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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Barak Ovadya, candidateUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The Israeli Obama. What will he look like, the Israeli counterpart of Barack Obama? What will be his attributes?30/11/2008
Oy Vey: they want to destroy usGideon Spiro - Occupation Magazine/Hagada Hasmalit - As a young man it was clear to me that just as there is rain in the winter and sun in the summer the Palestinians are trying to destroy us. ... The Palestinians never had the power to destroy the Jews or Israel, and accordingly they have never made any attempt to do so. Yes, they have killed us and we have killed them in much larger numbers. But destruction? Where? When? How?30/11/2008
Israel`s settlement on Capitol HillRobert Weitzel - Counterpunch - Unbeknownst to most Americans, Israel’s westernmost settlement is not located in Palestine-Israel, but is 6000 miles away on the high ground overlooking Foggy Bottom in Washington D.C.30/11/2008
Kristallnacht in HebronKhaled Amayreh - AL-AHRAM - " The bulk of Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories follow the teachings of Abraham Kook, the first rabbi of Israel, who taught that Jews should seek to expedite the appearance of the "redeemer" or Jewish Messiah...Israeli President Shimon Peres, the godfather of Jewish settlements ... is falsely portrayed as a man of peace, was quoted as saying ... "Israel will find it difficult to evacuate the settlements without civil war." Yossi Sarid, a former minister, spoke of "a state within a state that has arisen in the territories." "29/11/2008
A year after Annapolis -By Mustafa BarghouthiMustafa Barghouthi - Maan- " Since Annapolis, Israeli attacks have increased by 300%, the settlement expansion in the West Bank has risen 20 times and 38 times in Jerusalem; the checkpoints have gone from 521 to 699 ... 2,600 houses for settlers are currently under construction. "29/11/2008
Gaza: Salvation in a news broadcastRamzy Baroud - Aljazeera - " Gazans wonder why their plight is not treated with the same urgency as that of the Red Sea piracy or even that of eastern Congo. " 29/11/2008
Comment on PLO full-page advert in the Israeli daily press on 20/11/2008Matzpen-"Albert Einstein wrote Haim Weizmann (who later became Israel`s first president) "Should we be unable to find a way to honest cooperation - and honest pacts - with the Arabs, then we have learned absolutely nothing during our 2000 years of suffering and deserve all that will come to us." "28/11/2008
Pinpointed liquidation and judicial processUri Zachi-The independent Middle East News Service -"Just like the underworld liquidations, the “targetted liquidations” have also had their innocent bystanders who became victims of the long arm of the IDF. Hundreds of Palestinians who never took part in any act of terrorism, including babies and children, have lost their lives on the altar of killing this or that master murderer."28/11/2008
Israel`s Hold on GazaEditorial-LA TImes-".. a spokesman for the Israeli Defense Ministry, .. says plenty of food and fuel are making their way into Gaza`s markets from Egypt, and he suggests that U.N. relief officials are posturing to ensure their budgets for next year. Regrettably, the government also has denied international journalists access to Gaza, so reporters have no means to examine the situation on the ground and make independent judgments. Still, we see no benefit to blocking delivery of humanitarian aid. On the contrary, as the military power surrounding Gaza, Israel has a duty to ensure that civilians receive sufficient food, fuel and medicine."28/11/2008
When Europe Was Occupied, And It ResistedCherrie Heywood, CHRIS DAVIES - "We also have to bear in mind that Hamas is also responding to the status quo, which includes Israel`s illegal and continual control of the territory`s borders, coastline, airspace, population registry, water and electricity as well as carrying out regular military incursions into the besieged strip. The actions of Hamas are not coming out of a vacuum."28/11/2008
Abbas Goes Double DutyJoharah Baker - MIFTAH - If anything, declaring Abbas the president of Palestine is just another step in the dance between the Palestinians and the international community. It is a reminder to them – and to the United States in particular – that the Palestinians still have their eyes set on the original goal declared in 1988, which is establishing an independent Palestine on Palestinian land occupied in 1967.27/11/2008
The slow death of GazaAndrea Becker - The Guardian - Israel`s blockade, in force since Hamas seized control of Gaza in mid-2007, can be described as an intensification of policies designed to isolate the population of Gaza, cripple its economy, and incentivise the population against Hamas by harsh – and illegal – measures of collective punishment. However, these actions are not all new: the blockade is but the terminal end of Israel`s closure policy, in place since 1991, which in turn builds on Israel`s policies as occupier since 1967.27/11/2008
UN President calls for sanctions against IsraelSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News - Miguel d`Escoto Brockmann said that the international community should engage in a `boycott, divestment and sanctions` campaign against Israel, similar to those enacted against South Africa two decades ago." 27/11/2008
