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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

The price is rightShulamit Aloni - YNET - "Who is afraid of Hamas gaining strength by the release of a few prisoners during a period of calm? We all know that we are always stronger than them. But the generals who sit in the government like to frighten us -- it enhances their power. They need more and more power because what else do they know beyond the use of force, killing, humiliation of the Other, hatred of the stranger and the scattering of cluster bombs over villages and civilians in order to kill them?"30/6/2008
Another side to the Jewish storyRachel Shabi - The Guardian - Many Jews left Arab countries because they wanted to live in Israel, not because their lives back home were miserable30/6/2008
You Don’t Mess With the RacismRemi Kanazi - IMEMC - "What we are to believe by watching this film is that if everyone would just stop `hating` (which Israelis are depicted as clearly willing to do, while Palestinians resist it vehemently) Israelis and Palestinians could effortlessly live together in harmony. But `hate` has little to do with a conflict rooted in a people’s desire for basic human rights and an end to oppression"30/6/2008
An Open Letter to Barney Frank - Have You Lost Your Mind or Just Been Bought Out by AIPAC? Kathleen M. Barry - CounterPunch - "The blatant overt racism against Palestinians I saw in Israel harkened me back to the pre-civil rights US. The guilt-by-association with Palestinians that is alive and thriving in Israel today recalls US McCarthyism" 30/6/2008
Two Al-Ahram articles related to the Gaza ceasefire(1) Relief or calm before the storm? Though Israel`s motives aren`t clear, its inability to cow Hamas is, says Saleh Al-Naami; (2) Taking a cue from Israel Fatah`s change of tune is better late than never, reports Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah29/6/2008
Selling the War with IranNir Rosen - Washington Note. A brilliant analysis of the principles of the US policy in the Middle East, 29/6/2008
Israel `committing memorycide`Aljazeera - "Ilan Pappe says Israel needs to acknowledge the crime it committed against the Palestinian people". 29/6/2008
USA is the rogue nationCharley Reese - Antiwar - The British never dreamed that the "little yellow people" could come ashore by land and take Singapore from the rear or that they would sink the pride of the British fleet, but they did both. I suppose no one in Washington can imagine the Iranians sinking one of our carriers in the Persian Gulf. How`d you like to be the president who has to tell the American people that we`ve lost a carrier for the first time since World War II?28/6/2008
All quiet on the Gaza frontUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - From the military point of view, a year of war in the Gaza Strip has ended in a draw. IDF-Hamas 1:1. But the IDF and Hamas are not two football teams of equal standing. Hamas is an armed political-religious movement, what is termed in current Western parlance "a terrorist organization". When such an organization achieves a draw with one of the mightiest armies in the world, it can justifiably claim victory.28/6/2008
Israel, EU and the US disregard international lawAdri Nieuwhof - The Electronic Intifada - In the 12 months before the US-sponsored Annapolis conference last November, the Israeli government invited tenders for the construction of "only" 138 housing units in settlements. However, Israel has put out 11 tenders for the construction of the staggering number of 1,731 settler housing units.28/6/2008
First lawsuit against Israeli soldiers in SpainPCHR Gaza - Antonio Segura, Gonzalo Boye, Raul Maillo, Juan Moreno,Lawyer have a long experience in cases concerning International Law and Humanitarian Law. These lawyers are very known in Spain because of their fight for human rights in Universal Jurisdiction. The most known case was the one of Pinochet, who was held in Great Britain for more than one year. 28/6/2008
Israel, don`t act normalNaomi Klein - The ACTivist Magazine - On March 28, 2008, Naomi Klein gave the keynote address to Canada`s first Independent Canadian Jewish Conference, attended by over 100 Jews against the occupation of Palestine from over a dozen organizations in over 20 cities across Canada.28/6/2008
