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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    

A note from Roger Waters to Abe FoxmanRoger Waters--Dear Mr. Foxman, Thank you for your letter. I will try to address the points you make, in the order that you make them. With the general proviso though, that I am wary of, and wearied by any form of slanging match. dn 31/8/2013
Washington and the Egyptian TragedyStephen Zunes--The vast majority of Egyptians killed since the coup have been unarmed protesters struck down with American-made weapons by soldiers transported in American-made vehicles provided by the American taxpayer. dn31/8/2013
The strategic blindness of Israelís right-wing politiciansCarlo Strenger - Haaretz "Ten years of studying the causes of terrorism, primarily in our area, have taught me about the depth of the Arab worldís protracted crisis. Most Arab countries are not headed towards Western-style liberal democracies anytime soon Ė and maybe most of them never will Ė even though Palestinians may turn out to be one of the exceptions. Of course Israelís right-wingers will see this argument as just another instance of liberals crying wolf. They will argue that the ongoing turmoil in the Arab world will evoke more sympathy for Israel, and that this is the moment to deepen Israelís hold on the West Bank. Public opinion in Europe is turning against Israel that is seen as an anachronistic colonizing power. The EUís new guidelines against any cooperation with Israeli organizations and businesses east of the Green Line are just the beginning." ca30/8/2013
We should have been traumatised into action by this war in 2011. And 2012. But now? Robert Fisk - The Independent "Before the stupidest Western war in the history of the modern world begins Ė I am, of course, referring to the attack on Syria that we all yet have to swallow Ė it might be as well to say that the cruise missiles which we confidently expect to sweep onto one of mankindís oldest cities have absolutely nothing to do with Syria." ca30/8/2013
As Syria strike looms, Israeli embassy plays up `threats facing Israel`Mairav Zonszein - +972 "New and old media has gone abuzz with news that a U.S. strike on Syria could come as early as Thursday. And just as Israelís cabinet ordered a ĒlimitedĒ call up of reservist soldiers, a map outlining all the threats Israel faces suddenly popped up in my social media feed, courtesy of the Israeli embassy in the U.S., and published on BuzzFeed." ca30/8/2013
The Jewish majority in Israel still see their country as `a villa in the jungle`Aluf Benn - The Guardian - Israel has never appeared so remote and disconnected from its neighbours. Seen through a mainstream political prism in Israel, the latest switch in the Arab spring revolutions with the military retaking of Egypt simply proves that the Jewish state is, as former prime minister Ehud Barak once said, "a villa in the jungle".-rh29/8/2013
Israel-Palestine Peace Depends On International InvolvementDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - Monopolizing the peace talks and forcing Palestinians into the negotiating room without providing any basis for the talks or allowing a neutral party to witness the proceedings is a formula for perpetuating the status quo.-rh 29/8/2013
Moral Obscenities in SyriaPhyllis Bennis and Davis Wildman - The Nation - No one knows yet what actually happened, other than a horrific attack on civilians, many of whom died. No one has yet made public any evidence of what killed them, or who may be responsible. All attacks on civilians are war crimesóregardless of whether they are carried out by the Syrian army, rebel militias or US cruise missiles.-rh28/8/2013
Does Obama know heís fighting on al-Qaíidaís side?ROBERT FISK - The Independent - The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.-rh28/8/2013
John Kerry statement on Syria polarises world leadersPaul Lewis - Guardian - "Iran and Russia stand alongside Bashar al-Assad`s regime while the UK, France and Australia follow Washington`s lead." - id28/8/2013
Kalandia Attack Insult to Peace TalksDaoud Kuttab - Al-Monitor - "The Israeli militaryís arrogance in continuing to enter the Palestinian territories without coordinating with Palestinian security and making a request for arrest violates both the spirit and purpose of the peace process." - id 28/8/2013
The Logic of Racism: Israel Attempts Emptying the Arab World of ArabsMuki Najaer - PNN - "Israel has been busy displacing Palestinians for many decades now, using everything from murder, violence, imprisonment, checkpoints, control of water, settlement activity etc, to expand its occupation." - id28/8/2013
