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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Hebron: fence erected to keep settlers out ISM Hebron - In many parts of the West Bank, a struggle is constantly waged in opposition to fences and walls, erected by the army in order to separate Palestinians from their land and in effect hand it over to settlers. But in Hebron`s embattled Tel Rumeida area, a fence is erected for an opposite purpose - to keep settlers out of a threatened Palestinian house and provide Issa`s family with a slightly greater measure of daily life security.29/9/2007
We urge you: Oppose Israel’s sanctions against people of Gaza!JfJPfP - Open letter to UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, signed by 317 British Jews and published as a full page advert in Times (Sep. 28). 29/9/2007
Somebody has to start shoutingAdam Keller - Gush Shalom - A major artery through which thousands of cars speed at all hours, and us waving signs and flags and banners and chanting in unison at the top of our voices: "Blockade - NO! Ceasefire - YES!" - "No Tanks and No Qassams - Ceasefire Now!" - "End the Bloodshed - Ceasefire Now!" - "The Blockade on Gaza is a War Crime!" - "Hamas Is a Partner for a Ceasefire!" - "I Am a Gazan, Too!" 29/9/2007
A Protest Sukkahin Solidarity with Asylum-Seeking Refugees & an ICAHD/RHR home demolition protest Sukkah in the middle of town & almond harvest Monday - call the office or Arik – 050-5607034 or Yehiel -050-2110639 (Not on Shabbat) + request for donations29/9/2007
Latest ICAHD NewsJeff Halper-ICAHD Newsletter-"a campaign to demolish “unrecognized villages” within Israel, housing some 150,000 Israeli [Arab] citizens, gains momentum; a thousand Palestinian and Bedouin homes were demolished inside Israel last year, more than in the Occupied Territories. The campaign of displacement begun in 1948 is ongoing."28/9/2007
At-Tuwani Update: 21 August - 14 September 2007Christian Peacemaker Team-"The (army) convoy went to Ma`on and took down a settler tent that (had) recently been erected as part of the ongoing expansion of settlements and outposts in the area. ..the army then went to the village of Ad Deirat, north of the settlement of Karmel on the road to Hebron, and demolished a Palestinian home. Settlers began rebuilding the same day."28/9/2007
Bil`in Village, past, present and Future:The Bil`in Friends of Justice and Freedom Society-Press release-"The society aims to build a wide network of people from all over the globe who support Justice and Freedom for all. It also aims to strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and to transfer the experience of Bil`in across Palestine and beyond. Finally, the society aims to help and support the education of young Palestinian people at schools and universities throughout the region and beyond. "28/9/2007
Don`t say we did not know 75ICAHD-David Ben Shimol (an Israeli Jew) was convicted of the murder of one person and the wounding of tens of others, after he had fired a LAU missile at a bus full of Arab passengers. He was sentenced to life imprisonment...He was released after serving 11 years. Muhammad Mansur Ziada (a Palestinian Israeli citizen), in prison for life after .. Ziada has already been in prison for 18 years, and his term has not been reduced. Mukhles Ahmad Murghal (a Palestinian Israeli citizen) ..was sentenced to life, and his term later commuted to 40 years. He has been in prison for 18 years."28/9/2007
The Madrid Conference Opening Speech - October 31, 1991Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi - Address - "Today, our people under occupation are holding high the olive branch of peace. In the words of Chairman Arafat in 1974 before the U.N. General Assembly: Let not the olive branch of peace fall from my hands."26/9/2007
Obituary Haider Abdel-Shafi - Militant and popular leader respected by rival Palestine factions Victoria Brittain - The Guardian - "Abdel-Shafi became a world figure when he led the Palestinian delegation to the 1991 Madrid peace conference, where his moving and eloquent speech set a tone that no other Palestinian leader has ever risen to." 26/9/2007
The tide is turning Angela Godfrey-Goldstein - EI - "This occupation is unsustainable and Israeli civilians are losing faith in militarism."26/9/2007
Nonviolent Protest Gains in West Bank Joshua Mitnick -- The Christian Science Monitor -- A Supreme Court decision in favor of one protesting village has inspired others 24/9/2007
The Commandment of the Redemption of Prisoners.Gush Shalom - paid ad - The Jewish Yom Kippur / And the Muslim Ramadan / Are the appropriate moment (...) To release Gilad Shalit. To release Ehud Goldwasser. To release Eldad Regev. To release Marwan Barghouti. To release Ahmad Saadat. To release Samir Kuntar. And the elderly, the women And the children.22/9/2007
