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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

US general wants heftier forces to prop up Abbas in West Bank - Israeli dailyDaily Star staff-Daily Star (Lebanon)-"Past talks have broken down over questions of final borders; how Jerusalem will be shared; and whether Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war that accompanied Israel`s creation would be allowed to return to their former homes in the Jewish state, along with millions of descendants....We hope that the conference .. will produce practical and palpable results to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination and the creation of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,""31/8/2007
Abbas Opposes Land Swap: Does He Want Peace?Liam Bailey- Arab Media Internet Network-"A land swap has long been thought necessary to allow Israel to return the land it took in 1967, because of the settlements it has built on the occupied land. If this document does exist, then this being the first time Israel has actually stated what land it wishes to swap for me is a big step. Another big step is Israel putting on paper a proposal to return 100% of the land taken in 1967. For Abbas to oppose such a huge step towards a massive concession from Israel, makes me wonder for the first time if those people are right, who say the Palestinians are as much an obstacle to peace as Israel. But let`s remember this is not the Palestinian people, it is a Palestinian leader long-known for not putting his people first."31/8/2007
Israel did not keep one promise, says Fayyad Roee Nahmias - Ynetnews - "`Not everything reported in the media actually takes place,` Palestinian prime minister says, detailing series of violations by Jewish state. According to Fayyad, `There is a big difference between the talks on cooperation and ease of restrictions and what happens in practice` "30/8/2007
New book challenges US support for IsraelLuis Torres de la Llosa - Middle East Times - "Mearsheimer`s and Walt`s thesis is that US endorsement of Israel is not fully explained by strategic or moral reasons, but by the pressure exerted by Jewish lobbyists, Christian fundamentalists, and neoconservatives with Zionist sympathies." 30/8/2007
Fateh-Hamas conflict serves Israel`s strategy Khader Khader - - "Israel is killing three birds with one stone. It is weakening Fateh and Abu Mazen by undermining their credibility in making promises it has no intention of keeping. The continued incursions and assassinations of militants in the West Bank after the agreement on wanted men was signed and the refusal to remove a single checkpoint in spite of promising to ease travel restrictions in the West Bank are prominent examples. It is weakening Hamas by attacking the group in the Gaza Strip through near-daily military raids and is doing so without any protest from the international community. And finally, having divided the West Bank and Gaza, it is arguing that there is no leader strong enough to take control should Israel leave occupied Palestinian territory."29/8/2007
Cold War IINoam Chomsky - Znet - "The shield ratchets the threat of war a few notches higher, in the Middle East and elsewhere, with incalculable consequences, and the potential for a terminal nuclear war. The immediate fear is that by accident or design, Washington`s war planners or their Israeli surrogate might decide to escalate their Cold War II into a hot one – in this case a real hot war. "29/8/2007
Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East WarsBILL CHRISTISON - Counterpunch - "For overwhelming moral reasons, I do not want the U. S. and Israeli governments to be victorious in any present or future Middle East wars. I want them to lose such wars." 28/8/2007
Opportunism Trumps in PalestineRamzy Baroud - Znet - "In the months leading to the November peace conference, Abbas is expected to further demonstrate his trustworthiness to Israel and the US, at the expense of the Palestinian people, who are now denied the only strong card in their six-decade struggle for freedom: their sense of collectivity, which, despite occasional fragmentations, always managed to survive against all odds. The day this is no longer possible, Israel`s victory will be complete." 28/8/2007
Olmert evades Abbas` demands in meeting of two leaders Ma`an - "An Israeli government official told Israeli daily, Haaretz, that Olmert will not offer Abbas anything new in terms of easing the suffocating restrictions on the Palestinian population." 28/8/2007
Israel is complicit and opportunistic Ghassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "By putting Gaza under a strict siege after evacuating its settlements there, Israel in effect separated the West Bank from Gaza in all respects, and not just geographically." 28/8/2007
