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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

US politicians, not Ahmadinejad, have blood on their handsCharley Reese - Antiwar - How American politicians can call Iran a dangerous country and claim that it poses a threat to the U.S. is a mystery. On second thought, it is not a mystery. It just tells you that the politicians think you and I are so stupid that we will fall for the exact same parade of lies and exaggerations that was used to justify the war against Iraq.30/9/2007
My meeting with AhmadinejadStephen Zunes - Foreign Policy in Focus, Counterpunch - While Ahmadinejad is certainly very anti-Israel, his views are not as extreme as they have been depicted. For example, Ahmadinejad never actually threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” nor has he demonstrated a newly hostile Iranian posture toward the Jewish state. Not only was this oft-quoted statement a mistranslation - the idiom does not exist in Farsi and the reference was to the dissolution of the regime, not the physical destruction of the nation - the Iranian president was quoting from a statement by Ayatollah Khomeini from over 20 years earlier. In addition, he explicitly told our group on September 26 that there was “no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and that it was “not Iran’s intention to destroy Israel.”30/9/2007
See no evil: the teflon alliance with IsraelKathleen and Bill Christison - Counterpunch - Both Greenspan`s and Wilkerson`s statements (on the reasons for the US invasion of Iraq) seem to let Israel and its U.S. lobbyists off the hook, something that in differing ways serves the interests of Israel and the lobby, of the right in the U.S., and of the left. Israel`s U.S. supporters -- fearful that Jews will be blamed for leading the U.S. into the debacle that Iraq has become and fearful of reviving old anti-Semitic canards about Jews exerting undue power -- roundly deny any Israeli connection to the war.30/9/2007
Life behind the wire Chris Doyle - The Guardian - Imagine if, after an IRA bombing, a British prime minister declared Catholic areas in Northern Ireland to be hostile territory, and threatened to reduce or cut off goods, water, fuel and electricity supplies. It sounds implausible but the one and a half million residents of the Gaza Strip, an area the size of the Isle of Wight, may soon face this scenario. 29/9/2007
So What About Iran? Uri Avnery - Israel will start by bombing an Iranian nuclear installation, Iran will respond by launching missiles at Israel, and this will serve as a pretext for an American attack on Iran. Far-fetched? Not really. It is rather like what happened in 1956.29/9/2007
A convenient partnerDov Weisglass - Yediot Aharonot - This article by Ariel Sharon’s senior adviser is very cynical and does not represent OM views, but summarizes the way of thinking of the so-called "pragmatic" establishment [ed.]29/9/2007
Saudi Asks Israel to Abandon Barrier as a Gesture to Arabs HELENE COOPER - The New York Times - Israel should stop work on a security barrier in and along the West Bank and halt settlement activity there as a good-will gesture to assure Arab states that it is serious about comprehensive peace talks, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said yesterday." 27/9/2007
Barak says Israel is `close` to Gaza operation Donald Macintyre - The Independent - "Mr Barak said in an interview with Army Radio yesterday: "We are getting closer to carrying out a widespread operation in Gaza, which, for many reasons, has not taken place in the past weeks." But the minister also warned that such a large-scale operation, which has been demanded by right-wing politicians in response to the rocket attacks into Israel, was "not simple, not in terms of the forces and the amount of time which we will have to stay there or in terms of the operational challenges which the troops will have to meet"" 27/9/2007
The Quality of Mercy in GazaSONJA KARKAR - Counterpunch - `On 19 September 2007, the Israeli government designated Gaza "a hostile entity"[3] and decided to impose "additional sanctions" which will reduce even more drastically the basic necessities of living for the entire population. This unrelenting aggression against every man, woman and child for having elected a government that Israel and the US do not want, is known as collective punishment and is prohibited by international law."27/9/2007
Lift the siege on Hamas Ahmed Yousef - The Electronic Intifada - "While largely unnoticed in American discourse on the topic, much has been said and written to debunk the sanctions regime imposed on Hamas government administrations since its resounding victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections of January 2006. These calls and reports show with compelling logic that the sanctions regime is wrong and misguided and, equally important, that it is a reaction to the excessively intense pressure that the US administration has exercised over other nations to induce them to boycott and besiege a government democratically elected by the people and to punish the Palestinians for their democratic choice."27/9/2007
