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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

After 15 years some Palestinian doctors now drive into IsraelDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The ministry source told Al-Monitor that the idea of allowing doctors to drive to Israeli hospitals came from Israeli security officials, who decided that this type is travel is necessary in dealing with emergency cases. While Israeli decisions are always explained in security jargon, the real reason for increasing or decreasing restrictions is political. For example, no reason was given as to why Palestinian doctors working for Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem were not granted the same permission.-rh 29/4/2015
Fear was poured on usAya Kaniuk - mahsanmilim - F. Was asleep in her bed when it happened. She told me how she awoke from the noise seconds before she was horrified to feel a large unmuzzled dog over her. It ripped her shirt sleeve, bit and scratched her in the neck and arm and she screamed. A young occupation soldier entered immediately, pointing his rifle at her. She hurried to cover her head with a scarf and shut her eyes. The soldier called the dog who responded and they both left the room.-rh 29/4/2015
Report Concerning Blacklisted, more readibleMachsomwatch - "his MachsomWatch team has been working with blacklisted Palestinian workers and merchants for almost 10 years now, in order to appeal against their blacklisting. From this activity emerges a harsh picture of the oppressive system orchestrated by the Shabak (General Security Services), the Civil Administration and the military commander of the West Bank, with the backing of the Government and the Knesset: a summary of the activities of the group for 2014." ca for id29/4/2015
A tale of two Susiyas, Alison Deger - Mondoweiss "a few short decades ago Susiya’s residents had sturdy stone structures built over ancient caves on a hilltop one kilometer from where their town stands today. The former location, “old Susiya,” is close enough that al-Nawaja can see bulldozed remains from her kitchen window. It was destroyed in 1986 when Israel dismantled the town’s mosque to uncover an ancient Jewish synagogue dating back to the sixth century. The day after I visited al-Nawaja, a Bar Mitzvah was held at the site. Old Susiya is now administered by an Israeli settlement and has been converted into a tourist attraction named “Susya: Ancient Jewish town,” as the brochure states. (The i was dropped)." ca for id 29/4/2015
Trial Of Detained Legislator Postponed Until Further NoticeSaed Bannoura - IMEMC "The army kidnapped the 52-year-old legislator, senior political leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and a democratically elected legislator, on April 2, 2015...On April 15, the military prosecutor filed an indictment of twelve charges against the feminist leader, including “membership with an illegal organization,” and “holding and participating in protests in solidarity with political prisoners.” ca for id 29/4/2015
UN inquiry finds wrongdoings on both sides in Gaza summer warAP/Reuters/Y-Net - "I deplore the fact that at least 44 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli actions and at least 227 injured at United Nations premises being used as emergency shelters," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote in a cover letter accompanying the summary of the inquiry`s findings. The 207-page report on Gaza conflict condemns Israeli fire on 7 UN schools housing refugees, and Hamas for hiding rockets in empty schools. ak28/4/2015
Israeli military drill sparks fire on Palestinian farmlandMa`an - A fire sparked by an Israeli military drill swept across thousands of dunams of Palestinian farmland in the northern Jordan valley on Monday, the Palestinian civil defense said. Some 3,000 to 4,000 dunams of farmland in the Humsa area of eastern Tubas district were affected by the fire after Israeli forces opened fire during a military exercise. The district of Tubas is one of the West Bank`s most important agricultural centers, and the civil defense said the land had been planted with wheat and barley.[bz] 28/4/2015
Israeli forces seal Hizma over alleged stone-throwingMa`an News - Israeli forces blocked all entrances into Hizma town on Wednesday as a punitive measure for alleged incidents of stone-throwing, a human rights group and Israeli media reported.Israeli forces are reported to have placed a large sign at the entrance of the eastern Jerusalem-district town requesting that residents divulge information about those "disturbing the peace."-rh 22/4/2015
Palestinian youth murdered by Jewish vigilantes recorded as terror victim on Israeli memorial Robert Trait - The Telegraph - Hussein Abu Khdeir, the dead teenager’s father, also said he would ask for his son’s name to be erased from the plaque. “We don’t need the recognition ... we’re not Israeli citizens,” he told Ashams, a Nazareth-based radio station. “Instead of this list we want justice and the prosecution of the criminals.”-rh 22/4/2015
Soldiers arresting Beit Rima resident violently attack him and his family, leave his brother unconscious in street B’Tselem - "At around 2:30 A.M on Sunday, 18 January 2015, the military arrived at the Ya’qub family home in the village of Beit Rima, northwest of Ramallah. Entering the house, soldiers arrested ‘Ali Talji Ya’qub, 21, beating him and three of his relatives. The soldiers dragged ‘Ali’s brother, Ya’qub Talji Ya’qub, 31, out into the street and left him lying there, unconscious" [ry]20/4/2015