What do Palestinians really think?Ali Abunimah - EI - "More than half of those polled were "dissatisfied" with Abbas` performance, while just a fifth were "very satisfied."" 28/8/2007
Palestinian prime minister tries to undo the damageSteven Erlanger - IHT - "While leaving peace negotiations to the elected Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, Fayyad is a one-stop shop for the West, which is eager to restore the flow of aid it cut off when Hamas took power." 28/8/2007
Let`s not repeat old mistakesGERSHON BASKIN - J-lem Post - "Lesson Learned: Peace processes must be "civilized" - the role of the military must be reduced." 28/8/2007
The language of forceUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - It is possible that in the future, after the state of Palestine comes into being, historians will say that Fatah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad really complemented each other. President Bush is pressuring Ehud Olmert into making concessions to Mahmoud Abbas, in order to prevent the complete takeover of the West Bank by Hamas. Perhaps it is precisely the turning of Gaza into Hamastan that will enable Abbas to utilize his weakness to achieve things that he could not get any other way.26/8/2007
Pitching the Imperial Republic: Bonaparte and Bush on deckJuan Cole - Tom Dispatch - French Egypt and American Iraq can be considered bookends on the history of modern imperialism in the Middle East. The Bush administration`s already failed version of the conquest of Iraq is, of course, on everyone`s mind; while the French conquest of Egypt, now more than two centuries past, is all too little remembered, despite having been led by Napoleon Bonaparte, whose career has otherwise hardly languished in obscurity. There are many eerily familiar resonances between the two misadventures, not least among them that both began with supreme arrogance and ended as fiascoes. Above all, the leaders of both occupations employed the same basic political vocabulary and rhetorical flimflammery, invoking the spirit of liberty, security, and democracy while largely ignoring the substance of these concepts.26/8/2007
Palestine since Gaza `disengagement`: what`s changed?Jake Hess - ZNet - The Gaza `disengagement` can only be understood as the first step in Israel`s long-term objective of imposing what they call a `two-state solution` on the Palestinians. Many analysts sympathetic to the Palestinian cause have written, correctly, that the Gaza withdrawal has coincided with settlement expansion in the West Bank. Few, however, define the political endgame Israel is moving toward.26/8/2007
The next intifadaMiko Peled - Any future organized resistance must follow the lead of Bil`in and be joint and non violent and it must have clearly defined objectives. Among these objectives should be the complete elimination of the racist segregation and discrimination against Palestinians within Israel/Palestine. 26/8/2007
Arabs here to stayAli Haider - Ynet - Before Avigdor Lieberman joined the government, all those concerned about democracy warned against the possibility that he would make use of his status to implement his racist plans to disengage from Wadi Ara and hand it over to the Palestinian Authority. Now, it appears that the government adopted Lieberman`s way as its official policy towards Arab citizens. 25/8/2007
Israel must do more for peace process, urges envoyHaroon Siddique-Guardian Unlimited-"On key issues like the outposts, let alone the settlements in the West Bank, and on the hundreds of checkpoints we`ve not seen significant or even any real moves by the Israelis so far." 24/8/2007
Israel Covets Palestinian Natural Gas (Possibly Oil Too!)Genevieve Cora Fraser- Arab Media Internet Network-"What is not widely known is that British Gas (BG) has a joint franchise in the Gaza Marine gas field off the Gaza coast, which contains some 37 billion cubic meters of gas. .. However, the Palestinian Authority is slated to receive only 10% from the deal. According to the Gulf Times, Hamas claims it is unreasonable that the owner of the gas, Palestine, gets 10% only." (Another aspect of the occupation - follow the money trail -Ed.)24/8/2007
Puny politicians with big shadowsKhaled Amayreh-Al Ahram Weekly-"They are trying to evade the real issues as much as possible. Hence, the Palestinian Authority must never accept any arrangement or agreement that would leave the fundamental issues unresolved because then the occupation would remain intact," 24/8/2007
What is the latest narrative on Fateh, Hamas and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?Harry Hagopian- Newropeans Magazine -"..the parties must go back to the Arab Initiative that led to its Peace Plan which trades pan-Arab recognition of Israel in return for the latter withdrawing from occupied lands. This is the sole political egress to the conflict, and its main components can no longer be swept under the rug by bandying about an otiose roadmap that was never really a road, never truly a map, and therefore hardly a roadmap. "24/8/2007