The need to curb hate rhetoric in Mideast conflictRAY HANANIA - Columns - "Although apartheid is an inaccurate word to describe Israel, that doesnít mean Israel doesnít engage in racist practices. It does. Nor does it wipe away its history of atrocities against civilians under the exaggerated guise of ďfighting terrorism.Ē" - id 28/8/2013
Palestinian-Israeli Talks Remaining Low ProfileDaoud Kuttab - Al Monitor - While the absence of a high-profile media strategy does not harm the Israeli side, which has a robust media, the Palestinians lose in the process because of their inferior media landscape. The number of active Israeli journalists and official Israeli spokespersons far surpasses that of the Palestinians.-rh22/8/2013
Palestinians threaten to take Israeli settlements to the UNRobert Tait - The Telegraph - Palestinian negotiators have threatened to sue Israel through UN organisations if it continues to expand Jewish settlements, a move that could bring recently resumed peace talks to a premature end.-rh22/8/2013
Israelís Cynical Concern For Palestinian WorkersAkiva Eldar - Al Monitor - A special report published by Kav LaOved in December 2010 concerning the employment of Palestinian workers in the settlements revealed the very worrying phenomenon of helpless workers being systematically robbed of their due. The organization estimates that the stateís debt to Palestinian workers from 1970 until 2009 amounts to more than 8 billion shekels ($2 billion), factoring in an annual interest rate of 5%.-rh 21/8/2013
Israeli Attorney Exposes Parallel Legal System for Embarrassing Security CasesRICHARD SILVERSTEIN - Tikkun Olam - In this interview, Feldman spoke for the first time on Israeli radio of Prisoner X2. Not only that, but he said there were more than one or even two Prisoner Xs. In other words, that Israel has had a number of grave security breaches by Israeli security agents who were tried and imprisoned in secret."-rh 21/8/2013
A Boycott by Any Other NameMarilyn Kleinberg Neimark - MuzzleWatch - These scientists propose withdrawing from $106 million of potential funding in the name of defending their state against European ďscorn for Israel.Ē They mean to punish the European Union by refusing to cooperate with them.-rh 21/8/2013
As an Arab in Israel: Reflections on Being Interrogated, Jailed, and DeportedCarina Caligiuri Kurban - Four Corners - Before this trip, I had never felt discriminated against as an Arab-American. I knew my father and especially my grandfather had experienced hostility, but it was never a problem for me. Sure, there was the occasional 9/11 joke or ignorant questions about bomb threats in high school, but nothing came close to this. My account of what happened to me in Tel Aviv may seem dramatic, but thatís just what happened. An absolutely humiliating and demoralizing experience.-rh 21/8/2013
The Washington Postís Distorted Cartography - Erasing Palestine From the MapROBERT ROSS - CounterPunch - "ďWest BankĒ (not ďoccupied West Bank,Ē or ďoccupied Palestinian territory,Ē or ďPalestinian West BankĒ or ďPalestine,Ē mind you) appears in font so small that it seems to designate some tiny city northeast of Jerusalem, not the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967." - id 21/8/2013
Zionists massacred Bedouins in 1948, threaten them again todayNasser Rego - The Electronic Intifada - "Although 65 years separate both events, what motivated them remains the same. This is why the Prawer Plan has been called a ďsecondĒ Nakba." - id 21/8/2013
Peace Is Israel`s Best Security GuaranteeAkiva Eldar = Al Monitor - "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should look back to the peace agreement with Egypt, which proves that compromise strengthens Israel`s borders and guarantees its security." - id 21/8/2013
Bloodshed and basketballAdam Keller - Crazy Country - "A one-ton bomb intended to kill Hamas leader Salah Shehadeh and which incidentally also happened to kill fourteen of his neighbors and family members, including eight children." - id 21/8/2013
UN`s humanitarian coordinator calls on Palestinians, Israelis to end cycle of violence James W. Rawley - Ynet - Providing open access for Palestinian farmers in the West Bank and Gaza to all their lands, lifting the fishing limits imposed on fishermen in Gaza, removing the restrictions on the import of building material into Gaza, permitting Gazans to freely transfer their produce through Israeli crossing points Ė to name a few recommendations Ė would have an enormous impact on reducing humanitarian needs and concerns. Likewise, allowing Palestinians to plan and develop their lands in Area C will spur sustainable development, thereby reducing the need for humanitarian assistance. [Article written by the United Nations` humanitarian coordinator on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day] bz20/8/2013
