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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Video: "Soldier Fires Fatal Shot On Wounded Palestinian In Hebron"IMEMC - Al-Mohtasib was first shot and wounded, and was already on the ground in pain, when a soldier approached him and fired a second deadly shot. The Israeli army claimed the young man was shot after stabbing and mildly wounding a settler with a cut to his arm. [bz]31/10/2015
Netanyahu: ‘We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future’Adam Horowitz - Mondoweiss - For the clearest distillation of Israeli political thinking there is no better place to start than at the top. Haaretz‘s Barak Ravid reports on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s message to a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that although he doesn’t want a binational state, “at this time we need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future.”-rh 28/10/2015
Palestinian shot dead in Kiryat Arba after alleged stabbing attemptMa`an News Agency - Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man on Wednesday after allegedly attempting to carry out a stabbing attack near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba in Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank. The man has been identified as 23-year-old Islam Rafiq Hammad Ibeido. Witnesses told Ma`an that “Israeli soldiers shot 11 live bullets at the youth, let him bleed there, and put a knife in his hand."-rh28/10/2015
Amnesty: Israeli forces have `ripped up the rulebook`Ma`an News Agency - Amnesty International on Tuesday demanded that Israel stop unlawful killings in occupied Palestinian territory, stating that Israeli forces appeared to have "ripped up the rulebook." "There is mounting evidence that, as tensions have risen dramatically, in some cases Israeli forces appear to have ripped up the rulebook and resorted to extreme and unlawful measures," the group`s Middle East and North Africa director, Philip Luther, said in a statement.-rh 28/10/2015
UK academics boycott universities in Israel to fight for Palestinians` rights Peter Walker and Ian Black - The Guardian - More than 300 academics from dozens of British universities have pledged to boycott Israeli academic institutions in protest at what they call intolerable human rights violations against the Palestinian people.-rh28/10/2015
The secret to Peace in Palestine : The status of the mosque was the spark that ignited the violence, but the situation in all Jerusalem cannot be ignored.Daoud Kuttab - Aljazeera - The key to bringing back calm to Jerusalem begins by restoring the status of the city`s holy sites to their pre-2000 status, and politically empowering Jerusalem`s Palestinians to participate in the political process by allowing them to reconnect in both directions with their legitimate leadership in the rest of the occupied territories.-rh28/10/2015
Operation Protective Edge : The War Crimes Case Against Israel’s Leaders Michael Thomas - MERIP - In the aftermath of Protective Edge, a commission appointed by the UN Human Rights Council examined the available facts (Israel refused to cooperate) and found in many cases that war crimes may have been committed. Several NGOs have documented what they suggest were war crimes; and the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has opened a preliminary inquiry into the facts that might support such charges and warrant a formal investigation.-rh28/10/2015
Soldiers Release Young Woman, Keep Her Teenage Sister DetainedIMEMC - "...after initially claiming they both carried knives in their bags." - id 28/10/2015
Israeli forces erasing Palestinian lives as if they never existed al-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "It is anticipated that with allegations that Said had a knife that no investigation will be launched, yet another Palestinian will be branded as a terrorist, and as a final injustice another family will be denied their rightful mourning rites." - id 28/10/2015
1083 Palestinians detained by Israeli police and Army since October 1IMEMC - Since the beginning of this month, the number of detained Palestinians has arrived at 1083; 44 of them last night alone. 643 of them are from East Jerusalem. 55% of them are minors, between the ages of 12 and 17, of whom approximately 200 are from Jerusalem. The number of female detainees is 36, including a few who were wounded prior to their arrest, and are now in Israeli hospitals. Also, several wounded Palestinians died due to the lack of adequate and urgently needed medical attention. [Note: The Palestinian Detainees` Committee used the term "kidnapped" rather than "detained". In the more rare cases when an Israeli is captured by Palestinians, it is the Israeli authorities who use the term "kidnapped"-ak] 27/10/2015