Eyal Weizman interview: Israel`s oppressive architecture of occupationEyal Weizman-SocialistWorker Online-“Consequently a significant part of Israeli intelligence is to monitor the levels of hunger in Gaza and keep it just at the level that the world will tolerate. This level changes – a level of hunger that would not have been tolerated in the 1990s is tolerated now.”24/8/2007
Peace talks may turn into a damp squibGeorge S. Hishmeh - Arabic Media Internet Network - "However, the most serious obstacle at present is the division with the Palestinian community, which finds Fatah of President Abbas and Hamas, the Islamist group now controlling the Gaza Strip and led by the ousted prime minister Esmail Haniya, still at loggerheads. Without any imminent reconciliation between the two, the chances of a settlement is practically nil." 23/8/2007
Senior Hamas official: Palestinian President Abbas launching full-out war in West BankThe Associated Press - The International Herald Tribune - "Osama Hamdan, who is Hamas` representative in Lebanon, told reporters that Abbas is trying to transform his Fatah-run West Bank into a "lawless area controlled by the heads of security agencies." Hamdan added that such measures by the Fatah leader would not "make Hamas abandon its method of resistance and the rights of our people." 23/8/2007
Hamas promises something new, but delivers more of the sameEditorial - The Daily Star - "The Palestinians of Gaza had hoped for a change from Fatah`s old ways, but they are witnessing a new era characterized by more of the same - and sometimes worse."22/8/2007
A road map for diplomacyKENNETH W. STEIN - J-lem Post - "A conference is an intermediate diplomatic point that leads to other future rounds of negotiations, be they through future summitry, bilateral and/or multilateral meetings or continued dialogue between the parties, preferably with a relentless mediator or a team headed by such a mediator." 22/8/2007
US survey raises eyebrows in JerusalemHERB KEINON - J-lem Post - " the past the notion that the US alliance with Israel harmed US interests was a belief relegated to individuals on the far right, such as Pat Buchanan, and the far left, like Noam Chomsky, this survey indicated that the idea was gaining prominence among the elites." 21/8/2007
Why Oslo really failed (II)Gershon Baskin - THE JERUSALEM POST - "There is little doubt that the continuation of settlement construction, the continued confiscation of Palestinian lands and the construction of bypass roads was one of the major factors that led to the end of the Oslo process."21/8/2007
`Managing Consent`: The Art of War, Democracy and Public RelationsRamzy Baroud -- Middle East Online -- "Since World War II, the US government and corporate America have carried the democracy banner whenever they sought war and profits. While doing so, the CIA has managed to topple many popular, democratic governments around the world, replacing them with handpicked puppet regimes"20/8/2007
Terrorist nation? It takes one to know oneDave Lindorff - - The very administration that is talking about calling Iranian Republican Guard troops “terrorists” is at this moment developing plans for an unprovoked aerial assault on Iran that would feature the dropping of 30,000-lb bombs, all manner of anti-personnel weapons, and possibly even tactical nuclear weapons, on Iranian targets, many of them in populated areas. There is a word for this kind of behavior: terrorism. 19/8/2007
Tossing fuel on a fire: US military aid to Israel tops $30 billionDave Lindorff - Counterpunch - This aid to Israel - a rich country - represents a gift of $100 worth of money and weaponry from every man, woman and child in America to the people of Israel. Think about that the next time you are scraping together the money to make your next mortgage payment or rent check.19/8/2007
A responsible leftHaim Baram - "A true leftist wants his fellow-citizens, both women and men, to live good and full lives here, to cooperate with their neighbours, to enjoy an abundance of cultural activities, excellent health-care and education systems, developed competitive and cooperative sports and to take pride in a society in which human solidarity sets the rhythm and course of life, and not the profit motive and greed that the spin doctors call the “forces of the free market”."23/8/2007
The one clear solutionAzmi Bishara - Al-Ahram Weekly - A workable and just solution in Palestine is predicated on one principle, tested in South Africa: side with racism or be against.19/8/2007
Miss C.Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - INTRODUCING Miss Calculatsia, that fashionable foreigner, the new star in Israeli discourse. The miscalculation spoken of is not a beauty queen, but a queen of ugliness: a war between Israel and Syria that may break out any minute - not because Israel wants it, nor the Syrians, but because one side misjudges a provocative act that will push the other into war.19/8/2007
