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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

Beyond Arab Idol: Palestinian creativity is flourishing all overAmira Hass--Mohammed Assaf showed the world what was already obvious: Palestinians have an identity distinct from living in exile, being refugees and inhabiting the enclaves imposed by Israel since 1948 and the military occupation. dn30/6/2013
Hungering for justice at Saharonim Haaretz Editorial--Making asylum-seekers choose between incarcerations or leaving Israel doesn`t allow expression of free will, goes against UN policy. dn30/6/2013
`We are third-class citizens,` says Armenian Patriarch of JerusalemLauren Gelfond Feldinger--`We are third-class citizens,` says Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem `If Israel recognizes the Armenian genocide it won`t be the end of the world,` says the new head of the Armenian Church in Jerusalem, which dates back to the 4th century. It might even help making the community feel less cut off from the rest of the city and country. dn 30/6/2013
Does the `Jewish people` exist? Shlomo Sand`s new bookShmuel Amir - Sand writes that the purpose of his book is to convince its readers that there is no such thing as a Jewish nation, nor is there a “historical Jewish people”. And so of course he has been attacked as a denier of the Jewish people. But his intention was to say that the Jews definitely existed, but they were not a people in the modern sense of the concept, a concept that was “invented” in the last two hundred years.29/6/2013
Kerry and ChutzpahUri Avnery - Kerry (...) does not represent a powerless international organization, but the World’s Only Superpower. The full might of the United States of America is at his disposal. Or is it? That is really the most relevant – indeed the only relevant – question at this moment. bz29/6/2013
Zionism and torn papersAdam Keller - Crazy Country - Why did Jewish Knesset Members from Meretz and Labor and even Shas mobilize against this bill, almost managing to knock it off? Welfare Minister Meir Cohen just cannot not get it. "How can they call themselves Zionists and still vote against this bill?" 29/6/2013
The Big Mac Index of the delusion that `Ariel is part of Israel`Chemi Shalev--Reactions to McDonald’s refusal to open shop in a West Bank town say less about selling hamburgers and more about Israel’s reality-challenged view of the world. dn29/6/2013
Israelis, take heed: To remember is not to ownGideon Levy--When I visited Saatz, not for a moment did I have the feeling that the place belongs to me or to my people because of the memories. dn29/6/2013
Red Rag column: antinuclear lobby in the Knesset? - Shimon Peres` 90th - Emil Gunzweig Award Gideon Spiro - When a man reaches the age of 90 while still in good health, continent and lucid, that is an occasion for a party among friends and family. If the man is also a head of state, like Shimon Peres, then we can add official greetings from government leaders along with maybe a bouquet of flowers and a brief mention in the media. That’s not what happened in Israel.29/6/2013
Two Books Offer Dueling Peace Roadmaps as Obama Prepares for Trip to Middle EastNathan Guttman - Forward "One book, a product of five scholars and former administration officials and six years of research, documents the failure of U.S. peacemaking and scolds all recent administrations for lack of focus in bringing Israel and its Palestinian adversaries closer to resolving their long conflict. The other, by one of former President George W. Bush’s top Middle East advisers, warns precisely against doing too much and overemphasizing the conflict’s importance." ca 28/6/2013
Kerry, Netanyahu hold late night talk in JerusalemTimes of Israel - "...Kerry wants to talk about the positive outcomes, such as enhanced economic growth, of a two-state solution. But at the same time, the secretary, who has long-time relationships with officials from both sides, will remind them of what’s at stake if the conflict is left unresolved, they said.Earlier this month, in a speech to the American Jewish Committee Global Forum in Washington, Kerry warned of serious consequences if no deal is reached." ca28/6/2013
The Sharonization of BibiYoel Marcus - Haaretz "Bibi is undergoing a process similar to that experienced by Sharon after he decided to evacuate the settlements. People with good memories will recall how he sat alone at the cabinet table in the Knesset, while his friends tried to oust him in the middle of the meeting. As we know, the story ended with a rift between Sharon and Likud and the establishment of Kadima, the most dramatic political upheaval that ever was.Bibi is in a situation in which he will be left without a party if he gives in to the fanatics. This is his opportunity to complete his Sharonization and to finish what Sharon didn’t have time to do: uproot the crazy dream of Greater Israel once and for all." ca 28/6/2013
