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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

2008: The year of Palestine?Roger Hardy -- BBC -- Will 2008 see the creation of a Palestinian state, or will November`s Annapolis peace conference prove another false dawn? 31/12/2007
The Beilin syndromeUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Mephisto, the demon who bought the soul of Faust in Goethe`s monumental drama, describes himself as "a part of that force which always wants the bad and always creates the good." Yossi Beilin, who resigned this week as chairman of the Meretz party, is Mephisto`s opposite: he always wants the good and all too often creates the bad. The settlement blocs" provide a glaring example. It was Beilin who invented this term a dozen years ago. It was included in the unofficial understanding that became known as the "Beilin-Abu-Mazen agreement". The intention was good. Beilin believed that if most settlers were concentrated in several limited areas near the Green Line, the settlers as a whole would agree to a withdrawal from the rest of the West Bank. The actual result was disastrous.30/12/2007
Overblown incitementYizhar Be`er - Maariv/NRG30/12/2007
Hamas in the crosshairsSaleh Al-Naami-Al Ahram-"Hamas will certainly benefit from an Israeli campaign, for Israeli military control of Gaza would transfer responsibility for services and humanitarian needs from Hamas to Israel....Hamas`s successful survival through these upcoming developments will strengthen its legitimacy, and bets will no longer be placed on negotiations with Israel. It is expected that Hamas will have learned from the lesson, and that following the military campaign against the Strip, it will work to put an end to the PA in its present form and make the world shoulder its responsibilities towards the Palestinians."28/12/2007
A Peace-killing Linkage, De-linkageNicola Nasser - Arabic Media Internet Media - "Linking the “aliyah” to what the Jewish literature has been describing as Eretz Israel or Yisrael HaShleima (Greater Israel) to the Israeli colonial settlement of the Palestinian land, which the Hebrew state occupied in 1967, while at the same time negating the Palestinian Right of Return, is torpedoing whatever prospect is left for a peaceful solution for the Arab – Israeli conflict, undermining the latest U.S.-sponsored launch of the Palestinian - Israeli talks in Annapolis and further splintering, so far politically, the only viable Palestinian partner to Israel in any viable peace process, namely the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)." 27/12/2007
A Fierce Independent Against Despotisms of Every Sort: Thinking of Edward SaidTariq Ali - the Counterpunch25/12/2007
Politicising Gaza`s miseryRamzy Baroud - ZMag - If the media mentions Gaza at all, it does so in a politicised context. For example: three militants killed by Israeli missiles; Israeli army says militants were on their way to fire rockets into Israel; Hamas leader remains defiant, and so on. Much of the coverage is now focussed only on augmenting the sins of Hamas, whereby every single conduct or misconduct is blown out of proportion. The bottom line is that whatever suffering Gazans endure, it is caused by the Hamas militant menace and their "forces of darkness".23/12/2007
"Bad for the Jews"Eric Alterman - The Nation - Today`s topic is the paradox of American Jewish political behavior: they think like enlightened liberals yet allow belligerent right-wingers and neocons who frequently demonize, distort and denounce their values to speak for them in the US political arena. 23/12/2007
Help! A ceasefire!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - FORGET THE Qassams. Forget the mortar shells. They are nothing compared with what Hamas launched at us this week: The chief of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, has approached an Israeli newspaper and proposed a cease-fire. The military leadership exploded in anger. Who does he think he is, that bastard? That he can stop us with such dirty tricks?23/12/2007
Wishful thinkingKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - The Paris Donor Conference may make the Palestinian Authority richer but it cannot improve the economy of a no-state under Israeli occupation22/12/2007
Prerequisites for peaceMustafa Barghouthi - Baltimore Sun - We have made our most generous offer in agreeing to establish our sovereign state in the West Bank and Gaza, together only 23 percent of historical Palestine. This is roughly half of what the United Nations allocated for us some 60 years ago. We have already more than made our historical compromise with Israel. Compromising the compromise risks leaving us with a shell state. If the two-state solution becomes impossible, future Palestinian leaders may be compelled to demand equal rights within one state. It behooves Israel to hasten toward a two-state solution. 22/12/2007