Emanuel’s Record on Israel Is More Dovish Than the Headlines SuggestNathan Guttman - Forward - During the tense talks with the Palestinians at Wye Plantation in 1998, the Israeli team headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was especially wary of Emanuel. His fluent Hebrew, his instinctive grasp of the “Israeli” mindset and, above all, his complete loyalty to his boss, President Clinton, made the Israelis afraid to talk when he was around.26/11/2008
Israeli General Eyes Regime Change, Assassination in IranAntiwar - "Beyond that, Gen. Ya’alon hit out at territorial concessions, and chided the United States for attacking Iraq instead of Iran. On the later topic, Ya’alon lamented `unfortunately, the American public didn’t have the political stomach to go into Iran.` Whatever else one may say about Ya’alon, let it never be said that he lacks the political stomach to start enormous regional wars affecting the lives of potentially hundreds of millions of people"24/11/2008
`The time has come to say these things`Ehud Olmert - The New York Review of Books - "In a few years, my grandchildren will ask what their grandfather did, what kind of country we have bequeathed them. I said it five years ago, in an interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, and I`ll say it to you today: we have a window of opportunity — a short amount of time before we enter an extremely dangerous situation — in which to take a historic step in our relations with the Palestinians and a historic step in our relations with the Syrians. In both instances, the decision we have to make is the decision we`ve spent forty years refusing to look at with our eyes open."23/11/2008
Eyes wide shutUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The day before yesterday, two documents appeared side by side in Haaretz: a giant advertisement from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the results of a public opinion poll. The proximity was accidental, but to the point. The PLO ad sets out the details of the 2002 Saudi peace offer, decorated with the colorful flags of the 22 Arab and the 35 other Muslim countries which have endorsed the offer. The public opinion poll predicts a landslide victory for Likud, which opposes every single word of the Saudi proposal.23/11/2008
Video / Prof. Avi Shlaim: Settlements turned Israel into apartheid stateLink to video at Haaretz website - "Land grabbing and peace making simply do not go hand-in-hand". 22/11/2008
Rattling the Cage: Clueless in GazaLarry Derfner -THE JERUSALEM POST-"Israel`s war with Gaza has to be the most one-sided war on earth, and it is causing tremendous unnecessary suffering to people there, it`s putting Israeli soldiers and civilians in unnecessary danger, and it is leading Israel toward a big, bloody invasion that will get a lot of people on both sides killed for nothing. ...We can also stop punishing Gaza`s civilian population and lift the land, sea and air siege we`ve imposed on the Strip, which is flat-out immoral. "21/11/2008
Tinkering at the Margins of Israeli Rule Will Not End Occupation or SettlementGeoffrey Aronson-Foundation for Middle East Peace-"When, however, Palestinian children are forbidden by Israeli soldiers to ride their bikes to school because of the outrageous security prerogatives of Israeli settlers, where concrete and barbed wire mark roads whose use by Palestinians is prohibited, and when Palestinian farmers are required to harvest olives only in coordination with Israeli soldiers for fear of settler attacks, it is not surprising that even the pretense of harmonious coexistence under occupation was long ago dropped from Israel’s arsenal of excuses for maintaining the status quo."21/11/2008
Global media executives protest Gaza press banMATTI FRIEDMAN - Associated Press - The Israeli government has long banned Israeli journalists from entering Gaza because of fears for their safety, but foreign reporters have been permitted to go in, even during times of heavy fighting. In the past two weeks, coverage in Gaza has been largely left to local Palestinian staffers and a handful of foreign journalists who entered before the closure went into effect, including two AP reporters. 20/11/2008
Economy first in Palestine?Ben White - The Guardian - Everyone from NGOs to the World Bank recognises that without tackling ongoing Israeli colonisation and its associated regime of "restrictions" for Palestinians, economic-revival projects are doomed. Thus the Israeli strategy of depoliticising the question of Palestine in favour of a developmental or economic focus could only be embraced by either naïve or knowingly complicit international actors. 20/11/2008
No free pass for Rahm EmanuelRemi Kanazi - The Electronic Intifada - While Zogby wants us to be aware of the "political realities," the actual reality for many Arab Americans is simple: this appointment represents more of the same -- whether it is the hawkish policies of the Bush administration or the destructive Middle East policy that was wrapped in nicer packaging during the Clinton years. Americans worked tirelessly for two years to elect Barack Obama. Now is the time to work tirelessly to ensure that the change that he promised comes to fruition. 20/11/2008