The Secretary of Pandering arrives in Israel, againMarc H. Ellis - Mondoweiss "Where has Prime Minister Netanyahu been spending time preparing for the Secretary’s visit? In a West Bank settlement, Barkan, where he dedicated an elementary school named for his father who died last year. We can’t always account for our father’s rear-view mirror. We can account for ours. Benjamin Netanyahu is his father – with power." ca28/6/2013
Jack Straw Breaks an American TabooSCOTT MCCONNELL - The American Conservative - I think one of the most interesting things in America politics over the next few months will be to see whether the Israel lobby can impose a “No mention of Israel’s nukes” rule on the American debate about Iran. Being a somewhat optimistic sort, I don’t believe that it can.-rh 27/6/2013
Call Jewish Price Tag Attacks What They AreEmily L. Hauser - The Daily Beast - Terrorism is “[the] systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.” Terrorism isn’t a hate crime, and it isn’t going postal. First and foremost, terrorism is an effort to effect political change.,-rh 27/6/2013
Arab Idol’ Winner Returns to Palestine to Cheers and UneaseFARES AKRAM - The New York Times - For Palestinians, divided into separate territories ruled by rival parties, the win provided a rare moment of solidarity. Capitalizing on his newfound clout, Mr. Assaf, 23, the son of refugees and a resident of the crowded Khan Yunis refugee camp in southern “My message is one of national unity, ending the split and sweeping away the occupation,” he said, referring to the schism between Hamas and the secularist Fatah Party that holds sway in the West Bank, as well as to Israel, which ultimately controls movement in the area.-rh 27/6/2013
Almost half Israeli Arabs believe Palestine will eventually replace IsraelLazar Berman - Times of Israel - "The extensive survey, called the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel, shows that compared to the first survey in 2003, Arab Israelis feel increasingly disconnected from and hostile to the state, though they desire greater integration. Jews, on the other hand, are slightly more open to the concerns of their Arab neighbors." - id 26/6/2013
Saving Palestine: Part IRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette - "It’s so much easier to be angry, to yell and scream about Israel, than to do something about Israel’s injustices. Start caring about Palestine, again, and become involved in one of the world’s greatest civil rights movements." - id 26/6/2013
Peace talks vital for Israel Nahum Barnea - Ynet - "PM Netanyahu`s statements in favor of peace talks merely meant to placate his coalition partners." - id 26/6/2013
Is Israel a legitimate state? Gideon Levy--The Presidential Conference did nothing to legitimize Israel, just as documenting the wrongdoings of the occupation or pointing out racism aren’t to blame for the delegitimization of the regime. dn23/6/2013
Occupation Diaries Reviewed by Hala NassarHala Nassar--When Raja Shehadeh writes about Palestine, he makes sure that we walk with him the valleys, the mountains and the wild hills and prairies of the occupied land.dn23/6/2013
What we focus on: good or bad newsMazin Qumsiyeh--One can choose to focus on bad news or good news. What we focus on determines our outlook on life. dn23/6/2013
Needed: A peacemaker with powerYoel Marcus--Peres has become everyone`s president. He no longer supports the settlements, but he didn`t take advantage of his status to come out against the extreme right and settlement construction, either. dn23/6/2013
In Balata, the occupation is not just of body, but of mindAlice Rothchild --All Visiting and staying overnight at the Balata Refugee Camp in the Yafa Cultural Center guest house is always a sobering reality check, and every year the camp feels more desperate. Mahmoud, the 47-year-old head of the health unit at the camp says nothing that changes my mind.dn23/6/2013
Dani Dayan boldly goes where no settler leader has gone before: WashingtonBarak Ravid--Since he stepped down as head of the Yesha Council, Dani Dayan has been making the case for settlements in quarters that were once off limits to him: with foreign ambassadors, left-wing policy institutes and even in the pages of The Guardian.dn23/6/2013