What exactly is pro-Israel?Marc Gopin-Common Ground News-"Now is a good time to ask, what exactly does ‘pro-Israel’ mean, and who is pro-Israel in the United States today? The ones who twist every arm in Congress to be silent, to suppress what they know is right to do in terms of a fair Israeli-Palestinian deal? We have before us now a hair-trigger set of confrontations from Lebanon to the Persian Gulf, with long-range missiles, chemical and nuclear capable,aimed at Israel from a country in the Persian Gulf that has no business in Gaza."27/6/2008
Culture of fearSeth Freedman-The Guardian-"Concrete walls are built between "us" and "them"; orders are given banning Israelis from crossing the divide into PA territory – all under the banner of protecting the security of Israelis. In reality, however, they are merely an insidious attempt to hermetically seal Israel off from the outside world and convince the Israelis that it`s an unavoidable measure to take. "27/6/2008
Israel`s Assassination Policy must End MIFTAH - According to Palestinian media sources and eyewitnesses in Nablus, Israeli forces invaded an apartment building used as a student dormitory for the city`s Al Najah University. The troops broke into the room of Iyad Khanfar and Tareq Abu Ghali, the former a fourth year arts student at Al Najah, killing them at point blank range. Abu Ghali 23, is reportedly a leading commander of Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad and had survived several assassination attempts on his life in the past. 26/6/2008
King of the West Bank Donald Macintyre - The Independent - The multi-millionaire, philanthropist, close friend for 40 years of the late Yasser Arafat (whose offer of the prime ministership of the Palestinian Authority he turned down three times), and opponent of violence, he says his work is increasingly focused on seeing a Palestinian state before he dies. "I have eight stents and there is no room for the ninth," Mr Masri jokes about his less-than-perfect heart. "Before I go, I want to see an independent Palestine living side-by-side with Israel. For the last 45 years I have worked for peace with Israel and I think the Israelis are missing a big chance. They`re not really realising they have to live with us – two groups of people living on one ground." 26/6/2008
Divide and conquer Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of the agreement is thus the fact that Israel was able to reach such an agreement with Hamas over Gaza-related issues while it hasn`t been possible to reach any kind of agreement on anything with the PA over West Bank-related issues. That includes political issues that are being negotiated between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Chief Negotiator Ahmed Qureia on the Palestinian side and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on the Israeli, with extensive mediation from US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 26/6/2008
Grasping the opportunity The Jordan Times - Editorial - Having struck a ceasefire agreement in Gaza only, Israel obviously intends to push Palestinian factions to the brink by assassinating Palestinians in the West Bank. That way, only one result lies: a resumption of hostilities in Gaza and, eventually, a full-scale and devastating Israeli invasion. 26/6/2008
Israel Training to Attack Iran Peter Hirschberg - Inter Press Service - When asked whether Israel would launch a strike against Iran, Israeli leaders have generally tended to be vague, saying only that "all options" are on the table. Former air force chief Eitan Ben-Eliyahu says he is sure the military is rehearsing for a possible operation. "There is no military option without training for a military option," he said earlier this week on Israel TV`s Channel One. 26/6/2008
Today`s Despot Is Tomorrow`s StatesmanRobert Fisk _ The Independent - The American disaster in Iraq – and in Afghanistan (a movie coming to your local cinema soon) – and its total failure to produce a peace between Israel and the Palestinians and the loss of Lebanon as its protégé (now that the pro-Syrian Hizbollah can veto America`s friends in the parliamentary majority once there`s a cabinet) means that France can move in among the wreckage for a second crack at le mandat français. 25/6/2008
on obedienceAya Kaniuk - Mahsanmilim - These horrors happen because there are people who are willing to make them happen. All those normal people who only do what they are told, and not always gladly. The soldiers. Subordinates. The little, normal cogs in the machine. Because of them, everything can happen with such ease. For if they would not obey, it would not happen. It is, after all, very simple. 25/6/2008