Israel to demolish East Jerusalem home of alleged attacker`s brotherMa`an - After initially being treated at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem, [alleged attacker] Shurouq was later taken to Hasharon prison. Her mother told Ma`an that several days ago, Israeli forces detained another of her sons, 22-year-old Muhammad, and have since sentenced him to six months of administrative detention, without trial or charge. She added that Israeli authorities had refused family visits to Shurouq after she was shot. [bz]27/10/2015
Israeli settlers want New York police tactics in JerusalemRebecca Pierce - EI - "Israeli settlers in occupied Jerusalem are urging the authorities to step up their harassment of Palestinians by introducing New York-style law enforcement tactics. In an attempt to crush Palestinian resistance, the settlers want to see a `zero tolerance` policy pursued, under which stiff penalties would be imposed on anyone defying Israel’s orders" [ry]26/10/2015
East Jerusalem family demolishes own home following Israeli orderMa`an - The demolition order gave the family until Oct. 24 to execute the demolition, after which point they would be charged 60,000 shekels ($15,430) in demolition expenses. The family attempted to secure the necessary permits, but the Jerusalem municipality refused, claiming that structure had been built too close to the street. Elias al-Rajabi said that the municipality has also imposed a fine of 250,000 shekels ($64,290) on the family for building the house. Israeli government policies make it nearly impossible for Palestinian residents to obtain building permits, according to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. [bz]25/10/2015
Hebron activist showed Israel’s crimes to the worldRyan Rodrick Beiler--According to Palestinian media reports, al-Azzeh, who suffered from a heart condition, began feeling chest pains while in his home in the Israeli-controlled Tel Rumeida neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city. “There was no chance to get an ambulance there,” Hisham Sharabati, coordinator of the Hebron Defense Committee and a field worker for the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq, told The Electronic Intifada. Israeli forces do not allow Palestinian vehicles to drive on the streets near his home, which are reserved for Jewish motorists.dn 24/10/2015
Fact-checking Israel’s statement to the UNSCPalestine at the UN - PNN - "Fact: The Israeli government tells the UN it’s prepared for negotiations while telling the Israeli public a Palestinian state will never come to be. On 18 October, Justice Minister Shaked avowed, “We are against a Palestinian state. There is not and there will be no Palestinian state.”" - id 22/10/2015
One Injured, Woman, Young Man and Five Children Kidnapped, In JerusalemIMEMC - "Mohammad Abu al-Hummus of the Follow-Up Committee in al-`Eesawiyya, said the soldiers shot a young man with a rubber-coated steel bullet in the eye, in addition to kidnapping one woman and five children." - id 22/10/2015
Israeli soldiers kill two teens in HebronCharlotte Silver - EI - "The latest deaths bring to nearly 50 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and settlers since the start of October.Many have died in what human rights groups have condemned as extrajudicial executions by Israel." - id 21/10/2015
Shoot First Don’t ask Questions LaterPress Release - International Solidarity Movement - "Whether a suspect is falsely accused or did actually carry out an attack, shooting and/or killing people who do not constitute an immediate threat to anyone is war crime." - id 21/10/2015
2 Palestinians, 1 Israeli killed in attacksElisha Ben Kimon, Yoav Zitun - Ynet - A 50-year-old Kiryat Arba settler was killed near Hebron early Tuesday afternoon when stones were thrown at his vehicle. After stopping and exiting his car at the side of the road he was run over by a truck. The Palestinian truck driver who hit him fled the scene and subsequently handed himself in to the Palestinian authorities. He said the incident was an accident and that he did not mean to hit the Israeli. It is still unclear if Israel will request that the driver be handed over. A vehicular attack took place several hours after in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank, moderately wounding one victim and lightly wounding another. The attacker was killed at the scene. [bz]20/10/2015
Settlers forcibly evict Palestinian families from Silwan homesMa`an - Monday settlers escorted by Israeli security personnel forcibly evicted two Palestinian families from their homes in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Helicopters in the air and police dogs on the ground. [bz]20/10/2015