Bil`in and the next IntifadaMiko Peled - The violent and disproportionate response of the "security" forces to the struggle against the separation wall in Bil`in, a struggle that is characterized by cooperation and non-violence, proves that they fear non-violent resistance, and even see in it a real danger to the continuation of their absolute control over the territories of Palestine. 19/8/2007
Domination: Traveling through the West BankJoe DeVoir-Common Dreams/ZNet-the soldiers manning the checkpoints did not appear to be looking for ‘terrorists’ only laughing and playing around - stopping every ten minutes to allow a single car to approach, assume a grim posture, aim their guns at chests and then demand to see identification before deciding arbitrarily whether you are free to pass.18/8/2007
Saving Hamas From Its VictoryGhassan Charbel- Al-Hayat -"On the road to the international conference which George Bush called for and on the way to laying the actual foundations for two states, he (Abbas) must get past the wounds of yesterday. He cannot resign the fate of Gaza even if it is in the throes of Hamas. In return, Hamas cannot rest on the idea of a "Republic of Gaza" and cannot bet that it is capable of facing this impediment alone. Mahmoud Abbas cannot deny Hamas` sacrifices, nor can he ignore its characteristic of representation or its influence in the Palestinian arena. " (Ed. How much control does either leader have over their options?)18/8/2007
Backlash Over Book on Policy for IsraelPATRICIA COHEN-The New York Times-"“Now that the cold war is over, Israel has become a strategic liability for the United States,” they write. “Yet no aspiring politician is going to say so in public or even raise the possibility” because the pro-Israel lobby is so powerful. They credit the lobby with shutting down talks with Syria and with moderates in Iran, preventing the United States from condemning Israel’s 2006 war in Lebanon and with not pushing the Israelis hard enough to come to an agreement with the Palestinians. "18/8/2007
Like it or not, Europe and America are going to have to start talking to HamasDonald Macintyre-The Independent-"..Mr Haass suggested some time ago that US officials should sit down with Hamas, "much as they have with the leaders of Sinn Féin, some of whom also led the IRA". Mr Haass has some locus, having been intimately involved in the Northern Ireland peace process as well as with the Middle East. And nobody, of course, knows better than Mr Blair that in Northern Ireland recognition of its right to exist and for the militants to declare the war as over - both equivalents of the prior demands imposed on Hamas - were not required as preconditions, as opposed to outcomes, of a negotiating process."17/8/2007
JVP News Roundup August 12Jewish Voice for Peace-"Israel, as the far more powerful party, has far more potential to change this situation than the Palestinians do. Khalidi does not miss this point, but Siegman emphasizes it. But the most important point Siegman makes is about the political impetus for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank. "17/8/2007
"No American President Can Stand Up to Israel"PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS - Counterpunch - "It is difficult to see how this policy serves any interest other than the very narrow one of the armaments industry. Apparently, nothing can be done to change this disastrous policy until the Israel Lobby comes to the realization that Israel`s interest is not being served by the current policy of military coercion." 16/8/2007
Boycott movement targets IsraelGeorge Bisharat - Arabic Media Internet Network - "But "the worst first" has never been the rule for whom to boycott. Had it been, the Pol Pot regime, not apartheid South Africa, would have been targeted in the past. It was not - Cambodia`s ties to the West were insufficient to make any embargo effective. Boycotting North Korea today would be similarly futile. Should every other quest for justice be put on hold as a result?" 16/8/2007
Hamas is ready to talkMousa Abu Marzook - The Guardian - "Hamas welcomes dialogue. If the international community is serious about peace in the Middle East, there need to be non-partisan efforts to achieve it. It is not sufficient for Israel or its allies to continue to dismiss Hamas as "extremist", as we are made up of every part of Palestinian society." 16/8/2007
`What we do is really tough`Julie Ferry - The Guardian - "If I was queen of the world? I would do everything I could to bring rapprochement between the Palestinians and the Israelis in the case of Islamic and Jewish extremism."15/8/2007
A Palestinian Miracle at the UN?Ramzy Baroud - Znet - "More often than not, the US would insist on re-drafting a resolution before putting it to the vote." 15/8/2007