The Friday joint actions Ilan Shalif e.a. - A-infos - The main point of this week`s demonstration in Wallage was the combining of the struggle against the separation fence being built, with the road blocks - the older means of restriction of freedom of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.22/9/2007
Extreme Right on the hunt for `leftist` plays and filmsEhud Asheri - Ha`aretz - Good for National Religious Party Chair Zevulun Orlev! In a brilliant intelligence coup, he managed to find two "left-wing" plays included in the schools` culture basket, and he immediately warned the nation that the souls of Israeli students were being "poisoned". It is, however, doubtful whether he even saw the two plays before describing them as "extreme left." Both are, by the way, based on personal experiences: "Project Jabalya" on Eldad Galor`s period as a soldier in Gaza`s Jabalya Refugee Camp, "Winter in Qalandiyah" on Lia Nirgad`s long monitoring the Qalandiyah Checkpoint on behalf of "Machsom Watch". 22/9/2007
San Diego Film Festival director threatened over Israel boycott Leigh Brady - The San Diego Women`s Film Festival jury selection committee and festival director, Jennifer Hsu, have fallen under attack for deciding to observe the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Hsu and her fellow member of of the jury Bassemah Darwish state: "As judges of artistic films serving a festival that provides a platform for women`s films to be screened, it was a difficult decision to exclude some artists based on their nationalist affiliations and source of funding. However, as conscientious members of the world, we found this festival to be an opportunity to bring awareness to an issue too easily hidden from the public - the forced separation of two peoples for the acquisition of land.". Under strong pressure from the supporters of the Israeli government policies, the board demans from Hsu to issue "an apology" and include an Israeli film, or be fired. 22/9/2007
Yesh Gvul wins in court and puts out Yom Kippur adYesh Gvul - For the past five years we have been carrying on a public and legal struggle to bring to justice those responsible for the dropping of a one ton bomb on the El-Daraj of Gaza City in July 2002. This week the Israeli State Attorney`s Office announced its agreement to establish an independent commission of inquiry to investigate this terrible event to the High Court of Justice. 22/9/2007
Amnesty International calls for triple action on behalf of Gazawith a letter to Israeli Minister Tzippi Livni, another one to the Hamas Gaza leadership, and also a letter to President Mahmous Abbas - for details click above.22/9/2007
Bil`in will continue to struggle against the wall and settlementsMohammed Khatib-ZNet-"These expanding settlement blocs fall conveniently on Israel’s side of the wall. Strategically situated, the settlement blocs divide the West Bank into four isolated regions. Therefore, their annexation to Israel will render any Palestinian state unviable. Yet annexation of the settlement blocs is reportedly central to new Israeli government peace proposals to Palestinian President Abbas. "21/9/2007
The starving of the Gaza inhabitants is a crime and a follyGush Shalom-" “The inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are completely dependent on Israel for their most basic livelihood. This complete dependence was created, consciously and deliberately, by all governments of Israel since 1967. The state of Israel cannot now just shrug off its responsibility for the fate of the inhabitants of Gaza. "21/9/2007
GAZA: A CALL FOR URGENT ACTION ICAHD-Press Release-"As Israelis, most of whom are Jews, we call upon Jewish leaders to speak out unequivocally against this offense against Jewish values on the eve of Yom Kippur....Israel’s decision to punish Gaza’s civilian population, with all the human suffering that entails, constitutes an instance of State Terrorism against innocent people. Only when Israel is held accountable for its actions and international law upheld will a just peace be possible in the Middle East. "21/9/2007
Nu`man Village: Action Alert Al Nu`man is a village of 200 inhabitants between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In 1967 Israel annexed its land to the Jerusalem Municipality, while the residents were issued West Bank residence IDs. Since the erection of the Separation Wall in 2004, this "technical blunder" has turned their life into a nightmare—they are trapped between Jerusalem, which they are prohibited from entering, being West Bank residents, and the separation wall, which severs them from the rest of the occupied West Bank. Please take 5 minutes to write to your representative in parliament and your country`s representative in Israel. 20/9/2007