Settlement Agriculture Using Palestinian Child Labor HRW--Israeli settlement farms in the occupied West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Monday. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions in violation of international standards.dn 19/4/2015
Report Concerning BlacklistedMachsomWatch - 12 January 2015 "This MachsomWatch team has been working with blacklisted Palestinian workers and merchants for almost 10 years now, in order to appeal against their blacklisting. From this activity emerges a harsh picture of the oppressive system orchestrated by the Shabak (General Security Services), the Civil Administration and the military commander of the West Bank, with the backing of the Government and the Knesset." ca18/4/2015
Israeli army encloses 7,000 Palestinians in West Bank villageNatasha Roth - +972 "IDF openly tells the 7,000 residents of Hizma that they are being collectively punished for the stone-throwing of a few Palestinians." ca18/4/2015
Israeli army closes off West Bank village after stone-throwing incidentsNir Hasson and Gili Cohen - Haaretz "Soldiers from the Israel Border Police last week blocked all entrances and exits from the West Bank village of Hizme as punishment for local incidents of stone-throwing. In addition, the IDF placed a large sign in the Palestinian village, north of Jerusalem, calling for residents to provide information about those "disturbing the peace." ca17/4/2015
Israeli court to rule on Palestinian planning authority in Area CMa`an News Agency - "The appeal was lodged in 2011 by a range of organisations, including Rabbis for Human Rights, the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, in addition to local Palestinian authorities.The appeal points to the fact that Palestinian building permits are almost never approved in Area C, while those Palestinians who do build live under the constant threat of demolition, which Israeli forces carry out hundreds of times each year." ca17/4/2015
State Attorney’s Office: killing a wounded, fleeing boy by shooting him in the back merely a “reckless and negligent act”B`Tselem report - "This is a new low in Israeli authorities’ disregard for the lives of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. The State Attorney’s Office has sent security forces in the Occupied Territories a clear message: if you kill an unarmed Palestinian who poses no threat, we will do everything to cover it up and ensure impunity. Killing a wounded, fleeing youth who posed no threat by shooting him in the back is not a “reckless and negligent act”. The disparity between the grave action and the minor offense is incomprehensible and outrageous." ca 17/4/2015
‘Price tag’ settler argues in court that revenge isn’t a crimeNatasha Roth - +972 "Were people’s lives and livelihoods not at stake, it would have been an almost sublime piece of parody. During the trial of four teenage Israeli settlers who set fire to a Palestinian-owned cafe in the West Bank town of Dura, which concluded on Monday, the defendants’ attorneys – as reported by Ynet – brought forth the claim that because the arson was an act of revenge, their clients were not guilty of breaking the law." ca17/4/2015
Abbas’ silence on prisoners astounding, says UK’s Baroness TongeJulie Webb-Pullman - Samidoun - In a telephone link-up with Gaza today Baroness Jennifer Tonge told members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) she was astounded at the silence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the PLC regarding the Israeli kidnapping of PFLP member of parliament Khalida Jarrar on April 02, 2015.-rh 15/4/2015
Smuggled Palestinian prison literature gains outside audienceAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - During the 22 years he spent in Beersheba prison, writer Shaaban Hassouna managed to draft five novels, which he sneaked out in capsules for his family to print. One of his novels, “Shade of a Black Cloud,” received critical and local acclaim. -rh15/4/2015
Gaza is a TombBel Trew - Foreign Policy - Gaza today is a powder keg waiting to explode. The key aspects of the cease-fire agreement that ended the war last summer remain unfulfilled — both Israel and Hamas feel that only more violence can force their enemy to assent to their demands.-rh15/4/2015
HRW: Settlement agriculture using Palestinian child laborMa`an News - The 74-page report, "Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank," documents that children as young as 11 are working on settlement farms. The children carry heavy loads, are exposed to high temperatures and hazardous pesticides, and in some cases have to pay themselves for medical treatment for work-related injuries or illness.-rh15/4/2015
Analysis: Palestinian options after the Israeli electionAlaa Tartir - Ma`an News - Palestinians throughout the occupied territories–those under a decade-long siege in Gaza, and losing land, water and homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem–and those suffering in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere, are at the end of their tether. Analysts warn that both Gaza and Jerusalem are at a boiling point, and the West Bank is not far behind.-rh 15/4/2015