Gaza truce shaken by rocket fire, killings in WBankNidal al-Mughrabi - Reuters - "The Nablus operation was the first fatal Israeli raid since the truce took hold in Gaza. Similar West Bank operations and Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip led to the breakdown of previous truce deals." 25/6/2008
Palestinian choices and realitiesGershon Baskin - AMIN - "Despite the understandable pessimism and even cynicism regarding the peace process, intensive negotiations are taking place."25/6/2008
The Painful Road to Taba - Why Israel Won`t Accept a Two-State SolutionBernard Chazelle - CounterPunch - "Israel drags its feet because it finds the peace pill unbearably bitter. How bitter? At the very least: dismantling 120 settlements; relocating 110,000 settlers; swapping pre-67 land for settlement blocs already in Israeli hands; rerouting the separation barrier; ceding control over 40% of the West Bank; sharing Jerusalem as a capital; letting in 10-50K refugees; giving away vital water rights; returning the Golan to Syria (no comprehensive peace without it); engaging Hamas; facing violent domestic opposition; endangering the careers and lives of Israeli leaders; last but not least, implicitly admitting that two-thirds of Israel`s history has been a monumental blunder"23/6/2008
Rays of hope from the Gaza ceasefireAli Abunimah - The Electronic Intifada - After the unremitting hell that Israel has inflicted on Palestinians in Gaza, one can only feel relief and even joy at the ceasefire agreed between Hamas and the Jewish state that took effect this week. Its significance extends well beyond Gaza and opens new possibilities as the disastrous Bush Doctrine begins to lose influence.22/6/2008
Learning to drive in RafahNeve Gordon - Counterpunch - I described to my students how my friends from the farming communities (settlements) located in the (Israeli-occupied) Sinai and the small town of Yamit took their lessons in the Palestinian town of Rafah and were among the first to pass their driving tests. My students found this story incomprehensible. They simply could not imagine Israeli teenagers taking driving lessons in the middle of Rafah, which, in their minds, is no more than a terrorist nest riddled with tunnels used to smuggle weapons from Egypt; weapons subsequently used against Israeli targets.22/6/2008
Obama`s blind spot on IsraelNadia Hijab - The Nation - Why is Barack Obama courting right-wing groups like AIPAC and steering clear of the American Jewish left and center?21/6/2008
Religion, Politics and Media: Palestine in the American ImaginationRamzy Baroud - The Counterpunch21/6/2008
Rare opportunity to talkThe Guardian Editorial - "Both Israel and Hamas are performing delicate balancing acts, and can easily be toppled from their current course. But while it lasts, the ceasefire creates further incentives to negotiate. This itself is a rarity and all opportunities should be exploited."21/6/2008
Narrow Israeli interestsGhassan Khatib - - "The current context of negotiations on the Palestinian track leaves us with little hope that this process aims to or can achieve anything other than just a process. The multiple processes on several fronts are no different. They are pursued simply as an outcome of domestic Israeli political considerations rather than any true aspiration for peace."21/6/2008
What next? Two BBC articles related to the recent Israel-Hamas truce By Hugh Sykes (1) The view from Damascus (2) Israelis look beyond Gaza truce21/6/2008
Hamas: We`ll honor W. Bank truceKhaled Abu Toameh -THE JERUSALEM POST-"Hamas will abide by the tahadiyeh [period of calm] in the West Bank as long as Israel refrains from targeting our members there,"20/6/2008
Israelis strongly oppose cease-fire with Hamas if release of Gilad Shalit not included; Palestinians oppose agreement without inclusion of W. BankHebrew University,Department of Media Relations-"There is also a noticeable decline in Israelis’ support for concessions to the Palestinians as embodied in the Clinton parameters or Taba negotiations. These parameters are considered by some to be the most realistic framework for a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. "20/6/2008
U.S. Trying To "Legalize" Permanent Occupation Of Iraq; Shifting Discourse On Israel-PalestinePhyllis Bennis - ZNet - "While U.S. policy has not yet changed, public and media discourse on Israel and Palestine is in the throes of a major transformation"19/6/2008