Intellectuals urge Olmert to talk to HamasRoee Nahmias - Ynet - "We believe an opportunity to promote the peace process ahead of the international conference in November has been created. We urge the prime minister to make the greatest effort to reach substantial agreements with the PLO head and not miss this opportunity," prominent Israeli intellectuals wrote in a petition addressed to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert." 27/9/2007
Create `ministries of peace` in every countryGERSHON BASKIN - J-lem Post - "The establishment of two Ministries of Peace, one in Israel and one in Palestine, would be further proof that both sides were serious about making peace." 26/9/2007
Calling Israel`s bluffWashington`s purported peace conference could be bad news for Abbas, figures Khaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram Weekly - "Interestingly, Saudi officials, too, have been warning that they will not attend the upcoming peace conference if it fails to take important decisions"25/9/2007
Convenient racismRamzy Baroud - Khaleej Times Online - "RACISM is, among many things, convenient. It provides simplified, definite and ready-to-serve answers to complex and compounded questions. Racists, in turn, come from all walks of life; their motivation and the root causes behind their contemptible views of others may differ, but the outcome of these views is predictably the same — racial discrimination, social and political oppression, religious persecution and war."25/9/2007
Civil Society and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Beneath the Hideous Veneer of `Security` Jennifer Loewenstein - Counterpunch - "in Chomsky`s words we are currently witnessing an event almost unprecedented in the modern era: the systematic, deliberate and long-term destruction of an entire nation... it is crucial that all of Israel`s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian nation cease; that we in civil society and in world organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union so allegedly concerned with the adherence to and principles of international law take it upon ourselves to enforce it or soon, with regard to Palestine, there will be nothing left to talk about."25/9/2007
Dehumanizing the PalestiniansAli Abunimah -- EI -- "Israel operates in a context where the ‘international community’ has become inured to a discourse of extermination of the Palestinian people -- political and physical"24/9/2007
Justice Forgotten -- Whatever Happened to Palestine?Kathleen Christison -- CounterPunch -- "The U.S. enables Israel`s occupation and oppression of Palestinians; Israel facilitates and pushes U.S. war policy. One does not act without the other, and the Palestinian plight cannot therefore be separated from whatever other atrocities this war machine perpetrates elsewhere" 24/9/2007
Benny Morris on Gaza - and a replyBenny Morris/Christopher Leadbeater - Los Angeles Times - a prominent Israeli historian justifies Israel`s policy of collectively punishing the population of an Israeli-occupied territory for the acts of a few in their midst. And a Los Angeles Times reader responds. 23/9/2007
Columbia U. resists pressure to cancel Ahmadinejad talkShlomo Shamir/Sol Salbe - "When Dan Gillerman compares Ahmadinejad`s visit to Ground Zero to a visit by a resurrected Hitler to Auschwitz he is telling a lie. Hitler was responsible for Auschwitz. Iran, like Iraq before it was not responsible for September 11."23/9/2007
On a personal note – my Yom KippurEddie Saar - Occupation Magazine - excerpts from letters from a disillusioned young Israeli combatant in the Yom Kippur War to his father-in-law23/9/2007
Foam on the water: Uri Avnery on Yom KippurUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Everything significant that is happening nowadays is a part of the Israeli effort to take over the West Bank and to turn it into a part of the State of Israel. All else is but foam on the water.23/9/2007
Barghouti is the keyRonny Shaked - Ynet - The prisoner [Marwan Barghouti] reportedly receives direct reports on any developments from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas` office, and may even be the one to decide whether the international peace conference set for Washington in November will take place.22/9/2007
It’s lobbying, But is it really pro-Israel?M.J.Rosenberg - IFP - John J. Mearsheimer and Steven M. Walt (...) believe that the interests of both, the U.S. and Israel, would be better served by aggressive US involvement to produce an Israeli-Palestinian agreement along the lines of the so-called Clinton parameters.22/9/2007
How to cause humanitarian crisis and throw responsibility to EgyptYaakov Katz - Jerusalem Post - A day after the cabinet defined the Gaza Strip as "hostile territory," The Jerusalem Post learned Thursday that the IDF is working on a proposal that calls for a "complete disengagement" from the Gaza Strip -involving the closure of all border crossings with Israel and the transfer of all responsibility over the Palestinian territory to Egypt.22/9/2007
