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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Who Wants a Third Intifada?Josef Olmert - The Huffingtton Post - The bad news is that the talk of another intifada is gathering momentum, while the good news is that it has not yet happened and could still be averted. That brings us back to Megiddo, also known as Armageddon... all parties involved can do without the calamities associated with this place.-rh 27/2/2013
NEWS FEATURE: `Right to return` biggest stumbling block to peaceDolan O`Hagan - Irish Examiner - Ben-Dror Yemini is the opinion editor of the Tel Aviv based daily newspaper, Maariv. A former political adviser his book, Political Punch, is a critique of politics and society in Israel. He has published numerous articles about the Israeli-Arab conflict in which he has argued for a “two peoples two states solution” to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and suggested that "anti-Zionism is politically correct anti-Semitism".-rh 27/2/2013
King Herod exhibit `latest example of Israeli exploitation`Hugh Naylor - The National - the fight over the area`s abundant cultural and archaeological heritage represents a broader competition over who controls political narratives. By sheer force of its military and organisational prowess of its universities, museums and entrepreneurs, Israel usually wins.-rh 27/2/2013
Liberating The Land Of Canaan Mazin Qumsiyeh - Countercurrents - They had invited me and Jeff to speak on the issue knowing that we hold somewhat different views (he is for a binational state within a confederation of Middle Eastern states while I am for one democratic secular state). We both agree though that any dreams about the mirage of a two-state solution must be abandoned. The discussions both during and between presentations were rather useful to all concerned including me.-rh 27/2/2013
Jewish Group Condemns Appearance of Extremist Israeli Lawmaker in US WAFA - JVP said Feiglin is known for his racist views of Palestinians and others, noting that just last week Feiglin praised the notorious Meir Kahane, the late Brooklyn-born rabbi who founded the Jewish Defense League and the Kach party, both of which are considered terrorist organizations by the US government.-rh 27/2/2013
Terra Incognita: Intelligence services and the ‘other’ SETH J. FRANTZMAN - J-Post - "When an organization in society is above reproach, above civilian critique or investigation, then that in itself represents a problem." - id 27/2/2013
The nutcracker dilemma - Part 1 and Part 2Beate Zilversmidt & Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "In an Israel different from the really existing one it would at least be considerable to include also Israel`s Muslims."...."Lacking a real reason for hope, any chance spark could light the dry tinder." - id27/2/2013
Palestinians: U.S. is not a honest brokerNicola Nasser - Palestine Chronicle - “It’s plain and simple: Either the settlements or peace. Even Obama won’t get us abandon this principle” said PLO chief negotiator Saeb Erekat. "Should Obama decide to act accordingly, he may reinforce the `unbreakable alliance` with Israel to his convenience, from a Palestinian perspective. Otherwise, any initiative by Obama to resume the Palestinian–Israeli peace talks during his upcoming visit to the region will be doomed as a non – starter." ak26/2/2013
The Palestinian uprising was written on Hollywood`s red carpetBarak Ravid - Haaretz - “The Gatekeepers” and “Five Broken Cameras” reveal the makeup of the occupation from which the next violent conflagration will erupt. Like a punch in the gut or a slap in the face, they try to shock Israelis out of the escapist stupor we have allowed ourselves to drift into. They pry open our tightly shut eyes, making it hard for us to remain blind to the fact that the Palestinians exist and that conscripting ultra-Orthodox men into the army and bringing down housing prices are not our most pressing national concerns. bz26/2/2013
Peace and Watermelons Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Again many Israelis and Palestinians hope for an American peace initiative, which will put pressure on both sides. Again the President denies any such intent. Again the results of the visit will probably be disappointment and despair"25/2/2013
Israel’s Wall of MadnessANDRE VLTCHEK and LYNDA BURNSTEIN BRAYER--If someone would say: “Israel, Palestine and Golan Heights! And you have only two seconds to describe what first comes to your mind.” Then I would immediately put into words two images that would enter my mind: “Mental asylum, and enormous bag full of the intertwined professional wires.” dn 24/2/2013
