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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

The world`s blatant double standard - in Israel`s favor Larry Derfner - +972 - The occupation is not, by any means, a human rights violation on the scale of Assad’s butchery, or the Congo’s, or Sudan’s, or Zimbabwe’s, for example. But it is a greater one than, for example, Iran’s nuclear program, or Cuba’s communism, or Russia’s killing of Sergei Magnitzky and its anti-gay policy – yet Israel gets off scot-free. The world doesn’t punish this country unfairly – it doesn’t punish this country at all. bz31/12/2013
Reflecting on The Possibility of a Third IntifadaSamia Khoury - Though situation nowadays is much worse, Palestinians have lost faith in their leadership and the in their leaders, in the Arab countries, their own ability to stand up against such brutality and of course they have no more faith in their partners and brokers for peace. It sometimes looks like Netnayhau deliberately wants to provoke the Palestinians into violence, and in the present circumstances the loss of life would simply be worthless. What gives still some hopeful feeling with the coming of 2014 in the increasing manifestation of International Solidarity with the Palestinians. 31/12/2013
Mandela: The Movie Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "An Israeli is compelled to ask himself the inevitable question: What does the film tell us about the similarities and dissimilarities between the South African and the Israel-Palestinian situations? The first impression is that situations are almost totally different. The political and demographic backgrounds are poles apart. The similarities are mostly superficial. But in particular, the most obvious differences are: There is no Palestinian Mandela in sight, and even less an Israeli de Klerk"30/12/2013
When the revolution comes to Israel Jamil Khader - AlJazeera - Do Israeli audiences see the parallels between `The Hunger Games` Panem and the Palestinian struggle against apartheid? 30/12/2013
Red Rag weekly column: In memory of MandelaGideon Spiro - Netanyahu and Peres did well to stay away from Nelson Mandela`s memorial service in South Africa - Nelson Mandela`s story brings to mind the ongoing oppression of Mordechai Vanunu - Israeli journalists supported Apartheid South Africa30/12/2013
Fun with chronology: misreporting the Israeli assault on Gaza Belen Fernandez--The media has a habit of using truncated timelines to excuse Israel`s assaults on Gaza. dn29/12/2013
Modern Language Association convention to feature academic boycott panel and resolution slamming Israeli denial of entriesAlex Kane--The Modern Language Association (MLA) annual convention is not an event known to raise hackels or attract global media attention. This year, though, the 30,000 member academic group . . . is in the hot seat—and it’s all because of Israel.dn29/12/2013
A penal colony for Africans in the heart of IsraelGideon Levy and Alex Levac--Saharonim is a jail, and Holot, which we visited this week, is an `open holding facility’- but the differences between them are minimal. dn29/12/2013
The gears of racism are oiled by ordinary bureaucrats Gideon Levy--Someone must `do the work` or `enforce the law` and most of them are good people who do bad things.dn29/12/2013
Not numbers but peopleHaaretz Editorial--The state blocked most asylum seekers with a fence, but must improve the lives of the ones that arrived.dn28/12/2013
Major Jewish org: boycott vote is wake-up call in battle against ‘extremist’ delegitimization of IsraelPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss - The Israel lobby is obviously deeply alarmed and is taking BDS seriously in an all new way. There is bound to be a public debate on the question in the US at last, and we can anticipate that Establishment organizations will line up behind Israel. My response to that reaction: to itemize Palestinian rightslessness and then document Cheyfitz’s standard, “the refusal of political entities to do social justice”.-rh26/12/2013
Poll: Settlers would consider leaving West Bank for `genuine peace`Akiva Eldar - Al-Monitor - The survey revealed that the settlers living east of the separation fence are more likely to acquiesce to an evacuation without violence if the withdrawal is for a “genuine peace.” One of Netanyahu’s close associates noted to the composer of the report that the poll-takers discovered the most convincing step that would show that the arrangement constitutes a “genuine peace” in the eyes of this public is Palestinian recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people.-rh 25/12/2013
