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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

There is no peace movement in Israel *Silvia Cattori - A transcript of a lecture by Ilan Pappe, an Israeli historian who denounces that Palestinians are the victims of ab ethnic cleansing and that they are now more than ever in danger. Thus, he calls to the world solidarity movements to boycott Israeli universities which he considers as an official propaganda engine in the hands of Israel’s governement. 4/6/2005
Abbas/Sharon Failed MeetingElias Akleh - - On Tuesday June 21st came the long “sought after” and “hopeful” meeting between Palestinian President Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon. Yet this meeting, like all other meetings with Sharon in the past, was an expected failure due to Israeli intransigence, egotistical and arrogant mode of dealing with the Palestinians. 28/6/2005
Installee en Palestine depuis le 17 decembre 2004, je veux partager via la foto ce qu`il m`est donne a voir ici sur place ...By Luciechristinee - photo albums of the Occupation30/6/2005
Right-wing Columnist Calls for Coup To Oust Sharon Mordechai Shinefield - Forward - `A prolific right-wing American Jewish commentator has called for Israeli Prime Minister Sharon to be court-martialed and "relieved of his command of the nation`s military."`30/6/2005
The Power of Belief and the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictSurvival is the single most important principle in mainstream Jewish culture and in Israeli culture. If pushed Israel, with the ghost of the Holocaust in collective consciousness would take even more drastic measures to "defend" itself. The only hope for the Palestinian people is an international boycott on Israel now. 30/6/2005
Dancing to Sharon`s tuneHasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - When Sharon started talking about his intention to leave Gaza more than a year ago reactions both in Israel and abroad varied. Some doubted Sharon`s sincerity, fearing he was simply raising a smoke screen to divert attention from the mounting accusations of corruption against him at the time. 29/6/2005
Still being fooled in the Middle East?Rami G. Khouri - The Daily Star - In important remarks last week at the American University in Cairo, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a powerful case for the promotion of democracy and liberty in the Middle East. I would like to praise her for what she said, but also urge her to think more deeply and honestly about some of the key issues she raised. 29/6/2005
On the spot: Tom Hurndall verdictISM News Realay - Stephen Farrell Middle East Correspondent of The Times, says that it seems unlikely the Israeli Government or military will learn any lessons from today`s guilty verdicts in the killing of British peace activist Tom Hurndall. 29/6/2005
Hurndalls` fight for justice goes on Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Family of young activist look higher up chain of command after Israeli soldier convicted of killing 29/6/2005
Final scene before the creditsYitzhak Laor - Ha`aretz - The thirst and the destruction that have been imposed on the most densely populated place in the world for the benefit of a few thousand settlers and for their security have been - ever since the Jewish settlement there began - the supreme expression of Israeli egoism. 30/6/2005
Good Morning, SettlersYossi Sarid - Ha`aretz - Suddenly the leaders of the Jewish settlers in the territories have become very sensitive people with respect to morals and values. All of a sudden they are disturbed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon`s corrupt character and his rotten conduct. Good morning, settler leaders, you hypocrites.30/6/2005
In Politics, Hamas Gains in the West BankScott Wilson - Washington Post - Bilal Swaleh`s journey from prisoner to politician began years ago in an Israeli jail cell. It ended triumphantly last month at the ballot box in this city populated by citrus growers, living along a wall separating the West Bank and Israel. 29/6/2005
Anglicans Consider Divesting in Solidarity With Palestinians Lizette Alvarez - The Anglican Church`s international advisory body voted Friday to urge the church to consider withdrawing its investments in companies that support the occupation of Palestinian territories. 28/6/2005
`Herding Cattle` at Erez MIFTAH - The Erez Crossing Point is the crossing point for people moving into and out of Gaza, but it is patterned after a design developed for cattle. 28/6/2005
Palestinian enclave among settlers hopes for reliefMark Heinrich - Reuters, AntiWar - In a Palestinian enclave marooned between Jewish settlers and the Mediterranean Sea, farmers watch crops rot in rich soil and fishing boats rust on palm-fringed beaches under Israeli army surveillance. 28/6/2005
The upper-class fenceGadi Algazi - Hagada Hasmolit - This is Zionism deluxe, with a red tile roof and a perfect lawn. This construction is part of a renewed political alliance between Sharon and the upper middle class that seeks quiet; that seeks quiet places – without Arabs, without the poor; that surrounds its villas with concrete walls above which are hung signs warning that the place is under the surveillance of a private security firm; that surrounds its communities with decorative concrete walls; that thoroughly encloses itself with social walls, as the remains of the welfare state are dismantled and the finance ministry is busy with evacuating the remains of the limited social mobility of the past.28/6/2005
Electronic occupationGhazi Hamad - Palestine Report - GAZANS MAY no longer have tanks in their streets after disengagement, but it will still be under the control and surveillance of a foreign occupying power. Judging by statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and army officials, and the security stipulations made in the Knesset-approved disengagement plan, Israel will maintain its presence in the air, sea, and at Gaza’s borders after its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. 28/6/2005
Israel`s Probe Into Palestinian Killings a Sham: HRWHuman Rights Watch Report - Palestine Chronicle - "The report said Israel has failed in its legal obligation to investigate Palestinian civilian deaths.." 28/6/2005
Asharq Al-Awsat Talks with Acclaimed Author Suad Al Amiry - Ramallah, Palestine Osama Al Issa - Asharq Al-Awsat - Already the daughter of a prominent literary father, the wife of an academic and a book editor, Palestinian architect and academic Suad Al Amiry had no plans to become a famous writer of her own right. 28/6/2005
Kids with machine gunsZachary Wales - Electronic Intifada - My cell phone is racist. As I forked over 600 shekles at the Pelephone desk at Ben Gurion International, I didn`t know that the damn thing would refuse to dial Palestinian area codes. But I wouldn`t realize this until I moved into my apartment in the West Bank. 28/6/2005
U.S. Image Up Slightly, But Still Negative; American Character Gets Mixed ReviewsPew Research Center - 16-Nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey - Anti-Americanism in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which surged as a result of the U.S. war in Iraq, shows modest signs of abating. But the United States remains broadly disliked in most countries surveyed, and the opinion of the American people is not as positive as it once was. The magnitude of America`s image problem is such that even popular U.S. policies have done little to repair it. 23/6/2005
Israeli land seizures undercut hopes for peaceAbu Murad Manasra - The Electronic Intifada - WADI FOQUIN - Many foreigners I meet believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the path to being resolved. WADI FOQUIN - Many foreigners I meet believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the path to being resolved. They are familiar with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas` recent upbeat visit to the White House and Israel`s planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. 25/6/2005
The answer is noGraham Usher - Al-Ahram Weekly - On 21 June Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas had their first head-to-head meeting in four months. Its tenor was described by the way it collapsed. Palestinian expectations were low before the meeting between Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas, now they are non-existent 25/6/2005