Collective punishment beginsMarian Houk-Al Ahram-"Both Dor Alon and the Israel Electric Company are being paid by the Israeli Ministry of Finance from withheld Palestinian revenue. These blocked Palestinian funds are taxes and customs duties collected under the terms of the Oslo Accords on behalf of the Palestinian Authority by Israel, but now retained -- ostensibly due to Hamas`s 2006 electoral victory -- and only sporadically released to the now Fatah-controlled PA."21/12/2007
Israel’s Dilemma in Response to RocketsSteven Erlanger-NY Times-“For a long time, there’s been an understanding that the situation is intolerable, and it’s impossible for the government to go on doing nothing and be seen to be doing nothing,” ... “But security professionals understand well that they don’t have a rich menu of options here. The choices range from bad to very bad.”21/12/2007
At-Tuwani: Clearing the LandJan Benvie-Christian Peacemaker team-"Many Palestinians, like the Scottish Highlanders, have no papers proving land ownership. Some ownership papers are in the name of great-great grandfathers, and the Israeli courts do not accept their legality. The Israeli government has simply taken Palestinian land for Israeli settlements and roads. As in the Highlands, the ‘victors’ have used pseudo legal means to steal land."21/12/2007
The end of Israel? Hannah Mermelstein - The Electronic Intifada - "The Prime Minister of Israel is currently trying to negotiate a "two-state solution" specifically because he realizes that if he doesn`t, Palestinians might begin to demand, en masse, equal rights to Israelis. Furthermore, he worries, the world might begin to see Israel as an apartheid state. In actuality, most of the world already sees Israel this way, but Olmert is worried that even Israel`s most ardent supporters will begin to catch up with the rest of the world." 20/12/2007
A Christmas Reflection on PalestineSONJA KARKAR- Counterpunch - "A dangerous Christian ideology which endorses the rhetoric of Zionism and the conquest of all Palestine for Israel is making its presence felt in Australia. This Christian fervour for Israel has found expression in a revitalised Christian Zionism that began back in the sixteenth century [3] and is directed today against Islam and Muslims."20/12/2007
The demographic argument is inherently racist Hanan Ashrawi - in an interview with Bitterlemons - "This issue of the Jewishness of the state came up recently mainly because of the so-called demographic issue--which to me is an inherently racist issue--which became the central motivation for the two-state solution among the Israeli right, including Ariel Sharon. The fear of the demographic balance, projections for the birthrate and so on, led people to this position, and now Israel wants to ensure that there is always a Jewish majority." 20/12/2007
Hamas offer for peace rejected by IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who just hours earlier declared “war on Gaza”, refused to acknowledge an offer for peace made by the deposed Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya." 20/12/2007
Struggle for equalityNadia Hijab and Victoria Brittain - Comment is free - "A one state solution might be the fairest outcome for Israel and Palestine. But first Palestinians must focus on securing their basic rights." 19/12/2007
Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill at least 10 Palestinian militantsSteven Erlanger - IHT - "Despite the lethality and accuracy of the Israeli airstrikes, however, Israel still has no effective military answer to the problem of rockets from Gaza." 19/12/2007
Mofaz: Israel would accept `mediation` with HamasKHALED ABU TOAMEH - J-lem Post - "Mofaz`z comments came after senior Fatah officials claimed Tuesday that a "secret deal" was keeping Israel from killing top Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip." 19/12/2007
Nothing left of Annapolis B. Michael - Ynet - "The arrest routine in the West Bank is flourishing again. The roadblocks have not been moved even an inch."19/12/2007
The Honor of Being Human: Why Do You Support? Arthur Silber addressing the question of obedience.18/12/2007
Managing the occupation Lamis Andoni - Al Jazeera - "while the Paris meeting may have recognised the urgency of the deteriorating humanitarian situation, the political subtext of the donors` financial pledges will only feed the internal strife and enable Israel to manage, not end, the occupation." 18/12/2007
Issa Khalaf: The No-State SolutionIssa Khalaf -- The Palestine Chronicle -- The one state solution is a massive fantasy, not because its political analysis and moral assumptions are necessarily wrong, but because these assumptions necessarily ascribe rational motives and behavior to Zionism17/12/2007