Strategic assets and a threatening toiletAdam Keller - Crazy Country - And Secretary of State John Kerry? Well, we are patiently waiting for the announcement of his next coming. 22/6/2013
Why American Jews MatterRoger Cohen--New ideas are scarce on Israel-Palestine but Secretary of State John Kerry may have the semblance of one: If major American Jewish organizations are among Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most important constituencies, perhaps those same groups can exert leverage over Israeli policy toward the Palestinians. dn22/6/2013
Saeb Erekat calling upon the international community to “face reality” and understand the “real plans of the Israeli government to destroy the two-state solution.”PLO Negotiations Affairs - High-ranking Israeli officials, from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Religious Affairs, have recently made clear statements. These are not isolated events but a reaffirmation of political platforms and radical beliefs. (...) Netanyahu’s empty calls for negotiations are exposed on the ground by Israel’s destructive policies. [Recommended also: factsheets, accessible on same site: bz]25/6/2013
Clinton`s Got It Wrong: Our Freedom is Our Right, Not Your ChoiceYousef Munayyer - The Daily Beast - "Palestinian freedom should not be framed as Israel’s choice. Rather, as the occupier of Palestinian territory and millions of stateless Palestinians, this is Israel’s obligation, an American obligation and an international obligation" 24/6/2013
In Palestine, Peace is Not Just Absence of Violence, But Presence of JusticeHasan Afif El-Hasan - Palestine Chronicle - "In its ‘offensive-minded defense posture’, Israel has demonstrated preparedness to use its military strength and willingness to advance its Zionist obligations and live with the tensions in the wider region that such actions may cause." - id21/6/2013
The New Thought Police The Israel Lobby and Traumatic MemoryLAWRENCE SWAIM - CounterPunch - "What the state of Israel really needs is what every state needs, which is educated critics denouncing what is wrong about it and supporting what is right, and working to confront injustices and correct them." - id21/6/2013
Kerry hasn`t given upAlex Fishman - Ynet - "Ya`alon jumped for joy a bit prematurely. Kerry has not lost hope, and he still plans to present his peace plan towards September, before the annual Palestinian festival at the UN General Assembly." - id 21/6/2013
Habayit Hayehudi MK Struck Suing Machsom WatchOrly Halpern - The Daily Beast - "Netanyahu`s present government is continuing the trend of its predecessor and promoting racist laws that exclude minorities and weaker populations."--Meretz leader Zehava Galon, after a law was approved giving special advantages to people who served in the army.-rh 20/6/2013
Israeli politicians protect `price tag` attackersDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - The decision not to define ‘price tag’ attackers as terrorists shows the settler lobby’s influence in the Israeli government and highlights the inequality of law and law enforcement in the West Bank.-rh20/6/2013
Not in my name, rages SA diplomatATIMA ASMAL - Mail & Guardian - "Regrettably, my permission was not sought to plant a tree in my or the name of a South African ambassador on usurped land, the rightful land of the Palestinians and Bedouins. … I was not a party to, and never will be, to the planting of `18 trees`, in my `honour` on expropriated and stolen land.-rh 20/6/2013
In Israel, mixed signals on prospect for peace with PalestiniansWilliam Booth - The Washington Post - Even the most ardent observer of the Middle East peace process might be right to be puzzled, given how confused the Netanyahu government has appeared about what it wants — or what it wants to say out loud.-rh 19/6/2013
When is a Jew a Terrorist? For Bibi, NeverRICHARD SILVERSTEIN - Tikun Olam - Netanyahu said that even if declaring price tag activists as part of a terror organization was correct from a domestic standpoint, it would be a diplomatic mistake to do so. Netanyahu explained that such a declaration would damage Israel’s international standing, increase its delegitimization and encourage various groups across the world to compare price tag attacks to rocket fire or Hamas suicide attacks.-rh 19/6/2013
Looking for ‘a new devil,’ Israeli leaders and supporters left scrambling after election of moderate RouhaniNima Shirazi - Mondoweiss - "Their entire game plan has been on display -- every Iranian leader is a New Hitler and every New Hitler must be stopped. The whole point is to stave off any possible reconciliation." - id19/6/2013