Divorced from reality Ghassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "The biweekly meetings have to take into account the political realities on both sides. And while in and of themselves they mark a step forward, they should be accompanied by constructive public debates."14/8/2007
Why Oslo really failedGERSHON BASKIN - J-lem Post - "There is no doubt that the leaders on both sides failed to find a positive and effective way of confronting the spoilers, the extremists and the killers on both sides."14/8/2007
Democracy or terror?Prof Yechiam Weitz - Ynet - "Ben-Gurion asked some incisive questions: "Are we a democracy or not? Will the law and elected officials rule, or will terror and the fist?"" 14/8/2007
Is Peace Possible?Hanna Siniora - The Jerusalem Times - "Reconciliation with Hamas based on previous agreements, and the return of the legitimate PA to Gaza, should be as important as reconciliation with Israel." 14/8/2007
Politics Unmercifully Trespass Humanitarian Borders in Gaza Nicola Nasser -- AIC -- "The major player in Gaza’s evolving tragedy is the Israeli occupying power, who has shuttered the security of the Palestinian people and the peace of their life and mind since Israel trespassed into their territory over the borders demarcated by the United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947 and is displacing ever since more than four million refugees who constitute now more than 75 percent of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. This expanded Israel is now sarcastically citing a security threat to tighten the screws of the siege her crushing war machine has been imposing on an area torn by her blockade and military onslaughts very long before Hamas even came into being to overrun Gaza in June this year"13/8/2007
Fatah: The `Moderate` Alternative?Caelum Moffatt -- MIFTAH -- "Fatah, by its secularist nature has many divisional stems, unlike Hamas which is unified as one coherent entity under the common adherence to Islam. Fatah is by no means a party which has set policies and set beliefs as to where and how Palestine should go about having their own state. How does Abbas plan on controlling them?"13/8/2007
Oslo revisitedUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The long term Palestinian aim was perfectly clear. It had been fixed by Arafat long before: the State of Palestine in all the occupied territories, a return to the borders existing before the 1967 war. This aim has not been and will not be changed. Any Palestinian leader who accepted less would be branded by his people as a traitor. But the Israeli aim was not fixed at all, and has remained open to this day.12/8/2007
Two articles on the current policies and status of Mahmoud Abbas(1) "Mahmoud Abbas` war against the Palestinian people" - Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - "Abbas, while literally embracing the occupier and colonizer, has continued to angrily reject any intra-Palestinian dialogue. ..even as some senior Israelis have started to advocate direct dialogue with Hamas... Efraim Halevy, the former head of Israel`s Mossad intelligence agency... said, "I don`t say we should talk to Hamas out of sympathy to them. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Hamas. I think they are a ghastly crowd ... But I have not seen anybody who says the Abbas-Fayyad tandem is going to do the job"; (2) "Why Oblivion Looms for Abbas" - Mark Perry - Rootless Cosmopolitan - ""By turning his back on the Palestinians in Gaza, but even actively seeking their impoverishment in the United Nations (as he did, shamefully, on Friday, when his diplomats blocked efforts to seek a Security Council statement on the humanitarian situation there), Abu Mazen has set out to divide the Palestinian nation, to set it against itself."11/8/2007
Guillotining GazaNoam Chomsky - Information Clearing House - "For Palestinians to be permitted to peek out of the walls of their Gaza dungeon, Hamas must recognise Israel, renounce violence and accept past agreements, in particular, the Road Map of the Quartet (the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations). The hypocrisy is stunning. Obviously, the United States and Israel do not recognise Palestine or renounce violence. Nor do they accept past agreements. "11/8/2007
NOT ONLY TERRITORY, BUT VIABILITYJeff Halper-ICAHD-"If it (Israel)insists on controlling the borders, denying the Palestinians free movement of goods and people, the Palestinian state is not viable. If the 5% the Palestinians must cede includes a corridor across the West Bank, or if Israel insists on keeping the Ma’aleh Adumim settlement with its “E-1” corridor to Jerusalem, thus destroying the territorial continuity of a Palestinians state, it is not viable. If it includes Israeli control of all the water resources, it is not viable. "10/8/2007