As Pullout Nears, Israeli Settlers Moving In to Build a CommunityScott Wilson - The Washington Post - SANUR, West Bank - This Israeli settlement of artists andimmigrants in the bleached hills of the northern West Bank is a place without a future. The Israeli army is due to arrive in just over two months to remove the few dozen families who live in trailers, tents and a handful of stucco homes set on a hillside bristling with pine and cypress trees. 27/6/2005
Anglican share vote angers IsraelisVikram Dodd - The Guardian -Anglicans yesterday voted to urge their member churches to consider disinvesting from companies involved in Israel`s occupation of Palestinian lands. 25/6/2005
Study: U.S. `young elites` hostile to Israel, see it as burden to U.S.Gary Rosenblatt - New York Jewish Week - A new survey of attitudes toward Israel among graduate students at top U.S. universities offers a disturbing, if not frightening, picture of increasing sympathy for the Palestinian cause and blame on the Jewish state for the lack of peace27/6/2005
A plan to make Abu Mazen fail Shawki Issa - Bitterlemons Roundtable - The Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting of a few days ago failed to produce any result, proving yet again that the Israeli government, since Sharon`s assumption of power, is working to kill any progress toward a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 27/6/2005
Some positive movement Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons Roundtable - As expected, the successful ceasefire and relative calm on the Israeli-Palestinian front have managed to attract considerable positive and sympathetic diplomatic attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and particularly to the Palestinian internal situation. 27/6/2005
The perils of managed democracy Ramzy Baroud - Asia Times Online - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice`s highly publicized tour in the Middle East, Asia and Europe carried with it little or no surprises. But even then, one must not altogether write off the possibility of some lessons to be learned, even if indirectly. 27/6/2005
Rice and the Middle East dream Sami Moubayed - Asia Times - DAMASCUS - During her recent swing through the Middle East, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice lectured Arab leaders on democracy, reform and peacemaking. According to Jihad al-Khazen, a veteran journalist with the London-based pan-Arabic daily al-Hayat, "she left the rulers discontent, without pleasing the masses". 27/6/2005
Rice tells Israel to stop expanding West Bank settlementsAl Khaleej - AP - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned up the pressure on Israel to stop expanding West Bank settlements, cautioning in her recent visit that Washington wouldn’t accept new construction, Israeli officials said on Sunday. 27/6/2005
EU States Also Need To Deal with IsraelRamzy Baroud - Palestine Chronilce/ - Hamas` electoral success since the first round of local elections in Gaza in December has signaled a dramatic shift in the way the movement is perceived both nationally and internationally. 27/6/2005
Rice warns Israel over settlement constructionThe Daily Star staff - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned up the pressure on Israel to stop expanding West Bank settlements, cautioning in her recent visit that Washington wouldn`t accept new construction, Israeli officials said. 27/6/2005
Another humiliating summitNawaf Atamnah - Mahsom - it would have been better if the recent Sharon-Abbas summit had not taken place at all. "the PA has a strong weapon that it must not forego – the right to say no: no to Sharon, no to his dictates, and no to the subjugation of the Palestinian struggle to the partisan concerns of Sharon and Peres." 26/6/2005
Law of the jungle: Israel played large role in Palestinian Authority’s decline Ofer Shelach - Ynet - Palestinian forces largely powerless, Shelah says. Should the lull in Palestinian-Israeli violence end (although it’s difficult to refer to a situation where an Israeli is shot almost daily as a “truce,”) Israel would not bear direct responsiblity this time around. 26/6/2005
Two Families’ Dreams Were Not Demolished Howard Blume - The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - Palestinian clan joins parents of Rachel Corrie, the activist killed by an Israeli army bulldozer 25/6/2005
Remembering Buber and silenced words of wisdomPeter Speetjens - The Daily Star - Forty years ago last week, the Jewish thinker Martin Buber died in Jerusalem. Though he was widely respected as one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century, Israeli politicians and state officials were mostly absent from his funeral. In contrast, a delegation of Arab students came to offer flowers.25/6/2005
Abbas` castles in the air toppled in JerusalemMichael Glackin - As humiliations go, it could have been worse. But short of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas being physically thrown out of this week`s summit in Jerusalem it`s hard to imagine how. Less than a month after getting his long-desired photo opportunity on the White House lawn last month Abbas received a dose of reality in Jerusalem. 25/6/2005
Divestiture of Funds that Support Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories Susanne Hoder - The New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church on June 11 passed a resolution calling for voluntary selective divestment from companies that profit in a significant way from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. This measure is similar to initiatives being considered by several other Christian denominations.24/6/2005
The identity dilemmaNir Baram - NRG/Maariv - on the absurdity of giving preference to an anti-Zionist rabbi from Brooklyn over somebody born here who wants to be Israeli. 24/6/2005
Palestinians placed between false choicesHasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada - Overwhelming Israeli power leaves the Palestinians with very few options. Despite being increasingly caged both on their land and in the international political arena, not a single country dares to speak out against Israel`s continuing colonisation of Palestine. On the other hand, the stream of world leaders with `advice` for the Palestinians is a dependable television staple. 25/6/2005
Tempest in Santa Fe: Confronting Israeli Myth-MakingKathleen and Bill Christison - The propaganda machine serving Israel disseminates a steady stream of talking points and argumentation that today effectively controls all public discourse, so that in media arenas large and small throughout the country there are always grassroots propagandists available to put out a uniformly favorable twist on Israel’s actions and always to paint the Palestinians in black colors. 23/6/2005
1950’s Plans to Expel the Residents of Qara Village to JordanMahsom Editorial Staff - About one week ago, in the context of a public meeting organized by the Balad Party in Kufr Qara, and attended by MPs Azmi Bishara and Jamal Zahalka, Bishara revealed a document composed by the Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office on Land Issues in 1950, which proposes to expel the residents of Qara. 23/6/2005
"Subversive Organizations" and Forbidden WordsYossi Dahan - Haoketz("The Sting") - Another event in the spirit of the McArthyist fashion prevailing in our places. A few days ago I noticed in the Letters section of “Ha’aretz” a letter from another head of an ideological liquidation unit - Prof. Gerald Steinberg who heads a projects tracking subversive Human Rights organizations and other Anti Patriotic bodies. And thus writes Prof. Steinberg: 23/6/2005
The Plan (the disengagement) was born out of personal despairRaviv Druker - Maariv/NRG - Raviv Druker, who authored together with Offer Shelah the book “Boomerang” is certain that the disengagement plan wouldn’t have appeared if not for the circumstances that Sharon was in at the end of the year 2003. 23/6/2005
Jewish state idea mired in confusionKhalid Amayreh - Al Jazeera -"Since the collapse of the Oslo accords nearly five years ago, Israeli leaders have been demanding that the Palestinian Authority recognise Israel as a Jewish state in any prospective settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."23/6/2005
Shared destiny, shared defianceRamzy Baroud - The Jordan Times - "They say that if you don`t learn from history, you will be condemned to repeat it. This could not be truer when one contrasts the destinies of the Native Americans and the Palestinian people."23/6/2005