Israeli courts give free hand to Shin BetShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - lawyers specializing in civil rights cases, who represent Palestinians accused of security offenses in military courts, have told Al-Monitor that following the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths last June, the Shin Bet was granted a sweeping license to conduct interrogations using various pressure methods, which often lead to false confessions obtained under duress.- rh 15/4/2015
Hope is scarce in Gaza — but we haven’t lost it Jamal Khoudary - The Electronic Intifada - " Unemployment rates have hit an unprecedented level at around 50 percent. Hundreds of factories and workshops have either been destroyed or stopped functioning as essential materials are not allowed into Gaza." - id for bz 14/4/2015
To make ends meet, Gazans sell their goldNigel O`Connor - Aljazeera "In August 2014, the World Bank recorded 39 percent of Gazans living in poverty on an income of less than $1.25 per day. Senior staff at Gaza`s Ministry of Economy and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees told Al Jazeera that incidents of poverty had reached 50 percent. Zuhair said he would use the expected $1,000 in proceeds to buy food and items for his children. In better times, he traded refrigerators and washing machines, but he said no one had bought anything for months." ca12/4/2015
Organic farms in the West Bank: Hemmed in by smokestacks, separation wallCreede Newton - Aljazeera America - Qato is a researcher at Brown University’s school of public health who conducted a qualitative study on the societal outcomes of the factories. She said that people from Tulkarem feel as if their health has been compromised, even if they are yet to exhibit signs of illness. Qato added: "The occupation limits access to the tools necessary to complete a thorough epidemiological study."-rh 15/4/2015
‘Not a single destroyed home in Gaza has been rebuilt’The National - "The findings were published in a report by a coalition of aid groups on Monday." - id 15/4/2015
Organic farms in the West Bank: Hemmed in by smokestacks, separation wallCreede Newton - Al-Jazeera - "...he and his family face a challenge that most organic farmers do not: the immediate and long-term effects of the Israeli occupation that has left his farm isolated and also at risk of serious pollution." - id 15/4/2015
Family Of Detained Child Granted Visit Permit Dated After His Scheduled ReleaseSaed Bannoura - IMEMC - "Israel continues to violate the rights of all detainees, especially imprisoned children, and their families, in direct violation of International Law." - id 8/4/2015
Soldiers Assault Detainees In NafhaIMEMC News - Many Moved Into Solitary Confinement, Others Transferred to Ramon Prison [ry]7/4/2015
Q&A: Wheelchairs for GazaMegan O`Toole - Al Jazeera spoke with Dr Basel Abuwarda about his fundraising campaign to rebuild Gaza`s school for disabled children [ry]7/4/2015
Israel to detain female Palestinian lawmaker for 6 months, lawyer saysAP - Ynet - Khalida Jarrar - 52-year-old PFLP senior political leader - being held under Israeli administrative detention [i.e. without trial] after violating Israeli ban on entering Ramallah, where she lives. [bz]6/4/2015
Israel to detain female Palestinian lawmaker for 6 months, lawyer saysAP - Ynet - Khalida Jarrar - 52-year-old PFLP senior political leader - being held under Israeli administrative detention after violating Israeli ban on entering Ramallah, where she lives. [bz]6/4/2015
Refusing handout, Abbas threatens to turn to ICC over frozen tax moniesMa`an - "We will not take the money until we get all of it: either you give us the full amount or we go to the ICC." [bz]6/4/2015
A father and his child ordered to show up for military interrogationIMEMC - Beit Fajjar, Monday at dawn: Israeli soldiers stormed the home of Mohammad Ismael Za’oul and violently searched it. The soldiers then handed him and his 12-year-old son, Ezzeddin, military warrants ordering them to head to the Etzion security base, south of Bethlehem, for interrogation. ak 6/4/2015
Israeli fakes own kidnapping, Palestinians pay the priceYael Marom--About the same time that news of a nuclear deal with Iran made its way into the headlines Thursday night, reports came out about the suspected kidnapping of an Israeli in the West Bank. dn4/4/2015
Israel Dismantles Solar Panels Providing Power To A Bedouin CommunityIMEMC - "The Hebron Defense Committee said the solar panels were the only source of electricity to the residents, and provided power to a children`s school.Israel repeatedly invades Palestinian Bedouin communities near occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank Northern Plains, Hebron, and several other areas in occupied Palestine. " ca3/4/2015
Israel court rules against separation wall in Beit JalaMa`an News - "Israel`s High Court on Thursday ruled in favor of a petition by local Palestinians in Beit Jala against building the separation wall in the Cremisan Valley area, ending a nine year legal battle against the annexation of local land." ca3/4/2015
Israeli soldiers arrest feminist Palestinian lawmakerHaggai Matar - +972 "Six months after she was ordered to move from her home near Ramallah to Jericho, the army arrests Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar. She will join 16 other Palestinian lawmakers currently serving time in Israeli prisons." ca3/4/2015
WATCH: IDF brings segregated streets back to HebronEdo Konrad - +972 "IDF re-segregates main road leading to Cave of the Patriarchs, two years after it ostensibly put an end to the policy." ca3/4/2015