The Middle East Peace Process ScamHenry Siegman [head of the American Jewish Congress from 1978 to 1994] -London Review Bookshop-"The Middle East peace process may well be the most spectacular deception in modern diplomatic history. Since the failed Camp David summit of 2000, and actually well before it, Israel’s interest in a peace process – other than for the purpose of obtaining Palestinian and international acceptance of the status quo – has been a fiction that has served primarily to provide cover for its systematic confiscation of Palestinian land and an occupation whose goal, according to the former IDF chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon, is ‘to sear deep into the consciousness of Palestinians that they are a defeated people’. "10/8/2007
Abbas rules out talks with Hamas until Gaza returnedDaily Star staff - "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday insisted there would be no dialogue with Hamas until the Islamists return Gaza to his legitimate authority after seizing the territory in June. "What Hamas did was a destructive operation which helped those who don`t want to see an independent Palestinian state," Abbas told journalists after talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the Egyptian port of Alexandria." 9/8/2007
Palestine: a policy of deliberate blindness Régis Debray - Le Monde diplomatique - "What we have is a theatre with two stages: on the international stage we hear repeated vague and encouraging speeches concerning withdrawal, coexistence and a Palestinian state, but the things that count (settlements, roads, tunnels, water tables) happen on the operational stage next door, where the outcome is decided out of public view." 9/8/2007
The file has been closed in the murder case of Abir AraminNurit Peled Elhanan - "The soldiers of Israel are called upon to sacrifice children, parents, volunteers, and sometimes themselves on the altar of the megalomania of the insolent corrupt leaders of the State, who succeeded in converting this whole country into one big altar on which they sacrifice other people’s children to the god of death."8/8/2007
Thoughts on the Attempted Murder of Palestine - The Siren Song of Elliott AbramsKATHLEEN CHRISTISON - CounterPunch - "The Israeli-U.S. strategy for Palestine is now crystal clear: overturn the will of the people (in this case as expressed through democratic elections), kill off any resistance (Hamas in this case, along with any civilians who might get in the way), co-opt a quisling leadership (Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas), push out and kill if necessary as many people as international opinion will allow, ultimately rid Palestine of most Palestinians. The cast of characters and organizations has changed from earlier times, but this has essentially been Israel`s strategy from the beginning." 8/8/2007
Forty YearsA poem by Ellen Rohlfs, an anti-Occupation activist11/8/2007
Why Oblivion Looms for AbbasMark Perry - Rootless Cosmopolitan - "By turning his back on the Palestinians in Gaza, but even actively seeking their impoverishment in the United Nations (as he did, shamefully, on Friday, when his diplomats blocked efforts to seek a Security Council statement on the humanitarian situation there), Abu Mazen has set out to divide the Palestinian nation, to set it against itself. And that line, in the end, cannot be crossed. And the fact that Abu Mazen has crossed it will, in the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people, make all the difference. "11/8/2007
Abbas, Olmert in `positive` talks BBC-News - "One of the specific issues the Palestinians wanted to discuss is the reduction of military checkpoints in the West Bank. However, Israel`s David Baker had said the core issues would not be discussed." 7/8/2007
Elections one way out of impasse Hanan Ashrawi - Bitter Lemons - "There is no win-win solution here, there is a lose-lose situation."7/8/2007
God as Bush`s co-conspirator? Faith-based warSaul Landau - Counterpunch - Bush’s faith in the “surge of troops” resembles the Rabbi from Chelm’s belief in straw. When he saw the town barn afire, the rabbi ordered his flock to throw straw on the flames. He dismissed the doubters because his overriding faith in God reinforced his judgment. The straw caused the flames to abate, momentarily. The rabbi smirked. But seconds later they leaped ever higher. “More straw,” screamed the rabbi. “More troops,” screams Bush.5/8/2007
White elephantsUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The Saudis are selling oil to the Americans for dollars. A lot of oil, a lot of dollars. The United States, with a huge gap in its balance of trade, cannot afford to lose these billions. So, in order to make it possible for the US to carry this burden, the Saudis must give back at least a part of the money. How? Quite simple: they buy American arms that they don`t need. This is a merry-go-round that benefits all. Especially the Saudi princes. Saudi Arabia is blessed with a great abundance of these. A prince has a lot of wives, a wife has a lot of offspring. Some of them are arms dealers, who automatically receive fat commissions from the arms billions.5/8/2007