Is the Israel-Palestine conflict entering the endgame? A roundtableNew Left Project - Veterans of twenty years of empty negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians may too easily dismiss the current talks, led by US Secretary of State John Kerry, as simply more of the same. Yet they are occurring in a dramatically changed political environment. What are the implications for Palestine of the regional upheavals of the past few years? How sincere are Kerry and the EU in their apparent determination to secure an agreement? What would that settlement look like? And what other important trends are emerging that will shape the future trajectory of the conflict? With statements by Norman Finkelstein, Mouin Rabbani, Sam Bahour, Alain Gresh, Jon Elmer and Adam Hanieh. bz 24/12/2013
Kerry’s Framework Agreement - US Plans ‘Gazafication’ of the West BankJonathan Cook - CounterPunch - "A sense of urgency looms because Washington is supposed to unveil next month its so-called `framework proposal` for the creation of a Palestinian state, in a last desperate effort to break the logjam in negotiations. For this reason, the outlines of the US vision of an agreement are finally coming into focus. And, as many expected, the picture looks bleak for the Palestinians"23/12/2013
The migrants aren`t the problem- Israel`s racism isGideon Levy--Israel should allow the migrants already here to rebuild their lives, and offer them the prospect of becoming citizens. That’s how it’s done in normal countries.dn22/12/2013
Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leaveWilliam Booth and Ruth Eglash--KTSIOT, Israel — In the empty desert, workers are building an answer to a difficult question: What should Israel, a nation built by Jewish refugees, do about the 55,000 African migrants who entered this country illegally, fleeing famine, bondage and war? dn22/12/2013
Angel FaceUri Avnery--SEEING HER face on the TV screen, one is struck by her beauty. It is the face of an angel, pure and innocent. Then she opens her mouth, and what pours out is vile and ugly, the racist message of the extreme right. Like seeing a cherub parting its lips and revealing the teeth of a vampire.dn 22/12/2013
South Africa, the nation that gave up its nukes F.W. de Klerk--Former President F.W. de Klerk explains why the rest of the world should follow his country`s lead. dn22/12/2013
Analysis || When it comes to setting Israel`s borders, little is about securityAmir Oren--The IDF is not really the people’s army, it’s the government’s. The government decides, and the people execute – after being conscripted. dn21/12/2013
There`s no bigotry in the boycottHenry Siegman--Israel has been singled out for special treatment, not punishment - the rewards of American largesse, despite its predatory occupation of the Palestinians and their land. dn21/12/2013
Occupation, occupation, occupation: Religion isn`t Israel`s big problemOren Yiftachel--What is the cause of the segregation between groups in Israeli society? How should we cope with this and with the polarization and racism it engenders? In her soul-searching, riveting article, Prof. Eva Illouz argues that this ostensible regime of separation stems primarily from the distorted importation here of ethno-religious principles that dictated the isolationist, self-defensive Jewish existence in the Diaspora. dn21/12/2013
Secretary Kerry’s Derring-DoThomas L.Friedman - NYT "But the status quo is not benign. Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the West Bank are mounting. With no deal, it could easily explode. Also, Israel’s steady expansion of settlements in the West Bank is giving its enemies more fodder to delegitimize the Jewish state.What Kerry is trying to put together are decent, hardheaded deals, in which opportunities can legitimately outweigh the risks for all sides. His chance of succeeding on the Iran or Israel-Palestine fronts is very low, but I greatly respect his daring to fail." ca20/12/2013
Book Review: On Ari Shavit`s `My Promised Land`Noam Sheizaf - +972 "In a world that celebrates diversity, Shavit’s decision to narrow his story to the Ashkenazi-male experience is more telling than any of his observations." ca20/12/2013