Thanks, But No Thanks -- Why a Palestinian "State" is a Punitive ConstructAhmad Samih Khalidi -- CounterPunch -- "It is very unclear how an independent state can be built on the spears of the very force that is occupying it. Or how state institutions can be constructed while the occupation continues to determine every aspect of Palestinian life"17/12/2007
To die with the Philistines?Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - It is no accident that both intifadas started in Gaza. (The first, exactly 20 years ago this week, broke out when an Israeli truck collided with two cars full of Palestinian workers, which Palestinians took to be a deliberate Israeli reprisal. The second exploded after Ariel Sharon`s provocative visit to the Temple Mount, when Israeli policemen shot and killed outraged Muslim protesters.) The Hamas movement itself, which is today celebrating its 20th anniversary, was born - also no accident - in Gaza. No wonder that our army chiefs shrink back from re-conquering the Gaza Strip. They do not relish the idea of playing the role of the Lords of the Philistines in the story of the Palestinian Samson.16/12/2007
Privatizing ZionismNeve Gordon, Erez Tzfadia - Commondreams - For less than four dollars an hour, the Jewish teenagers removed furniture, clothes, kitchenware and toys from the homes and loaded them on to trucks. As they worked diligently alongside the many policemen who had come to secure the destruction of 30 houses in two unrecognised Bedouin villages, Bedouin teenagers stood by watching their homes being emptied.16/12/2007
Strangling GazaCesar Chelala - Commondreams - It could, rightfully, be a cause of shame to the world. But the world, besieged by violence and injustice, hardly notices it. The people of Gaza, 1.4 million of them, are slowly and purposely being deprived of basic foods and medicines by the so called civilized countries in the West and there is hardly a protest.16/12/2007
Sderot, the High Court of Justice, and ZionismMeir Margalit - Occupation Magazine - If anyone still requires evidence of the failure of Zionism, they need only examine the response of the State to the suit submitted to the High Court of Justice by residents of Sderot who were requesting that the government fortify their houses16/12/2007
Israel and the bombAn e-mail correspondence between Occupation Magazine and Dr. Fania Oz-Salzberger on the question of Iran, Israel and nuclear weapons16/12/2007
Move to the Galilee Yair Lapid - Ynet News - This article exposes the Jewish supremacy thinking of a quite average mainstream "liberal" [ed.] 15/12/2007
PFLP urges Fatah to talk with HamasAP - Jerusalem Post/Ma`an News Agency - Maher Taher, the representative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Damascus, said the Annapolis meeting was aimed at fueling internal Palestinian turmoil and ending their resistance.15/12/2007
Israeli Terrorism Deserves Punishment, Too Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "What is so baffling is how Israel seems to pull itself out of the equation so masterfully and cry wolf at the same time. In the eyes of the international community, it is perceived as the party under the constant threat of Palestinian terrorism; it is the sole Middle Eastern democracy in a sea of hostile neighbors with the threat of an even more hostile “nuclear” Iran looming over it." 13/12/2007
The most to lose Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - "The Palestinian citizens of Israel could play an important role in the future. They are part of the Palestinian and Arab people but also consider themselves citizens of the state of Israel. They can with good cause claim to be able to understand the situation and mentality on both sides. This puts them in a position to play a constructive role in building relations between the two sides. On the other hand, if they continue to be marginalized and discriminated against, and if their economic and social situation continue to deteriorate, this will only contribute to the radicalization process that has afflicted them over the last few years."- 13/12/2007
Israeli media reveals classified `Camp David document`Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News - "After 7 years of open conflict, and more than 5,000 Palestinians killed, in addition to nearly 1,000 Israelis, the fact that a document existed in which the two sides secretly agreed on core issues raises the ire of peace activists on both sides, who feel the deaths could have been avoided." 13/12/2007
True Aim of Annapolis, and Why It Failed Ramzy Baroud - ZNet - "Israelis must wake up to the fact that their country is knee-deep in Apartheid, and nothing is significant enough to salvage their racially-selective democracy, except true democracy."12/12/2007
Israeli forces move into GazaSteven Erlanger - IHT - "At least six Palestinians were killed. Twelve Palestinians were wounded, local medics said, three of them critically and five seriously."12/12/2007
