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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Gaza a year on: The shelling may have stopped, but there`s little relief for those left behind Mark Chamberlain - The Independent - The destruction last only 50 days, yet many are still lacking basic facilities [ry]29/6/2015
Singer Thurston Moore says support for BDS led to cancellation of Israel gigYnet--Two months after nixing Tel Aviv concert, former Sonic Youth frontman issues statement saying it was a choice of `non-violent activism`. dn27/6/2015
Expelled for lifeJen Marlowe - Al Ahram Weekly "Nasser Nawaj’ah held Laith’s hand as they walked down the dirt and pebble path of Old Susya on the West Bank. Nasser is 33 years old, his son six. Nasser’s jaw was set and every few moments he glanced over his shoulder to see if anyone was approaching.Until Laith piped up with his question, the only sounds were their footsteps and the wind, against which Nasser was wearing a wool hat and a pleated brown jacket.“Why did they take our home?” the little boy asked." ca 26/6/2015
Israel returns 19 confiscated Gaza fishing boatsMa`an - Israeli authorities returned 19 Palestinian fishing boats confiscated from fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip. An official at the Palestinian liaison told Ma`an that the boats were being transferred to Gaza`s seaport where they would be delivered to the fishermen`s union. In April, Israel returned 15 boats it had seized. Fishing union chief Nizar Ayyash said at the time that the return of the boats was welcome but noted that a total of 60 Gazan boats had been seized by the Israeli Navy over the years, so many still remain to be returned - and that the Israeli Navy continues harassing fishermen and seizing more boats. ak23/6/2015
More than a year in prison for Facebook postingsIMEMC - 23 years old Odai Mofeed Bayyoumi, of Kafr ‘Aqeb neighborhood, in East Jerusalem was sentenced Bayyoumi to 13 months` imprisonment, plus four months suspended, for what the court called “incitement,” on his Facebook page. This is the second such case within a month. Sami Jamal Faraj Ideis, 28, from Shu’fat had gotten eight months plus six suspended after his posts and comments on Facebookhe were deemed to "incite anti-Jewish violence" and "support "terror". ak 23/6/2015
Hebron: Open shops or Israeli propaganda?Ahmad Jaradat - AIC - Israel`s decision to allow 70 shops to reopen in Hebron is nothing more than an exercise in public relations, say residents of the city [ry]22/6/2015
For one Palestinian village: A judge, settler and demolisherDror Etkes - +972 "The Israeli army’s Civil Administration has issued 70 demolition orders in the Jewish West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut, and 70 demolition orders in the Palestinian village of Khirbet Susya over the years.Beyond that coincidental number, the two towns don’t have much else in common. Located in Gush Etzion, just south of Jerusalem, Alon Shvut is one of the most prosperous and well-established settlements in the West Bank. Its 3,200 residents enjoy top-notch community services and a highly desirable quality of life not only in relation to their Palestinian neighbors, but also to the general Israeli population. Khirbet Susya, on the other hand, is a collection of tents, sheds and shacks that lack the most basic civil infrastructure. Its 350 residents are scattered on a few hilltops known only to a small number of people. It turns out that the man who decided the fate of Khirbet Susya,... is Supreme Court Justice Noam Sohlberg, a resident of Alon Shvut." ca19/6/2015
It`s time to erase the Green LineNeve Gordon - +972 "If the Israeli government makes no distinction between Palestinians on either side of the Green Line, there is no reason for human rights activists to do so...If once the Green Line was conceived as a border that could provide a just solution between Israelis and Palestinians, it currently serves as a very effective mechanism of colonial control." ca19/6/2015
Rooftop gardens give refugees room to breatheSilvia Boarini - Electronic Intifada "Dheisheh is home to roughly 15,000 people living in less than one square kilometer. The average density in the United States is 35 people per square kilometer. The cramped conditions, Al-Haj explains, leave people quite literally without room to breathe.“The gardens create more space but they also help maintain our connection to the land,” he adds. “The people here have land in villages they can’t reach. Their parents knew how to tend trees or grow vegetables but that knowledge has been lost. We wanted to reconnect people to the land.” ca19/6/2015