The Hump on the Back of the (U.S.) CamelGeorge S. Hishmeh - Middle East Times - "A golden opportunity may come up after U.S. Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, visits Iraq and Afghanistan before the November election, as he has just promised. This would be fortuitous for the Palestinians to invite him to see their besieged homeland, something he, Bush and U.S. Senator John. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, have not done although they all had traveled to Israel in the past"19/6/2008
Israel and Hamas near truce on GazaIsabel Kershner - IHT - "Egypt has been mediating the matter for months. Last week, Israel`s Security Cabinet opted to pursue the truce." 18/6/2008
Barhoum: Hamas will abide by the ceasefire declarationRami Almeghari - IMEMC - "In April, the ruling Hamas party in Gaza submitted a ceasefire initiative to Egyptian mediators, stipulating halt of homemade shells fire from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns, in return for lifting the Israeli blockade and ceasing Israeli military attacks on the region." 18/6/2008
Obama`s promises fail at the AIPAC conferenceDAOUD KUTTAB - J-lem Post - "What happened to the promise of "I will tell you what you have to hear, not what you love to hear"?" 18/6/2008
Take advantage of ceasefireYossi Beilin - Ynet - "A ceasefire would grant Hamas a type of legitimacy, and we should admit it, even if we declare day and night that our agreement is with Egypt alone." 18/6/2008
Excluding Hamas has been a failureGhassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - It`s only now, when Abbas appears to have reached the conclusion that his negotiations with Israel are heading for deadlock that he made his recent initiative, inviting Hamas to enter into an unconditional dialogue. It is possible that this is a tactic to put pressure on Israel to be more forthcoming in negotiations. It`s also possible that Abbas has concluded that he has been chasing a mirage by negotiating with the Israelis while sacrificing his domestic front. It is possible that the two scenarios are valid at the same time.17/6/2008
On a collision course - Is Israel planning to launch a war against Gaza, Saleh Al-Naami - Al Ahram Weekly - to launch a large-scale military offensive, Israel needs a bit of international support. For now, the Americans, for all their opposition to Hamas, are discouraging a large-scale military offensive in Gaza. Washington doesn`t want anything to happen that may rile nerves in the region at a time when it is trying to put together a united front against Tehran. Many Israeli officials see the point. 16/6/2008
Jesus in Megiddo Prison MICHAEL DICKINSON - Counterpunch - Of the nearly 11,000 Palestinians held by the Israeli Prison Authority, Megiddo contains a population of 1600 Palestinian males. In spite of the fact that most of them have engaged in no criminal activity, but are freedom fighters, leaders, and activists, or simply members of resistance movements against the racist occupation of their country, the inmates are described as “dangerous terrorists”. 16/6/2008
Gaza’s Imminent ExplosionElias Akleh - Countercurrents - Worst from death itself is watching your young children, your old parents, and your siblings die of starvation, lack of medicine, and on the hands of Israeli terrorist army. Abandoned and pushed to die in a corner without any alternative Gaza Palestinians will not take it silently. They prefer to die struggling for their rights and for their freedom.16/6/2008
What exactly is pro-Israel?Marc Gopin - Common Grounds News - It is not as if the American road to Irish peacemaking was easy. There were spoilers in America, just as there are now regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. There were people on both sides who thought they were pro-Irish. But were they pro-Irish all those decades or anti-Irish? In the end, it was Mitchell and Clinton who were the most pro-Irish, because they stopped the killing of Irish children once and for all. 16/6/2008
The visit of the two professors: an astonishing successGush Shalom - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, whose book "The Israel Lobby" has caused an uproar in the United States and was boycotted there by the Jewish establishment, were cordially received in Israel and aroused a lively debate.15/6/2008