Anti-boycott academics demonstrate lack of excuses in supporting IsraelSarah Marusek - Middle East Monitor "Regardless of whether ASA members choose to uphold the boycott or not, what having this public debate highlights more than anything else is that those who continue to support Israeli apartheid and occupation are quickly running out of excuses." ca20/12/2013
Winter Storm Situation Report (as of 14 December 2013, 2100 hrs)OCHA oPT - The storm is exacerbating the already poor humanitarian situation for large segments of the Palestinian population,particularly in the Gaza Strip, which is already dealing with an acute fuel and energy crisis, and in herding communities located across Area C of the West Bank.-rh „h18/12/2013
An asylum policy that borders on inhumanityElana Nemittoff- The Times of Israel - As the daughter of a rabbi, and now a rabbinical student myself, one of the most essential precepts ingrained in my Jewish education has always been: “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”-rh 18/12/2013
Once Again: A New Law to Limit Foreign Donations to Non-Profit OrganizationsACRI - Knesset Update - This bill is the most recent incarnation of an ongoing campaign in recent years to limit international funding to various causes disliked by the government. Similar bills that have been initiated by Members of Knesset in recent years have been unsuccessful.-rh 18/12/2013
20 Years Since Oslo: Palestinian PerspectivesHeinrich Boell Stiftung - More than twenty years have passed since the historic handshake between Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin in Washington D.C. Originally this was supposed to be the beginning of a five-year-process leading to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. However, 20 years later, there is no such Palestinian state.-rh18/12/2013
Israel: Drop Detention Policy in Disguise : Officials Detain Sudanese, Eritreans in Defiance of High Court OrderHuman Rights Watch - “The Israeli authorities seem hell-bent on finding new ways to detain these people,” said Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Officials should drop this charade of pretending that these extensive restrictions are not detention, and genuinely release the asylum seekers, in line with the High Court ruling.”-rh18/12/2013
Israel benefits from Hamas` declineBen Caspit - Al Monitor - "Hamas focuses squarely on surviving and holding on to power. It desperately attempts to improve the economy, urgently seeking new diplomatic, logistical and military support because all its other crutches — Egypt, Syria and Iran — snapped almost simultaneously." - id 18/12/2013
BDS: Permanent Address for Palestinian SolidarityRAMZY BAROUD - PNN - "What Israeli officials describe as the de-legitimization of Israel is reaching a point where it is about to reach a critical mass. It is what Palestinian Gaza-based BDS activist Dr. Haidar Eid referred to in a recent interview as Palestine`s South Africa moment." - id 18/12/2013
Israel’s uneasy relationship with apartheidRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette - "Israelis viewed Arabs the exact same way that Afrikaners viewed blacks." - id 18/12/2013
Comment: On Mideast security, the US has only just begun Charles r. Bronfman, Peter a. Joseph - Jerusalem Post - It should be recognized that, if the agreement [with Iran] is implemented as designed – which is a big “if” – it is a positive development. The Obama administration appears as determined as ever to advance a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to curtail the Iranian nuclear threat in a way that will enhance, not endanger, Israeli security. bz17/12/2013
Don’t soften bill targeting left-wing NGOs, strike it downHaaretz Editorial - Architects of the law seek to restrict freedom of expression and assembly by imposing economic sanctions 16/12/2013
Searching for a genuine anti-apartheid struggle in Israel/PalestineRan Greenstein - +972 - While Palestinians and their leaders historically took their cues from anti-colonial resistance in Vietnam, Cuba and Algeria, their struggle has, over time, become similar to the fight against apartheid in South Africa. With the failure of the Oslo Accords, new, often overlapping approaches have proliferated, leading Ran Greenstein to find out what a genuine anti-apartheid model would look like in our time16/12/2013
Time to ask South Africa for forgivenessGideon Levy--For years, most of us Israelis remained silent while our country became the most loyal ally of the apartheid regime.dn15/12/2013