Abbas seeks international help after Sharon brush-offAgence France Presse - " Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas tried to rally international support Wednesday after coming away with no tangible results from a humiliating summit with Israel`s Ariel Sharon, who lectured him at length over militant violence".23/6/2005
Giving Chutzpah new meaningJon Weiner - The Nation - a review of Norman Finkelstein`s book, Beyond Chutzpah, in which the author describes Alan Dershowitz` book The Case for Israel as "among the most spectacular academic frauds ever published on the Israel-Palestine conflict." 25/6/2005
Rice left, leaving behind unsettled disputes Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - "While Rice concluded Sunday a two days visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, most of the fundamental issues related to coordinating the disengagement plan between Israel and the PA were left unresolved. "22/6/2005
Jerusalem peace talks founder amid fresh violenceThe Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, have failed to make progress at a summit aimed at resolving issues crucial to a smooth Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and furthering the peace process. 23/6/2005
Haifa, peaceful town with a silent painThe article reviews system-wide discrimination of Palestinian-Israeli citizens in Haifa which is one of five `mixed` cities1 in Israel with a total population of around 270,000, of whom officially 24,100 (9%) are Palestinians (13,500 Christians and 10,600 Muslims2). Up until 1967, Haifa had the largest Palestinian population in Israel. Its geographical position in the north, where most Palestinian communities in Israel live, lends Haifa a special status in terms of services, commerce, employment, art and culture. 22/6/2005
NauseaHaim Baram - Hagada Hasmolit - The media war between rational racists and ideological racists leaves us on the sidelines. Those who saw the settlers as the “salt of the earth,” now turn them into the dust of the earth in pursuit of the ruling interests of the moment. This is not an act of peace, but a crude aggressive act of Ariel Sharon, intended to placate the right wing administration in the United States, and to advance his less-than-holy interests.22/6/2005
Is Bush getting serious about the peace process? Henry Siegman - International Herald Tribune - The emphasis of Bush`s speech (...) was on the unacceptability of unilateral Israeli measures. Now the message was addressed to Israel: "Get used to it, changes in the 1949 armistice line can only be made with Palestinian agreement." 22/6/2005
Thousands Participate in Al Mubadara Demonstration and Third Anniversary FestivalMore than 8,000 Palestinians, including supporters of Al Mubadara (the Palestinian National Initiative) and Independents, attended a demonstration and rally marking the Third Anniversary of the founding of the Palestinian National Initiative.22/6/2005
Withdrawal is a prelude to annexation: US hypocrisy is not new but Condi Rice has taken it beyond chutzpahAvi Shlaim - Guardian - Condoleezza Rice hailed the understanding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on the need to destroy the homes of the 8,000 Jewish settlers in Gaza as a historic step on the road to peace. This is a fatuous statement by one of the most vacuous US secretaries of state of the postwar era. 22/6/2005
Warning bells are ringingAtef Saad - Palestine Report - On June 4, dozens of attorneys refused to show up to courtrooms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in what they called a "one-day warning strike". In a statement released by the Palestinian Bar Association, the lawyers said they were protesting assaults on what they described as "the three arms of justice": the judges, public prosecuting attorneys, and defense lawyers. 21/6/2005
Sharon-Abbas summit ends in deadlockChris McGreal - The Guardian - A rare meeting between Ariel Sharon and the Palestinian leader,Mahmoud Abbas, ended in deadlock yesterday after the Israeli prime minister said there could be no political progress, or even gestures, "so long as terrorism continues". 22/6/2005
Ramadan, Warschawski: reject fear and hatred Tariq Ramadan and Michel Warschawski appealed in Strasbourg for an end to "the global ideology of fear," in the Middle East as well as in Europe. 21/6/2005
Palestinian workers in Israel Bitterlemons weekly roundtable - Dependency and exploitation by Ghassan Khatib; Workers and bombers, north and south by Yossi Alpher; Waves of frustration, an interview with Atef Saad; Not a security risk an interview with Dov Sedaka 21/6/2005
Violence mars eve of Abbas-Sharon summit Daily Star staff - Deadly violence in the Occupied Territories put a shaky truce under further strain on the eve of a summit between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. In the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli soldiers and another Palestinian teenager wounded close to the border with Israel. Settler killed by Islamic Jihad gunmen in the West Bank. 21/6/2005
Israel`s plan for Jerusalem is liable to lead to tragedyShaul Arieli - The Daily Star - The route of the barrier being completed around Jerusalem reflects primarily the policy of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The essence of this policy is an attempt to determine the final borders of the state of Israel by means of an act of settlement disguised as a security move, and based on the argument that there is no Palestinian "partner" for a substantial political peace process.21/6/2005
Palestinians fear Israeli disengagement will turn Gaza into a `big jail`Yasser Baraka - Middle East Times - GAZA - The visit of the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Israel and the Palestinian territories was not a courtesy call. US President George W. Bush sent Rice to the region at a critical time, as the countdown for the implementation of the Israeli disengagement plan draws near. 26/6/2005
West Bank villagers lead creative nonviolent demosMohammad Daraghmeh - Middle East Times - Bil’in, WEST BANK -- As the evening of last June 9 approached, the people of Bil`in, as well as foreign and Israeli supporters, prepared for a confrontation planned for after Friday prayers: handcuffs for demonstrators, to undermine allegations by soldiers that they face violence in this peaceful village, and balloons filled with animal dung to be hurled at soldiers who may attack the peaceful demonstration. 26/6/2005
Lebanon after elections, situation in Palestine make news in Arabic press Thamer Abu Baker - The Jordan Times - The Egyptian daily Al Ahram stated that the Lebanese elections, which concluded with the fourth round last Sunday, are considered a remarkable event in the country`s political history and as the start of a new era in the national politics that aims at promoting Lebanon. 26/6/2005
Abbas vows to continue Israel dialogueAlJazeera - Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas has described as "harsh" his talks earlier this week with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon but said they would not hamper further dialogue. 26/6/2005
Dashed hopes at Jerusalem summit Matthew Price - BBC - Positive spin from Israel, disappointment from Palestinian side in wake of Sharon-Abbas summit25/6/2005
Egyptian foreign Minister Abul Gheit warns that Gaza could `explode` George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - In his meeting with the Israeli vice Premier, Shimon Peres on Sunday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said if the disengagement plan is not back up by progress toward settlement in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip will “explode”. 20/6/2005
Analysis: -Expectations low for second Sharon-Abbas summitMark Heinrich - Reuters - The fighting may have abated, but peace is still beyond the horizon of Middle East summits. 19/6/2005
Collection of ArticlesMustafa Barghouti - - a link9/6/2005
Jeff Halper - a collection of articles - 2001 - - link1/6/2005
Tribute to Edward SaidA collection of his articles in Amin .Org. 19/6/2005
Could a third INTIFADAH be evitable? Daoud Kuttab - - "The effects of the checkpoints have been disastrous. They stifled economic relations, as goods and people are not able to move between Palestinian cities. Ironically, the only goods easily allowed into Palestinian cities are Israeli, giving them a huge advantage, at the expense of local products and services. " 19/6/2005
Call for the Unconditional and Immediate Release of 8,500 Palestinian Political PrisonersISM - "Over 8,500 Palestinian political prisoners are being held in prisons and detention and interrogation centres in Israel. These prisoners come from all the areas of historical Palestine, but also from the Golan Heights and Arab countries."19/6/2005