The right to be pessimisticAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "Perhaps the most important event of this week is what did not happen. US Secretary of State John Kerry did not land at Ben Gurion Airport." - id19/6/2013
J Street’s failuresRAY HANANIA - Saudi Gazette - "There is no doubt that Israel has been a major contributor to the collapse of the peace process." - id 19/6/2013
The bombing of Semiramis and the fall of Jerusalem’s western suburbsDr. Ali Qleibo - This Week in Palestine - `My friends, the girls of the Alonzo and Abu Suywaneh families, invited me to have fun and dancing. But it was raining hard on that night in January 1948 and I did not go to the party in the Semiramis Hotel. I never saw them again, the hotel was blown up and they were among those buried under the ruins`. Dr. Ali Qleibo traces the rise of Jerusalem`s Arab Christian middle class in the 19th Century, its peak in the gay cosmopolitan Jerusalem of the 1930`s, and its ruin and dispersal in 1948 when the affluent suburbs as Talbieh, Al-Baq’ah and Qatamon were conquered and depopulated. ak 18/6/2013
Israel Stirs the Pot in SyriaJonathan Cook - CounterPunch - According to some well-placed Israeli commentators, the best Israel can hope for is that Assad holds on but only just. [Whichever way it goes] Israel might see the transformation of Syria in to a new mini-cold war theatre as advantageous. bz18/6/2013
Trying to Revive Mideast Peace Talks, Kerry Finds a Conflicted IsraelJodi Rudoren - New York Times [June 18] - With Secretary of State John Kerry planning his fifth visit in three months to the region to revive peace talks, the Israeli divide was on stark display last week, as several right-wing ministers in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government professed their profound opposition to a Palestinian state and promised to prevent one. ak18/6/2013
Reports from the recent IFPB (Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegation to PalestineIFPD--[the delegation leaves the West Bank and Israel commenting on its experiences dn]15/6/2013
Israel increases strategic assetsSaleh Naami - Al-Ahram Weekly "Over the past three years, Israel has taken important and quick strides to strengthen the capabilities of its naval forces, based on conclusions it reached in the wake of democratic transformation revolutions that swept the Arab world. Israel now owns five advanced German-made Dolphin submarines, with a sixth under construction. All these submarines are capable of carrying nuclear warheads." ca14/6/2013
In Israel, a conversation about the future of occupation is part of the occupationNoam Sheizaf - +972 - Wednesday, during a panel organized by the think-tank Molad, Knesset Member Ofer Shelah of Yesh Atid warned that if Israel fails to disengage from the West Bank, it will face a similar fate to that of Apartheid South Africa. “The occupation,” said Shelah, “corrupts Israeli society. It corrupts the army, corrupts Israeli justice, Israeli media, Israeli psyche and Israeli language.”-rh 13/6/2013
Shaath: PA wiling to resume talks on basis on 1967 bordersAttila Somfalvi - Ynet News - Speaking with reporters in Ramallah, Shaath said, "We`re not demanding that settlers be removed, just that settlements not be expanded. At the current building rate in the West Bank, there won`t be a Palestinian state left.".-rh 13/6/2013
Palestinian Rights Investigator Says He Will Not Resign, Despite CriticismREUTERS - The New York Times - “I don’t intend to resign, and there doesn’t seem to be any formal initiative that is seeking my dismissal,” Mr. Falk said at a briefing. “My role of trying to speak honestly about the situation that Palestinians are facing under this condition of prolonged occupation generates this sort of reaction that tries to paint anti-Israeli criticism as a form of anti-Semitism.”-rh 13/6/2013
How could Israel be made to end the occupation? A view from the RightMartin Sherman - The Jerusalem Post - Under the title "My prediction: Please help prove it wrong", extreme right commentator Martin Sherman describes in detail his nightmare scenario: The worldwide BDS movement would increase and a growing specter of international sanctions will loom over Israel. More mainstream forces within the Israeli society would not openly support BDS, but would point to the increasing international sanctions as a threat which must be avoided by withdrawing to the 1967 borders, and would vociferously condemn the settlers as being the cause of Israel`s predicament. The ultimate result, Sherman fears, would be "an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria". ak11/6/2013