Target Practice in GazaNadia W. Awad - MIFTAH - In the place of old tactics, new policies are needed. Both Israel and the Palestinians need to end the clashes and reaffirm their commitment to the truce. Israel also needs to remove the blockade it has imposed on Gazans, an inhumane form of collective punishment it should not have embarked on in the first place. Internally, Palestinians need to focus on their own national unity talks in order to present a unified front at the negotiating table with Israel. Peace through negotiations is the only way forward. 20/11/2008
Assassination as Official Israeli PolicyStephen Lendman - The Palestinian Chronicle - "Since the second Intifada`s September 2000 inception through June 30, 2008, and excluding all other Palestinian killings, the IOF carried out 755 OPT executions. Victims included 521 extrajudicially targeted and 233 bystanders, including 71 children and 20 women. In Gaza, 405 were killed. Another 350 in the West Bank"24/11/2008
Bearing out the betrayalAl-Ahram - With Israel`s breach of the ceasefire in Gaza, Saleh Al-Naami laments yet another example of Israeli-PA collusion which victimises Hamas 24/11/2008
Barack Obama links Israel peace plan to 1967 borders dealUzi Mahnaimi & Sarah Baxter - Sunday Times - “The Israelis would be crazy not to accept the Saudi peace initiative. It would give them peace with the Muslim world from Indonesia to Morocco.” 18/11/2008
AIPAC`s man in the Obama campPhilip Giraldi - Antiwar - Barack Obama`s first appointment, that of Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, is quite frankly unsettling and suggests that voters who had hoped for real change in Washington will be disappointed. There should also be some concern on the part of Americans who believe that a close and continuing relationship with a foreign government might disqualify one for high office in the United States. 19/11/2008
President-elect Obama and the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peaceAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - United States President-elect Barack Obama`s election victory has revived hopes that stalled Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations could finally lead to a two-state solution. Few new presidents have been greeted with such optimism and associated high expectations.19/11/2008
The real goal of Israel`s Gaza blockadeJonathan Cook - The Electronic Intifada - The latest tightening of Israel`s chokehold on Gaza -- ending all supplies into the Strip for more than a week -- has produced immediate and shocking consequences for Gaza`s 1.5 million inhabitants.19/11/2008
An unforgettable momentUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Anwar Sadat proved one thing, which in my eyes is more important than anything else: one can change the emotional state of an entire people. One can cut the psychological knot with one bold stroke. For that one needs leaders, on both sides. Such leaders can appear quite suddenly, in the most unexpected place and at the most unexpected time. Barak Obama could prove to be a kind of American Sadat.16/11/2008
The immeasurable toll of warSeth Freedman - The Guardian15/11/2008
Not even the little birds are free in Palestine - a personal accountPatricia Campbell-Rust Belt Radical-"From Gaza a 15 year old girl gave a moving account of how she was taking on role as mother to her young siblings, her mother imprisoned in appalling conditions and gave birth there. They long for the day when they will reunite and get to know their little brother. There was another account of how the Israeli authorities continue their dehumanization policy by imposing closed prison visits, which means there is no human contact between the prisoner and their loved ones. Colour is being added to the screen which separates the prisoner and visitor so that the prisoner appears the same colour as the screen."14/11/2008
A bone in America`s throat Jeff Halper - Counterpunch - Ending the Israeli Occupation and allowing the Palestinians a state and a future of their own – should be a top priority of the next American administration. Indeed, America’s attempt to restore its standing in the world depends on it.11/11/2008
Bad things happen when we are silent* Gideon Spiro - trans. by George Malent - " Not only does Israeli society not condemn and vomit up the criminals, it sees them as an asset and collaborates with the evil. " 9/11/2008
Obama has to pay for eight years of Bush`s delusionsRobert Fisk - The Independent - How is Barack Obama going to repair the titanic damage which his vicious, lying predecessor has perpetrated around the globe and within the US itself? 9/11/2008
The Promised Land? Obama, Emanuel and IsraelJohn V. Whitbeck - Counterpunch - Obama repeatedly pledged unconditional allegiance to Israel during his campaign, most memorably in an address to the AIPAC national convention which Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery characterized as "a speech that broke all records for obsequiousness and fawning", and America`s electing a black president has always been more easily imagined than any American president`s declaring his country`s independence from Israeli domination. 9/11/2008