Victim`s Parents Tour U.S. to Raise Money Rachel La Corte - AP/Guardian - Rachel Corrie`s parents are raising money to rebuild demolished homes of Palestinians19/6/2005
Review of Arab editorials - 17.6.2005 Middle East Times - A roundup of commentary from Arab newspapers.18/6/2005
Shared destiny, shared defianceRamzy Baroud - Middle East Times - They say that if you don`t learn from history, you will be condemned to repeat it. This could not be truer when one contrasts the destinies of the Native Americans and the Palestinian people. The determination and defiance of both groups, under dire circumstances, cannot be matched. Likewise, the mistreatment and the commonality in tactics implemented by their invaders seem uncanny. 18/6/2005
Palestinian parliament approves election lawMohammed Assadi - Cairo Reuters - RAMALLAH, West Bank, June 18 (Reuters) - The Palestinian parliament passed a controversial election law on Saturday, acceding to pressure from President Mahmoud Abbas and paving the way for him to set a date for a postponed parliamentary vote. 18/6/2005
Red herringUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Hamas should not be boycotted; on the contrary, its participation in the Palestinian electoral process should be welcomed.18/6/2005
And still they are fawned overYossi Sarid - Ha`aretz - The settlers have since time immemorial been expert in bitter crying and wailing whenever they didn`t get what they wanted. It isn`t hard for victims pretending to be robbers to pretend to be robbers pretending to be victims.15/6/2005
The quiet occupationRan HaCohen - Antiwar - "Very few people realize that Israel has turned life in the occupied territories (Israeli settlers excluded) into complete misery without any need to fire a single bullet."15/6/2005
Too Little! Too Late? Miftah - Israel today released another 400 Palestinian prisoners in accordance with the February 8 Sharm el-Sheikh ceasefire agreement with the Palestinian National Authority. The prisoner release had been expected in February, but until now Israel has delayed its promise. Altogether, 900 of 8,500 Palestinians held by Israel have been released since Sharm el-Sheikh, accounting for less than 11 percent of all prisoners held and arrested since the agreement.2/6/2005
The Right to Life Miftah Perspectives - With harsh new realities and facts on the ground in the Occupied Territories, pressure is mounting for the Palestinian National Authority to establish internal peace and gain governmental legitimacy in order to ‘justifiably’ pressure Israel into serious negotiations and to put an end to this decades-old conflict. But recent means to this end have been very controversial, escalating internal tensions and creating new types of resistances. 15/6/2005
Film Review: "Soraida, A Woman of Palestine"Jenny Gheith- The Electronic Intifada - Soraida, A Woman of Palestine (2004) is an outstanding documentary by Egyptian-born Tahani Rached. Rached, who has directed many documentaries that focus on the condition of women in the Middle East, compellingly turns her camera on Soraida Abed Hussein and her close circle of friends and family who live in Ramallah. 15/6/2005
Assassinations, rockets and postponed electionsJoharah Baker - Palestine Report - THE TEETERING calm in the Palestinian territories was stretched to breaking point this week when Israeli troops assassinated an Islamic Jihad commander and Hamas fired several Qassam rockets into Israeli areas from the Gaza Strip. The political process was also disrupted with President Mahmoud Abbas announcing that Legislative Council elections would be postponed indefinitely while thousands of Israeli Jews descended on Jerusalem’s Old City on the occasion of “Jerusalem Day.” 8/6/2005
Conference Critiques Negotiation Tactics of Palestinians and IsraelisReport on a Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Oslo Peace Process" that attempted to enunciate to the public a more in-depth understanding of the failure of the negotiations that took place at Camp David in the year 2000 and, more broadly, the Oslo peace process.15/6/2005
Abu Mazen Is RightJames Zogby - - "If the US were to become a partner in the Palestinian quest for freedom, it could help to transform Israeli behavior.." 15/6/2005
A Two-State Solution is No SolutionMazin Qumsiyeh - Palestine Chronicle - "But, like in South Africa, Israeli society is changing and pressures from outside are building.." 15/6/2005
Gaza Withdrawal and Newton`s Law of PhysicsAm Johal - Palestine Chronicle - "Without Sharon initiating the Disengagement Plan, the rest of the dominoes would not topple.." 6/6/2005
The Palestinian resistance shall live as long as the occupation livesRamzy Baroud - Khaleej Times - THEY say that if you don’t learn from history, you will be condemned to repeat it. This could not be truer when one contrasts the destinies of the Native Americans and the Palestinian people. The determination and defiance of both groups, under dire circumstances, cannot be matched. Likewise, the mistreatment and the commonality in tactics and principles implemented by their invaders seem uncanny. 15/6/2005
Zionism or Destruction? Shai Binyamini - is calling on Religious Zionism to decide whether it is disengaging from the State. 14/6/2005
Call for boycotting Palestinian-Israeli Cooperation in the Health sector - Pros and Cons 20 Palestinian civil society organizations called for boycotting cooperation with Israeli institutions and NGO`s that are complicit with the occupation. The call elicited an interesting Palestinian- Israeli exchange of views between Prof Zvi Bentwich, Dr. Rita Giacaman, Kareem Azab, Salwa Mustapha and Yehudith Harel. You are invited to send us your comments.16/6/2005
U.S. Boosts Charges Against Defense AnalystJerry Markon - The Washington Post - Federal prosecutors announced upgraded charges yesterday against a Defense Department analyst accused of disclosing government secrets, saying for the first time that Lawrence Franklin conspired to give classified information to a foreign government.14/6/2005
When Palestinian mortars kill Palestinian workers Ghassan Andoni - IMEMC - Two Palestinian and a Chinese worker were killed last week, when a group of resistance operatives fired a mortar shell at the Gaza Strip settlement of Gani Tal. The assailants were Palestinians as well were most of the victims. Nothing can point to the Gaza Strip dilemma more than this incident. 13/6/2005
Women without a state and without an armyHedva Eyal - Ynet - Going out onto the street is like going to battle. Sometimes the enemy is inside the house. But we don’t have an army, and the Cabinet does not discuss this war. 14/6/2005
A lexicon of occupation terminology - the language launderyHava Halevi, from the yearly report of MachsomWatch - "David Grossman, in his book The Yellow Wind , writes as follows in the chapter named for what Amos Elon has termed ‘The Word Laundry’.. gradually, a new tongue is emerging, composed of words that have been pressed into special service, traitorous words that have shed their true meaning, words that no longer describe reality, but attempt, instead, to conceal it. "13/6/2005
Thomas Friedman`s Imaginary WorldAlexander Cockburn - Counter Punch - If it`s Monday, it must be Bangalore. Thomas Friedman`s back in India and the mysterious subcontinent exercises its usual sorcery on the wandering pundit, eliciting paragraphs of ecstatic drivel, as it has from so many Times-men. 10/6/2005
Enthusiastic Towards Hamas, Why Now?Daoud Al-Sharian - Al-Hayat - Talks on the American Administration’s willingness to hold discussions with some, who are politically connected to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), are once again in the picture. 12/6/2005
Tranquility… Where To?Maher Othman - Al-Hayat - It seems that whatever Israel does or will do, the head of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, will remain totally convinced about the necessity of “protecting the tranquility”, which he had agreed to maintain with the Palestinian factions and with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, during their meeting in Sharm EL Sheikh on the 8th of last February.12/6/2005
The Myth of Incitement in Palestinian TextbooksThe Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education - Response to Allegation against Palestinian Schoolbooks - There has been a flood of accusations for several years over the content of Palestinian textbooks - that the textbooks incite children to hatred and violence towards Israeli Jews, and fail to promote the values of peace, tolerance and coexistence. In this paper there is an attempt to refute these allegations. - 12/6/2005