`When the police aren’t your protectors, there is no safety`Amjad Iraqi - +972 - Palestinian citizens of Israel share the same fear of violence as Jews in recent weeks. But many of them don’t find security or comfort in Israel’s police forces, who seem to think that Palestinian citizens should accept that their rights and dignity must be compromised in order to make Jewish citizens feel safer [ry]19/10/2015
`Sadism and Savagery I`ve Never Seen Before`: Max Blumenthal & Chris Hedges Discuss 2014 Assault on GazaAdam Johnson - AlterNet - As tensions rise in the occupied territories, last summer`s brutal siege of Gaza can`t be forgotten [ry] 19/10/2015
Yasmina’s reflections on the situation .. a voice of a 15 years old PalestinianYasmina--When a smart successful man like Baha Alayan tries to kill a settler, that means that he gave up on everything. He left his house, family, friends and education, just to attack a settler. That means he reached to a point that he couldn’t handle this occupation anymore. dn18/10/2015
Arab workers feeling the fearBillie Frenkel and Ilana Curiel--The recent terrorism wave has created security concerns in Israel, and those have spilled over to the workplace as well. Many Israeli Arabs find themselves in difficult situations. dn18/10/2015
Three Palestinian teenagers shot dead after attempted stabbings Kate Shuttleworth in Jerusalem--Young people killed are latest in spiral of Israel violence, as rights groups accuse troops of ‘extrajudicial killings’ of Palestinian assailants dn18/10/2015
On the Jerusalem Seam Line, Jews and Arabs Talk It All Over Nir Hasson--For 48 years Israel put enormous efforts into unifying the city. As the occupation continued, even distant villages connected to the city by one road became densely packed urban neighborhoods, surrounded on all sides by Jewish neighborhoods, crossed by highways and train tracks. In most of them Jews live in certain houses, usually linked to a right-wing NGO. Thus a situation has been created in which a closure of East Jerusalem requires a chain of police and concrete barriers along dozens of kilometers. But decision-makers haven’t understood this, so Thursday morning the inhabitants of East Jerusalem woke up to a new reality. Every neighborhood was surrounded by concrete barriers. dn 18/10/2015
Israeli settler kills Palestinian teen in Hebron after alleged attackMa`an - The teenager was identified as Fadil Qawasmi, 18. His death came less than two hours before a 16-year-old Palestinian was shot dead in occupied East Jerusalem, also for attempting an attack. [bz]17/10/2015
`East Jerusalem youth no longer distinguish between life and death`Orly Noy--East Jerusalem is a place that lacks classrooms, where students cannot talk openly about their feelings, and where the municipality refuses to meet with Palestinian parents. Orly Noy speaks to the head of the parents’ council about why Palestinian youth have lost all hope. dn17/10/2015
Settlers terrorize Palestinian farmers in Burin: burn trees and disrupt olive harvestNablus team - International Solidarity Movement - "A Palestinian farmer and English human rights defender have been hospitalized and at least 40 olive trees burnt following an attack by illegal Israeli settlers in the northern West Bank town of Burin today." - id 16/10/2015
Even Gandhi Would Understand the Palestinians’ ViolenceGideon Levy - Information Clearing House - From the question of who started it to the question of who’s to blame, the finger is rightfully pointed at Israel, at Israel alone. It’s not that the Palestinians are blameless, but the main blame lies on Israel’s shoulders. As long as Israel doesn’t shake off this blame, it has no basis for making even a scrap of a demand from the Palestinians.-rh 14/10/2015
Newsletter - September 2015Military Court Watch - According to the Israeli Prison Service (IPS), as of 31 August 2015, there were 5,373 Palestinians (West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza) held as "security prisoners" in Israeli detention facilities including 156 children. In the case of children there was a 2 per cent increase in the number compared with the previous month and an annual decrease of 12 per cent compared with 2014. According to the IPS, 47 per cent of Palestinian children and 86 per cent of adults continue to be detained in facilities inside Israel, in violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. A further 1,951 Palestinians were held in IPS detention as "criminal prisoners" including 27 children. Criminal offences include entering Israel without a permit, most frequently in pursuit of work.-rh14/10/2015