The end of the Israeli colonySefi Rachlevsky - Haaretz - Twenty years ago, Israel took in approximately 1 million citizens of the Soviet Union. They did not receive a house in Israel in exchange for a house in Moscow. They received an absorption package, help with a mortgage, apartments at the cost of construction − which were also granted to other Israelis by Yitzhak Rabin’s government − and they acclimatized magnificently. Today, we are talking about a mere 140,000 people who placed themselves in the heart of the colony of Palestine. This is one-tenth the number of French people in Algeria, and as a proportion of the population, about half the percentage that the latter constituted in proportion to the population of France. bz11/6/2013
Israel losing AmericaEitan Haber - Yediot Ahronot - The veterans among us remember difficult years in our relationship with America. We were not always popular in the White House. America was the country which threw us out of Sinai (together with the Russians) in 1956. Nowadays, the White House is getting increasingly tired of our conduct. To put it explicitly, the current president (and the next president, whoever that may be) no longer "works for us" and is increasingly returning to the format of [Israel being] the "problem child." bz11/6/2013
Susan Bramhall - - One delegation member was born in the United States of Palestinian parents. A US citizen traveling on a US passport, she must enter and exit through Amman, Jordan. Another delegation member was born in the USA to a Jewish father, himself born in Palestine in 1944. He is required by the Israeli government to travel in and out of Israel using an Israeli travel document and not his US passport, and is barred from entering the Palestinian "A" areas. ak11/6/2013
Whose ‘Two State’ Solution? End game or Intermission?Richard Falk - Foreign Policy Journal - There are no signs whatsoever that Israel would even consider an outcome for negotiations that remotely resembled the Barghouti/Avnery two-state conception even if the differences between these two are set aside for the moment. What would likely happen is that the negotiations would breakdown, as in the past, with the Palestinians receiving the lion’s share of the blame. (...) [But] the boldness of Kerry’s statecraft and Barghouti’s implicit recognition that the peace ball is in America’s court at least moves in the direction of ‘eyes wide open.’ bz11/6/2013
Don`t support this dangerous bill Haaretz Editorial--The anti-terror bill is one of the most important and dangerous bills proposed during the last government.dn9/6/2013
The Wall by William Sutcliffe – Book Review [forwarded by `JPLO-OLPJ`]Susan Abulhawa--Sutcliffe . . . created what I believe is the best work of fiction on Palestine written by a non-Palestinian. The Wall is many things – a coming of age story, a fast-paced, captivating novel. Most importantly, it is a fresh and intriguing look at the most intractable conflict of our time, written with suspense and cultural insight. dn 9/6/2013
Why U.S. Jews must embrace Kerry`s appeal to put pressure on NetanyahuRabbi Eric H. Yoffie--Stunned by Israel’s shrug-your-shoulders, everything-will-be-fine approach to peace negotiations, the U.S. administration is saying with impressive clarity: If Israel stands alone in the world, even the support of America will not be enough. dn9/6/2013
The new face of New York`s Israel Day Parade Ari Shavit--While the Salute to Israel parade is still very energetic, it is marching on borrowed time. New York’s leading Jewish intelligentsia - the new Brooklyn bohemia and Columbia students - are not here. dn9/6/2013
Palestinian families haunted by Israel`s racist citizenship lawYoav Haifawi--The daily suffering of Palestinian families from the Israel`s racist citizenship law makes little news. So, when yesterday night Adalah opened a photo exhibition in Al Midan theater in Haifa under the title "Families Interrupted", it was a good opportunity to reflect on this multiple man-made human tragedy. dn 8/6/2013
Kerry’s plan – Palestinians to be cast as fall guys – againJonathan Cook - MONDOWEISS "Ordinary Palestinians, in Netanyahu`s view, can be pacified with crumbs from the master`s table: fewer checkpoints, extra jobs and trading opportunities, and a gradual, if limited, improvement in living standards. All of this buys time for Israel to expand the settlements, cementing its hold over the West Bank and East Jerusalem.After 20 years of pursuing Palestinian statehood implied in the Oslo Accords, the US indicated last week it was switching horses. It appears to be adopting Netanyahu`s model of "economic peace".ca7/6/2013
