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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

WATCH: Israeli left finds a star in TV’s Big BrotherAmi Kaufman - +972 - Saar Szekely came into the house with a very clear agenda: to talk about the occupation. He also had beef with corporate capitalism and reality TV, and he made it clear to the production who interviewed him as well. The producers of Keshet played along. It wasn’t the first time they played the political card. But Saar was definitely the most radical left winger Keshet brought in so far to the show. 31/3/2012
Israel wants Iran isolated, but instead isolates itselfHaaretz Editorial - Boycotting the UN Human Rights Council investigation [of the West Bank settlements] will not stop the investigation. (...) Only an irresponsible government could demand that the whole world boycott Iran, while itself boycotting the whole world. bz29/3/2012
2 Israeli Leaders Make the Iran Issue Their OwnETHAN BRONNER - NYT - "“All leaders have kitchen cabinets, but Netanyahu and Barak have established a kitchenette of two,” remarked Nahum Barnea." - id28/3/2012
The Peter (Beinart) principle RAY HANANIA - J-Post - "I totally support boycotting any products that originate from any of Israel’s settlements. That doesn’t make me anti-Jewish or anti- Israeli. It makes me pro-peace." - id28/3/2012
Northern Ireland should care about Palestinian Human Rights Gary Spedding - PNN - "It`s time we all stopped simply talking about peace whilst allowing human rights abuses to continue we are not as duplicitous as the State of Israel and we can make history by progressing a realistic change for Peace." - id 28/3/2012
U.S. Supreme Court: Jerusalem is not a foreign policy issueMairav Zonszein - +972 - "The decision inches Jerusalem another step closer to de jure recognition by America as an undisputed part of sovereign Israel." - id 28/3/2012
The Palestinian Houdini Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "What is this? A UN fact-finding mission to inquire into the settlements on the West Bank?" - id28/3/2012
So what if Iran has the bomb?Ziad Abu-Rish - Jadaliyya - What is at issue vis-à-vis a nuclear Iran is not simply a question of the United States selecting who gets to have a nuclear weapon and who does not. Its ambitions, and those of Israel (and to a lesser degree the Saudi-led GCC), are much more fundamental and much more principled (vis-à-vis power and the status quo) than that. 27/3/2012
The State of Israel`s worst missed opportunityAkiva Eldar - Haaretz - On March 28, 2002 Arab leaders including Iran, under then President Mohammed Khatami, decided to reconcile themselves to the existence of the Jewish national home in the Middle East, within borders that would be agreed on and recognized. bz 27/3/2012
Israel`s economy will pay heavy price for Iron DomeJamie Levin--The Iron Dome system promises a sense of physical security, but without a national conversation about economic priorities, its extraordinary cost will have unintended consequences for Israeli economic security. dn25/3/2012
The case for bombing Iran is quickly collapsingMJ Rosenberg--Common sense dictates that war with Iran would be devastating for the region - and common sense must prevail. dn25/3/2012
Religious Zionism leader: `Netanyahu, Barak seek to boost ego with attack on Iran`Kobi Nahshoni - Ynet - Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, head of Har Bracha Yeshiva, said Iran does not pose an existential threat to Israel and a military offense against it was unnecessary. (...) The unconventional arms race is a negative, yet inevitable phenomenon. bz27/3/2012
One or two states? The status quo is Israel’s rational choiceNoam Sheizaf - +972 - "It should be noted that the status quo will remain the best option regardless of developments on the Palestinian side. Even if the Palestinians in the occupied territories recognize Israel as a Jewish state or vote Hamas out of office – even if they all join the Likud – from an Israeli cost/benefit perspective, keeping things as they are will remain preferable to the alternatives of either pulling out of the West Bank or to annexing it. Current demands from the Palestinians are just smoke screens intended to disguise this unpleasant fact"26/3/2012
Ignoring Israel`s complete dominationAmira Hass - Haaretz - Israel`s position in its periodic report to the donor-coordination group for the Palestinian Authority reminds one of the boy who kills his parents and then demands an orphan`s pension26/3/2012
The Ghetto WithinUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - What the assassin of Toulouse has succeeded in doing by his disgusting act is to bind French – and world – Jewry even tighter to the State of Israel.24/3/2012