Noam Chomsky: Israel`s West Bank plans will leave Palestinians very littleNoam Chomsky - CNN - Also misleading is the question whether the hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would accept a "Palestinian state." In fact, his administration was the first to countenance this possibility when it came into office in 1996, following Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, who rejected this outcome. Netanyahu`s associate David bar-Illan explained that some areas would be left to Palestinians, and if they wanted to call them "a state," Israel would not object -- or they could call them "fried chicken." His response reflects the operative attitude of the U.S.-Israel coalition to Palestinian rights. bz20/8/2013
Palestinian concessions lead to nowhere but humiliation Dr. Daud Abdullah - MEMO - "With American mediation, the most the Palestinians can reasonably hope for is to emerge with a promise of financial support on condition that they continue to protect Israel`s colony-settlements in the West Bank. After all the sacrifices the prisoners have made over the years the best tribute the Palestinian Authority can make in their honour and for the sake of their national status is to withdraw from the negotiations. Abbas knows that they are leading to nowhere but humiliation"19/8/2013
A new Guinness Record Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Our government is using the new `peace process` as a smoke screen behind which the settlement bulldozer is working full time. The government condemns the EU boycott resolution because it `harms the peace process`. It rejects all demands for freezing the settlements because this would `obstruct the peace process`. Investing hundreds of millions in settlements which under any imaginable peace agreement will have to be evacuated is, it seems, favorable for peace"19/8/2013
Israelís White Phosphorous Smokescreen? Zarah Louis--On 26th April 2013, the BBC reported on its website that Israel was going to stop using white phosphorous in its shells and replace it with a gas. This important declaration was largely ignored by the British media as the timing of Israelís announcement came whilst they and the public were fixated on the conflicting reports concerning the authenticity of the Ďevidenceí that Syria had been using illegal weapons. The British newspaper, The Telegraph in fact presented this news as the introduction into an article reporting on the shooting down of a drone by Israel that had been flying over Lebanon. dn18/8/2013
Israel`s nuclear ambiguity no longer serves a purposeAmir Oren--Israelís policy of neither confirming nor denying possession of nuclear weapons emerged from the fear of automatic penalties that are enshrined in U.S. legislation. With the threat of such punishments gone, so is the need for ambiguity. dn18/8/2013
This is Netanyahu`s aha moment - or is it?Haaretz Editorial--Recent remarks by former Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser indicate that the prime minister has no genuine interest in opportunities to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians. dn18/8/2013
Despite outcry, EU guidelines on settlements will have little effectEness Elias, Rona Moran, Yara Saadi--Not only do the EU guidelines do very little to affect the occupation economy, they may also bestow legitimization on commercial activities that, despite supposedly taking place within the Green Line, yield huge occupation-born profits. dn18/8/2013
Robert Fisk: Any other Ďstatesmaní who negotiated peace like John Kerry would be treated as a thief Robert Fisk--Kerry isnít on their side. Heís going all out for Ďpeaceí on Israeli government terms dn17/8/2013
Attorney general without justiceEditorial - Haaretz "With disappointing disregard for his role as protector of the rule of law, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has approved using the Absentee Property Law in East Jerusalem Ė a decision that enables the expropriation of property in the city from Palestinian residents of the territories." ca16/8/2013
Presenting Pro-Palestinian View Impossible Kourosh Ziabari - Countercurrents "He [Mahmoud Abbas] and his cronies go through this moronic peace charade to give the illusion they are important and are the representatives of the Palestinians. In fact, all it does is give diplomatic cover to Israelís persistent expropriation of Palestine. The fact is, the only legitimate representatives of the Palestinians belong to the duly, and honestly elected Hamas government of Khaled Meshaal. Therefore, all these ďpeaceĒ talks are illegitimate, like Israel itself,Ē Felton made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency last week." ca16/8/2013