UNRWA at a crossroadAhmed Al-Sayed - Al-Ahram "The accusation is now familiar. Israel, the Palestinians claim, wants to end the life of UNRWA, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. In doing so, it is hoping to end the question of refugees that had brought it international opprobrium and is likely to be a thorny issue in any peace deal...Facing a shortage of more that $100 million in its budget, UNRWA officials say that they will not be able to continue offering the same level of humanitarian aid they had maintained so far." ca19/6/2015
Khader Adnan is starving for freedom againBudour Youssef Hassan--Maali was only 4 years old when her father, Khader Adnan, embarked on a 66-day hunger strike in protest at being held without charge or trial, a practice known as administrative detention, after his December 2011 arrest by Israeli occupation forces.dn14/6/2015
Israel`s arrest of Palestinian lawmaker `a farce`Patrick Strickland--Khalida Jarrar`s arrest exposes the plight of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails. dn14/6/2015
IDF to investigate video of IDF soldiers beating PalestinianYoav Zitun, Elior Levy--The video, filmed by Palestinian media in the presence of other journalists and photographers, shows an Israeli soldier audibly cursing a Palestinian civilian and swinging a rifle at him. Additional soldiers then join in the scuffle, bringing the Palestinian man to the ground at which point one of the Israelis can be heard yelling, "Get the cameras out of here." dn14/6/2015
Photographer Barred from Treatment after Being Shot by Israeli forces Palestine Chronicle--Israel has barred a Palestinian photographer allegedly shot in the eye by Israeli forces from entering occupied East Jerusalem for specialist treatment, the injured photographer told AFP on Wednesday. dn14/6/2015
Israel`s High Court: No proof of discrimination against Palestinians in Area CAmira Hass--Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected a petition earlier this week that sought to reinstate planning authority in Area C of the West Bank to local Palestinians, a power which was revoked in 1971. Justices Elyakim Rubinstein, Neal Hendel and Noam Sohlberg ruled on Tuesday that the petition did not prove that Palestinians in Area C [which is under full Israeli civil and security control] are discriminated against in comparison to the “Israeli population” there, just because the Civil Administration’s planning council is planning both for Israeli settlers and Palestinians.dn14/6/2015
A court of non-convictions when the victim is PalestinianYossi Gurvitz, written for Yesh Din--When Israelis are accused of victimizing Palestinians, nearly 25% of convictions are simply thrown out — to avoid tarring the criminal with a criminal record. dn13/6/2015
Father: No justice in Israeli inquiry on Gaza beach deathsAssociated Press--The father of one of four Palestinian children killed on a Gaza beach during last summer`s war between Hamas militants and Israel said Friday he was outraged by the Israeli military`s announcement it was closing its internal inquiry without indictments. dn13/6/2015
The Military again evacuates Khirbet Humsah residents for maneuvers, orders evacuation of three other communitiesB’Tselem - "The families, numbering 69 persons – including 43 minors – had to leave their homes on military orders at 6:00 a.m. They took with them water, food, and their livestock and went to areas some distance away until they were allowed to return. When the families returned home, they found that some of their cultivated farmland and grazing areas had been burnt, apparently by fires started by military shooting. They also found the tanks in which they keep water for the livestock riddled with bullet holes. The residents also reported finding unexploded ammunition close to their homes" [ry]15/6/2015
PLC Member Khalida Jarrar Detained IndefinitelyPalestinian Center for Human Rights - 1. PCHR strongly condemns detaining PLC Member Khalida Jarrar by the Israeli authorities and calls for immediately releasing her and all PLC members detained in Israeli prisons. 2. PCHR stresses that the bill of indictment against Jarrar is an evidence that Israel is trying her for her political affiliation in violation of international law and humanitarian law. 3. PCHR calls upon the international community, including the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to fulfill their obligations and take immediate action to stop violations of international law perpetrated by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians.-rh 24/6/2015