Tracking efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policyCecilie Surasky--A few weeks ago, Brooklyn College stood up against a tsunami of whacked out, only-in-NY extremist-Israel politics and refused to either cancel or sever ties with a planned campus talk on the nonviolent Palestinian-led human rights movement known as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). (Pictured: Jewish Voice for Peace board member Donna Nevel at Brookyln College Students for Justice in Palestine press conference.) dn24/2/2013
Oscar hopefuls take fresh look at Mideast conflict Jon FROSCH--Two new Oscar-nominated documentaries, "5 Broken Cameras" and "The Gatekeepers", examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from starkly different angles and with contrasting tones. takes a closer look. dn24/2/2013
The UN and its productive contradictions Nicola Perugini--The recent UN Human Rights Council report on Israel was both toothless and contradictory.dn24/2/2013
Red Rag weekly column: the Ben Zygier affair; Akiva Orr, RIPGideon Spiro - I will always treasure the image of Aki as a comrade in ideology and struggle, as one of the pillars of the Left, and not only in Israel. May his memory be blessed. 23/2/2013
What a `period of calm` looks like in the Occupied Territories Ben White--Three months after the last major Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, the "period of calm" is only "calm" for Israel.dn23/2/2013
Archives shed cold light on Ariel SharonAmir Oren - Haaretz "The papers do not shed new light on the massacre. Long passages, mostly quotes of Israeli Defense Force officials, remain censored, keeping alive the suspicion that Israel is still hiding some aspects of its part in the deaths.Censorship is beyond the control of State Archives, but it casts a shadow on its welcome initiative, and some of the separate but energetic actions by the IDF archives, to reveal documents from the not-so-distant past, especially concerning wars." ca 22/2/2013
UN Pushes Israel to Cooperate With Drone ProbeJason Ditz - "Israel has a long-standing policy of opposing any UN investigation it is even tangentially involved in, and last month became the first nation to ever pre-emptively boycott its own routine human rights review. There hasn’t been a public statement yet from them about the drone probe, but it will predictably face an angry condemnation if the final report mentions the Gaza killings." ca22/2/2013
The definition of chutzpahJames Zogby- Al-Ahram Weekly "I can agree with a few of Keyes’s observations in the passages cited above. “Palestinian human rights... are the key to the peace process” and “Human rights, often seen as a diversion from the peace process, are in fact the secret to it.” Oh yes, and by the way, I agree with his argument that economic and military aid should be linked to human rights performance. But I would insist that this mandate should, of course, be applied to Israel as well. To suggest that Israel be exempt and not held to account for its abuses of the human rights of a people it holds captive is the definition of “chutzpah”.ca22/2/2013
Shin Bet Kept Zygier’s Wife Under Surveillance Long After His DeathRichard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - Walla reports (Hebrew) that Israel’s security service devised an elaborate cover story for Ben Zygier’s widow to explain his absence to her neighbors after he was arrested. She told them that he’d contracted cancer and had flown back to his native Australia for treatment. After his death, she told them that he’d died of the illness.-rh21/2/2013
Tzipi Livni, never missing an opportunity to make the wrong decision RAPHAEL AHREN - Times of Israel - " She was the woman of principle who implored Labor and Yesh Atid to join her in blocking Netanyahu. Now she’s traded her integrity for two ministries and a meaningless promise to head peace talks." - id 20/2/2013
The "Perfect" Wicked OccupationANDRE VLTCHEK - CounterPunch - "Prior to the 1967 Six Day War, the population of Golan Heights consisted of 145.000 inhabitants, including several thousands of Palestinian refugees. Israelis forced great majority of local people to flee. Only 7.000 remained, and these were concentrated in a handful of villages." - id 20/2/2013
A double standard - but not in Israel aloneAdam Keller - Jews for Justice to Palestinians (UK) - Israel can be asked and pressured to adhere to the standards now prevailing in the "Western Democratic World" - a "club" to which Israel very much wants to belong. 19/2/2013