Why We ResistChris Hedges - Truthdig - "To resist, while there is still time, is not only the highest form of spirituality but the highest form of patriotism." 12/12/2007
Life without the bombB. Michael - Ynet - "After all, without a terminal archenemy around the corner, without a potential Holocaust hiding under our bed and a current-day Hitler in the closet, what kind of life would this be?" 12/12/2007
Played for Fools Yet Again: About that Iran `Intelligence` Report Arthur Silber - - "Now, with the news of the latest NIE about Iran, many people breathe sighs of relief, believing the danger has lessened. It has not, except perhaps for a tragically brief moment. Their relief, even in the smallest degree, reveals their inability and/or refusal to understand the lethal forces in play..."11/12/2007
Red OctoberYossi Gorvitz - translated from Nana by J. Green - "The psychological war against us did not stop in October 2000; it never stopped."11/12/2007
Where are the suicide bombers?Amira Hass - "Attachment people have to their harsh lives is more than just the instinct for survival. Transl. by G. Malent11/12/2007
The true aim of Annapolis, and why it failedRamzy Baroud -- IMEU -- "The meeting and the year of negotiations expected to follow it are part of Israel`s last attempt at preserving its Jewish identity and creating a South Africa-style Palestinian Bantustans. Palestinians will be granted the freedom to call such disconnected islands whatever they wish, and to hoist their flag within the caged entities, if they must, but nothing more"10/12/2007
Empty heads and full pocketsKhaled Amayreh -- Al-Ahram -- "Just take a look at the document formulated jointly between Israel and the PA at the last minute at the Annapolis conference. This document, which the NSU [the Negotiations Support Unit] helped formulate, was completely void of any call for ending the manifestly criminal blockade of Gaza, the removal of Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks in the West Bank or release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli dungeons and detention camps. Moreover, not a word was mentioned about freezing Israeli settlement expansions"10/12/2007
LOSING THE PEACE INCENTIVE - ISRAEL AS WARNINGThe Shock Doctrine | Naomi Klein - Chapter from a new recommended book9/12/2007
A Jewish Israel needs a wholesome, healed PalestineRami G. Khouri - Jordan Times - Israelis have assumed that the Oslo accords and the PLO’s 1988 recognition of Israel’s “right to exist” recognised Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, and a majority Jewish state. This is basically correct. Yet the Palestinian and Arab recognition of Israel has never been one sided, one dimensional, offered in a vacuum, or fully unconditional. The various acknowledgements of Israeli statehood, and the acceptance of the existing Jewish-majority Israeli state - including in today’s Annapolis process - have always assumed simultaneous movement towards a resolution of the statelessness of the Palestinians that resulted from the creation of Israel in 1948. 9/12/2007
Some reflections on Holocaust denial in the Muslim worldNorman Finkelstein - The Muslim world is demonized for denying the Nazi holocaust. And it is undoubtedly true that, however understandable, such denial is wrong. Indeed, it shames and demeans the deniers not those whose martyrdom is being questioned.9/12/2007
How they stole the Bomb from usUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Israel is in mourning. We have lost the most precious possession we had: the Iranian existential threat.9/12/2007
Livni to push for international force in GazaHerb Keinon - Jerusalem Post - (...) the idea of deploying NATO forces in Gaza has been raised as one way of possibly reinstating Abbas there, with the idea that he would "ride in" on NATO`s back. Sources close to Livni said that the idea of NATO involvement here, as well as greater Israeli involvement in NATO [sic!], would be on Livni`s agenda in her talks with the NATO chief.8/12/2007
`Nothing can stop Har Homa construction`Jerusalem Post Staff - "Har Homa is within the municipal borders of the capital" says Housing Minister Ze`ev Boim, referring to the unilateral 1967 Greater Jerusalem annexations which were never recognized by anyone internationally - a strange excuse against the criticism of the US administration against construction plans for 300 more housing units. (This article also reports on the Nazaret Hadash conference where Saeb Erekat expressed anger about the post-Annapolis building in East Jerusalem.) [ed]8/12/2007
Israeli Arab leader to PA: Don`t recognize Israel as Jewish state Sharon Roffe-Ofir - Ynet - "When Livni presented this demand," Erekat said, "I asked her, `Why do you ask for such a thing when you can do this on your own using basic laws?` But some say that Israel is trying to get rid of the refugees issue before it is even discussed."8/12/2007