Rights group blasts delay parliamentary electionsAccording to a presidential decree issued on 8 January 2005, one day before the Palestinian presidential elections, by then interim President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Rawhi Fattouh, the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) would be held on 17 July 2005. However, holding the PLC elections was postponed after a new decree was issued by the elected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on 3 June 2005.12/6/2005
Jaffaizing - Jerusalem Attorney Daniel Seidemann - Y-Net - While Sharon is busy Jaffa-izing the city, demography and geography are thwarting his vision11/6/2005
Yearning for big attacksUdi Hirsh - Wallah - "A war will unite us and give our lives meaning"11/6/2005
They are afraid: On the relationship of Jews in Israel to the Palestinian refugees Eitan Bronstein - Presentation at the Tel Aviv University Conference on `Zionism: Ideology vs. Reality` - The Israeli Jew and the refugee belong here. Indeed, in very different ways, but both have a sense of belonging to the place, often to the very same geographical site. 3/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to USA - Al-Quds - "President Abbas calls for calm", "Worshippers under 45 not allowed into the Aqsa Mosques"; Injuries and arrests during a march against the wall in Salfit; Al Ayyam - "96 Palestinian women delivered babies at checkpoints"; Dahlan - "Settlements will lead to a third Intifada"; AP - "U.S. vets seek `war crime` probe of 1967 Israeli Army attack on USS Liberty "11/6/2005
Israeli Politicians recommend release of BarghouthGeorge Rismawi, IMEMC & Agencies - "Senior Israeli politicians recommended the cabinet to release the Palestinian lawmaker Marwan Barghouthi, jailed in Israel since April 2002, Israeli sources reported."11/6/2005
Teetering on the edgeGraham Usher - Al Aharam Weekly - Lauded abroad, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is assailed at home, writes Graham Usher in Jerusalem 10/6/2005
Palestinian groups get role in Gaza pulloutDaily Star staff - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas offered Hamas and Islamic Jihad a role in coordination Israel`s withdrawal from Gaza, thus winning a pledge from resistance groups to maintain a shaky truce. Trying to shore up his position in Gaza, Abbas took concrete steps to bring Palestinian groups on board, but there was a price. 10/6/2005
Call Upon Israeli AcademicsEuropean Jews for a Just Peace - Being a part of the international solidarity movement supporting the human and political rights of Israelis and Palestinians alike, calls upon Israeli academics to boycott the continuing presence of the Israeli army on Palestinian territory. 10/6/2005
The Palestinian refugees in LebanonMiddle East Roundtable - - The Palestiniam Refugees in Lebanon, By Hillel Frisch; Pawns, victims, and an obstacle to peace, by Riad Kahwaji; From neglect to participation, by Karma Nabulsi; The first priority - an interview Saji Salameh 9/6/2005
Blood Vengeance Breaking the Silence - Collection of recent publications 9/6/2005
Beyond the Horizon: HamasHaim Baram - Hagada Hasmolit - The entire national consensus in Israel, including the doves and those who call themselves the Zionist left, is based on the automatic enlistment of every Israeli in the war that the global right is waging against Islam. In order to improve this situation, there must be a total change in positions of the liberal public in Israel with regard to Islam. The point of departure must be leftist. 9/6/2005
Israel resumes assassination of PalestiniansReport on the resumption of targeted assassinations, extra judicial killings of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces. This policy is in contradistinction to the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949, to which Israel is a signatory.9/6/2005
Al Bustan, SilwanProfessor David Shulman - Taayush / Hacampus-lo-shotek - "A few days ago the municipality stuck demolition notices on 88 houses in this neighborhood; some 1500 innocent people are about to lose everything. The ostensible rationale is the creation of an archaeological park in the heart of this Arab quarter. The truth, of course, is very different: this is the creation of another Jewish island in East Jerusalem, a new settlement carved by brute coercion on this densely inhabited slope."9/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 8.6.2005Palestinian Mission to USA - Al-Quds - "Three martyrs, including Al-Quds Brigades Commander"; "Desecration of Quran in Megiddo prison"; "M. Barghouti affirms the need for PLC elections in 2005"; Al Ayyam - " Abu Mazen to meet with Straw and then heads to Gaza"; "The PA rejects railway link between West Bank and Gaza" 9/6/2005
The three monkeys of Israeli mediaEve Sabbagh - Palestine Report -According to Levy, in Israel there is a sort of unspoken collusion by which journalists don’t want to write, editors don’t want to publish and the public doesn’t want to read about the situation in the occupied territories. "In Israel there is strong self-censorship on behalf of the media, which is much more dangerous than any government or military censorship." 9/6/2005
Anglican Council To Weigh DivestmentWashington Post - "Leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion are scheduled to consider a proposal to follow the Presbyterian Church (USA) in divesting from companies doing business with Israelis who "support the occupation of Palestinian lands." "9/6/2005
Sharon’s Gaza “Disengagement” Plan - Two Different ViewsUri Avneri and Mohammed Omer present their different and diffeing views regarding the prospects of the disengagement and of what one may expect of it5/6/2005
Fresh clashes rattle Palestinian-Israeli truceDaily Star staff - British foreign secretary tries to calm worries over diplomats` talks with Hamas 8/6/2005
Straw confirms British contact with Hamas Despite official Israeli criticism, Foreign Minister Straw has met twice with elected officials linked to the non-military wing of Hamas during his two-day visit to the region to boost the Road Map. 7/6/2005
My grandpa’s right of returnRamzy Baroud - Khaleej Times - "Ramzy, I must admit it, it’s so hard being a Palestinian these days.." That’s how a friend of mine, ended a distressing message to me a few months back. I recall her words often, as often I recall my grandfather who died in a refugee camp’s mud home, away from his village and land. 7/6/2005
Israel`s Identity CrisisAluf Benn - Salon - For decades, Israelis have put off facing a simple question: Is Israel a Jewish state, or a state of all its citizens? But with Palestinians soon to become a majority, the issue can no longer be ducked. 7/6/2005
Self-defeating behaviourMichael Jansen - The Jordan Times - On June 5, 1967, Israel changed the political geography of the Middle East by occupying the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip and two thirds of the Syrian Golan. The victory was greeted in the West as a great victory of the young Israeli David over a gigantic Arab Goliath who was bent on destroying the Jewish state. Israel`s victory was celebrated in the columns of many Western newspapers. 5/6/2005
Israeli Jewish hearts under siegeRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - Sponsors of people-to-people encounter programmes that aim to foster dialogue between the Israelis and Palestinians insist on political correctness. They demand, absurdly, that no judgements be made, and that the pain of the occupier and the pain of the occupied be given equal weight. 7/6/2005
Israeli Jewish hearts under siegeRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - Sponsors of people-to-people encounter programmes that aim to foster dialogue between the Israelis and Palestinians insist on political correctness. They demand, absurdly, that no judgements be made, and that the pain of the occupier and the pain of the occupied be given equal weight. 2/6/2005
Israeli Jewish hearts under siegeRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - Sponsors of people-to-people encounter programmes that aim to foster dialogue between the Israelis and Palestinians insist on political correctness. They demand, absurdly, that no judgements be made, and that the pain of the occupier and the pain of the occupied be given equal weight. 2/6/2005