The most reliable path to freedomOmar Barghout - The Electronic Intifada - For more than a century, civil resistance has always been an authentic component of the Palestinian struggle against Zionism. Throughout modern Palestinian history, resistance to Zionist settler-colonialism mostly took nonviolent forms: mass demonstrations; grassroots mobilizations; labor strikes; boycotts of Zionist projects; and the often-ignored cultural resistance, in poetry, literature, music, theater and dance. The first Palestinian intifada (1987-1993) was a uniquely rich laboratory of civil resistance, whereby activists organized at the neighborhood level, promoting self-reliance and boycott, to various degrees, of Israeli goods as well as of the military authorities. In Beit Sahour, for instance, a famed tax revolt presented the Israeli occupation with one of its toughest challenges during the period. BDS must therefore be seen as rooted in a genuinely Palestinian culture of civil struggle, while its main inspiration today comes from the South African anti-apartheid struggle.15/6/2008
The fallacy of Islamic "national suicide"George Bisharat - The Electronic Intifada - A new buzzword is arising from the network of Israeli think tanks and security-oriented academic departments bent on instigating a US attack on Iran: "national suicide." The term describes a supposed Arab Muslim tradition of politically motivated suicide at the national, not just individual, level. Arab Muslim regimes have purportedly launched ruinous wars they could not have reasonably hoped to win, condemning their nations to destruction.15/6/2008
America’s great mistake was to make too much of al Qa’edaTony Karon - Rootless Cosmopolitain/The National (UAE) - If Trotsky had managed to blow up a few stock exchanges and provoked Western powers into launching a “war” against him, he too might have enjoyed more of the limelight, although probably not for long. Al Qa’eda’s significance has always derived almost exclusively from the reaction its violent provocations have elicited, starting with the cruise missiles President Bill Clinton launched in response to the East Africa embassy bombings in 1998. That reaction only boosted the legend bin Laden was trying to build for himself among radical Muslim activists everywhere.17/6/2008
An apologyUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Madam Speaker, Honorable Knesset: On behalf of the State of Israel and all its citizens, I address today the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people, wherever they are. We recognize the fact that we have committed against you a historic injustice, and we humbly ask your forgiveness.15/6/2008
National unity could aid ceasefire effortsAhmed Yousef - bitterlemons.org14/6/2008
Robert Fisk: The Middle East never tires of threatsRobert Fisk - the Independent - "Governments love warnings, hence the endless waffle about the `war on terror`"14/6/2008
Banned in the U.S.A. (Almost)Saree Makdisi - Washington Post - "What is so unspeakably wrong with saying that justice, secularism, tolerance and equality of citizens -- rather than privileges granted on the basis of religion -- should be among the values of a state?"14/6/2008
Rattling the Cage: Giving up the Golan - the most painful concessionLarry Derfner- THE JERUSALEM POST-"If the Syrians, who have kept the truce on the Syrian-Israeli border for 34 years, offer us a land-for-peace-and-water deal that is underwritten by Turkey, and we say no? Then the Six Day War turns out to have a war of conquest after all. Then Israel is not a nation that seeks peace and justice, it`s a nation that believes might makes right... But there`s something much, much more important at stake: The character and purpose and integrity of this country. Also, potentially, the lives of a lot of innocent Israelis and Arabs."13/6/2008
The Name of the GameReuven Kaminer-"The official line goes like this: If the Hamas continues to dare to trade attacks with the IDF, if the Hezballah continues to promise revenge on Israel, if the Iranians refuse to understand that they are in line for obliteration – all this is the result of one simple fact: Israel has lost its deterrent power...The generals, .. explain that Israel as a matter of national survival must teach our enemies a lesson that they never will forget."13/6/2008
Israel backs Gaza truce but prepares for offensiveStephen Myles - Yahoo News - "The security cabinet decided this morning to support Egyptian efforts to achieve calm in the south and end the daily targeting of Israeli civilians by the terrorists in Gaza," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert`s spokesman Mark Regev said. "In parallel the security cabinet instructed the military to continue its preparations in the unfortunate event that the Egyptian track should prove to be unsuccessful," he added. 12/6/2008