Cut from the same cloth: Mandela and Barghouti Micah Reddy--Often called the `Palestinian Mandela`, Marwan Barghouti`s political trajectory is eerily similar to the late leader`s.dn15/12/2013
The American Studies Association is challenging a taboo in the American academy by speaking freely about IsraelMagid Shihade--I want to thank the National Council of the American Studies Association (ASA) for taking this position in favor of an academic boycott of Israel, though it is long overdue. Normally, the ASA Council, which is elected by the entire membership of the ASA, makes decisions regarding resolutions on its own. This time, however, after voting in favor of the resolution, the National Council returned the matter to the full membership for a ten-day voting period which expires Sunday, Dec. 15. In doing so, the National Council is challenging a taboo in American academy by voicing opinion freely about Israel.dn15/12/2013
Why can`t we walk back?: A conversation with Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie JacirFrank Barat--‘When I Saw You’ tells the story of a Palestinian child in 1967 who refuses to accept his fate as a refugee. Writer and director Annemarie Jacir discusses what led her to make the film and what lessons its carries. dn14/12/2013
What`s next for Bedouin in a post-Prawer Israel?Haggai Matar--The cancellation of the Prawer Plan is a victory for committed protestors. But how did this happen, and what does it mean for the Bedouin living in unrecognized villages who will wake up to a new reality? dn14/12/2013
The Real Cycle of Violence Roger Sheety--On December 7, 2013, two seemingly dissimilar events occurred, an ocean apart. dn14/12/2013
Israel must give up its worst-kept secret: the bombNeve Gordon - Al Jazeera - Within Israel, speaking about the nuclear programme in Dimona is taboo. Mysteriously, however, there is also a broad-based agreement to keep silent about it in Washington and in most European capitals. Despite claims made by independent analysts that Israel likely has around 80 warheads, and is believed to be the only state in the region that has produced separated plutonium, and possibly highly enriched uranium. To be sure, I am against Iran developing a nuclear weapon, but I am also opposed to Israel having a nuclear arsenal ... There is, after all, a connection between the two and this connection needs to be spelled out, if a broader framework is to be adopted. bz14/12/2013
Sayed Kashua thinks the Bedouin might prefer a kibbutz tooSayed Kashua - Haaretz - Every Arab child knows that the state’s purpose is to push him into a corner, that the Israeli obsession to Judaize land tramples the Arabs encountered along the way. Every child knows that state lands means land for Jews only, means a worsening of the overcrowding, the poverty, the unemployment and the crime rate. Go suffocate in your villages and be thankful you’re not in Syria. [Not the usual mild irony of Kashua`s column - bz]14/12/2013
America and Israel: A Fraying Bond?Justin T. Palm - Real Truth "Despite statements by both countries about the strength of their bond, new challenges are testing the endurance of the alliance. Distrust is growing. Leaked documents show that the two countries may be spying on one another: “US intelligence agencies have carried out counterintelligence operations against Israel, a secret report published by The Washington Post revealed…” ca 13/12/2013
EU set to offer massive aid to Israel, Palestinians for peace dealBarak Ravid - Haaretz "The draft resolution, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, details the economic, political and military aid the EU hopes will encourage Israel and the Palestinians to agree to the painful compromises that a peace agreement will inevitably entail." ca13/12/2013
(Un)holy River: Israeli Palestinian "Peace Talks" Based on a False PremiseUri Avnery - Information Clearing House " SO HERE comes John Kerry again, for the umpteenth time (but who is counting?) to make peace between us and the Palestinians.It is a highly laudable effort. Unfortunately, it is based on a false premise. To wit: that the Israeli government wants peace based on the two-state solution." ca 13/12/2013
Mandela succeeded where Palestinians failedDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - The story of Mandela is not only a story of national liberation, but also a personal one that many in the world revere. Palestinians unhappy with their current leaders are looking for their own Mandela. Many are seeing in imprisoned Marwan Barghouti, whose political and resistance history is not too dissimilar from the African leader, a possible Palestinian Mandela.-rh 12/12/2013