Report: Israel appeals to Hamas in bid to reach truceRoee Nahmias-Ynet_"Palestinian sources told the newspaper that Norwegian diplomats were the ones who conveyed the message from a senior Israeli source to the Hamas movement in a bid to launch a dialogue which will lead to a complete ceasefire agreement."21/9/2007
Israel’s Missed Opportunities Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "Israel has repeatedly failed to grasp opportunities for peace, at least its own peace, over the years. At present, it is fair to say that it just might be too late to recapture opportunities gone by, but it is still clear that at least some players in this conflict understand the wheels that set these opportunities in motion"20/9/2007
Abbas under pressure to stay away from peace conferenceDaily Star staff - "Azzam al-Ahmad, a senior Fatah official, said Palestinians should not participate in a meeting that does not include "all concerned Arab parties," naming Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia."There must be political substance to the meeting and a clear agenda, with clear outcomes concerning final-status," Ahmad said." 20/9/2007
Never Never LandRoni Ben Efrat - Challenge - "It is a dangerous thing to hold a conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Failure does not lead back to Square One. Failure underlines the gap between the sides, and across it leaps the spark of conflagration. That is what happened after the failure of Camp David in July 2000. The result was the Second Intifada." 20/9/2007
Boycotting Israel - New pariah on the blockNancy Hawker - The Economist - "FOR once, Israel`s critics and cheerleaders agree on something: the Jewish state risks greater international isolation. Pro-Israel groups such as NGO Monitor and the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs say a new assault is on the way. In the other camp, Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Centre, an Israeli-Palestinian activist group in Jerusalem, says that advocating a boycott is no longer always treated as anti-Semitism. Both sides have a motive to exaggerate such claims. But “boycotts, divestments and sanctions” (known in the activist world as “BDS”) do seem to be growing."19/9/2007
T’shuvah [Repentance] For A NationKeren Batiyov - God forgive us for hostility toward those we perceive to be not like ourselves; for judging the powerless contemptible— though it was we who rendered them so; for believing that we are better, more deserving, and even entitled, because our own suffering has been so great. 19/9/2007
North Korean bust-up over Syrian `links`Donald Kirk - Asia Times - "It was just as US officials, led by Hill, were citing the need for "momentum" in the six-nation talks on Pyongyang`s nukes, that US and Israeli intelligence sources began talking about North Korean nuclear aid and advice to Damascus." 19/9/2007
Circling each other in Gaza Ghassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "Meanwhile, the prospects for the US-sponsored peace meeting between Abbas and Olmert will directly reflect on the prospects for a large-scale military confrontation in Gaza."19/9/2007
Israel`s next moveSaleh Al-Naami -- Al-Ahram -- Why has Tel Aviv`s response to the Qassam rocket attack on a military base Tuesday been so muted?17/9/2007
The Palestinian MandelaUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Marwan Bargouti`s followers believe that at the right time, when Israel comes to the conclusion that it needs peace, he will be released from prison and play a central role in the reconciliation - much as Mandela was released from prison in South Africa when the white government came to the conclusion that the Apartheid regime could not be sustained anymore. I have no doubt that In order to bring such a situation about, the Israeli peace forces must start a big public campaign for Barghouti`s release.16/9/2007
Growing Dissent among American JewsTony Karon, Tom Engelhardt - Clearly, much has changed, and the ability of the Zionist establishment -- the America Israel Political Action Committee, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and others -- to impose nationalist boundaries on Jewish identity is being eroded. It`s worth remembering in this context that anti-Zionism was originally a Jewish movement.16/9/2007
Palestinian Diaspora: With or against collaboration? Laith Marouf - The Electronic Intifada - We cannot allow those who hijacked Palestinian institutions in Palestine in order to serve Israel to do the same in the Diaspora.15/9/2007
Sustaining Palestinian Division, Reviving a PartnerNicola Nasser-Arabic Media Internet network-“Over the years, the Palestinians have learned that for Israelis, nothing is more permanent than the temporary,” Akiva Eldar wrote in Haaretz on August 24. In their effort to find a formula for bridging the temporary and the permanent, Olmert and Vice Premier Haim Ramon have adopted the method of “constructive ambiguity,” which allows each side to have its own interpretation. In the case of temporary borders, the compromise formula is expected to stipulate temporary borders in the first stage, but with no declaration of statehood until there is an agreement on final borders."14/9/2007