Outcry over boycott-breakerKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - Palestinian University lecturers unanimously condemn Al-Quds University President Sari Nusseibah, reports Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank 5/6/2005
Israeli ApartheidJamal Juma - Al-Ahram Weekly - reporting on the World Bank, international aid and the Bantustanisation of Palestine 7/6/2005
Le Monde editor `defamed Jews`Jon Henley in Paris - The Guardian - A French appeal court has found the editor-in-chief of Le Monde and the authors of an opinion piece in the paper guilty of "racial defamation" against Israel and the Jewish people. 4/6/2005
The 1949 lines or the 1967 lines Bitterlemons Weekly Discussion - Ghassan Khatib - Yossi Alpher - Samih El Abed - Ruth Lapidoth7/6/2005
Closure, confiscation, connivance and cupidity Part 5 Jerry Levin - CPT - From The Inside Looking Out: Report-55 - one afternoon in a Palestinian House in the the Hebron Old City6/6/2005
The only basis for compromiseGhassan Khatib - - "Without the green line the parties will simply fail to agree on another basis for negotiations over two states."6/6/2005
The Palestinian National Initiative: the decision taken about the revocation of the date of the Legislative Elections hurts the democratic processAl Mubadara - The Palestinian National Initiative refuses the Palestinian National Authority’s decision to delay the date of the Legislative Elections, fixed for the 17th of July without establishing a new date, with indignation. 6/6/2005
Why Ridley Scott`s story of the Crusades struck such a chord in a Lebanese cinemaRobert Fisk - The Independent - See it if you haven`t. I came away realising why - despite the murder of Beirut`s bravest journalist on Friday - there probably will not be a civil war here again. So if you see "Kingdom of Heaven", when Saladin sets the crucifix back on the altar, remember that deafening applause from the Muslims of Beirut. They wanted Islam to be merciful as well as strong. And they roared their approval above the soundtrack of the film. 6/6/2005
The British Academic Boycott of Israel: The Logic of Sanctions DawnsGabi Baramki - Al Aharam Weekly - On April 22, an important psychological barrier was shattered when the British Association of University Teachers (AUT) decided to boycott Haifa and Bar Ilan Universities because of their "complicity in the racist and colonial" policies of Israel.6/6/2005
Palestinians consumed by `culture of the prison`Rami G. Khouri - Daily Star - Mahdi Abdel-Hadi, respected Palestinian political analyst thinks that the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem are likely to focus heavily on local issues and services in the years ahead, as their major population centers remain isolated from one another and the world. 6/6/2005
Report from the Israel Solidarity Day parade in New York CityMiriam Reik - "As usual, the iconography of the parade`s banners, flags and posters masterfully intertwined [North] American and Israeli themes, reinforcing the oneness of our interests and values."6/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian Press - 1.6.2005 Palestinian Mission to USA - Al Quds - Reelections in Rafah, Al Bureij and Bet Lahia delayed; Israel-Arab countries document prepared by he EU; Reconciliation meeting between Abu Mazen and Qaddumi; Al-Ayyam - The occupation started a scheme to demolish 88 homes in Silwan; Call for mass break in on Aqsa Mosque on June 62/6/2005
Playing with fireMeir Margalit - the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions - "the Jerusalem municipality wants to demolish a neighbourhood with 88 houses in Silwan village and to expel 1,000 Palestinian residents"2/6/2005
Mahmoud Abbas` Mission ImprobableMahmoud Abbas` Mission Improbable - MERIP - Renewed, if somewhat less euphoric talk of a historic opportunity for Middle East peace accompanied Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas both heading to and returning from his May 26, 2005 summit with President George W. Bush at the White House. Yet the opportunity, of which much has been written since Abbas` victory in a presidential poll in January, is primarily remarkable for the absence of any plan for exploiting it. 1/6/2005
Freedom vs. "Academic" Freedom: The AUT BoycottOmar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki - On May 26, the Association of University Teachers (AUT) in Britain reversed its previous decision - taken on April 22 - to boycott Israeli universities. Intimidation and bullying aside, no tool was as persistently used, abused and bandied about as much as the claim that academic boycott infringes on academic freedom.1/6/2005
A Costly FriendshipPatrick Seale - The Nation - Much of the talk in Europe these days--in newspaper offices, at dinner parties, in foreign ministries--is about how the United States and Britain were conned into going to war against Iraq, or perhaps how they conned the rest of us into believing that they had good reasons for doing so. It is now widely suspected that the war was a fraud, but who perpetuated the fraud and on whom? 2/6/2005
Poverty: the meeting ground between Arab and Jewish women in IsraelMichal Schwartz - Challenge - The women in Tel Aviv and Nazareth seem at a glance to be poles apart. In Tel Aviv they dress to kill. They study and work in a wide range of fields. They go “out on the town” till the wee small hours. They seem, in short, liberated. By contrast, many women in Nazareth, especially the married ones, cover their heads and wear traditional dress. Very few work outside the home. Even fewer attend university. Their social life is confined to family and neighbors. 2/6/2005
The Gaza Withdrawal and Newton`s Law of PhysicsAm Johal - The Palestine Monitor - On the week that marks the Israeli pre-emptive strike against Egypt, Syria and Jordan and its occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Gaza, the Golan Heights and the Sinai peninsula in 1967, it is in East Jerusalem and the West Bank where settlement expansion continues under Sharon`s leadership. 7/6/2005
Violence as Reconciliation Idan Landu - Ynet / Yedioth Ahronoth - Reconciliation, by official order: An advertising campaign presenting tanks and soccer fans. The Arabs are excluded from this picture, as are women. When reconciliation is by fiat, it crushes teachers, workers, and old people, too. 2/6/2005
The Road MapA Cartoon - The International Herald Tribune2/6/2005
With resolveHa`aretz Editorial - If there is one thing that all Israel Defense Forces chiefs of staff since the occupation began have had in common, it is their warm and forgiving attitude toward law-breaking settlers.3/6/2005
Parting shotsAri Shavit - Ha`aretz Magazine - On the eve of his departure as chief of staff, Lieutenant General Moshe (`Bogey`) Ya`alon has a number of harsh messages to convey: There will be no two-state solution. There will be no stability. A renewed wave of terror is liable to follow the disengagement. The Palestinian threat is an existential one. Israel is and will remain a `society of struggle.`3/6/2005
They are afraid: On the relationship of Jews in Israel to the Palestinian refugeesEitan Bronstein - Presentation at the Tel Aviv University Conference on "Zionism: Ideology vs. Reality" - The Israeli Jew and the refugee belong here. Indeed, in very different ways, but both have a sense of belonging to the place, often to the very same geographical site. The Israeli Jew has a sense of ownership of the land and a high degree of intimacy with the culture, the language, that was created here since the founding of the state, while the Palestinian refugee longs for his own place, feels uprooted from his place as a result of what he can only see as a violent and immoral act, that intensifies his sense of connection to this place, to Palestine. 3/6/2005
The art of waitingAzmi Bishara - Al Ahram Weekly - A Palestinian national project is pretending to be a state and imitating Israeli rituals of statehood, but without a state. But where is liberation? 3/6/2005
The art of waitingAzmi Bishara - Al Ahram Weekly - A Palestinian national project is pretending to be a state and imitating Israeli rituals of statehood, but without a state. But where is liberation? 3/6/2005
Targeting the universityJoseph Massad - Al-Ahram Weekly - Having usurped political power the far right has now set its sight on sabotaging the academic world 3/6/2005
Low expectations Samir Ghattas - Al Ahram Weekly - The Palestinian president`s trip to the US was not a failure, but then neither was it a victory3/6/2005