Palestine Inside Out reviewJim Miles - ZNet - This has been one of the most difficult books that I have ever read. It removed me from my academic detachment with which I read the majority of books and took me into emotions ranging from frustration, sadness, melancholy through to anger and belligerence. A compelling read, yet at the same time I had to put it down every so many pages in order to contemplate, digest, or simply escape what in sum could be called the constant inhuman brutality of one human against another. 15/6/2008
Chances for a ceasefire are minimal Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - Egypt simply wants a ceasefire. However, one of the issues that has to be settled is that of movement through Rafah, which is very problematic for Cairo. For one thing, opening Rafah while keeping almost all other crossings closed means that the Israeli strategy of handing responsibility for Gaza to Egypt is working. Secondly, such a situation will create certain domestic problems for Egypt, particularly by facilitating relations between Egypt`s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. 12/6/2008
It all Starts and Ends with the Occupation Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Should Israel carry out a massive military operation into the Strip, this would all but obliterate any talks of a truce and most likely hinder Palestinian-Palestinian talks as well given that Abbas` government opposes Hamas` hold on Gaza and its militarization of the conflict there. Israel will thus have more time to stall any peace talks with the Palestinians at the negotiating table, all under the pretext that its number one priority is to protect its citizens from "terror." 12/6/2008
A divide even among Israel`s supportersH.D.S. Greenway - IHT - "A pro-Israel president today would be one who prods the Jewish state - publicly, continuously and vociferously - to create conditions on the West Bank that would allow for the birth of a moderate Palestinian state." 11/6/2008
IDF: Palestinians in favor of ceasefireAli Waked - Ynet - ""Everyone knows the truce is in the interest of both sides, and it will be obtained, though it might not last for very long and take a while to achieve."" 11/6/2008
Bottomless basketKhaled Amayreh - Al-Ahram - The Judaisation of occupied Jerusalem continues apace while the hapless Palestinian president refuses to quit "peace talks"9/6/2008
Why is Arabic scary?Marzuk Halabi - YNET - Proposal to cancel Arabic’s status as one of Israel’s official languages racist9/6/2008
The Occupation and the politics of death: the land, not the peopleNeve Gordon - Counterpunch - One cannot fully understand the occupation and the reason it has become more violent without taking into account the separation between the dowry (i.e., the land that Israel occupied in June 1967) and the bride (the Palestinian population). This principle is the propelling force behind the massive settlement project, the by-pass roads, the expropriation of Palestinian water and the erection of the separation barrier deep inside Palestinian territory. And it is precisely these latter Israeli actions that have precipitated the intensification of violence in the Occupied Territories and, one might even argue, the rise of Hamas.8/6/2008
Slow death in GazaMargaret Kimberley - The Electronic Intifada - Each American claim to moral authority becomes a foul excretion in light of US complicity in Israel`s barbaric and illegal treatment of the Palestinians. Washington deploys its superpower apparatus to smother dissent against its Middle East policy in Europe and elsewhere, leaving former president Jimmy Carter and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu as lonely defenders of Palestinian human rights.8/6/2008
Turning on to J Street: a new lobby re-examines the special relationshipMichael Brendan Dougherty - The American Conservative - Upon leaving office in 2004, Democratic Sen. Ernest Hollings said what many of his colleagues surely felt: “You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here.” Jeremy Ben-Ami, the executive director of a new lobbying group, J Street, plans to change that.8/6/2008
Ilan Pappe and Noam Chomsky on the future of Israel and PalestineIlan Pappe, Noam Chomsky - Counterpunch - "There has been a very clear shift in recent years. On US campuses and with general audiences as well. It was not long ago that police protection was a standard feature of talks at all critical of Israeli policies, meetings were broken up, audiences very hostile and abusive. By now it is sharply different, with scattered exceptions. Apologists for Israeli violence now tend often to be defensive and desperate, rather than arrogant and overbearing. But the critique of Israeli actions is thin, because the basic facts are systematically suppressed. That is particularly true of the decisive US role in barring diplomatic options, undermining democracy, and supporting Israel`s systematic program of undermining the possibility for an eventual political settlement.8/6/2008