What Palestinian political prisoners are fighting forAmeer Makhoul - Electronic Intifada "With his historic hunger strike and his heroic resolve in his fight against the occupying state, Adnan has reaffirmed an important principle of resistance to colonialist regimes: when the people, or individuals, who are their victims remain resolute, the world will react. Sympathy turns into solidarity, and that in turn can nurture a growing movement of support for the struggle which is capable of shaking the foundations of the colonialist system." ca 23/3/2012
Israeli textbooks foster hate, says authorVita Bekker - The National - "I was looking for reasons of why nice Jewish boys turn into monsters when they join the army," said Ms Peled-Elhanan, in an interview at her home just outside Jerusalem."They never meet Palestinians face-to-face as children, so the textbooks are all they know."-rh 22/3/2012
Preparing Israel For warNeve Gordon - - The recent attack is, however, not only about allocating more money to the military; it is also about Iran. The media continuously drew a connection between the Islamic jihad, which launched most of the rockets against Israel, and Iran. The IDF spokesperson pointed an accusing finger towards Teheran, claiming that it is transferring weapons and money to the Islamic Jihad.-rh 21/3/2012
Maybe Palestinians, Israelis need a break from each other RAY HANANIA - J-Post - "Seems that when Israelis write about Palestinians, it’s usually all about blaming the Palestinians for everything. Same for when Palestinians write about Israelis." - id 21/3/2012
Despite Iran jitters, Israeli anti-war camp mutedDan Williams- AlertNet - "Despite his chilling rhetoric, Netanyahu is lampooned, given the belief among many Israelis that he is gunshy." - id 21/3/2012
When `pro-Israel` means comparing Israel to the NazisBradley Burston - Haaretz - "In a recent statement, the ZOA took up the plight of radical rightist Jews who demand the right to pray on the Temple Mount." - id 21/3/2012
`They`re murdering Blacks and Jews and Arabs, here`Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "...we never kill children on purpose, it always always happens only and solely by an unfortunate accident for which we are very sorry." - id 21/3/2012
Settler Group Presses Israeli Government to Accelerate Palestinian Home Demolitions – Inadvertently Giving the Game AwayAssaf Oron and Ehud Krinis - Their appeal gives valuable supporting evidence for the following conclusions: 1. This outdated Israeli military body, the so-called “Civil Administration”, should not be allowed to run Palestinian life anymore, and 2. The situation of fully-privileged citizens living side-by-side with rightless subjects of military rule, is unacceptable and must stop. 20/3/2012
To Save Israel, Boycott the SettlementsPeter Beinart - NYT - We American Jews should lobby to exclude settler-produced goods from America’s free-trade deal with Israel. We should push to end Internal Revenue Service policies that allow Americans to make tax-deductible gifts to settler charities. Every time an American newspaper calls Israel a democracy, we should urge it to include the caveat: only within the green line. 20/3/2012
Interrogations in the dark Haaretz Editorial - It is only in darker regimes that interrogations are carried out in secret, far from public scrutiny and without proper documentation19/3/2012
Red Rag column: Israel as Auschwitz? Pavlov`s dog - Hillary Clinton is right Gideon Spiro - Israel as Auschwitz? - "Pavlov`s dog" syndrome in Gaza - Retirement of Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch - In praise of Hillary Clinton - Letter to the new Supreme Court President, Asher Grunis18/3/2012
Excellent report on ABC Radio in AustraliaVivienne Porzsolt--Hi, the report [on gun control in Israel] this morning on ABC`s Radio National was excellent - congratulations to you, Rela and Anne.dn18/3/2012
Veteran U.S. political commentator: I would be shocked if Israel were to attack IranYael Lavie-- "If the Israeli military attacks Iran unilaterally, it will be the stupidest thing that Israel has done since the 1982 incursion into Lebanon, stupid and even more disastrous." dn18/3/2012
`Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon`Haaretz--`Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon` New York Times report quotes senior American officials who believe there is little disagreement between Israeli and U.S. intelligence over Iran’s nuclear program, despite calls for a strike by Israeli officials. dn18/3/2012
A tale of success and darkness in IranGideon Levy--Even the strongest supporters of an attack - whose numbers, scarily, are increasing - admit there is no chance that Iran will sit idly by, and that an Israeli attack will be countered by a ferocious response. dn18/3/2012