Bibi blames everyone but himself for recent violenceShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - The hopelessness, despair, lack of diplomatic progress and dire economic situation of the Palestinians has brought about the current situation. These are the reasons that drive young people who have never been involved in terrorist activity in the past or affiliated with a terrorist organization to go on a killing spree with a knife, knowing they are unlikely to survive.-rh 14/10/2015
Israel Detains 31 Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank WAFA - At least 20 Palestinians were detained by Israeli police last night in Jerusalem and 11 others by the Israeli army in the West Bank, according to local sources.-rh14/10/2015
Palestine clashes: Netanyahu and Abbas are losing their grip Peter Beaumont - The Guardian - The presence of the girls, many well dressed, suggests another difference – one that has been noticed by Palestinian officials. “Half the people going to clashes I would say are affiliated to Fatah. But it is a very interesting process. Even the young people affiliated to Fatah are not tied to the Palestinian Authority. They are educated. They are reading history.-rh 14/10/2015
Beyond Abbas and OsloRashid Khalidi - The New Yorker - The Oslo Accords, which were signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization and brokered by the United States, have been a disaster for Palestinians and a boon to those who wish to maintain Israel’s nearly half-century-old occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Their bitter fruits can be seen in the current upsurge in violence against Palestinians and settlers in the occupied territories.-rh 14/10/2015
‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’ : Unrest grows among Palestinian citizens of Israel, outraged by restrictions on access to al-Aqsa and causalities in the occupied territoriesJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House - Israel’s Palestinian minority, a fifth of the population, have been angered by Israeli restrictions on access to al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestinian casualties in the occupied territories and frustration at systematic discrimination inside Israel, say community leaders.-rh 14/10/2015
The `smartphone intifada`Daoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Every revolution seems to have perfected or made particular use of a technological advancement. The current series of protests begun by Palestinian activists Sept. 13 is no exception. Social media via smartphone appears to be the flavor of the month in modes of communication, due to the ease it offers for instantly uploading video.-rh 14/10/2015
Inflammatory rhetoric and the volcano of occupation Michael Marder - Mondoweiss - Visiting the scene of Tuesday’s attack on a Jerusalem bus, the city’s mayor, Nir Barkat, attributed this and similar incidents to “inflammatory incitement” coming from “mosques and Palestinian leaders.” Such superficial explanations are common in today’s Israel: just two days ago, Netanyahu himself filed for an investigation of Arab-Israeli lawmaker, Hanin Zoabi, for alleged incitement.-rh14/10/2015
The online front of a Third IntifadaAlbana Dwonch - Ma`an - What’s going on in the streets does trigger the memories and rhetoric of the revolutionary origins of the First Intifada. The kuffiyeh, rocks and flag are powerful symbols of the collective hopes of a people to rise up against injustice. Yet, based on the opinions of these activists - this is not a Third Intifada. What seems clear this time is that the rupture between a personalized and a traditionally organized intifada is official.-rh14/10/2015
Ministry of Health Report: 30 Palestinians Killed This Month, Including 7 ChildrenIMEMC - "Names of all 30 dead below." - id14/10/2015
Escalating tear-gas deployment against school children in HebronFeatures - ISM - "The onslaught began at 7:41 am when a crowd of children could be heard playing noisily in the street near several primary schools. Suddenly their laughter turned to screams and the sound of running and gunfire as the first canisters were shot and could be seen flying over the crowd with their white streams of gas." - id14/10/2015
Mother of Palestinian shot dead denied permit to attend son`s funeralMa`an - Just one sad story among all what is happening right now but so revealing of the underlying cause [bz].12/10/2015
Fear and Tension on a Mixed Jewish-Arab Street in Jerusalem`s Old City Nir Hasson--Palestinian residents of Prophet Street fear it will become a replica of Hebron`s Shuhada Street, which was closed to Arabs following the massacre committed by Baruch Goldstein. dn11/10/2015