Yes, you can!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - There is no chance for progress towards Israeli-Palestinian peace unless the US leadership applies pressure on the Israeli government. That has been true for decades, and that remains true today. Will the new American President do so? Is Barack Obama able to do so? There is only one possible answer: Yes, you can!9/11/2008
Change thisAyman El-Amir - Al-Ahram - " If change is to be the seal on US Middle East policy, the Obama administration will have to face the dual challenge of smug Arab autocracies and stubborn Israeli policies. The new administration will have to debunk the myth that Israeli military supremacy is the best guarantee of US interests. "8/11/2008
An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Between Hope and RealityRalph Nader-Global Research-"Yet you align yourself with the hard-liners, so much so that in your infamous, demeaning speech to the AIPAC convention right after you gained the nomination of the Democratic Party, you supported an "undivided Jerusalem," and opposed negotiations with Hamas -- the elected government in Gaza. Once again, you ignored the will of the Israeli people who, in a March 1, 2008 poll by the respected newspaper Haaretz, showed that 64% of Israelis favored "direct negotiations with Hamas." Siding with the AIPAC hard-liners is what one of the many leading Palestinians advocating dialogue and peace with the Israeli people was describing when he wrote "Anti-semitism today is the persecution of Palestinian society by the Israeli state.""7/11/2008
UN: ENORMOUS WEB OF UNLAWFUL PRACTICES DEVASTATING PALESTINIAN SOCIETYUN General Assembly -"She stressed that Israel had, for decades, relentlessly pursued a two-dimensional policy, namely the brutalization and oppression of the Palestinian people, and the confiscation and colonization of the land. Every sector of life had been disrupted, and poverty, hunger, disease and unemployment continued to rise. Further, these illegal actions undermined the peace process. "7/11/2008
A new false dawnSeth Freedman - The Guardian - anyone under the illusion that the new dawn in America would bring an immediate ray of light shining down upon the Middle East would do well to sit back and play the waiting game. Because, despite all of the positive signs now that Obama`s been installed in the White House, the knock-on effect of his election could take a long time to filter halfway round the world to the eternally-troubled Holy Land. 6/11/2008
Barak vows further operations in GazaSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - After the Israeli army carried its recent offensive against the Gaza Strip, killing seven Palestinians in one day, several resistance groups retaliated by firing a barrage of homemade shells against the Western Negev, Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak vowed further military offensives against the Gaza Strip 6/11/2008
MILITARY JUDGE REJECTS APPEAL ON CONTINUED DETENTION OF SALWA SALAH AND SARA SIUREH ADDAMEER - UPDATE - Salwa and Sara were both arrested from their homes in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on June 5, 2008. This is the first time that girls under the age of 18 have been put in administrative detention. On June 12, 2008 they were issued with military administrative detention orders. The orders had been set for four months (in respect of Salwa) and five months (in respect of Sara). A military court confirmed the orders on June 18th. An appeal hearing also confirmed the orders on July 16th although Sara`s sentence was reduced from five to four months. They were due to be released on October 4th 20086/11/2008
Gaza residents `terribly trapped` BBC - A former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, has told the BBC she was taken aback by the "terrible" conditions in Gaza on a recent visit. Mrs Robinson said it was "almost unbelievable" that the world did not care about what she called "a shocking violation of so many human rights". 6/11/2008
Obama picks pro-Israel hardliner for top post Ali Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - Emanuel is Obama`s first high-level appointment and it`s one likely to disappointment those who hoped the president-elect would break with the George W. Bush Administration`s pro-Israel policies. White House Chief of Staff is often considered the most powerful office in the executive branch, next to the president. Obama has offered Emanuel the position according to Democratic party sources cited by media including Reuters and The New York Times.6/11/2008
Israeli Strike Is First in Gaza Since Start of Cease-Fire ISABEL KERSHNER - NYTimes - "Military officials said that the initial army raid was a “pinpoint” operation aimed at thwarting a specific threat, and that Israel remained committed to the truce." 5/11/2008
Advance the dialogue regardless of transition Gilead Sher - Bitter Lemons - "I have often heard that dialogue can only be based on mutual confidence. It is rather the other way around: it is dialogue, as well as a binding, consistent, continuous negotiation process, that can bring about trust between parties." 5/11/2008
13 years unhealedEditorial - J-lem Post - "Let no one on the Right wince when security officials warn that an atmosphere is being created that makes another political murder possible."5/11/2008