Time to admit it is only gravelHasan Abu Nimah - The Electronic Intifada -"Mahmoud Abbas has just completed a "successful" visit to Washington. He expressed great satisfaction with the results, and comparing what he had expected to what he had achieved, he must be right. But what benefits the visit did bring the Palestinians is a different matter: simply nothing. " 3/6/2005
Sharon to meet Abbas in JerusalemAFP - Al Jazeera - political negotiations go on, as violence erupts between Palestinians in Ramallah4/6/2005
`Halutz: You Have Blood On Your Wings!`Gush Shalom - a demonstration against the appointment of the murderer Dan Halutz as Israeli military Chief of Staff4/6/2005
The Bogyman Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - A discussion of the failure of the outgoing Israeli Chief of Staff: "Yaalon was a very small captain. At best, the Israeli army finished the `war` with a draw. It did not find an answer to the mortar shells and the Qassam rockets, it was compelled to accept an unofficial cease-fire it did not want. In a confrontation between a mighty army and small underground organizations, a draw is a big failure for the C-o-S."4/6/2005
National and Civil equality are the building blocks of true Peace and ReconciliationYehudith Harel - Occupation Magazine - We are commemorating today the Naksa, the 5th of June, 38 years of a cruel Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip and 57 years of the Palestinian Nakba and displacement in 1948.5/6/2005
Breaking through at Marda Adam Keller - TOI - "Where are you going?" asked the soldier at the checkpoint in the West Bank entrance. "To Ariel" said Teddy Katz who sat behind the driver of the mini-bus, and we were waved through. Indeed, this highway was made mainly in order to serve the rapidly growing settlement of Ariel, twenty three kilometres deep into the West Bank. 5/6/2005
Call for Action: Bil`in community leaders victimized Gush Shalom - During the forcible dispersion of the latest demonstration against "The Separation Fence", held at at Bil`in Village on Friday June 17, three Israelis and two Palestinians were detained. Please send protest letters (addresses enclosed) 20/6/2005
Ending Israeli Occupation Precondition for Disarming: PAInterview with Nasser El-Qidwa - Palestinian Minister of foreign Affairs - PMC - The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) confirmed its commitment to maintain the ceasefire and to facilitate the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip, planned for mid-August. 17/6/2005
In Israel, Rice clears Gaza hurdleJoshua Mitnick - Christian Science Monitor - The secretary of State Sunday called on Israel and the Palestinians to cooperate on withdrawal. Some of the 1,200 red-roofed settler homes in 21 Jewish settlements will be demolished to make way for high-rise apartments before the land is handed over to Palestinian control, Ms. Rice confirmed at a press conference. 20/6/2005
Is Hamas planning the inconceivable?Khaled Haroub - The Daily Star - Will the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sit at the same negotiating table in the near future? Yesterday`s inconceivable fantasies may become tomorrow`s realities, regarding developments in Hamas. In a series of historic decisions over the past few months, the organization has decided to run for Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections in the West Bank and Gaza, put on hold all militant operations along with other Palestinian factions, and seriously consider joining the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). 20/6/2005
Throwing America a Life PreserverMichael Scheuer - - Professor Robert Pape`s brilliant new book Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism gives Americans an urgently needed basis for devising a strategy to defeat Osama bin Laden and other Islamist militants. 10/6/2005
No repeat of the Algerian solutionYezid Sayigh - The Guardian - When Mahmoud Abbas was elected president of the Palestinian Authority in January, President Bush offered this as evidence of the march of democracy across the Middle East triggered by the US invasion of Iraq. But Palestinian democracy is about to suffer a serious setback unless Abbas, backed by the US administration and the EU, acts decisively to protect it. The west must support Palestinian elections, even if they boost Hamas.10/6/2005
The only game in townAzmi Bishara - Mahsom - "Regarding the people of Silwan, “the only game in town” is the demolition of their houses."10/6/2005
Support for Gaza pullout slumps as ex-Shin Beth chief fears for Israeli PMCharly Wegman - Agence France Presse - A new poll Friday showed support for the Gaza Strip pullout is ebbing, as the former head of Israel`s domestic security service warned that a Jewish suicide bomber could target Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to stop the withdrawal. 10/6/2005
US should support all democracy, no matter whom it brings to powerHelena Cobban - The Christian Science Monitor - Should Americans and their leaders be pushing for greater democratization in the Middle East even if this process risks bringing to power parties - including avowedly Islamist parties - that seem strongly opposed to US policies? 9/6/2005
Antisemitism Conference Loses Its Sharp FocusMarc Perelman - Forward - Diplomatic efforts to fight antisemitism in Europe appeared to suffer a setback this week, as a region-wide conference drafted a declaration lumping the age-old prejudice with Islamophobia and racism. 10/6/2005
Iran Sanction Bill Loses Momentum As Administration Presses DiplomacyOri Nir - Forward - WASHINGTON - The pro-Israel lobby`s top legislative priority - a bill aimed at tightening sanctions on Iran - is losing momentum in Congress now that the Bush administration is urging congressional leaders to hold off in favor of diplomatic efforts to quell Tehran`s nuclear ambitions. 10/6/2005
Straw tells Palestinians: You hold key to peace, not the IsraelisChris McGreal - The Guardian - The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, told Palestinian leaders in Ramallah yesterday that the creation of a Palestinian state was in their own hands, whatever the intentions of the Israeli government. Mr Straw brushed aside a growing belief among Palestinian politicians that Ariel Sharon has no desire to return to peace negotiations after the withdrawal of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip in the autumn. 10/6/2005
Israel warned it could provoke third intifadaDonald MacIntyre - The Independent - A key Palestinian cabinet minister has claimed that Israel`s refusal to give detailed answers on Gaza disengagement was threatening to make the planned withdrawal a "failure" and pave the way to a third Palestinian uprising. 10/6/2005
Separation to the foreMustafa Barghouti - Al Aharam Weekly - Palestine took an important step towards building a democratic system when it held presidential, local and legislative elections. Combined, they set a democratic precedent in the region. The preparations for local and legislative elections signalled the beginnings of the journey towards democracy from which there can be no return. 10/6/2005
Giving Chutzpah New MeaningJon Wiener - The Nation - What do you do when somebody wants to publish a book that says you`re completely wrong? If you`re Alan Dershowitz, the prominent Harvard law professor, and the book is Norman Finkelstein`s Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, you write the governor of California and suggest that he intervene with the publisher--because the publisher is the University of California Press, which conceivably might be subject to the power of the governor. 23/6/2005
Church may blacklist firms over Israeli `occupation`Jonathan Petre - The Telegraph - The Anglican Church is expected to back a report tomorrow urging it to disinvest in companies that "support the occupation" of Palestinian lands.25/6/2005
Quartet sees `urgent need` for Gaza pullout cooperationThe Jordan Times - LONDON (AFP) — The "Quartet" of diplomatic powers seeking Middle East peace stressed Thursday the "urgent need" for Israel and the Palestinians to coordinate the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip. 24/6/2005
“It is a holy book” : This is how “Siah Lohamim” was censored and cooked Yediot Ahronot (Shiv’a Yamim supplement) 3 June 2005 14/6/2005
Women without an army or a state Hedva Eyal - Ynet/Yediot Ahronot - there is another war going on in Israel: a war against women. But in Israel, "security" does not include women. 14/6/2005
Living in the Fourth ReichGary Steven Corseri - 14/6/2005