What Obama will discover in Jerusalem and RamallahYacov Ben Efrat - +972 - Obama wants to speak to the Israeli people, but has nothing to tell them. He wants to speak to the PA, but will discover his appeasement of the Israeli Right has nearly killed it. bz19/2/2013
From prisoner X to Lord MontaguAdam Keller - Australia`s e-journal of Social and Political debate - Had Ben Zygier been a Palestinian, still now nobody would have heard of him. As a Jew with double citizenship his dramatic story triggers the nightmare of Jews in Australia, as in the U.S. and many other countries – the charge of "double loyalty" - just as predicted nearly hundred years ago by Lord Montagu. bz19/2/2013
Fitting Palestinian prisoners into the excitement of the Ben Zygier affairYitzhak Laor - Haaretz - News consumers don’t really love the truth. They love sudden revelations, belated of course, so they can’t do anything about it − like the reports on Zygier, which will have to tide us over until the next wave of excitement18/2/2013
Looting by IDF soldiers: `But on the spoil, laid they not their hand`Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz--The occupation has made us accustomed to things we never thought we’d get used to. This, basically, is the meaning of the weary expression “the occupation corrupts.” News that an IDF soldier is suspected of looting was met by the Israeli media with silence. We’re getting used to looting too, it seems dn17/2/2013
Racism and the hypocrisy of Israel`s advocates Ben White--The vital fight against anti-Semitism is "cynically abused to defend Israel`s institutionalised racism". dn17/2/2013
Palestinian citizens of Israel represent a core issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflictDana DePietro--The Palestinian Arab minority in Israel is a “core issue, not second tier to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” - Internal EU report, December 2011 [1] dn17/2/2013
Mazel Tov LGBT Center, Shame on Christine C. Quinn et alMuzzleWatch--The Center just posted a statement overturning their absurd two-year ban on allowing Israel-Palestine related programming, which led to the barring of renowned lesbian thinker Sarah Schulman. dn17/2/2013
Status quo of Israel’s West Bank occupation is catastrophic illusionCarlo Strenger - Haaretz - One of the most important opinion pieces that have been published [in Haaretz] in the last years went all but unnoticed by one of Israel’s most respected legal scholars Ruth Gavison: ‘By Ignoring International Law Israel only Hurts itself’. bz16/2/2013
A ‘voluntary’ death penaltyHaaretz Editorial--Since Israel has a goal to serve as a refuge for the Jewish people, it should set an example in its behavior toward persecuted asylum-seekers; instead, it devises a benighted trick to escape the burden. dn16/2/2013
Israel`s insensitivity to Australian JewryShahar Burla--Beneath the surface, there is increasing distrust of Israel among Australian Jews, and for good reason.dn16/2/2013
Status quo of Israel’s West Bank occupation is catastrophic illusionCarlo Strenger - Haaretz "Ruth Gavison’s ‘By Ignoring International Law Israel only Hurts itself’.The bottom line of Gavison’s article is simple and crystal clear. Any way you may look at it, Israel’s settlement activity in the West Bank is illegal according to international law. In fact, according to the Treaty of Rome endorsed in 1998 settling the population of a conquering country in occupied territory is considered a war crime. She makes clear that no reading of international law supports the conclusion of the Edmond Levy committee that claims that Israeli settlements are legal." ca15/2/2013
Doubts over Prisoner X suicide claimsHayden Cooper - ABC News - "When I saw him, there was nothing to indicate he was going to commit suicide," said Avigdor Feldman, a top human rights lawyer. In an interview with Israel`s army radio, Mr Feldman said he had met Prisoner X to offer him advice ahead of his trial. "His family asked that I meet him to advise him. The trial hadn`t properly started yet," he said, indicating the prisoner had already been indicted and that talks were under way with senior prosecutors to reach a plea bargain.-rh 14/2/2013
Silenced in Israel, Spy Tale Unfolds in Australia JODI RUDOREN - The International Harald Tribune - The story had all the trappings of a spy thriller: an anonymous prisoner linked to Israel’s secret service, Mossad, isolated in a top-security wing originally built for the assassin of a prime minister. A suicide — or was it a murder? — never officially reported. A gag order that barred journalists from even acknowledging the gag order. And a code name to rival 007: Prisoner X.-rh 14/2/2013