After the US defeatSaleh Al-Naami- Al-Ahram Weekly-"In the opinion of the Israeli study, the proof that the Bush administration has made up its mind on an early withdrawal from Iraq is to be found in its decision to boost US military aid to Israel by a hefty 25 per cent up to $30 billion over the next 10 years, and in Washington`s huge $20 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The military aid package and the arms deal are intended to pre-empt the Israeli and Saudi shock from the US`s decision to withdraw from Iraq and give them a sense that they will be able to handle the fallout from this decision,"14/9/2007
JVP news roundup, September 9, 2007Jewish Voice for peace-"A short time later, HRW issued another report slamming Israel for targeting civilians, and making it clear that, due to Israel`s far greater military capabilities, the scope of the damage inflicted upon civilian lives and infrastructure was much greater. Moreover, HRW made it clear that the Israeli excuse that Hezbollah was encamped in civilian areas from which it was launching attacks on Israel does not hold water. Predictably, this report was dismissed by Israel."14/9/2007
Fasting for the Right Reasons Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - "For starters, this year Ramadan coincides with the start of the Jewish New Year. This means Israeli authorities have imposed a “total closure” on the Palestinian territories. Even Palestinians with Israeli-issued permits are not allowed into Israel (including and especially Jerusalem) during a military closure, which means many who planned on breaking their first day of fasting with family on the other side of the Green Line will have to change their plans." 13/9/2007
Shooting the messengers : Is criticism of Israel anti-semitic?Mariano Aguirre - Le Monde diplomatique - "One reason that the US government, politicians and people don’t have a clear idea of the situation in Israel/Palestine is that any criticism or complaint about Israel, no matter how well-researched and moderate, is swiftly attacked by lobbies in the US as being anti-semitic."13/9/2007
Sourani to a Visiting British Parliament Delegation: “They want Gaza an animal farm”PCHR - "Raji Sourani, PCHR Director, told a 7-member British parliamentary delegation visiting the Center’s office in Gaza that Israel’s policy of hermetic closure of Gaza allowing only food in has transformed Gaza’s 365 square kilometer area into an animal farm. He added that this closure transforms 1.6 million people in Gaza into a nation of beggars by only allowing food products to enter. Sourani stated that the US and Europe are parties to the crime against the Gaza Strip and its population by their consent and silence towards this policy." 13/9/2007
The silent manYehuda Litani - Ynet - "Once Blair becomes more familiar with our reality, ie the blockades, the curfews and closures, he will also understand that the real leaders are in fact the Israeli settlers."12/9/2007
Fragmentation of the West Bank - August 2007Download an excellent Powerpoint presentation, with maps, by OCHA - UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Palestinian Occupied Territories (3.35) MB. Key Points: Issue of the settlements key to any viable future - expanding 5.5% year. Settlements are at the centre of movement and access restrictions. Oslo Map – only areas A and B are able to be developed by Palestinians. Virtually no permits for building are allocated for Palestinians in Area C. Demolitions for buildings without permits have increased. Growing disparity between the political rhetoric and the facts on the ground"11/9/2007
What about other racists?Moshe Zimmerman - Ynetnews - "Uproar over neo-Nazi gang masks other types of Israeli racism..On a more fundamental level, isn`t the "working assumption" of Israeli society, which talks about a "Jewish state," about a preference to Jews to the point of undermining the rights of non-Jews? The manner in which settlers hurt residents of the territories is a display of violence that is no less dangerous than that of the gang that captivated public and political attention. The manner in which we abuse the population of the occupied territories, even with no relation to our fears of terrorism, should outrage us no less that the tales of the neo-Nazi gang. "11/9/2007
Israeli aggression must end Ghassan Khatib - - "The Israeli escalation is discrediting political efforts." 11/9/2007
In defence of our anarchistsMichel Warschawski - “Mahsom” - translated by Mark Marshall - "..we must learn modesty and attentiveness, and take our positions in Bil’in and Kfar Salem, at the A-Ram checkpoint and at Abu Dis, behind the anarchists who cry, “After me!” and forge for us the path to a new struggle against the occupation and a genuine partnership between the two peoples of this country. " 11/9/2007
Ignorant thievesAzmi Bishara -- Al-Ahram -- Arabism was not a slogan but a stage in Arab perception of looming danger before which current political darlings appear both ignorant and complicit10/9/2007
A club apartChris Taylor -- The Guardian -- The story behind Bnei Sakhnin reflects the ambiguous state of Israel`s Arabs10/9/2007