Florida’s House joins Republicans in support of One-State solutionAziz Abu Sarah--On February 29th 2012 Florida’s House of Representatives surprisingly passed a bill supporting the one-state solution. The bill quotes the Bible to prove the Jewish right of the whole land spanning Israel and Palestine, ignores the Palestinians’ historical connection to the land and omits their existence. However, the bill comes as surprise in the sense that it calls for one law for all people who live on the land. dn18/3/2012
Terror will return Yoel Marcus - Haaretz - We have a government that isn`t telling us what Israel`s final borders will be. Nor is it telling the Palestinians. While they`re offering written proposals and maps, Israel has never said how it sees our final borders. (...) In the end there is one truth we can`t escape. And that is Bibi and Barak`s "success" in making the Palestinian-Israel issue unfeasible. bz17/3/2012
Jews and Palestinians: Separate or Together? a recent speechDavid A. Wesley--His trip was initiated and supported by the Royal Anthropological Institute and by the organizers of the annual Jewish Book Week festival that takes place in London for eight days each February. David spoke also in four additional venues: School of Oriental and African Studies in U London; Department of Anthropology at U Kent in Canterbury; Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in U Birmingham, and the activist group: Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP). Please feel free to distribute dn17/3/2012
The enigma of Israel: creating a warrior stateGabriel Kolko - Zionism was supposed to make Jewish existence “normal;” very different than in a Diaspora peopled by goyim, but there is nothing ”normal” in the life and culture of Israel today — which has not lived in peace with its neighbors, much less let the Palestinians have elementary human rights in the lands in which they have lived for thousands of years. 17/3/2012
All quiet on the southern frontUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "What have you learned in school today, my son?" "There was no school today. There is an emergency!" "And what have you learned from that, my son?"17/3/2012
David Grossman Speaks Out Against War With Iran Larry Derfner - The Nation - In his first public statement on the conflict with Iran, David Grossman, the leading Israeli novelist of the past generation and the strongest voice of his country’s moral conscience, told The Nation that he opposed an attack on the Islamic Republic by Israel or the United States, saying the likely consequences were more daunting even than those of Iran building nuclear weapons.-rh 15/3/2012
The storm over Bamba and apathy concerning GazaGideon Levy - Haaretz - Let it be known: there is a direct link between the storm over Bamba and the apathy concerning Gaza. Both are driven by blind and cheap patriotism. And which mascot will march in our name at the Olympic stadium in London? That affects us much more deeply than what is done in our name in Gaza.-rh 15/3/2012
Under the Rubble of Gaza, The Real Reason Israel Attacks Joharah Baker - MIFTAH - Israel wants one thing, into which it pours all of its military, political and diplomatic efforts to achieve, which is to prevent a Palestinian state from ever coming into being. This has been the case ever since Israel’s creation in 1948 over the ashes of what was Palestine. And it is the case today; its recent invasion of Gaza is just one more piece to the quickly forming puzzle.-rh 15/3/2012
Poll PositionsSHMUEL ROSNER - International Harald Tribune - In a recent poll of 500 Israelis by Shibley Telhami, a fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, 34 percent of respondents opposed any strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities (pdf). Some 42 percent backed an attack “only if Israel gains at least American support” and only 19 percent were for striking alone.-rh 15/3/2012
Iran-Israel history suggests a different futurePankaj Mishra - Bloomberg - After the Shah was overthrown, Khomeini’s regime initially junked the shah’s expensive armory and closed down his nuclear program. But Saddam Hussein’s brutal assault on Iran soon brought the Muslim revolutionaries back to the real world. Khomeini turned to - Israel. An agreement signed at Paris in 1980 ensured Israeli arms for Iran, and despite U.S. protests, Israel remained Iran’s most reliable arms supplier for much of the 1980s - the time when the West was supporting Iraq. 13/3/2012
Was it really necessary?Haaretz Editorial 13.3 - One may well ask whether all the consequences of killing al-Qaissi had been taken into account. Defence Minister Ehud Barak is not sure we were dealing here with a "ticking bomb," and it is not clear if the intended attack has been thwarted. The solution is elsewhere, around the negotiation table, from which the government is seeking refuge under Iron Dome. 13/3/2012