No, I can`t!Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - Obama`s declarations at the AIPAC conference are very, very bad for peace. And what is bad for peace is bad for Israel, bad for the world and bad for the Palestinian people. 8/6/2008
The West`s weapon of self-delusionRobert Fisk - the Independent7/6/2008
One State: Coexistence, Not Apartheid Ramzy Baroud - Khaleej Times - "If Israel is indeed interested in a peaceful resolution to this bloody conflict, one that is based on equal human and legal rights, justice, security and lasting peace, then it must add a new word to its lexicon: coexistence. "7/6/2008
On the Six-Day War and the Existential Danger to the State of Israel: Some quotes of Israeli dignitariesQuotes compiled by Stephen Lendman - Znet - `The New York Times quoted Begin`s 1982 speech saying: `In June, 1967, we had a choice. The Egyptian Army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.` General Mordechai Hod, Commander of the Israeli Air Force during the Six-Day War said in 1978: "Sixteen years of planning had gone into those initial eighty minutes. We lived with the plan, we slept on the plan, we ate the plan. Constantly we perfected it." `7/6/2008
The ongoing Arab griefAzmi Bishara - Al-Ahram Weekly - "Until now, Arab denial of the reasons for the 1948 catastrophe leaves its meaning locked in echoes and beyond reach, writes Azmi Bishara "7/6/2008
Tutu`s Trip to Gaza Censored by the US MediaMike Whitney-Information Clearing House-"(Archbishop Desmond Tutu:) "The entire situation is abominable. We believe that ordinary Israeli citizens would not support this blockade, this siege, if they knew what it really meant to ordinary people like themselves"...."Tutu went to Gaza for peace and not one newspaper in the United States covered the story."6/6/2008
Sa’eb Erekat wants Americans to “judge” the progress in negotiations so farMarian Houk-Ma`an News-"(Sa’eb Erekat) To Hilary Clinton: “If someone loses his home, his schools, his livelihood, his parents in New York, what do you call it? We call it a catastrophe – and we have here a catastrophe that has lasted 60 years”. "..negotiations with the Israelis “will be put to a referendum. If Palestinians say ‘yes’, we will implement it from our side. If the Palestinians say ‘no’, then Abu Mazen will say goodbye”."6/6/2008
Interview with Prof. Joel Beinin on Bush and Israel/PalestineCrossing the Line interviews Prof. Joel Beinin of the American University of Cairo, 6 June 2008: podcast8/6/2008
No substantive change Ali Jarbawi - Bitter Lemons - "Not all those who talk will reach agreement."4/6/2008
High noon in the Middle East must be avoided Walid Awad - Ma`an - "Basing political, economic, and military support for Israel on biblical ideology and prophesies, as the case has been in the United States so far, should not and must not continue." 4/6/2008
Let Justice be the Salvation of Israelis and Palestinians - The Hope of a Victimized People GEORGE BISHARAT - Counterpunch - "Israelis have comforted themselves over time with a series of myths, among them: that Palestine was a "land without people for a people without a land."" 4/6/2008
`The U.S. is sowing the seeds of a long term tragedy...` (Gilbert Achcar interview)Foti Benlisoy & Aykut Kýlýç - Mesele - (...) a one-state, "one person one vote" solution limited to Palestinians and Israelis strikes me as an uninspiring utopia. I`m not convinced at all that the Palestinians would like to be citizens of the same state with the Israelis, even if they were the political majority, under hugely unequal social conditions like what you have now in South Africa where whites still constitute by far the main section of the dominant class and are getting richer, many of them living in gated communities. And I am positively sure that the Israelis will never accept being a political minority. So this is a dead end.3/6/2008
Let Finkelstein enter Israel Oded Feller - Ynet - In recent years we have been forced to get used to immediate expulsion of visitors of Arab descent, relatives of residents of the occupied territories, peace and human rights activists, and to abuse of foreign reporters. Now is the turn of those who “merely” annoy Israel (...) a sign of a country under siege which fears that her citizens or those under its occupation will be exposed to other views.3/6/2008