In praise of non-violenceMuli Peleg - Ynet - Non-violence is the blatant expression of standing up for what one believes in. Being dragged into violence and imitating the conduct of the other side are equal to the renunciation of principles and beliefs, while capitulating and adopting the rules of the game introduced by others.9/9/2007
Finkelstein`s legacy at DePaul: climbing Jacob`s ladder, one rung at a timeMatthew Abraham - Counterpunch - In examining the evidence at hand, it`s fairly clear that Finkelstein was not denied tenure because of his supposed ad hominem attacks or his lack of collegiality. He was denied tenure at DePaul because tremendous outside pressure was placed on the university to remove an effective critic of U.S. and Israeli policy in the Middle East from its precincts. I wish the administration would stop repeating the bald-face lie that Finkelstein`s scholarship did not meet DePaul`s tenure and promotion standards. It`s embarrassing and an insult to the intelligence. Apparently, Rubinstein and Associates, the PR firm DePaul hired to help it with its public relations image, thought the repeated invocation of this lie would pass muster; it clearly did not.9/9/2007
Bil`in! Bil`in!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The Israeli activists, headed by the resolute young women and men of the "Anarchists Against the Fence", have proved to the Palestinians that they have an Israeli partner they can trust, and the people of Bil`in have proved to their Israeli friends that they are reliable and determined partners. 9/9/2007
Barak against Olmert?Akiva Orr - Circumstantial evidence suggests that the recent Israeli incursion into Syrian airspace was an effort by Ehud Barak to undermine Ehud Olmert by provoking a war with Syria 9/9/2007
Put on the light!Ariela Ringle-Hoffman - Yediot Aharonot - If there is a solution to the shooting of missiles, it is always based on agreements. In this case, an Israel-Hamas agreement, an agreement with the elected Palestinian government. Negotiations could not take place in Olmert`s official residence under the glare of publicity, and there will be no embracing or kissing. But it could well be conducted clandestinely, via all kinds of mediators and middle men. It is possible to grab the offer - made by Hamas and never retracted - to make a ten-year cease-fire. We can offer to give up our insistence over imprisoning Gaza and tightly controlling and inspecting every matchbox which goes in, to let the Gaza international airport be opened, to relax the naval blockade. Tomorrow, the price will be higher. In short, put on the light! 8/9/2007
Maxwell`s Silver HammerLinda Ford and Ira Glunts - Counter-Punch - Leafing through a fairly bland magazine I found that my alma mater, Syracuse University, now supports continual and all-out war against a vaguely defined “terrorist” enemy which includes condoning lethal collateral damage to civilians and teaming up with Israeli military institutions in order to learn methods that they have found “successful” against the Palestinians in the course of a 40-years old occupation. 8/9/2007
Amnesty International public statement - Israel/Occupied PalestinianTerritories: Cutting vital supplies to Gaza would amount to collective punishmentAMNESTY INTERNATIONAL-"These indiscriminate rockets have killed some 10 Israeli civilians in the past four years in Sderot and have spread fear among the population and damaged the the town`s economy. The Israeli army has retaliated by launching frequent air bombardments and artillery strikes in which hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, including dozens of children, since last year. Three Palestinian children were killed last week in an Israeli air strike that the army initially claimed was against rocket launchers but subsequently admitted it had mistakenly targeted children playing in fields. "7/9/2007
Israel and Palestine: Still campaigning for co-existenceThe Economist-"The Schemes that focus on internal change probably have more impact than cross-cultural dialogue, albeit often controversially. Several Arab-Israeli groups funded partly by the NIF raised a storm among Jews earlier this year when they published papers calling for more autonomy for Israel`s Arab minority. That, says Mr Temkin, might not have happened had discrimination against Arabs been corrected earlier;"7/9/2007
Questioning 9/11 ... With CautionRobert Fisk - AlterNet - "Let me repeat. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Spare me the ravers. Spare me the plots. But like everyone else, I would like to know the full story of 9/11, not least because it was the trigger for the whole lunatic, meretricious "war on terror" which has led us to disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan and in much of the Middle East. Bush`s happily departed adviser Karl Rove once said that "we`re an empire now -- we create our own reality." True? At least tell us. It would stop people kicking over chairs." 6/9/2007