Israel-Palestinian peace needed now more than everHaaretz Editorial 11.3 - In the event of war, the Iron Dome antimissile batteries will be redeployed, not to protect the population but - to intercept rockets aimed at Israel Air Force bases. Meanwhile, the absence of a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a "preeminent flame that keeps the pot boiling in the Middle East - according to Gen. James Mattis, head of U.S. Central Command.13/3/2012
Escalation in south: IDF takes summer Gaza spin out for 2nd roundYossi Gurvitz - +972 - The new round of violence in Gaza began with the assassination of a Popular Resistance Committees official – and the IDF trotted out an old lie to defend it12/3/2012
The people demand some blood itzhak Laor - Haaretz - Whoever decided on the assassination knew he was cancelling the south`s topping off a long Purim. Those in the south had apparently celebrated enough12/3/2012
Civil DisobedienceNurit Peled-Elhanan - Israelis must refuse to obey unjust laws just as South Africans did.11/3/2012
Apartheid is a Crime, Not an Analogy Joe Catron--As Israeli Apartheid Week unfolds around the world, apologists for Israel`s crimes against the Palestinian people scramble to defend their chosen regime`s system of racism, ethnic cleansing, and occupation, against the charge of apartheid. db11/3/2012
A better understanding of Iran might save us from catastrophePeter Beaumont--As Israel plays up the country`s nuclear threat, the west should be seeking active dialogue with Tehran dn11/3/2012
Education goals for 2012: Zionism first, math failures secondAmi Kaufman--The government ministries have set their goals for 2012. It’s good to know the Education Ministry has got its priorities straight.dn11/3/2012
Israelis--Portrait of a people in tense timesHarriet Sherwood--Barack Obama spoke of the country`s sovereign right to defend its people. But what is the nature of the state that has become central to global diplomacy? Harriet Sherwood listens to Israelis across this diverse nation [1 comment--Sherwood omits Israelis like myself among the several types--that is to say, Israelis who actively oppose the Occupation. True, we are but the fringe of Israeli society, but we nevertheless make ourselves felt. dn] 11/3/2012
Way to go, IDF! Gideon Levy--The cyclical ritual of bloodletting between Israel and Gaza always prompts two questions: `Who started it?` and `Whose is bigger?`dn11/3/2012
Israel-Palestinian peace needed now more than everHaaretz Editorial--Postponing the settlement of Israel-Palestine conflict is bad for Israel. The belief that the leaders of the region and the world have given up and set the issue aside is a dangerous illusion. dn11/3/2012
Iran, Syria, Israel and the US: the battle for the moral high groundReuven Kaminer - How can Obama and Netanyahu, responsible for the ongoing tragedy in Palestine, strut around the Arab world as the protectors of human rights, as a force for peace and democracy in Syria or in Iraq?10/3/2012
Retired generals to Obama: hands off - Several former high-level military and intelligence officials took out a full page ad in Monday’s Washington Post urging President Obama to resist pressure to attack Iran nuclear program.10/3/2012
The hacks of war: the media and IranDave Lindorff - Counterpunch - What we are getting is not news. It is propaganda. The Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, had he not killed himself to avoid capture and execution for war crimes by the Allies at the end of the war, would surely marvel at how his methods are being aped and refined by the media in one of his leading democratic enemies some seven decades after he put the German media in service to the Third Reich.10/3/2012
A Jewish soulUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - For an Arab Israeli, the lyrics of the Israeli national anthem are an affront. His is not a “Jewish soul”, his eyes never gazed towards “the end of the East”, his homeland is not “Zion” (a hill in Jerusalem). The only words that could appeal to him are the “hope to be a free people” in his land.10/3/2012
America gone stupid over Iran - making the same mistake twiceLawrence Davidson - - US politicians and military leaders cannot talk like this and create policy like this without the mainstream press following along, whether it is Fox TV, whose fanatical conservative backers have always lived in a bipolar fantasy world of good and evil, or the New York Times, whose quasi-liberal backers empathize with Israel just enough to buy into that country’s paranoia, the message is that the Iranians are crazy people out to destroy the West. And the evidence? Who needs it? 10/3/2012
Gaza escalation: dress rehearsal for Iran Gush Shalom press release - Netanyahu set the Gaza Strip border on fire with an act of "liquidation" which was certain to precipitate a barrage of rockets at the communities of southern Israel and make their children huddle in air-raid shelters on the Purim holiday.
The bombings and killings in the Gaza Strip look like a general rehearsal and test of weapons systems towards the great war to come.