Sneaking across Israeli border last resort for desperate GazansHana Salah - Al-Monitor - Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been illegally crossing the eastern border into Israel for years. Yet, what was once a rare phenomenon has now transformed into an almost daily occurrence. Palestinian youths hope to find a better life and jobs across the border, or even obtain refugee status, but they are almost always detained by Israel. Regardless, more and more youths are risking their lives to sneak across the border.-rh 2/4/2015
March 2015 NewsletterWho Pofits Research Center - Israeli news sources report that Max Bögl and Signon Schweiz won a tender for the construction and maintenance of the track and electronic systems of the A1 rail – a new high-speed train built on Palestinian land.-rh 2/4/2015
ICC: Palestine is Newest Member : Court Membership Could Open Door for Justice to VictimsHuman Rights Watch - The ICC treaty officially went into effect for Palestine on April 1, 2015, giving the court a mandate dating back to June 13, 2014, over serious crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on or from Palestinian territory.-rh 2/4/2015
David Shulman’s Appeal on Behalf of the People of Palestinian SusyaDavid Shulman - The Villages Group - About a year ago I reported on a truly astonishing document prepared by the Civil Administration in which they argue, in classic colonial style, that the impoverished Palestinians of Susya do not know what is good for them and that their opportunities will increase if only they are moved to the city of Yata-- in other words, if they are forced to relinquish forever their homes, grazing grounds, and fields.-rh 2/4/2015
Journalists still a target in GazaAsmaa al-Ghoul - Al-Monitor - When asked why a large number of journalists died during the recent war, journalist Sami Abu Salem, who is trained in the safety of journalists, said that the main reason stems from the criminal behavior of the Israeli forces that deliberately target journalists.-rh 2/4/2015
Celebrating Holiday of Freedom in an Israeli Desert Jail : African Immigrants Hold Seder Under Deportation ThreatYermi Brenner - The Jewish Daily Forward - The asylum seekers organized the mock Refugee Seder in March to raise awareness of their struggle against Israel’s policy of detaining them and denying them a fair asylum procedure. The event, which took place outside Holot because the facility’s rules disallow visitors, was organized in cooperation with Israeli human rights activists.-rh2/4/2015
HRW: Settlements Exploiting Palestinian Children for Agricultural LaborIMEMC - "According to Ma`an News Agency, the 74-page report, "Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank," documents that children as young as 11 are working on settlement farms." - id for bz 14/4/2015
UN Denounces Israel`s Administrative Detention PolicyIMEMC - "Israeli practices of detaining Palestinians without charge or trial is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which defines humanitarian protection for civilians, the United Nations has said." - id for bz 14/4/2015
Video: Ice Cream at Hebron checkpointB’Tselem - "The severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the vicinity of the settlements in Hebron encourage the arbitrary and regular harassment of the residents. B`Tselem volunteer Raed Abu a-Rmeileh filmed a video showing what happened to an ice cream delivery intended for a grocery store" [ry]13/4/2015
Gaza Strip Flooded Following Heavy RainsIMEMC News & Agencies - "Heavy rain has flooded low-lying areas across the Gaza Strip, including Khazaa and Beit Hanoun, where thousands of Gazans displaced by the Israeli offensive last summer are living in caravans" [ry]13/4/2015
Palestine’s lingering water crisisAhmad Melhem - Al-Monitor - “The biggest water catastrophe on earth is in the Gaza Strip, as 97% of the coastal aquifer water is unfit for human use because of seawater intrusion and leakage of sewage water into it,” Ghoneim said.-rh 1/4/2015
Israel Using Live Ammunition for Palestinian Crowd ControlMel Frykberg - IPS - “Ali Safi had critical injuries to his kidneys, spinal cord, lungs and spleen,” Dr Sami Naghli, who runs Jelazon refugee camp’s medical relief services, told IPS. Seventeen-year-old Safi was shot last week by an Israeli sniper armed with a Ruger rifle during clashes between Palestinian youngsters and Israeli soldiers. The bullet which hit him was a 0.22 inch calibre bullet, which is considered less lethal than ordinary bullets of 5.56 mm calibre. There has been a recent increase in the use of this kind of bullet against Palestinian demonstrators by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) despite disagreement within the Israeli military about the use of this controversial weapon for riot control when the lives of Israeli soldiers are not endangered. [bz-id]1/4/2015
Israel shelling in Gaza war unprecedented despite inaccuracyCharlie Hoyle - Ma`an News - In a new report entitled `Under Fire,` Action on Armed Violence found that Israel has "gradually relaxed" rules regarding the use of unguided high-explosive weapons in populated areas, greatly increasing the risk to Palestinian civilians.-rh 9/4/2015
500% increase in Palestinians detained without trial in 2015Ma`an News - Israeli authorities have issued 319 administrative detention orders for Palestinians since the beginning of 2015, a rights group said Friday, six times as many as they did the previous year.-rh9/4/2015
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