Repeating old mistakesGhassan Khatib - - "The economic boycott of Gaza, which seems to be the preferred strategy, is again backfiring.. It is causing further economic deterioration, poverty and unemployment and thus simply reinforcing one of the factors of radicalization in recent years.. Hamas rule in Gaza is not something that can be reversed quickly or easily. "4/9/2007
Cross-purposesKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - "Abbas and Olmert meet again and get nowhere, again"4/9/2007
Expectations, anyone?Akiva Eldar - Haaertz- "Were it not for the fact that the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world, and that this summit is meant to alter the regional balance of power between moderates and extremists, it would be possible to laugh. Even Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns told Roger Cohen of The New York Times last week that Iran and its allies in Iraq, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip are waiting for the summit to fail. Burns expressed concern that in light of the trend toward radicalism in the Middle East, this could be an opportunity that will not recur. "4/9/2007
Mearshimer, Walt and the Erudite Hysteria of David RemnickTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - "Washington’s “Israel bubble” is unhealthy and dangerous — in fact, it not only jeopardizes U.S. interests throughout the region and beyond.., but it is also exceedingly bad for Israel: Particularly over the past decade, the U.S. has essentially enabled Israeli behavior so self-destructive that it may have already precluded any chance of it being able to live at peace with its neighbors. "4/9/2007
A delicate balance George Giacaman - Bitterlemons - "More recently, Fateh supporters in Gaza, who have by no means disappeared, have resorted to tactics reminiscent of those of the first intifada, including "civil disobedience": demonstrations, marches, strikes and most recently, Friday prayers in the streets and not in mosques controlled by Hamas. One would wish those had been the tactics throughout the second intifada as well. "3/9/2007
Shameless Osamah Khalil - The Electronic Intifada - With each passing day the depth of the PA leadership`s degeneracy is revealed. Their corruption and ineptitude, so blatant and glaring over the past 13 years, has now been supplemented by a cynicism and sadism directed toward their own people with the support and encouragement of the US, Israel, the European Union, and the international community. Osamah Khalil - The Electronic Intifada - "This leadership, which once proclaimed "revolution until victory," long ago abandoned that mantra and chose to turn rebellion into money. They have shamelessly ignored the needs and will of the Palestinian people and led them to the brink of ruin.3/9/2007
A bruised reedUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The 21th century will not be another "American Century". One can foresee a slow but steady decline in the status of the USA. Europe is uniting, slowly but surely, and its economic power is growing steadily. Russia is gradually becoming a great power again, helped by its enormous oil and gas reserves. And, most importantly: the two population giants, China and India, are rapidly climbing the economic ladder.2/9/2007
Peace without despoilationHaim Baram - Kol ha-`Ir/Hagada Hasmalit - Palestinian distress is severe, unemployment and the economic siege have brought the residents to a state of despair and the same people who have brought about economic polarization in Israeli society are dreaming of an accord with the Palestinians that will perpetuate and deepen the already large gaps in the territories of the Palestinian Authority as well. 2/9/2007
It is unjust and absurd to apply economics to this hellKarma Nabulsi - Comment in The Guardian (see "Palestinian economy key to peace process, Brown says", posted below) - "The absurdity of proposing to stimulate investment in this hell - where because of Israeli closures and checkpoints Palestinians cannot trade between their own towns much less with the outside world - or the fact that the present economic catastrophe is a direct consequence of the military occupation, gets no acknowledgement here. By avoiding the real issue of Israeli intransigence, and with no plan on tackling it, neither jobs nor justice are on offer to Palestinians."18/9/2007
Debate Essential To Arab-Israeli PeaceAmy Goodman - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "After more than three decades of work on the Middle East, Carter released a book titled "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." The book`s title alone has created a furor. But Carter is undeterred: "The word `apartheid` is exactly accurate."17/9/2007
Finkelstein InterviewedNorman Finkelstein interviewed by George McLeod - Zmag - " The Israel lobby has money. Money is important because it can be used to threaten to withhold donor contributions or alumni contributions, and the lobby has a lot of clout in the media, so they can drag your name through the mud... [But] the Israel lobby is beginning to fall apart. The case for Israel is becoming indefensible. Israel’s human rights record, the actual historical record, and the diplomatic record, are becoming better known. 17/9/2007
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