Netanyahu ‘Better Not Disturb The Status Quo’Jonathan Cook - ICH "Unlike the earlier intifadas, points out Menachem Klein, of Bar Ilan University, near Tel Aviv, the clashes are not chiefly about resistance. They have been provoked by the growing stranglehold the settlers enjoy, both on the ground and on government policy." ca for id 7/10/2015
Abbas calls for end to escalating violenceElior Levy, Reuters - Ynet News "We want to reach a political solution peacefully, and no other solution," said Abbas. "We want to minimize the risks of destruction and loss that will sprout on all sides in the current situation." ca for id7/10/2015
Gaza, a year after - the human cost in photos The Guardian - Safa Fayez, 29, pulls herself up the staircase of her home in Beit Hanoun. Nabil Siyam, 34, who lost his arm and sustained other injuries stands with his son, Badruddin, five, at their home in Rafa, Gaza (his wife and four other children were killed when an Israeli bomb exploded outside their home). These are two of the photos taken by Heidi Levine, documenting Palestinians living with life-changing injuries in Gaza. [ak]6/10/2015
Red Crescent: Nearly 500 Palestinians injured in 3 daysMa`an - Spokesperson Errab Foqoha told Ma`an that at least 41 Palestinians had been shot with live rounds, while 143 were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets. [bz]5/10/2015
WATCH: `Disguised troops kidnap wanted man from Nablus hosptial`Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun - The investigation into the wanted person who was arrested by the security forces in Nablus was placed under gag order. -- This week also saw a Palestinian reporter injured while broadcasting. [bz]5/10/2015
Palestinian schoolboy shot dead by IOF in Aida refugee campPalestine News Network - "Abdul-Rahman Obeidallah (13) was hit in the chest by live ammunition, according to witnesses, when he was sitting with his fellows in the camp" [ry]5/10/2015
Israel Amputates Leg of Palestinian Teen after Shooting Him Palestine Chronicle--A 13-year-old Palestinian boy has had his right leg amputated after Israeli soldiers shot him, the victim’s lawyer said. dn4/10/2015
Dozens Of Palestinians Injured In NablusIMEMC & Agencies - IMEMC "Palestinian medical sources in the northern West Bank district of Nablus have reported that dozens of residents, including a mother and her child, have been injured, on Friday at dawn, in a number of attacks carried out by Israeli extremists targeting homes, while trees were burnt." ca2/10/2015
Gaza’s caretakers become its breadwinnersIsra Saleh el-Namey - The Electronic Intifada - "“We are faced with many problems in our efforts to assist destitute Palestinian women, particularly a lack of donations."” - id1/10/2015
PPS: "Soldiers Kidnapped 562 Palestinians in September"Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - "...Issa Adnan Abdul-Mo`ty, 13 years of age, who was shot with a dumdum live round that detonates upon impact, and Israeli doctors have decided to amputate his severely damaged leg. It took the army more than an hour to move the wounded child to the hospital despite his serious injury, and after transferring him there, he was cuffed and shackled to his bed." - id 1/10/2015
DCIP: Over 1,996 Palestinian Children Killed Since Outbreak of Second IntifadaDCI-Palestine - IMEMC - "Displacement, access to education and health care, and psychological trauma remain significant areas of concern for children in Gaza, particularly in the wake of Israel’s 2014 assault and eight-year blockade on Gaza." - id 1/10/2015
The fog of war: remembering Muhammad al-DurrahAl-Khalil team - International Solidarity Movement - "It is the second day of the second intifada and it was fifteen years ago today. The spark of the furious uprising was lit by then Israeli opposition leader, Ariel Sharon, after visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Violence saturated Jerusalem, soon racing through the West Bank and Gaza." - id1/10/2015
Intifada: The Writing Was On The WallGideon Levy - Information Clearing House "The writing is on the wall, indeed. My readers will pardon me; no response, explanation or analysis seems more pertinent, at this juncture, when the danger of a third Palestinian Intifada breaking out seems greater than at any time in the last decade. Anyone claiming to be surprised has not been living in the Middle East over the last 10 years." ca9/10/2015
Video: Israel Lures Protesters Into TrapJonathan Cook - Information Clearing House "This two-minute video, taken on October 7 in the West Bank near Ramallah, is worth studying carefully to understand how Israel has become so adept at managing the Palestinian population under occupation and at foiling their efforts at resistance...This has been going on for nearly five decades in the occupied territories." ca9/10/2015
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