Obama goes to AIPAC: a scorecardPhyllis Bennis - Salon - Despite his rhetorical escalation in political pandering, Obama at AIPAC did not show any willingness to acquiesce to Israel’s demand for a military assault on Iran. gm8/3/2012
Jon Stewart`s triple threatPamela Olson - Mondoweiss - This Monday and Tuesday, Jon Stewart dedicated three segments of The Daily Show to Israeli belligerence and American intransigence in the Middle East. The first was an interview of Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour that took jabs at the US government’s determination to veto Palestine’s application to the UN for statehood. The second made fun of the US, Iran, and Israel equally for their warmongering during an election season. And the third took on the Israel lobby, and the fact that no American politician dares criticize Israel while politicians in Israel itself are allowed a much broader spectrum of dissent. gm8/3/2012
Anger and Compassion for Arab Justice Who Stays Silent During Zionist HymnETHAN BRONNER - NYT - "`...he cannot and should not have to sing our national anthem, ‘Hatikva.’" - id 7/3/2012
Yalla Peace: A grim fairy tale on Iran RAY HANANIA - J-Post - "Ironically, though, Iran is a problem today because, as usual, the West helped make it so. I know the West doesn’t like anyone pointing this out. I mean, this seems to happen a lot to the West." - id 7/3/2012
1949 in exchange for 1967Shaul Arieli - Haaretz - "...the war forced the Jewish community in Israel to decide on its priorities: partition or Greater Israel?" - id7/3/2012
History repeats itselfAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "The government of Israel announced that "Israel would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East", and this was repeated by all later Israeli Prime Ministers, and just this evening President Peres, the founder of the Dimona Pile, repeated it yet again." - id7/3/2012
Avi Shlaim: Obama must stand up to Netanyahu Avi Shlaim - The Independent - The challenge for Obama is to reign in his reckless junior ally and to reorder American priorities in the Middle East. The main threat to regional stability is not Iran but the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. And the main source of hostility towards America throughout the Arab and Muslim lands is Israel`s oppression of the Palestinian people and America`s complicity in this oppression. 6/3/2012
Prisoner Dilemma of the Israeli Occupation Uri Yaakobi-Keller - Translated by AIC - Once Adnan became resolute to keep hunger striking whatever the consequences, he created a situation in which Israel had to make a choice in which it could only lose. In the end Israel’s choice to let Adnan go was a manner of “damage control”, but let there be no mistake: by letting him go, Israel still lost the struggle (and would have lost also in the case of Adnan’s death). 6/3/2012
In East Jerusalem, only Palestinian property seized as ‘Absentee’Moriel Rothman - +972 - Despite the Rabin government’s admission in the mid-1990s that the use of the Absentee Property Law in East Jerusalem was unjustified and should be discontinued, the ramifications of its application in the 1980s and early 1990s are ongoing. The properties seized by the law’s application were never returned to their owners, and as a result further evictions have been carried out. 6/3/2012
Red Rag - non-violent victory - kosher sperm - fascist? - bogus equalityBy: Gideon Spiro - Khadr Adnan`s non-violent victory - kosher IDF sperm - who`s a fascist? Bogus "equality" at the Supreme Court - Syria, Israel and war-crimes5/3/2012
The `rotten-business` conspiracy is back Sefi Rachlevsky - Haaretz - "Sometime between early June and mid-August, just before the Republican nominating convention, will be the ideal moment to drag the United States into war, the planners believe"5/3/2012
One state for Palestinians and IsraelisAhmed Moore--For decades the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has eluded well-intentioned peacemakers. Diplomats have talked, shaken hands, snapped photos — and returned home from summits with strikingly little to show for their efforts. Meanwhile, the occupation of Palestinian territories grew more restrictive. Israel’s settlements developed into towns and small cities as Palestinians were penned into smaller and smaller spaces. While diplomats shuffled from Madrid to Oslo to Wye River, from Camp David to Taba to Annapolis and resort towns in between, the illegal settlements expanded. And the window for two states closed. dn4/3/2012
Boycott movement about Palestinian rights, not destroying IsraelOmar Rahman--Noam Wiener’s post against the BDS movement once again fails to understand the movement and the general plight of Palestinians. dn4/3/2012
Palestinian prisoners boycott Israeli courtsYousef Munayyer--US must seize opportunity to support Palestinian non-violence The United States should seize the opportunity as push for peace while Palestinians increasingly embrace non-violence. dn 4/3/2012