The Jewish public knowsSarah Kreimer - Jerusalem Post - We must assure that our governments reach an agreement on the future of Jerusalem - along the lines that the public already understands - in a way that will answer the needs of the peoples who live in it and share it.3/6/2008
Golan bluffBasel Oudat - Al-Ahram - Is the resumption of Syrian-Israeli talks a political gimmick or a serious effort by two countries in dire straits2/6/2008
Memories of a Promised LandMike Marqusee - ZNet/New Humanist - It has become ever more apparent that Zionism will not tolerate any meaningful form of Palestinian independence. The exigencies of maintaining a Jewish state will not allow it. Within Israel, expansionist claims -- in which the Jews are declared the rightful owners of the whole of the West Bank and even beyond -- are commonplace.1/6/2008
When the kettle calls the pot blackUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - The main thrust of the current establishment is towards occupation, expansion and war. Therefore, when a corruption scandal concerns a leader moving in that direction, the scandal is smothered in its infancy. But when the scandal involves a leader who is making gestures in the direction of peace, the scandal reaches huge proportions. That happened to Sharon on the eve of the dismantling of the Gaza Strip settlements. It is happening now to Olmert when he dares to speak about peace with Syria and the evacuation of the Golan settlements.1/6/2008
Former Manson prosecutor seeks death penalty for BushRussell Mokhiber - Commondreams - “I’m herein enclosing a copy of my book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,” Bugliosi writes in the letter to the Attorneys General. “I hope you will find the time to read it and that you will agree with its essential conclusion - that George W. Bush is guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4,000 American soldiers who have died fighting his war in Iraq.”1/6/2008
With economic siege comes malnutrition Rami Almeghari - The Electronic Intifada - Malnutrition among Palestinian children has also increased over the past 11 months, affecting more than 10 percent of Gaza`s children under the age of 18, according to the Gaza City-based Ard al-Insan health organization. A recent survey conducted by Ard al-Insan revealed that around 10.4 percent of households in Gaza City and in the northern and southern Gaza Strip suffer from chronic malnutrition. Stunting and low birth weights are also affecting children there. 5/6/2008
Palestinian Leader Urges Talks With Hamas ISABEL KERSHNER - The New York Times - Against this backdrop, Mr. Abbas’s prime minister, Salam Fayyad, started a high-profile dispute with Israel on Wednesday when he called on the European Union to refuse Israel’s request to upgrade its ties with the union. Mr. Fayyad said that Israel should first meet its obligations, “especially those related to halting all settlement activities and other violations of human rights in Palestine.” 5/6/2008
We must talk to the enemy : Northern Ireland offers a model for peace that can help other regions still locked in bitter conflictPeter Hain - The Guardian - In the Middle East, the conflict has not been gripped at a sufficiently high level, over a sufficiently sustained period. Initiatives have come and gone, and violence has returned to fill the vacuum. International forces have not been aligned. Preconditions have been, and now are, a crippling bulwark against dialogue. However, despite the intensity of bitterness and hatred between Hamas and Israel, neither can militarily defeat the other - they will each have to be a party to a negotiated solution that satisfies Palestinian aspirations for a viable state and Israel`s need for security. 5/6/2008
Arab weakness and narrow Israeli interests Ghassan Khatib - Bitterlemons - It did not work then and it will not work now. Successive Israeli leaderships, including the current one, have never educated their public that the price of achieving the legitimate Israeli objectives of peace, security and integration into the region entails recognizing the legitimate objectives of the other sides. These include an end to Israeli control over occupied territories, whether Syrian or Palestinian, allowing for the creation of an independent Palestinian state and finding a just resolution to the refugee problem. 5/6/2008
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