Israel hit by `rockets from Gaza` Aljazeera - "The army said it was acting to remove an immediate threat to Israel while Hamas said it was trying to prevent an Israeli incursion." 5/11/2008
Obama better for IsraelGuy Ziv - Ynet - "What Israel needs most from the United States today is not empty expressions of solidarity, but active involvement in Arab-Israeli peacemaking." 5/11/2008
A voice From Gaza: Let`s vote for ObamaSameh A. Habeeb - Gazatoday - Barack Obama`s support for the Palestinian cause has had lenghty experiences and positive stances. Going back to the nineties, he participated in many activities in solidarity of Palestine.4/11/2008
Palestine, Arabized-Jews and the Elusive Consequences of Jewish and Arab National FormationsMoshe Behar - Nationalism and Ethnic Politics - In the early 20th Century the communities of Arabized-Jews in the Arab World were on the borderline between Zionism and the Arab National Movement, and it was by no means preordained that they would take the Zionist side. The crucial point was the time of the Palestinian Revolt of 1936-39, when Arabs in various countries were misled into "expressing solidarity with the Palestinians" by turning violently against the local Jewish communities in their countries. 4/11/2008
Violent settlers condemned, but flawed Israeli security system to blameMa`an - "While talk on how to treat violent settlers seems to be eerily echoing Israeli policies on the treatment of Palestinians – removing individuals from their homes, superseding the justice system in the interest of “public security,” curtailing freedom of movement etc. – the non-existent system of security for all of the residents of the West Bank is not equalizing" 3/11/2008
From Goma to Gaza, Mr MilibandVictoria Brittain - The Guardian - While the foreign secretary is keen to be seen in Congo, another invisible humanitarian crisis receives none of his attention3/11/2008
The Myth is Dead - The Last Dance in Ramallah Mats Svensson - CounterPunch - "Arafat died on the 11 November. Since Arafat was finally gone, normalized relations would be established and Israel would finally get a partner for peace. In regards to taking action, a lot has happened since 2004. Many hugs and kisses have been exchanged in front of the large TV channels between the leader of the occupation power and the leader of the occupied, not to mention Palestine’s first democratically held elections […]. Construction work has also taken off on the West Bank. The settlers need somewhere to live and the number of settlers has in the years 2004-2007 increased with almost 20%. The number of children in Jerusalem who have seen their houses chopped down by Caterpillars has also remained alarmingly high"3/11/2008
Our ObamaUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - In three days, it seems at the moment, the incredible will happen: the most important "white" country in the world will elect a black president. 2/11/2008
against conscription Aya Kaniuk - link to - "Compulsory military service is, then, Israel`s most ingenious and terrible invention. Its role is to brand the state`s Jewish residents with an immoral loyalty to the acts of their state, regardless. Its role is to blur the difference between acts of state and of the individual, to make them identical. What the state did was done by the private individual, everyman. Just as limited as one is in naming his own and his children`s deeds, so one is limited in his ability to name the acts of state. "1/11/2008
Rules of the gameTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitan - Review of a book "Playing the Enemy - Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation", by John Carlin. "Today Mandela is often invoked as an exemplar of non-violent change – nowhere more frequently than in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel, whose partisans love to bemoan the absence of a “Palestinian Mandela”, as if such a figure would be more willing than the current Palestinian leadership to accept Israel’s terms. But the South African Mandela has always insisted that in Palestine, just as in South Africa, justice is the key to peace and reconciliation."1/11/2008
Avraham Burg: Israel`s new prophetDonald Macintyre - The Independent - "We have pulled the Shoah out of its historical context," he writes, "and turned it into a plea and generator for every deed. All is compared to the Shoah, dwarfed by the Shoah and therefore all is allowed – be it fences , sieges ... curfews, food and water deprivation or unexplained killings. All is permitted because we have been through the Shoah and you will not tell us how to behave." 1/11/2008
Carter: Obama will waste no time pursuing Middle East peace (Video)Haaretz - " Former United States President Jimmy Carter said in an interview with CNN this week he expected President-elect Barack Obama to waste no time pursuing Middle East peace talks once he takes office...the process was too important to put off "13/11/2008
A turning point Ghassan Khatib - Bitter Lemons - "The failure came in spite of his direct orders to be as tough as "breaking their bones", an order Israeli soldiers followed to the letter. This experience led him to conclude that there could be no military solution to the conflict." 12/11/2008
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