Palestinians stand their ground in Wadi FukinAziza Nofal - Al-Monitor - Manasara has a big house in the center of Fukin, but he left it to live in an isolated cave with his wife about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) away from their home. They did this to safeguard their land, which is threatened by expropriation by Israel. The patch of land where the cave is located is a home for old people who cultivate the land and own livestock — which has been deterring Israeli bulldozers from carrying out works in the area, especially as many neighboring areas have been bulldozed by Israel.-rh 24/6/2015
IOF arrested 24 school students, wounded 200 scholars for the past two monthsPNN - Palestine News Network - "The ministry pointed out that the occupation obstructed school day on the 9th of April in two schools. One because of the marathon in Al-Sawiya school, and another in Hebron since soldiers were showering the school yards with teargas." - id 12/6/2015
EU diplomats unite in support of demolition-threatened Palestinian village : European envoys visit West Bank village in show of solidarity after Israeli court rules it can be demolished and its residents evicted Robert Tait - The Telegraph - Envoys from all 28 European Union member states` Jerusalem consulates - including Britain - arrived en masse at Khirbet Susiya in the South Hebron Hills to send a sharp message to Israel not to implement an eviction order that some said would damage the chances of resolving the decades-old conflict with the Palestinians.-rh 11/6/2015
No permit, no entryLauren S. Marcus - +972 - I thought of mandatory conscription as somewhat of an inconvenience — I never thought the army would be ‘fun.’ I never expected to serve at a checkpoint. I never expected to hate myself for it.-rh10/6/2015
Gaza`s crowded political sceneMohammed Othman - Al-Monitor - There are dozens of political and military factions operating on the Palestinian scene. Factions working under the auspices of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Gaza account for more than 10, such as the Fatah movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP). This is in addition to factions independent from the PLO, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other smaller factions, such as the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), the Popular Resistance Movement, the Mujahedeen Brigades and the Ahrar movement.-rh 10/6/2015
Anti-boycott call rings hollow as village awaits demolitionAkiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - Susiya is located in desert terrain, part of which still retains a biblical character. Its Palestinian agricultural communities, which maintain a traditional way of life, live in caves and tents. The village has been inhabited for hundreds of years. Documentation of habitation in the region dates back to 1839, and the village is included on 1917 maps, from the British Mandate. Even Plia Albeck, the “Mother of the Settlements,” wrote from the state prosecutor’s office in 1982 that the village lands are the residents’ private property. None of this, however, has made a difference.-rh 10/6/2015
A Jewish reporter in Gaza responds to Jane EisnerDan Cohen - Mondoweiss "Eisner’s assumption is that Gaza is a dangerous place for a Jewish journalist to visit, even for a couple of interviews on a subject as non-controversial as psychological trauma. This viewpoint is shared by Eisner’s colleague at the Forward, JJ Goldberg, who put it into blunt terms last summer while debating The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah on Democracy Now!, claiming “I’d be shot” upon stepping foot into Gaza. Ironically, Goldberg’s claim is a succinct description of Israel’s “buffer zone” policy, in which any Palestinian who walks within a loosely-interpreted 300 meters of the border is shot by an Israeli soldier or remote-control machine gun." ca10/6/2015
UNRWA Announces Over $2M in Aid to Gaza FamiliesUNWRA - IMEMC "rental subsidies, $72,298 and $96,798 for major and minor repairs, respectively, in addition to $500 reintegration grant to replace lost households goods ($9,000).According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, UNRWA said the cash assistance will reach 565 refugee families across the Gaza Strip this week via cheque or through accessing the payments through local banks." ca10/6/2015