If Nelson Mandela Really Had Won, He Wouldn`t Be Seen as a Universal HeroSlavoj Žižek - Information Clearing House - If we want to remain faithful to Mandela`s legacy, we should thus forget about celebratory crocodile tears and focus on the unfulfilled promises his leadership gave rise to. We can safely surmise that, on account of his doubtless moral and political greatness, he was at the end of his life also a bitter old man, well aware how his very political triumph and his elevation into a universal hero was the mask of a bitter defeat. His universal glory is also a sign that he really didn`t disturb the global order of power.-rh 11/12/2013
Abu Zaida calls on Abu Mazen to hold electionsShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor - Despite the gunshots fired at his car and threats on his life, Fatah official Sufian Abu Zaida continues to demand that democratic elections be held in the Palestinian Authority: “Nothing will stop me from expressing my views.”-rh 11/12/2013
Israelis witness Lapid change course, back peace talksMazal Mualem - Al Monitor - "Yesh Atid Chairman and Minister of Finance Yair Lapid has changed course, openly supporting the talks with the Palestinians, but his statements must be followed by deeds." - id 11/12/2013
Jailing of Palestinians who tackled Israeli killer shows courts serve apartheidSawsan Khalife` - The Electronic Intifada - "Considerable effort was made to protect the reputation of Eden Natan Zada, the Israeli soldier who opened fire on the bus, murdering the driver and three passengers." - id 11/12/2013
Lost in AfricaSima Kadmon - Ynet - "The presence of a person like Grossman would not only have reduced the costs significantly – it would have also guaranteed that Mandela would not turn in his grave." - id 11/12/2013
U.S. `security plan`: Another decisive cave-in to Netanyahu Larry Derfner - +972 - A country required to tolerate former enemy troops on its soil and at its border crossings, and that’s barred from having an army, is not an independent, sovereign state. Certainly not when it stands next door to the regional military superpower that’s been subjugating it for a half-century. bz 10/12/2013
Red Rag weekly column: Arik Einstein, 1939-2013 - Idolatrous dayanim - The cycle of violenceGideon Spiro - In my humble opinion, Arik Einstein`s great gift, in addition to his musical talent, was his ability to preserve the aroma of the old so-called "Working Land of Israel", now disappeared, from which he came, without excessively alienating the other side, and eventually being embraced by it as well.10/12/2013
Gaza, which we must not forgetHaggai Matar/Translation Sol Salbe - The electrical power network has collapsed. So have the water and sewage systems. There are reports of surgery being conducted by candlelight. ... Hamas is actually functioning as Israel`s sheriff (according to Israeli security officials), but the naval blockade and the ban on exports remain.10/12/2013
A Warning. Or: From Unilateral to Bilateral WarfareAmos Gvirtz - Most of the Bedouins are denied the ability to continue making their living as desert farmers. Since the late 1960s the government has been concentrating the Bedouins in townships that maintain the highest rates of unemployment and poverty, as well as crime, in the country. Naturally, the State of Israel does not consider this reason enough to halt its project of concentrating Bedouins in townships. 10/12/2013
Mandela`s mission is not yet completeGideon Levy--Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu have no right to eulogize Nelson Mandela. dn8/12/2013
Dear Mayor, Thank You, But No Thank YouSam Bahour--It was recently reported in The Daily Jewish Forward (Bloomberg To Dedicate $1M Genesis Prize to Boosting Israeli-Palestinian Trade, Josh Nathan-Kazis, December 02, 2013) that New York City Mayor and billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, was awarded the first-ever Genesis Prize, $1 million “which is meant to honor an exceptional Jew.” dn7/12/2013
Israel heads for a terrifying split The Economist - " Over the course of the negotiations, it has become abundantly clear that Binyamin Netanyahu and the conservative coalition he leads do not want a diplomatic resolution to the standoff over Iran`s efforts to develop nuclear weapons on any terms that Iran would be willing to accept. That puts Israel at loggerheads with the majority of Americans; perhaps more important, it puts Israel at loggerheads with a large fraction of American Jews." ca6/12/2013