After 46 years of occupation, land confiscation renders Israeli law obsoleteMairav Zonszein - +972 "Israel’s High Court recently asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to explain his stance on the state’s confiscation of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem. His answer was that it is a-okay. The 1950 Absentee Property Law was designed to give the state the legal tools to confiscate Palestinian refugees’ property. The refugees, from the 1948 war, were literally “absent” from their homes at the time – a very fitting criteria considering it was a time of war, during which people fled and were forced out." ca7/6/2013
Palestinian plight hits UEFA spotlightJonathan Cook - Al Jazeera - Last week Desmond Tutu, the leading South African anti-apartheid campaigner and Nobel peace laureate, threw his weight behind the campaign. In a letter published by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Tutu and other prominent human rights activists argued that UEFA was acting to “whitewash” Israeli racism.-rh 6/6/2013
Why Bibi Won`t Really `Give Peace A Chance`Elisheva Goldberg - The Daily Beast - Beyond the fact that no one believes him, the way Netanyahu referenced the API speaks volumes. The only time he gestured toward the Arab Peace Initiative itself was to practically dismiss it: he gave the most general of sound bites about peace proposals ("we listen to every initiative") and then carried on with "we are prepared to discuss initiatives that are proposals, not edicts." That line, which refers indirectly to the API, does not even pretend to take it seriously.-rh6/6/2013
Most Israelis Back Arab Peace InitiativeAkiva Eldar - Almonitor - A new poll indicates that if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adopts the principles of the Arab Peace Initiative, 69% of the Israeli public would support him.-rh 6/6/2013
Israel: The vision and the fantasy Shlomo Ben-Ami - Axis of Logic - Ethnocentrism is bound to distort a people`s relations with the rest of the world, and Israel`s doctrine of power was drawn from the depths of Jewish experience, particularly the eternal, unforgiving hostility of a Gentile world. The role of the Holocaust as the constituent myth of the Zionist meta-narrative reinforced Israel`s tendency to face "the world", an amorphous but imposing construct with which the Jews wage a dispute that cannot be resolved through the traditional tools of international relations.-rh 6/6/2013
Israel`s mainstream Channel 2 starts to question the two-state solutionDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - Veteran Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki explained that even though Palestinians still pay lip service to the two-state concept, they are increasingly convinced it will never happen. That’s because, “no one wants it, but it is the reality. We, Israelis and Palestinians live in a one-state reality.”-rh 5/6/2013
Israeli Apathy DefeatsShlomi Eldar - Al-Monitor Israel Pulse - The Israeli right wing has succeeded in rendering the public apathetic and lethargic about any proposal to end the conflict, including the Arab Peace Initiative.-rh 5/6/2013
Palestinian Authority’s New Premier Admired as ‘Conscience’Jodi Rudoren - The New York Times - Mr. Hamdallah, 54, a respected academician who lacks political experience and an international profile, was selected on Sunday night to replace Salam Fayyad, who suffered withering criticism from Palestinians in large part because of his strong backing from Washington and European donors. He is expected to lead a temporary, technocratic government for several months as President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority tries to reconcile differences between his own Fatah Party and the militant Hamas faction in the hope of scheduling overdue elections.-rh 4/6/2013
Barghouti: Arab Peace Plan Damages Palestinian CauseAdnan Abu Amer - Al-Monitor - Barghouti, who responded to written questions, warned that the alternative to a two-state solution is a “persistent conflict” that knows no middle ground. The jailed leader said Israel was not interested in peace, adding that “no methods of resistance should be abandoned” so long as it is in line with international law.-rh 4/6/2013
Analysis: Kerry pushing for Middle East peace, but is he a Lone Ranger?Arshad Mohammed - Reuters - Among observers of the Washington scene, no one doubts the sincerity of Secretary of State Kerry in his efforts to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians. But some observers regard him as "A Lone Ranger without even a Tinto" (the companion of the original fictional character of that name). If not given a forceful backing from President Obama, Kerry`s efforts might join the very long list of American diplomatic failures in the Middle East. ak4/6/2013