Before attacking Iran, Israel should learn from its 1981 strike on IraqColin H. Kahl--On June 7, 1981, eight Israeli F-16 fighter jets, protected by six F-15 escorts, dropped 16 2,000-pound bombs on the nearly completed Osirak nuclear reactor at the Tuwaitha complex in Iraq. Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Defense Minister Ariel Sharon saw the reactor as central to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s quest to build nuclear weapons, and they believed that it posed an existential threat to Israel. dn4/3/2012
Why I met the man who tried to kill meArthur Neslen--Face-time with my would-be murderer: Arthur Neslen meets Khalid (in background) – `The only Jews he had ever met were uniformed gunmen who brought with them fears of collaboration, expulsion and death.` Photographs: Alessio Romenzi for the Guardian dn4/3/2012
Israel is more focused on `hasbara` than it is on policyAnshel Pfeffer - Haaretz "And though there are those who are deluded enough to believe their own propaganda, most propagandists know they are lying. The practitioners of hasbara - masbiranim - are totally convinced of the veracity of their arguments. Indeed, hasbara is now one of the basic tenets of 21st century Zionism, a veritable act of faith. Alas, it is a total fallacy." ca 2/3/2012
When Bibi Pointed the GunJAMES ABOUREZK - Ciounter Punch - "Because Obama could not afford an Israeli attack on Iran during his re-election campaign, he was low hanging fruit, ripe for picking." - id 14/3/2012
Stay out of Gaza StripAriela Ringel-Hoffman - Ynet - "Going into Gaza is akin to reversing. It’s a certain recipe for sinking in a swamp. And after all, we’ve already been in this swamp, on more than one occasion." - id 14/3/2012
Happy Purim to all of usAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "1) Purim in Washington; 2) Purim in Holon; 3) Purim in Yatta and 4) Purim in Gaza." - id 14/3/2012
Incitement to genocide?Atilla Somfalvi - Ynet - Iran`s citizens should be starved in order to curb Tehran`s nuclear program, officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s upcoming trip to Washington. gm3/3/2012
What are Iran`s intentions?Noam Chomsky - In These Times - One of Israel’s leading strategic analysts, Zeev Maoz, concludes that “the balance sheet of Israel’s nuclear policy is decidedly negative”—harmful to the state’s security. He urges instead that Israel should seek a regional agreement to ban weapons of mass destruction: a WMD-free zone, called for by a 1974 U.N. General Assembly resolution. gm3/3/2012
Condoleezza Rice`s belated criticism of Israel Joseph Lelyveld - New York Review of Books - Considering that Condoleezza Rice served the friendliest administration the Israelis will probably ever see, it’s instructive to compare her complaints about Israeli trickiness and maneuvering to those that have seeped out of the embattled Obama White House. Israel was a close ally and a democracy but its leaders were “sometimes a nightmare to deal with”; they had to be warned not to lobby Congress; in any conversation “there was a ‘but’”; they “always seem to overreach”; getting the Israelis “to actually carry through on promises relating to the Palestinians” was a continuing frustration, particularly promises involving Jewish settlements in the West Bank. ak 3/3/2012
Why? Who died? David Grossman - translation Sol Salbe - All said and done it is merely a minor story about an illegal alien who stole a car, was injured in an accident, then released from hospital to have cops dump him, still injured, to die by the roadside. What are the building blocks that lead to such an atrocity? dn3/3/2012
Why Land Day still mattersSam Bahour and Fida Jiryis - Haaretz - The Land Day victims were not Palestinians from the occupied territories, but citizens of the state, a group that now numbers over 1.6 million people, or 20.5 percent of the population. They are inferior citizens in a state that defines itself as Jewish and democratic, but in reality is neither. bz31/3/2012
The New MandelaUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - MARWAN BARGHOUTI has spoken up. After a long silence, he has sent a message from prison. To Israeli ears, this message does not sound pleasant. But for Palestinians, and for Arabs in general, it makes sense.31/3/2012
Talking about the Occupation on reality TVParticipants on the Israeli version of Big Brother talk frankly about the Occupation - Hebrew with English subtitles. gm31/3/2012
Netanyahu`s housing reform ignores Israeli Arab communities, says new researchJack Khoury - Haaretz "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s flagship housing reform, designed to streamline approval of affordable housing, overlooks the Arab community almost entirely, a policy paper released this week says. The paper, written by attorney Keis Nasser of Dirasat, the Arab Center for Law and Policy, was issued on the occasion of Land Day, which Israeli Arabs will be marking tomorrow." ca 30/3/2012
Condemn me, but get your facts right firstROBERT FISK - Independent - ""Robert Fisk is the most anti-Semitic, rabid, prejudiced, blithering fool in Britain, if not the world – he is a non-journalist, in fact he`s a raving idiot with a very small mind and a very large ego."" - id 14/3/2012
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