Yair Lapid: The southern man and his cosmopolitan ghetto Neve Gordon - Aljazeera - In this respect, it is telling that Yesh Atid launched its election campaign in Ariel, a settlement located in the heart of the occupied West Bank. Ariel was thus constituted as an eastern suburb of Tel-Aviv, part of normal Israel, rather than an illegal settlement.-rh 13/2/2013
Reflections on international law, history and the future of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations John McHugo - MEMO - "The clarifications of the law in the 2004 Advisory Opinion were essential background to the successful General Assembly vote on 29 November 2012 in which the UN recognised Palestine as a sovereign but non-member observer state. The same can be said of the clarification of the history of the dispute by writers such as Kattan, Khalidi, Morris and Shlaim. As the historical narratives of the parties have increasingly been listened to in counterpoint, and the law has become clearer, the possibilities for settling this long festering dispute have increased. But there needs to be a will, as well as a way"11/2/2013
Israel: Washington callingThe Guardian, Editorial - A visit by Barack Obama visit can do more than offer reassurance of US solidarity11/2/2013
State of the Union 2013: Obama`s Israel expectations gameJOSH GERSTEIN - Politico - "“You have no process in place…..The parties really haven’t been this far apart in a long time.”" - id 13/2/2013
Biased new study skirts around racism in Israeli school booksNurit Peled-Elhanan - The Electronic Intifada - "Israeli school books do not address the occupation because their message is that there is no occupation." - id13/2/2013
Night life in the only democracy in the Middle EastAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "As in the Israeli Knesset and most other parliaments around the world, Palestinian parliamentarians have parliamentary immunity - but the IDF and Shabak care little about that." - id13/2/2013
Red Rag Weekly Column: Natan Blanc, Yair Lapid, Ben-Dror YeminiGideon Spiro - Natan Blanc; the resilience of the Right; buds of hope; "leftist Mafia"? "Nazification project" 13/2/2013
`Gaza is a Bantustan`: author Samah Sabawi interviewedJoe Catron - electronic intifada - The Palestinian ambition, in Gaza, at least, has been reduced to: who can give me a meal every day? 12/2/2013
PLO officials say expectations low for Obama visitMa`an - The visit may create the "illusion" of returning to negotiations, but would have no impact on the peace process as Israel has consistently violated its principles, with US complicity12/2/2013
Only by fear of international sanctionsYitzhak Laor - Haaretz - The time has come to encourage the international community to fight Israeli intransigence and pressure Israel to give up on the occupied territories and its residents, who lack a voice from the perspective of our democracy11/2/2013
Israeli strike in Syria might be first in seriesWashington PostWashington Post--JERUSALEM – Israel’s recent airstrike in Syria, which according to Western officials targeted weapons destined for the militant Lebanese group Hezbollah, could mark the start of a more aggressive campaign by Israel to prevent arms transfers as conditions in Syria deteriorate, according to analysts in Israel and Lebanon. dn10/2/2013
Settlers protest against Palestinian violence Itamar Fleishman--Protesters urge IDF to take firmer hand against Palestinians who hurl stones, firebombs at vehicles in West Bank. `Soon people might start responding,` leader warns [But of course Palestinian acts of violence are a response to the treatment they receive under occupation. I do not support violence, but Palestians suffer from lots of it by colonists and by the IOF.]dn10/2/2013
The people in Israel who never make threatsShaul Arieli--Until two weeks ago, whenever threats of a “civil war” were made, they were made by Gush Emunim. This group made threats whenever the Israeli government tried to prevent the building of settlements or evacuate them. Gush Emunim threatened over Sebastia, Sinai, the Gaza disengagement and the evacuation of the settlements in northern Samaria. But two weeks ago, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef wrote to President Shimon Peres, raising the fear of a civil war if everyone in society must share the burden. dn10/2/2013
Germany`s Drone Conundrum: `New Wars` Demand New MindsetsThomas Darnstaedt--Does Germany`s constitution allow the use of armed drones, such as this American one? dn10/2/2013