Castles in the airMustafa Al-Barghouti-Arab Media Internet Network-"Israel succeeded putting a stop to even the efforts of the US to kick-start negotiations in Washington in order to give the impression of a third party`s sponsorship. Olmert insisted that negotiations had to take place solely between the two parties, in Israel or the occupied territories and nowhere else. His purpose was to offset the possibility of outside interference, even by the staunchly pro-Israel United States. He got his way." 7/12/2007
BacklashAl-Naami -Al -Ahram Weekly-"Following Annapolis Palestinian public opinion is increasingly convinced that we are on the threshold of a new catastrophe [Nakba], granting legitimacy to Israeli plans for mass population transfers now that Bush has characterized Palestine as the national homeland of the Jews,"7/12/2007
A different venue, but the pious claims and promises are the same Robert Fisk - The Independent - "For more than two years, the Saudis have been offering Israel security and recognition by Arab states in return for a total withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied territories. What was wrong with that? Mr Olmert promised that "negotiations will address all the issues which thus far has been evaded". Yet the phrase "withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied territories" simply doesn`t exist in the text."6/12/2007
Two States or One?JOHN V. WHITBECK - CounterPunch - "the Palestinian leadership....should state promptly that, if a definitive peace agreement on a "two-state basis" has not been reached and signed by the agreed deadline of the end of 2008, the Palestinian people will have no choice but to seek justice and freedom through democracy -- through full rights of citizenship in a single state in all of Israel/Palestine, free of any discrimination based on race or religion and with equal rights for all who live there, as in any true democracy." 6/12/2007
Palestine: Moving beyond collective denial Arjan El Fassed - The Electronic Intifada - "While Western diplomats are obsessed with the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, since the early days of this conflict, there has been a systematic attempt to deny the historic existence of the Palestinians. Whether they were forcefully expelled, live in "unrecognized villages," are referred to as "refugees," "Arabs," "absentees," "Bedouin," people confined to their homes in times of curfews, under military rule, locked up in their towns and villages or in prisons and detention camps, and who have been finally put behind a concrete wall, Palestinians have been systematically wished away."6/12/2007
Delay in Implementing Planned Electricity Cuts to GazaSari Bashi - Gisha - "On Thursday, November 29, Israel`s Supreme Court held a hearing in a case brought by 10 Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups and led by the groups Gisha and Adalah, arguing that the cuts are illegal according to international law because they deliberately and collectively punish the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. Evidence presented in the hearing demonstrates that the fuel reductions have already infringed on the functioning of Gaza`s water system, interrupting water supply to tens of thousands of residents, and that the electricity cuts would necessarily cause power outages in hospitals and other vital systems." 6/12/2007
The 12 Myths of AnnapolisPhyllis Bennis - ZNet - "There is another myth that says Annapolis, the latest iteration of U.S.-controlled "peace processes," represents the epicenter of current Israeli-Palestinian peace-making efforts. That was never true. The framework of this conference, shaped by U.S. global power and unilateralism; Israel`s regional expansionism, militarism and apartheid policies; Arab governments` repression and militarism; and Palestinian division and weakness, never held out much hope for a just or lasting or comprehensive peace."6/12/2007
Demoralisation and AbsenceRamzy Baroud - ZMag - "Granted, what has transpired in Palestine in recent years is disheartening, demoralising and confusing...I believe that there is no choice but to side with that which is just and morally upright even at the risk of creating ideological inconsistencies or, dare I say, upsetting religious dogma. The conflict in Palestine doesn`t have to be a straightforward clash between haves and have-nots, blacks and whites, Muslims and Jews."4/12/2007
The Annapolis Conference in the Shadow of the One State RealityLink to a Nov. 28 lecture by Meron Benvenisti, posted by the Alternative Information Center4/12/2007
The Palestine that we struggle forJamal Juma -- EI -- "For the oppressed and occupied, ongoing struggle and resistance using all necessary means is not only our right, it is our obligation in front of all those that have sacrificed before us and the future generation that has the right to live in freedom. It is our only tool to ensure that ‘negotiations’ talk about how to achieve our rights and not how to abandon them step by step"3/12/2007