Families cannot sue firm for Israel deathsEd Pilkington - The Guardian - "The sale of Caterpillar equipment to Israel caused controversy within the Church of England after the synod voted last year to disinvest from firms profiting from Israel`s occupation of Palestinian territory." 19/9/2007
`Jenin, Jenin`, now in courtDAN IZENBERG - J-lem Post - "The people who talk are those he filmed. So the residents of the refugee camp say things which sometimes are true and sometimes not. It`s a movie. It reflects the subjective understanding of the speakers. Sometimes they say things that are harsher [than they actually were] because that is how he experienced it." 19/9/2007
Hebron Update: 01-06 September 2007CPT-Hebron - (...) On the way to morning patrol at Qurtuba School, Roe and Wendeln witnessed Israeli soldiers preventing the headmistress and her teachers from going through the gate at the Duboyya Street checkpoint. The headmistress finally convinced the soldiers that their names were on a special list that enabled them as teachers to go back and forth without going directly through the metal detectors. Language was part of the problem, as the soldiers claimed that they did not speak Arabic or English.15/9/2007
Abuse of prisoner in solitary confinement. Appeal to Red Cross.IMEMC - Hasan Salama, who is in solitary confinement in Eshil Israeli prison was attacked and violently beaten and brought to the prison physician with bruises and sharp pain in his back, chest and other parts of his body, as well as suffering from breathing problems - the Waed Society for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners in Israeli prisons holds Israeli authorities responsible for Salama`s life. 15/9/2007
Non-violent protest in Al-Walaja turns ugly as army rears headISM - September 14th, Palestinians, Israeli, and international demonstrators in the village of Al Walaja were met with severe repression by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Walaja, which is located 8 kilometers west of Bethlehem, has taken up nonviolent resistance in protest of the building of the Apartheid Wall, which, when completed, will completely encircle the village. This will sever many villagers from their livelihoods in nearby Jerusalem. In Walaja 65 houses and the village mosque are slated for demolition. The future of the village appears bleak.15/9/2007
Gush Shalom calls for an immediate ceasefire with Hamas in GazaGush Shalom- Press Release-"When the IDF kills ten Palestinians in Gaza on a single day, nobody in Israel pays attention – but it should have been clear that casualties will not forever remain on one side of the border. Invading the Gaza Strip and waging bloody war of conquest in the streets of its cities, or draconian collective punishment against its million and half inhabitants who already now live in terrible squalor, would only fan the flames higher and higher. "14/9/2007
Don`t say we did not know / Nr 73 Amos Gvirtz - Gush Shalom - " Jayyous village is situated about 6.5 kilometers east of the Green Line, and is inhabited by 3,700 people. They own 12,800 dunams of land (a dunam = 1000 square meters). The separation fence that was built near the village separates it from most of its land: 8,600 dunams." 12/9/2007
Ceasefire Now! Gush-Shalom Press Release Sept. 9, 2007Citizens and soldiers pay price for government policy of negotiating with half of the Palestinians and making war with the other half.11/9/2007
135 x Bil`in = VictoryGush Shalom/ISM/Ali Waked-Ynet - 1,500 activists arrive at West Bank village for rally celebrating decision to order Israel to change route of separation fence. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad says, `This is victory of life and peace`. For the first time in many months, a Friday in Bil`in passed without shooting and hurling of tear gas by the army.8/9/2007
Israel denies freedom of movement to human rights defenders from the Gaza StripEuro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network-"The applicants later learned that none of them met the new requirements (criteria) for obtaining a permit, according to which: the applicant should be a V.I.P, a businessman or an individual applying for a permit on humanitarian grounds. However, these criteria, too, were not provided in writing and have not been published. None of the applications was dealt with according to the aforementioned procedures set forth by the army itself. Moreover, because the applicants received very late notice of the denials there was no time to challenge them. " 7/9/2007
A Dramatic RevivalRichard A. Johnson-This Magazine-"Under occupation, an Israeli political activist and her Palestinian friends started a theatre in a destitute refugee camp. Under occupation, Palestinian militants fought Israeli soldiers in a battle that saw the destruction of that camp and the loss of many lives. And now, in an environment that has otherwise changed very little in 40 years, these Israelis and Palestinians are trying to start a new resistance to occupation, transforming a new generation of trauma into one of hope."7/9/2007