The protest and the predators Rafia Zakaria--If John Brennan is accepted as CIA director, unchecked drone strikes will increase with little-to-no accountability. dn10/2/2013
Six reasons to be optimistic and six reasons to be pessimistic Jeffrey Goldberg - Bloomberg - I do think there will be movement on the peace process -- or the facsimile of movement -- in the coming months. But there is no indication that either side is ready to address the two most toxic issues: the status of Palestinian refugees and the future of Jerusalem. So Obama isn’t wrong to have his doubts. He should remember, however, that this next four-year period might represent the last chance to bring about a two-state solution. ak9/2/2013
Oh to have been born a Jew Oudeh Basharat--If the decision to grant ranches to Jews only is derived from the definition of the state, then this is a racist state and please do not involve Judaism in the definition, because it only besmirches it. dn9/2/2013
Judith Butler`s Remarks to Brooklyn College on BDS February 7, 2013Judith Butler--Usually one starts by saying that one is glad to be here, but I cannot say that it has been a pleasure anticipating this event. What a Megillah! I am, of course, glad that the event was not cancelled, and I understand that it took a great deal of courage and a steadfast embrace of principle for this event to happen at all. I would like personally to thank all those who took this opportunity to reaffirm the fundamental principles of academic freedom, including the following organizations: the Modern Language Association, the National Lawyers Guild, the New York ACLU, the American Association of University Professors, the Professional Staff Congress (the union for faculty and staff in the CUNY system), the New York Times editorial team, the offices of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Brooklyn College President Karen Gould whose principled stand on academic freedom has been exemplary.dn9/2/2013
Despite controversy, Brooklyn College BDS panel is a non-eventLisa Goldman--NEW YORK — After more than a week of controversy, including an editorial in the New York Times and a statement from Mayor Bloomberg, Brooklyn College hosted a discussion of BDS with Judith Butler and Omar Barghouti and nothing happened. That fact alone seems worthy of a story these days, dn9/2/2013
Towards a Real Archaeology and History of PalestineBasem L. Ra’ad - This Week in Palestine - Archaeology is a fairly neutral science that involves discovery and interpretation of artefacts and material evidence from the past. Not so in the "Holy Land". Nowhere else is it more urgent to separate genuine religious faith from political exploitation of religion, and to distinguish real archaeology from imagined geography. ak9/2/2013
By ignoring international law, Israel is only hurting itselfRuth Gavison - Haaretz - Israeli government officials are absolutely correct to point out that the UN Human Rights Council is a biased, anti-Israeli body. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t ignore the recent report on West Bank settlements which was written on its behalf, since it reflects the maturation of a prolonged process, typical of international law. The report reflects the views of the international community that sees Israel not only as an on-going occupier in the West Bank, but one that conducts itself as proprietary owners, perceiving their rights as overruling the Palestinians’ quest for self-determination on part of their homeland. bz9/2/2013
Hebron Shoe Industry Against Chinese ProductsMa`an News Agency - "Hebron`s shoe industry "is in a state of war against shoes imported from China," says Jihad Iskafi, owner of a shoe factory in Hebron who has been in the business for 25 years. Isfaki says a dedicated local consumer market, which knows the high-quality of Hebron`s materials and craftsmanship, is the industry`s only hope." ca8/2/2013
Jerusalem Post’s Anti-Semitism Fetish Leads to Likely Irish Hoax ReportRichard Silverstein - Tikkun Olam "Contrary to Sarah Honig’s fictional portrayal of an Ireland teeming with anti-Semites, the Irish are among the most tolerant people I’ve ever met. Their own history of colonial oppression and suffering has made them deeply sensitive to all injustice whether suffered by Jews or Palestinians." ca8/2/2013
The MP and the Cartoonist: Israel’s Lobby Strikes Again Jeremy Salt - The Palestine Chronicle "Yet another politician has been hauled over the coals for criticizing Israel. David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for the British constituency of Bradford East, recently issued a statement saying he was saddened ‘that the Jews who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.’ Outrage and reprimands soon followed." ca8/2/2013