Palestinian Factions in Lebanon and Syria plan moving offices to Gaza IMEMC & Agencies - A senior Palestinian source reported on Monday that leaders of Hamas and other Palestinian factions based in Lebanon and Syria are planning to move to the Gaza Strip after the Israeli withdrawal.27/6/2005
A better strategy for the Palestinian AuthorityAnalysis of Abbas` strategy which is based on Palestinian renunciation of all forms of anti-Israel violence, even in self-defence.Abu Nimah asserts that appeasement will not promote Palestinian interests pacifism, and proposes an alternative strategy of mass resistance.16/6/2005
The missing dialogueHasan Abu Nimah - The Jordan Times - In Palestinian-Israeli politics, Israel remembers that there are certain mutual understandings used to manage the troubled relationship only when Palestinians take actions that anger the Israelis.15/6/2005
Egypt leads drive to curb Hamas poll successSimon Tisdall in Cairo - The Guardian - Egypt is leading behind-the-scenes efforts to curb further ballotbox successes by the militant Palestinian group Hamas in planned parliamentary elections in Gaza and the West Bank. 15/6/2005
Today’s News Headlines Translated from Palestinian PressPalestinian Mission to USA - Al-Quds - PM Qurei on security, J-m, Abbas-Sharon meeting; Al-Hayat Al-Jadida - Occupation Authorities to erect a wall sector to annex Gush Atzion; Settlers celebrate expansion of Sanour; Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey poll15/6/2005
Mahmoud Abbas` Mission ImprobableMouin Rabbani and Chris Toensing - MERIP - Renewed, if somewhat less euphoric talk of a historic opportunity for Middle East peace accompanied Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas both heading to and returning from his May 26, 2005 summit with President George W. Bush at the White House. Yet the opportunity, of which much has been written since Abbas` victory in a presidential poll in January, is primarily remarkable for the absence of any plan for exploiting it. - 1/6/2005
We do not need sympathy or compassion; we need the solidarity of free men and women with clear political positions; We need justice and liberty.Salwa Mustapha - Ramallah, Occupied Palestine - Comments on some Israeli responses to the Palestinian Open Letter Calling to boycott certain Joint Palestinian-Israeli Health projects. 15/6/2005
Palestinian Authority takes anti-corruption steps Wafa Amr - Reuters - The Palestinian attorney general said on Tuesday he had instructed police to detain several former Palestinian Authority officials over alleged financial mismanagement, in a rare move against suspected corruption. 28/6/2005
38 YEARS LATER - And there is no peace. There is no security.Gush Shalom ad published in Ha`aretz, June 3, 2005 2/6/2005
Confronting Halutz in the Israeli streets Gush-Shalom - "The new army chief is the notorious Dan Halutz, who as Air Force commander took public responsibility for the dropping of a one-ton bomb on Gaza, with the aim of assassinating Hamas leader Shehade and the result of killing all of Shaeda’s neighbours as well... This is the man who will be making life-and-death decisions in this country and this entire region for the next three years at least…" 2/6/2005
Gaza Disengagement: Ongoing DisplacementBADIL - Press release - The Gaza Strip will continue to be occupied territory even after disengagement. But the problems with disengagement do not stop at the Gaza border, says the editorial in the current issue of al-Majdal. 2/6/2005
Palestinian Prisoners, the Ever Bleeding Wound IMEMC Staff - Editorial - According to Human Rights Organizations, Red Cross, and Israeli jail authority reports, around 28,000 Palestinians were detained since September 2000, around 7500 of them are still held behind bars. 1/6/2005
Abdul-Rahman: “Fatah will face its challenges with free democracy” Interviewed by: Palestine News Network - Ahmad Abdul-Rahman, head of the political committee of the Fatah revolutionary council, the political advisor of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said that the movement is persistent to achieve democracy, in spite of the challenges it is facing. 6/6/2005
Train contiguity IMEMC - "In fact, contiguity was introduced to adjust Palestinians’ right for a free movement within their territories to fit Israel’s security and territorial interests, mainly the hundreds of Jewish settlements, which were established to prevent any territorial contiguity that allows for the emergence of a Palestinian state." 7/6/2005
Commerce Official Urges Compliance with Regulations Opposing Boycott of Israel US Department of Commerce - Bureau of Industry and Security [Look at that - quite unbelievable. The Editor] 18/6/2005
A Colonel admits his crimesJewish Voice for Peace - an appeal the public to write to Col. Tzachi Segev and warn him that he may be arrested for war crimes should he travel abroad18/6/2005
Why is the left supporting disengagement?Yaron Caspi - Walla - The opposition owes its existence to its ability to present another vision, from its ability to function as a real opposition. These are not just empty words, but come from the essence and root of the democratic process. But its support for the disengagement plan has undermined the left`s ability to define itself as a real opposition.17/6/2005
History`s Greatest Reoccuring Hoax: Colonization "For Security Reasons"Rima Merriman - The Electronic Intifada - In Gaza and north of the West Bank, the Israelis are taking down what should never have been put up in the first place (their illegal settlements), all the while muttering, "they haven`t made us do it; we are doing it on our own". On the West Bank, the Israelis are busy constructing what must in future be taken down. It must. 17/6/2005
Palestinian Authority must restore rule of law and respect human rightsPCHR- Report - Electronic Intifada - The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights is gravely concerned at the continued deterioration in internal security as a consequence of the escalation in the misuse of weapons and security chaos. Seven Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy, were killed in less than one week of internal fighting in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). PCHR reiterates its calls for the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to restore law and order and respect for human rights. 17/6/2005
Academic freedom in contextOmar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki - Al-Ahram Weekly - The boycott of Israeli universities remains a moral imperative 17/6/2005
Sharon nixes U.S. request for conference with Rice IMEMC & Agencies - "Israeli army radio reported that Israeli officials are exhibiting lack of enthusiasm regarding the upcoming visit, the Israeli position stems, according to the radio, from criticism by the US administration and EU officials on the level of cooperation Israel is displaying towards the Palestinian Authority. "17/6/2005
Security committee convenes, NATO officials to meet PA George Rishmawi-IMEMC & Agencies - "The Israeli-Palestinian security committee continues its meetings in bid to coordinate the intended Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip, Wednesday night, while the Palestinian Authority is preparing to welcome the U.S. secretary of State Condoleezza rice and also prepare for the upcoming summit meeting between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon next Tuesday. "17/6/2005
Israel`s hoax -- biggest in historyRima Merriman - The Jordan Times - "May courageous leaders see the hoax for what it is and intervene before Israel`s brand of terrorism leads to yet another Intifada. " 17/6/2005
Fateh and Hamas: A coalition in the making?Mahdi Abdul Hadi - Bitterlemons - We are currently witnessing the historic transformation of Hamas from a popular movement based on armed struggle and opposition to the established Palestinian order. Hamas has managed to firmly place itself within that order in a bid to confirm its position, power and legitimacy both inside Palestinian society and outside. 16/6/2005
The good, the bad and the ugly in the Palestinian-Israeli truceKhaled Duzdar - The Daily Star - The good is when the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships share common interests to put an end to violence and conflict. It is when they seriously seek a fair and just peace aiming to put an end to violence and suffering. It is when they seek to reach a better life for their people. It will happen when Israelis and Palestinians successfully reach a two-state solution, living side by side in peace. 2/6/2005
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