Nuclear chutzpahMarwan Bishara - Al Jazeera "There seems to be an "unspoken understanding" that Israel`s bombs are best left unmentioned, even when, as Micah Zenko writes in Foreign Policy, "Israeli officials routinely hint at missions where they would be used - specifically for deterrence or to threaten deeply buried targets in Iran." ca6/12/2013
And then came the Bedouin Day of RageAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Overnight, the Bedouins became "intruders" and "squatters" in their own ancestral lands, and many of them were expelled in the early 1950’s. Some were transferred by force beyond the borders, and those who remained inside Israel were concentrated in a small area called "The Sayyag”. It is from this small remnant that the "Prawer Law " would expel them." - id 11/12/2013
Handshakes in GenevaEditors - Middle East Research and Information Project - But the hero of this story is neither an individual statesman nor a newfound will in Washington to test the two “special relationships” in the Middle East. What brought about the deal in Geneva was people power, in Iran, in the West and, somewhat paradoxically, in the Arab world.-rh 5/12/2013
What Comes Next: Towards a bi-national end-game in Palestine/IsraelJeff Halper - Mondoweiss - The need to formulate a just and workable end-game is also urgent. The fall of oppressive regimes shows a pattern. Apartheid South Africa, the Soviet Union, the Marcos regime in the Philippines, the Shah in Iran, Mubarak in Egypt – all seemed overwhelmingly strong until the very end, and then collapsed suddenly. So it might well be with Israel’s Occupation. The failure of the Kerry negotiations are likely to trigger a chain of events, sooner rather than later, that will open up political possibilities not available to us at this time.-rh 4/12/2013
Palestinian teachers strike over pay disputeDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Strikes are not new in Palestine. The dire economic situation coupled with delays in receiving committed grants has forced the Palestinian government to curtail many of its expenditures. Bessaiso said that the Palestinian government has suffered a 56% in drop in its income in the past year due to three reasons: non-fulfillment in committed donor funding, Israeli deductions for hospital fees and electricity bills from tax and customs revenues earmarked for the Palestinians and tax evasion by Palestinians.-rh 4/12/2013
Wake up John Kerry, a global intifada is eruptingMiko Peled - The Electronic Intifada - "Someone should tell John Kerry that a free, democratic Palestine, with equal rights will not only free Palestinians, it will also free Israelis. Their prime minster may be a Palestinian and their children will go to school with Palestinian children and everyone will be better off." - id 4/12/2013
Israel`s right of self-defense should not include attacking IranAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - "An Israeli attack on Iran could not be legally justified as self-defense, considering that Iran so far has not breached the NPT, to which Israel is not a signatory." - id 4/12/2013
Light unto the Nations - anno 2013Adam Keller - Crazy Country - " Nowadays, "Light unto the Nations" means the blazing fire of a big war which the State of Israel will initiate and into which it will drag the rest of the world." - id4/12/2013
Iran, Israel and the threat of nuclear warRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette - "In a fair and balanced world, the West would actively push to free the people of Iran from the religious tyrants there. But in a fair and balanced world, they would push for democracy and freedom and nuclear non-proliferation in Israel, too. But this isn’t a fair world. It never has been." - id 4/12/2013
Defending Geneva Reuven Kaminer - Intelligence and security chiefs such as Meir Dagan, Amos Yadlin, Uri Sagi, and Yuval Diskin ... never backed Netanyahu`s Iranian adventure. ... The noise that you hear coming out of Israel is the screeching of our hawks in a desperate effort to prevent peace from breaking out. 3/12/2013