Israel’s Jewish problem in TehranJonathan Cook - Israel says Iran is Nazi Germany and Ahmadinejad is Hitler: So why hasn’t Iran started by wiping its own Jews off the map? "More important than the welfare of Iranian Jewish families, it seems, is the value of Iranian Jews as a propaganda tool in Israel’s battle to persuade the world that coexistence with the Muslim world is impossible. For those who want to engineer a clash of civilizations, the 3,000-year-old Jewish legacy in Iran is not something to be treasured, only another obstacle to war."5/8/2007
An interview with Noam Chomsky on responsibility, war guilt and intellectualsGabriel Matthew Schivone - Counterpunch - "Suppose we invade another country and we capture somebody who’s defending the country against our invasion: what do you mean to call them an ‘enemy combatant’? If some country invaded the United States and let’s say you were captured throwing a rock at one of the soldiers, would it be legitimate to send you to the equivalent of Guantanamo, and then have a debate about whether you’re a ‘lawful’ or ‘unlawful’ combatant? The whole discussion is kind of, like, off in outer space somewhere."5/8/2007
Wonky nonsenseCharley Reese - Antiwar - try to remember that it is August, and August is a lovely time in the United States. Cherish your children and your grandchildren, and when you hug them, thank God that they are not suffering like Iraqi and Palestinian children, not to mention millions of others.5/8/2007
Hijacking human rights: a critical examination of Human Rights Watch Michael Barker - Znet - In November 2006, Cook highlighted HRW’s hypocrisy and doublespeak in Palestine, drawing attention to their press release Civilians Must Not Be Used to Shield Homes Against Military Attacks; which he observed was a travesty for it “denounce[ed] the Palestinians for choosing collectively and peacefully to resist house demolitions, while not concentrating on the violations committed by Israel in destroying the houses and using military forms of intimidation and punishment against civilians”. Others like Norman Finkelstein (2006) also called upon HRW to retract this press release, which was subsequently withdrawn by HRW just over 2 weeks later.5/8/2007
The Nakba in Israeli textbooks and official discourseBen White - Electronic Intifada - [The] Israeli government was at pains to stress how the offending book would only be used in "Israeli Arab" schools. (...) The argument that this was merely an exercise in cultural accommodation is supported by Education Minister Yuli Tamir herself, who even went so far in her efforts to placate the Zionist right that she claimed including the term "Nakba" was a mere quibble of translation. But is it right to say that the decision to limit the textbook to the Palestinian community within Israel is because the Zionist discourse denies the "original sin?" Not quite. Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a standard-bearer of the modern Zionist right, lambasted the textbook, bemoaning "the masochism and defeatism of the Israeli left, which constantly seeks to apologize, while we did what we had to."4/8/2007
One Week in July: Israel’s Human Rights ViolationsSonja Karkar - Dissident Voice - "As for the recently promised easing of restrictions on movement in the West Bank, Palestinians have only seen more checkpoints erected with ever greater severity in who can go where and if they will be allowed to go at all. Similarly in Gaza, Israel refuses to lift the siege on this tiny strip of land with its burgeoning population and is refusing to allow European observers to open the Rafah International Crossing Point. This has left some 6,000 Palestinians stuck for weeks now on the Egyptian side of the border unable to return home." 2/8/2007
My generation`s obligations Yossi Alpher - Bitter Lemons - "We haven`t even taught most of our children Arabic, the language they will need if ever we are to live at peace with our neighbors." 1/8/2007
Why I am a neo-ZionistGERSHON BASKIN - J-lem Post - "Neo-Zionism concerns itself with the people of Israel inside the State of Israel. When settlers come home we must concern ourselves with ensuring that they feel at home, that they have a place within society."1/8/2007
The academic boycott: Wrong, but justifiedCharles Kamen - "Such a boycott, aimed at Israeli organizations and institutions, and intended to harm their members, should serve as a tool to break down the mental separation between Israelis and the territories. If it has that effect, even an academic boycott can be educational." 23/8/2007
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