank: Palestinian Raja Shehadeh chronicles life during occupation Raja Shehadeh - The Independent - Today I waited at the Kalandia crossing on my way back to Ramallah from Jerusalem. Driving past the high wall with the barbed wire which separates Arab homes and neighbourhoods from each other, I thought of that wire fence between Israel`s Occupied Golan Heights and Syria. There a fence, here a formidable wall.-rh 2/8/2012
Khirbat Zanuta Petition – Still No SolutionACRI - Following the hearing, ACRI Attorney Nira Shalev stated: “Today, the High Court reminded the State of Israel of a responsibility it has been forgetting during 45 years of occupation: the responsibility to protect the rights and well-being of Palestinian residents of the Occupied Territories. This responsibility carries with it the State’s duty to recognize villages that existed before the occupation and to provide planning solutions for their residents.”-rh 2/8/2012
He just wanted a better lifePCHR - Narratives - Mohamed Abu Muelieq (17) was killed by Israeli forces on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 near Mossadar village, which is on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Mohamed, and his friends Youssef Altelbani (19) and Mahmoud Alodat (18), were trying to cross over the border fence to search for jobs in Israel when they were attacked. Of the 3 boys, only 1, Mahmoud Alodat survived the attack. He sustained shrapnel injuries to his right leg and was forced to lie in the border area until the shelling stopped. He then crawled to one of the nearby houses, which took him approximately one hour, before he was rushed to the hospital.-rh1/8/2012
90% of Gaza water "unsafe for drinking," says UNThalif Deen - The Electronic Intifada - The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices in the Occupied Territories has described the continued denial of fundamental human rights of the Palestinians as totally “unacceptable.”-rh 1/8/2012
Using water as a weapon in the West BankAmira Hass - Haaretz - Honorable justices, Zanuta is not alone and its "solution" is not to be isolated. From the northern Jordan Valley to the south Hebron Hills, the Civil Administration is protecting a law that its title in contemporary Hebrew is "keeping most of the West Bank Palestinian-free." Your honors, this is the policy you`re being asked to ratify, unless you finally gather courage and wave a black flag.-rh 1/8/2012
On the brink : Israeli settlement and their impact on Palestinians in the Jordan ValleyOxfam Briefing Paper 160 - `Only 6 per cent of the land in the Jordan Valley is currently available for Palestinian use and development....Development is further constrained because Palestinian families and businesses, and even EU donors and aid agencies, find it nearly impossible to gain permits to build homes, toilets, wells, animal pens, or other vital infrastructure for local communities.`-rh1/8/2012
The blatancy of apartheidPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - I blame the Jewish community for lying about what is happening here endlessly, destroying our intellectual inheritance, in the belief that it is good for the Jews. It is a disaster for Jews. It is a disgrace that Americans will one day have university courses and museum exhibits to try to explain to one another when the next generation wakes up to this madnesss and responds with appropriate fury. 1/8/2012
Israeli High Court Rejects Petitions to Probe Torture ClaimsWAFA/Haaretz – The petitions were submitted by several human rights organizations about a year ago, after statistics showed that none of the complaints made against Shin Bet interrogators were probed between 2001 and 2008. They were rejected "out of consideration for the Shin Bet`s work and for fear of false complaints for political and ideological reasons".7/8/2012
New regulation bars Palestinians and immigrants from using Israeli courtsKelly Joiner - IMEMC - The new regulation signed by Justice Minister Neeman would require anyone filing a claim in Israeli courts to provide either Israeli ID number or foreign passport number. Palestinians from the occupied territories or stateless individuals without passports would effectively be banned from filing grievances with the courts when this order goes into effect on September 1.7/8/2012
Gaza mother of prisoner dies en route to visit her son in Israeli jail Ma`an - Aisha Isleih had not seen her son since he was detained five years ago on a twelve year sentence. Family visits were made possible due to the big prisoners` hunger strike, earlier this year, but she died in the bus before reaching the prison gates.7/8/2012
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