Top Israeli Official Concedes Settlements Hurting International StandingJason Ditz - "According to Israeli sources, National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror, a former top military official and one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest aides, has conceded that settlements are a major issue in Israel’s struggling international standing, and that it is “causing Israel to lose support even among its friends in the West.” ca8/2/2013
Those who stifle freedom in the name of Israel’s security also threaten democracyNEWS SOURCES - War in Context - "J Street has argued for vibrant debate and said “criticism of Israeli policy does not threaten the health of the state of Israel.” In fact, it is essential." - id 6/2/2013
For the Glory of What? Drones, Israel, and the Eclipse of DemocracyNORMAN POLLACK - CounterPunch - "You get the picture. America and Israel, joined at the hip of international war crimes." - id 6/2/2013
How Jews should relate to PalestineJeremiah Haber - +972 - "Palestine, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, does exist and will continue to exist. And the first people to understand this should be the Jews." - id6/2/2013
Obama`s Israel visit may mark rebirth of `centrality` of the Palestinian conflictChemi Shalev - Haaretz - "In the short term, the early visit serves Netanyahu’s political purposes. It is also a sign of darkening Middle Eastern skies." - id 6/2/2013
General Staff terrorism (1992)Gideon Spiro - A meeting of the IDF General Staff, as imagined by Gideon Spiro in 1992.4/2/2013
Window is closingDov Weisglass - Ynet - The international community no longer believes that Israel wants a peace agreement and suspects that all it wants is to continue holding on to the conquered territories. In Europe, officials are openly discussing hostile diplomatic measures against Israel, and the president of the United States, who usually comes to our rescue, seems frustrated by Israel`s position and has leveled harsh criticism at its prime minister. The entire world may really be against us, but this reality must be changed immediately. bz2/2/2013
Winds of war Adam Keller - From the polling stations to the long waiting lines at the gas mask distribution stations (...) after elections which left Binyamin Netanyahu battered and bruised, even if he does form the next government.2/2/2013
Ethnic cleansing is `sexy` Belen Fernandez--A "birthright" programme that sends youth to Israel promulgates a sense of "fabricated entitlement".dn2/2/2013
East Side Story Amos Harel--Why did Israel attack Syria now, and why did the Syrians admit it? The alleged Israeli attack came one day after an Iranian announcement that Tehran will view any attack on Syrian territory as an attack against Iran itself. dn 2/2/2013
Palestine: How Bad, & Good, Was British Rule?Avishai Margalit - The New York Review of Books - Perhaps the most important implicit question raised by Lazar’s book is how British colonial rule in Palestine fares in comparison to Israeli colonial rule over the Palestinians during the last forty-five years. For its first six years, Israel was as good to the Palestinians as Britain was. There was a genuine effort on behalf of the Israelis in charge of the Palestinian territories, especially under Moshe Dayan, to be so-called good colonialists. (...) Israel’s colonial rule is today geared exclusively toward supporting the settlement movement. This shift in Israeli policy after 1973 makes it not only inexcusably repressive. In today’s postcolonial world, it also makes it an incomprehensible anachronism. [Review of "Out of Palestine: The Making of Modern Israel" by Hadara Lazar - bz]2/2/2013
How a liberal Zionist watches Five Broken CamerasMira Sucharov - Haaretz "Watching the film, that liberal Zionist realizes that when it comes to thinking about those early soldiers who were fighting for the Zionist dream of Jewish independence, something has gone terribly wrong." ca1/2/2013
UN human rights report on Israel paves way for sanctions, further isolationBarak Ravid - Haaretz "While Israel`s coalition talks are focusing on the state budget and drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the military, every future member of the next cabinet should be disturbed by the UN Human Rights Council`s report." ca1/2/2013