Mission accomplishedOsamah Khalil -- EI -- "In launching this new ‘peace process,’ the Bush Administration continues to provide Israel`s ongoing colonization of Palestinian land with the requisite time to create further facts on the ground and stifle Palestinian aspirations for a viable, independent state. In order for this to be successful, Washington and Tel Aviv need a Palestinian leadership that will actively participate in such a charade in return for US funding and the title of President or Prime Minister"3/12/2007
From Balfour to BushSaleh Al-Naami -- Al-Ahram -- That the Palestinians would be the losers at Annapolis was a foregone conclusion3/12/2007
What was said and not said in Annapolis: the "never-never" peace talksSonja Karkar - Counterpunch - There is nothing the Palestinians can do to stop Israel going full steam ahead with the whole settlement enterprise and there is no international body prepared or game enough to stop Israel as long as the US gives it the green light. For all the talk of peace and expectations that the Palestinians must comply with their obligations, Israel continues to give subsidies and economic incentives for settlers and authorises the urban planning of settlements. 2/12/2007
"The tumult and the shouting dies…"Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - SHERLOCK HOLMES said in one of his cases that the solution could be found in "the curious incident of the dogs in the night-time." Anyone who wants to understand what has (or has not) happened at Annapolis will find the answer in this fact: the dogs did not bark. The settlers and their friends were keeping quiet, did not panic, did not get excited, did not distribute posters of Olmert in SS uniform (as they had done with Rabin after Oslo). All in all, they contented themselves with the obligatory prayer at the Western Wall and a smallish demonstration near the Prime Minister`s residence.2/12/2007
Democracy Now: Mustafa Barghouti and Daniel Levi on Annapolis After all this big gathering, all we get is the same road map that was there back in 2003 and that was never implemented. Palestinians have made a big compromise, accepted to have a state in less than half of what was assigned to them back in the United Nations resolutions in ’47. And now what are they getting? The Road Map. You know, there comes a point where you cannot further compromise the compromise. Annapolis was basically, in my opinion, a big blow to the possibility of peace based on two-state solution. And this might be the last opportunity. 1/12/2007
Jews need to speak out on abuse of PalestiniansTsela Barr, Judith Laitman and Harley Michaels Pollack - Madison Capital Times - Tuesday marks the first of the eight nights of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that recounts the Talmudic story of the Maccabees` victory over the armies of King Antiochus IV. This story has long been an inspiration to Jews as a parable of the "few against the many," of illumination over darkness. Sadly, as we begin our celebration of Hanukkah, we are faced with a glaring irony in Israel and Palestine: While we rejoice in the Festival of Lights, Israel continues to threaten to literally shut the lights out in Gaza.2/12/2007
The Failure of AnnapolisStephen Zunes - Foreign Policy in Focus - "...the bipartisan U.S. refusal to take seriously human rights and international law in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will make the emergence of a viable Palestinian state impossible and doom the peace process."5/12/2007
The Optimist Eyal Press - The Nation - an article on Uri Avnery4/12/2007
Who`s afraid of the One-State solution? Laila El-Haddad blog - "Olmert, for starters... Equal voting rights? Phshh. Why face a fight for equal voting rights when you can fight with Merkavas and F-16s; when you can sustain a decades long occupation of land, people, and resources and mask it with an empty and unrealistic call for two-states (see also his comments today: no firm timetable for peace talks, despite Annapolis) ? "4/12/2007
Rice`s history lessonsDaniel Levy - IHT - "Rice`s diplomacy (or lack thereof) prevented the push for an immediate cease-fire." 26/12/2007
Poll shows Israelis and Palestinians pessimistic about peaceAssociated Press - IHT - "More than half of Israelis — 55 percent — believe that violence will not stop, along with 32 percent of Palestinians, the poll said." 26/12/2007
Israel Won’t Prosecute for Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon ISABEL KERSHNER - NYT - "More than 30 Lebanese are said to have been killed by munitions left behind after the monthlong war in 2006." 26/12/2007
Stupid big brotherB. Michael - Ynet - "From now on, Big Brother will be able to find out whatever it wishes to find out. It will be able to know almost anything that can be known."26/12/2007
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