Supreme Court decides to launder Matityahu EastNir Shalev - "It is clear from the verdict that the judges used almost every possible technical excuse in order to refrain from dealing with the arguments of the plaintiffs. Had these arguments been accepted, a revolution in the planning system of the Civil Administration would have been necessary.In many respected, today’s verdict contradicts yesterday’s verdict on the barrier (HCJ 8414/05)." 6/9/2007
I won`t bow my head in shameYaniv Itzkovich - Ynetnews - "Yet in Israel today, nobody knows where we`re headed. What are the country`s objectives? What are its borders? What about its character? Is it democratic before it is Jewish, or Jewish before it`s democratic? Is it willing to pay the price of peace or willing to live on its sword for eternity? Have you not dodged your prime mission, to show us what we`re fighting for? " 6/9/2007
Palestinians win battle to reroute West Bank barrier Donald Macintyre - The Independent- "Israel`s Supreme Court delivered a significant blow to the country`s military establishment yesterday by ordering the West Bank separation barrier to be rerouted near a Palestinian village which has been the focus of two-and-a-half years of protests."6/9/2007
Israeli settlers threaten land, injure non-violent activistDianne Roe - CPT Hebron - At about 9a.m. the Israeli peace activists arrived (...) Most of the settler youth then ran to the upper field to try to disrupt the B`nai Avraham solidarity harvest. Police and soldiers already on the scene moved in quickly whenever the settlers threatened. They were however unable [sic! ed.] to prevent the attack on Amro. 1/9/2007
Nobel winners and European Parliament Members call for release of Imprisoned Hamas parliamentarians and ministers Peace Lines - At the initiative of the French-based "Peace Lines" organization, 19 Nobel laureates and 15 Members of the European Parliament signed a petition calling for the immediate release of all the imprisoned Hamas Movement parliamentarians and ministers, specifically mentioning the imprisoned Education Minister, Dr Nasreddin Al Shaer. The signatories noted that "such acts [as the the arrerst of parliamentarians and ministers] can only make things worse, and fuel the atrociously vain, deadly spiral of aggression and retaliation." They also called for "an immediate and permanent end to all Qassam firing, and to all extra-judicial killings, as they so obviously feed each other with innocent lives of by-standers slain, maimed, and traumatized by countless hundreds".1/9/2007
`This is how they think of us`, said a 55 year-old woman that was left in the sun, `like trash.` Yeela Raanan - RCUV - The unrecognized village of Twail Abu-Jarwal has been demolished entirely already nine times: this is the tenth. The bulldozers evacuated the area entirely: 20 tents, that were the homes of more than 100 people: men, women, elderly and children, were collected in to trucks, together with the belongings of the village people, and sent to the local dump. (...) If you can donate your old tent, or are willing to sponsor a tent, or know of a place in Israel to buy good second hand military-style tents, please inform me: Yeela Raanan, RCUV. 054 7487005. [NB: IN THE END the screening times of THE BEDOUIN OF ISRAEL at the BBC World Service]1/9/2007
Proposed boycott of Israeli goods divides Ann Arbor co-opJo Mathis - Ann Arbor News - The People`s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor has never known such a storm, with some of its members urging a boycott of Israeli goods, standing at the front with a photograph of two Palestinian women sitting a pile of rubble that once was their home, while other members strongly oppose the boycott and make allegations of antisemtism and comparisons with Nazi Germany. The referendum among the co-op`s 6000 members is scheduled for September 7. 1/9/2007
Demo in Bil`in this FridayDavid Reeb Video clip - better than a description in words1/9/2007
“Tear Down That Wall!”Sue Ferguson -- ZNet -- “On the ground, the BDS [boycotts, divestment and sanctions] campaign is simmering, both in Canada and abroad, where it focuses on academic links to Israeli universities, supermarkets selling Israeli produce, and mining, telecommunications and other hi-tech companies with links to Israel. Labour endorsements include COSATU, South Africa’s 1.8-million strong trade union coalition, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (which passed the motion “to actively and vigorously promote a policy of divestment” without any internal opposition), Britain’s 800,000 members of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, Britain’s National Union of Journalists and CUPE Ontario’s 200,000 members”17/9/2007
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