34 arrested, 15 police wounded || Police, protesters clash across Israel at rallies against Bedouin relocation Shirly Seidler, Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich--Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the southern village of Hura, the northern city of Haifa, Jerusalem and Jaffa Saturday evening to protest a government plan to resettle some 30,000 Bedouin residents of the Negev desert. While the protests began peacefully, those in Hura and Haifa grew violent, resulting in a total of 34 arrests and 15 wounded police officers.dn1/12/2013
The Iran Debacle: Israel’s Loss is Incalculable Uri Avnery--Netanyahu and almost the entire Israeli political establishment have achieved a new record in foolishness. dn1/12/2013
Israel dare not presume to say what is good for America Amir Oren--On a warm Thursday in early November, near the center of Jerusalem, two American VIPs were getting ready for their morning tasks. At the American Consulate, on Agron Street, an alert security detail patrolled and readied a convoy of black, armored Chevy Suburbans - that necessary component of any FBI or CIA movie - to ferry Secretary of State John Kerry to his meetings.dn1/12/2013
The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle Susan Abulhawa--Stealing the voice of marginalised communities often leads to misrepresentation of their stories. dn1/12/2013
Netanyahu: Crying wolf again Akbar Ganji--Furious with the P5+1 for signing a deal with Iran, Netanyahu once again threatens to take military action unilaterally. dn1/12/2013
Islamic charities, the domestic victims of the war on terrorSarah Marusek--It has now been five years since the sentencing of the Holy Land Five: Muslim-American humanitarians who were falsely convicted of providing "material support for terrorism" because of their charitable work in Palestine. To mark the occasion, the daughters of the Holy Land Five have produced a powerful video message featuring the families of those imprisoned, as well as people around the world, expressing solidarity with the innocent men. dn1/12/2013
Boycott threat should be a wake-up call to IsraelisBen Caspit - Al Monitor - "The feeling in the Israeli left and center is that the settlers won. That they have set the facts on the ground." - id 25/12/2013
Sign of loss of control Ron Ben-Yishai - Ynet - "If Abbas fails to understand that he is playing with fire which may burn him too, and if Netanyahu and Uri Ariel don`t stop fanning this fire, we may experience an overall escalation way before the negotiations reach their end next spring." - id 25/12/2013
The Israeli heel of AchillesBeate Zilversmidt - Crazy Country - "It`s not only academics for whom access to the Western World is a high priority. Israel`s sport scene is particularly Europe oriented. So far, Israeli footballers and fans feel quite at home there. But perhaps that`s where the Israeli heel of Achilles is located." - id 25/12/2013
Memory of Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel should be revivedRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette - "We should have their pictures and biographies available so that years from now, others will know what Israel did to a people who lived in a country called Palestine." - id 25/12/2013
Here is why deconstructing Zionism is important Michael Marder--The final sequence of Eran Riklis` poignant 2008 film Lemon Tree, based on actual events, is symptomatic of the hidden dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel`s defence minister, who moves with his family to a new house on the occupied West Bank, deems the neighbouring lemon grove of a Palestinian widow Salma Zidane, a security threat. His legal team files a motion to uproot Zidane`s lemon trees in a case that reaches Israel`s Supreme Court.dn8/12/2013
Palestinian resistance shouldn`t mean shutting out IsraelisOri Nir--We Israelis often complain that `there is no one to talk to.` But for many young Palestinians, Israelis are a lost cause - and anti-normalization means there is less interaction than ever to prove this wrong.dn 8/12/2013
At Halfway Mark, Kerry`s Mideast Effort StumblesTHE ASSOCIATED PRESS--JERUSALEM — Halfway through an ambitious nine-month process aimed at forging Mideast peace, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, after another round of shuttle diplomacy, has little to show for his efforts. dn8/12/2013
(Un)holy RiverUri Avnery--SO HERE comes John Kerry again, for the umpteenth time (but who is counting?) to make peace between us and the Palestinians. dn8/12/2013
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