Where is Syria aid money really going?Sue Turton - Al Jazeera "The chance of aid reaching some of the most in need is very slim.The UN channels all its aid through Damascus and the main distributor of this aid is the Syrian Arab Red Crescent which operates predominately in government-controlled areas.The activist network, Avaaz, calls this supply line an "insane and immoral handout" to the Syrian regime.Aid workers inside Damascus tell us that even aid earmarked for disputed areas outside of the city is often commandeered by government soldiers never to be seen again." ca 1/2/2013
Government ministers star in scathing UN settlement reportBarak Ravid - Haaretz - To illustrate the overt and covert methods the government would use to transfer funds for developing and expanding the settlements, the report quotes from an interview that Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz gave to Israeli Army Radio this past November. "On 14 November 2012, the Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz, said, "we`ve doubled the budget for Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]. We did this in a low-profile manner, because we didn`t want parties either in Israel or abroad to thwart the move." bz 5/2/2013
The ethnic cleansing of the Jordan ValleyJames Elliott - Mondoweiss - "`You don’t simply bundle people onto trucks and drive them away ... I prefer to advocate a more positive policy, to create, in effect, a condition that in a positive way will induce people to leave’ This is Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking about the Palestinians who inhabit Israel’s most prized territory after Jerusalem -- the Jordan Valley" 25/2/2013
Palestinians Disqualify U.S. as Peace Broker Nicola Nasser - The Palestine Chronicle - "During his visit, Obama will become the first ever serving U.S. president to receive Israel’s presidential medal to honor the fact that he has `established the closest working military and intelligence relationship with Israel in the country’s history: Joint exercises and training, increased security assistance every year, unprecedented advanced technology transfers, doubling of funding for Israel’s missile defense system, and assistance in funding for the Iron Dome system,` according to Steven L. Spiegel in Huffington Post late last year"25/2/2013
Netanyahu`s office: No change in settlement policyJPOST.COM STAFF - Deputy PM Meridor says settlement construction endangering two-state solution; comments come after Netanyahu`s senior security adviser reportedly said settlements eroding Western support for Israel.-rh 7/2/2013
Don`t ignite entire regionMerav Betito - Ynet - Israelis have become addicted to expectation that something terrible is about to happen 4/2/2013
Woe to the VictorUri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "These are some of the questions facing poor Lapid because of the scale of his electoral success. His voters expect the impossible. He has to make his decisions right now, and his whole future depends on making the right ones – if there are any right ones. As George Bernard Shaw put it: `There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it`"4/2/2013
With US Approval, Israel Plans Syria EscalationJason Ditz - AntiWar - New Plan Calls for Ground Invasion, Occupation of `Buffer Zone`4/2/2013
Israel’s Mr. NormalRoger Cohen - NYT - Yair Lapid embodies a nagging Israeli question: Has the country’s isolation been needlessly exacerbated by Netanyahu. bz5/2/2013
Interview--Palestinian farmer, activist, filmmaker talksEdmund Sanders--Palestinian farmer, activist, — and Oscar nominee-- Emad Burnat talks about how he progressed from filming his newborn to teaming with an Israeli to create `5 Broken Cameras,` a documentary about his village`s fight against Israeli occupation. dn 3/2/2013
Augstein Debate: Rabbi Refuses to Weaken `Anti-Semite` ClaimsSeverin Weiland --Rabbi Abraham Cooper has reiterated the Simon Wiesenthal Center`s stance that German journalist Jakob Augstein, who also writes a column for SPIEGEL ONLINE, is a leading anti-Semite. He said that Augstein`s recent comments have done nothing to change his opinion. dn3/2/2013
A warning signal from the UN Haaretz Editorial--The UN’s `built-in bias` against Israel must not serve as yet another excuse for a policy, which at least half of all Israelis oppose. dn3/2/2013
Letter published in Grass Valley Union on Februay 1, 2013Susan Pelican--I have just returned from a most moving presentation by Iyad Burnat, a Palestinian leader of the non-violent resistance to the Israeli occupation of his village, Bel’in, and of his homeland. dn3/2/2013
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