Israel frees Palestinian speaker after year behind barsMa`an News Agency - "The Ahrar Center for Prisoners and Human Rights Studies said that Duweik, 67, was released from the Ofer prison near Ramallah after paying a fine of 6,000 shekels ($1,565).Duweik, who is a member of Hamas, was detained from his home in Hebron during a massive arrest campaign in June 2014, known as "Operation Brother`s Keeper," which was carried out in search of three missing teenage settlers." ca10/6/2015
In West Bank industrial zone, everything is Israeli – except the harsh labor lawsWAC-Maan - Set up at the start of the Oslo process, Nitzanei Shalom employs hundreds of Palestinians and is run according to Israeli standards, with one glaring exception – Palestinian workers are subject to draconian Jordanian labor law. [bz] 9/6/2015
Israeli forces violently Suppress Rally Marking Naksa Day T.R.--HEBRON, June 6, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Saturday violently suppressed a peaceful rally marking the 48th anniversary of the Naksa Day and calling to provide protection to Beit al-Baraka building located at Jerusalem-Hebron main road and which settlers claim they have previously purchased. dn7/6/2015
Palestinian Bedouin fight for their survivalRich Wiles - Aljazeera - The case of Abu Nuwwar is being seen as a landmark in Israel`s E1 development plan inside the West Bank. The E1 plan is intended to create Israeli territorial contiguity between Jerusalem, Maale Adumim and other Jewish settlements inside the West Bank, thus isolating Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank.-rh17/6/2015
The Green Line: serving Israel`s racist policies since 1967Neve Gordon - al-Araby - The Green Line offered the fictive promise of two states. In reality, it sustains a racist regime and the judaisation of the West Bank.-rh17/6/2015
Elderly Palestinian Woman Sentenced To Eleven Months in PrisonIMEMC - "Khanfar was kidnapped on February 3 2013, while visiting her detained son, Rami, in the Negev Detention Camp, and was held for eighteen days. An Israeli court then ordered her to pay 50.000 NIS bail." - id17/6/2015
Knesset extends bill preventing Palestinian family reunification for another yearPNN - Palestine News Network - "The supreme court has denied numerous appeals presented by human rights organizations to cancel this bid which prevents thousands of Palestinian families from living together under the same roof, tearing families apart for years." - id 17/6/2015
In shadow of settlement, Susiya villagers vow to fight displacementMa`an News Agency - "Originally displaced during the Nakba from Tel Arad -- located just 10 kilometers south but now on the other side of the Green Line -- the 25 families of Susiya were forcibly displaced again by Israel`s military in 1986 after archaeological evidence of an ancient Jewish synagogue was found in the area.The Jewish-only settlement of Susya, built in 1983 and with all the infrastructure and comforts of the modern Israeli state, stands a mere 100 meters from where Palestinians wait day and night for their fate to be decided from the stifling heat of makeshift tents." ca5/6/2015
Lawyer: Palestinian children facing torture in Israeli jailsMa`an News Agency - "Hiba Masalha, a lawyer for the PA committee of prisoners` affairs, said in a statement on Sunday that teenage detainees are being "terrified, threatened and blackmailed" in contravention of international law and conventions advocating children`s rights.Masalha said that she had visited Section 3 of Megeddo prison, where 68 Palestinian teens are currently being held.Most of the detainees she met had been arrested from an orphanage in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem." ca5/6/2015
No to segregated buses; yes to segregated courtsMilitary Court Watch - Although segregated buses provide a clear and obvious picture of discrimination, applying different laws, with different rights and protections, to individuals living side by side based on nothing more than their race, may prove to have far greater legal, ethical and strategic consequences for Israel.-rh 3/6/2015
Israel moves to toughen sentences for stone-throwersReuters - “Ayelet Shaked, Israel`s new justice minister, […] announced [On Twitter] that a ministerial committee approved her proposed amendments, which included an additional tier of 10 years` imprisonment without the need to prove an accused rock-thrower intended to harm anyone” [ry]1/6/2015