Kerry: The status quo is not sustainable Paul Richter - Los Angeles Times - Secretary of State Kerry, appearing before the American Jewish Committee, warned that "The status quo is not sustainable", adding: "I heard all the arguments for why it’s too difficult to solve the conflict... cynicism has never solved anything. Israel should accept the risk of a peace deal with Palestinians because the consequences of not doing so would be worse."4/6/2013
Israeli "social justice" movement ignores racismPatrick O. Strickland - EI - "It might be asked how social justice can be achieved without struggling against this `inherent racism.` What are Palestinians to make of a movement appalled by a new tax on fruits and vegetables but with nothing to say about ethnic cleansing?"3/6/2013
Deniers and journalist integrity Michel Warschawski - AIC - The Muhammad el Dura murder is back to the headlines. 13 years after the facts, the Israeli government has opened a campaign of denial concerning this emblematic killing of the “second Intifada”3/6/2013
Jews must remember: We were refugees tooSami Michael--When I first heard that people among us who have lost their homes and their homelands are being sent to jail, I remembered the tales of our mothers and fathers as refugees, when they were viewed as hostile, suspicious and dangerous - and also deprived of their human rights. dn2/6/2013
`Superland` and the normalization of segregation in IsraelMairav Zonszein--An Israeli amusement park found itself in hot water after being caught segregating Jewish and Arab school groups. But instead of being an aberration, the incident is reflective of the dominant culture of segregation and discrimination that permeates Israeli society from the bottom up. dn 2/6/2013
Israeli identity, Jewish democracy and oxymorons - A response to Carlo StrengerShlomo Sand --Israel clings to a dangerous oxymoron when it claims to be committed to democracy while belonging to `world Jewry;` the consequences of this fallacy are severe. dn2/6/2013
Stars urge Alicia Keys to drop Israel gigSean Michaels--Roger Waters and Alice Walker pen open letters asking Keys to join cultural boycott of `unjust and unbelievably evil` Israel. dn2/6/2013
Basic Law: Apartheid in IsraelHaaretz Editorial - Israel has been forced until now to rely on tricks, excuses and winks to prevent Arabs from working in so-called sensitive places of work, delay building plans in their communities, limit how many of them reside in Jewish communities and not enforce the use of Arabic in official correspondences. (...) Coalition chairman MK Yariv Levin decided to put an end to this murky reality and provide the unofficial apartheid policy a legal basis. Levin is proposing the Basic Law: State of the Nation, which is nothing short of an apartheid law. If it will be accepted, Israel will be able to proudly hold the tile of a Jewish and racist state, a unique political creation, which will certainly astonish the family of nations. bz1/6/2013
Racist landLucy Aharish - Ynet - Are you surprised by what happened at the Superland? Really?! Because I was really not surprised. And no, not because I`m an Arab, but because I`m a concerned Israeli citizen in a country which refuses to admit that racism is already flowing through its veins. bz 1/6/2013
Red Rag column: Rapists - gleanings of racism - Vanunu is not alone - Yoram Kaniuk, RIPGideon Spiro - Many of those who condemned what Judge Yeshaya about a young Jewish women adopt that very same way of thinking when it comes to the Palestinain people. I have news for those Israelis: nations don’t like being raped any more than women do. In both cases the rapists must be brought to justice.16/6/2013
`NY Times` publishes defense of racial segregation in IsraelMairav Zonszein and Lisa Goldman--Imagine that the ‘New York Times’ published an op-ed defending the segregation of white and black schoolchildren at an American amusement park. That’s more or less what happened in Israel recently.dn16/6/2013
Europe sticks a warning label on the settlementsDaniel Levy--With no real case to make, the bullying opponents of the European Union`s long-delayed plan to label produce from Israeli settlements in the West Bank are crying anti-Semitism, cheapening the term at a particularly inopportune time. dn16/6/2013
The next Palestinian revolution, as seen through the eyes of a moderate scholarLauren Gelfond Feldinger--Few people have heard of the centrist Palestinian movement Wasatia, yet founder Mohammed Dajani is convinced it will become the ruling party - just not in his lifetime. dn16/6/2013
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