“The worst spot in Gaza”: “You will not understand how hard it is here” until you see this checkpoint Ghada Karmi - Salon - Looking at the scenes around me I might have been in a poor Indian city: cracked pavements, mounds of rubble and sand, overflowing rubbish bins. A young boy passed by me, barefoot, sooty black with dirt, his blue eyes and fairish hair suggesting his normal complexion underneath was also fair; a grubby T-shirt and short trousers clothed his angular frame. The beaches were deserted; no throngs of skinny boys like him splashing and running in and out of the waves.-rh 3/6/2015
Israel`s Christian schools demand equality with Jewish schoolsDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - Christian school founders say that their schools were created before the creation of the State of Israel and have their own religious specificity. They feel this is an attack on them as an Arab Christian minority in the Holy Land. Most of the Christian schools were established in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Catholic order of Nazareth Nuns was founded in France in 1822. In 1854 a delegation was sent to bring education to the Holy Land. In 1855 the first school was founded in Nazareth and the school in Haifa was established in 1858. The Baptist School in Nazareth was established in 1936.-rh 3/6/2015
Israeli military court goes back on Jarrar releaseMa`an - An Israeli military judge reversed a ruling to release Khalida Jarrar on bail, deeming the Palestinian parliamentarian a "security risk" based on secret evidence, prisoner rights group Addameer told Ma`an.-rh 3/6/2015
Palestinian prisoners resort to hunger strikesAhmad Melhem - Al Monitor - Based on statistics Al-Monitor obtained from the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Israeli forces have used administrative detention since occupying the West Bank in 1967 — which culminated in the first intifada in 1987, when the number of administrative detainees reached more than 20,000. During the second intifada (2000-2007), Israel issued roughly 18,000 administrative detention orders.-rh 3/6/2015
Israel`s grip on the Palestinian tourism industryAmjad Alqasis--Through a regime of permits, licenses and visas, Israel controls who guides most tourists to the Holy Land, what they are told and where they spend their money. Can Palestinians use tourism to take back the discourse on occupation? dn6/6/2015
The Evil That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Israel’s Apartheid Sandy Tolan - Thruthdig - What, after all, to call a system of legalized discrimination based on ethnicity and religion in which one group has full voting rights and the other does not? What to call a system under which one people can travel freely on roads built specifically for them, whisking through checkpoints because of their religion and the color of their license plates, and under which the other must submit to inspection at military kiosks frequently manned by snipers? A system under which one population in hilltop enclaves is protected by troops and military surveillance towers, while the other is subjected to frequent night raids by those same troops? -rh17/6/2015
Israel accused of `war crime` over bulldozing of Palestinian olive grovesBen Lynfield - The Independent - The uprooting operation, the largest of its kind in the southern West Bank in three years, was carried out on Thursday by what farmers said were five military vehicles on land the farmers say they own.-rh17/6/2015
Five Palestinian FIshers Kidnapped, Farmer Injured, In GazaIMEMC - "Eyewitnesses said the navy ships fired rounds of live ammunition on Palestinian fishing boats, and surrounded them before kidnapping five fishers." - id 3/6/2015
Gazans’ Hopes for Rebuilding After War Give Way to Deeper DespairDIAA HADID and MAJD AL WAHEIDI - NYT - "Pulverized buildings are still scattered along Gaza’s border areas from the last war. In the rubble of Shejaiya, an eastern neighborhood of Gaza City, near the border with Israel, a man swung his mallet to show how he pulverized concrete chunks into rubble that he sold to mix with black-market cement, earning him $15 a day." - id 3/6/2015
Settlers set Palestinian home on fireAl Khalil Team - International Solidarity Movement - "Accompanied by neighbors Imad put out the fire. Afterwards, he approached Israeli soldiers who had been positioned nearby his house when the incident occurred and asked what they had witnessed. The soldiers answered by accusing him of starting the fire." - id 3/6/2015
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