Economic Initiatives will not solve the Palestinian-Israeli ConflictHani al-Masri - Almonitor "We cannot remain under occupation, in a state of conflict likely to deteriorate, and yet put in place economic and political plans as though we were in a state of peace or headed toward one. Economics cannot serve as a key to politics and to cooperation with Israel as long as Palestinians are not on the same level [as Israel]: possessing an independent state and an economy not subject to occupation." ca 16/8/2013
West Bankís Ahava Muddies Address as EU Boosts Israel RulesJonathan Ferziger and David Wainer - BloombergBusinessweek "Settler spokesman Dani Dayan said the EU action represents a ďmoral lowĒ for the organization and will inflict little damage on settlements. Peace Now, an Israeli organization opposed to settlements, hailed the EU guidelines.ďSettlers have been trying to blur the border lines but this works to make the division more clear,Ē said Lior Amihai, who follows settlement construction for Peace Now." ca 16/8/2013
In order to criticize settlements, liberal Zionists hit Netanyahu for releasing Palestinian prisonersPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "Here`s an interesting new tactic in the liberal Zionist camp: Faulting Netanyahu for releasing Palestinian prisoners so as to build political capital for taking a stand against the settlements... Sixty One was started by people who had been dominant in the Sheikh Jarrah [anti-settlement] solidarity movement, and had steered it in a direction which many activists did not like." ca16/8/2013
Why the EU shouldn`t amend its new settlement guidelinesNoam Sheizaf - +972 - This might be remembered as a key moment in determining the future of the occupation. In an effort to preserve the alliance with settlers and maintain its current settlement policies, the government will demand key provisions of the EU guidelines be changed or postponed12/8/2013
Netanyahu concerned as ever about Iran, but world powers will not allow strike in coming yearAmos Harel--The atmosphere created by Rohani`s election leaves the international community with zero tolerance for an Israeli attack - at least until talks between Tehran and major world powers end. dn11/8/2013
Settlements will continue to determine Israel`s futureHaaretz Editorial--The government will do anything it can to sabotage the talks with the Palestinians. There is no other way to interpret the recent approval of 878 new housing units in secluded West Bank settlements.dn11/8/2013
Being honest about the dominant Zionist narrativeNeve Gordon - Aljazeera - Gapso`s clear-sighted analysis of the dominant Zionist narrative speaks volumes about Israel`s state in the new millennium. With jingoist pride he reveals the logic of exclusion that defines the current Israeli political and social landscape. The novelty is not so much in what he says, but that he is has no shame in saying it.-rh14/8/2013
Peace process needs broaden engagement of moderate activists: shut out the extremistsRAY HANANIA - Columns - "Kerry recognizes that the rejectionists among the Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews, are louder, stronger and more determined than those who support peace." - id 14/8/2013
Israeli Everyday Racism - and How American Jews Turn a Blind Eye to It Larry Derfner - The Jewish Daily Forward - The American Jewish community must refocus anti-Semitism outrage on it`s own "dirty laundry." The ADL goes after anti-Semitism with a fist, it goes after Israeli racism with a sigh. When the Jewish state is this riddled with racism, its advocates abroad should be a little less outraged over the offenses of gentiles. They should be a little more humble - and a lot less hypocritical. ak13/8/2013
Int`l pressure for peace Ilan Baruch - Ynet - For the negotiations to overcome the hurdle of inequality between Israel and the Palestinians, Washington must (...)exert diplomatic pressure on the sides, at the service of the strategic American interest to bring the conflict to an end. This, together with diplomatic/economic pressure on Europe`s part, together with the Arab peace initiative, may balance the negotiation assets and lead to the longed for success. bz13/8/2013
Netanyahu Must Prepare Israelis for Peace (if he means business...)Akiva Eldar - Al Monitor - To induce the citizens of Israel to support a withdrawal to the 1967 borders, with minor modifications, and the division of Jerusalem, Netanyahu should start marketing this ideologically revolutionary political-security product right away. At the same time, he must take concrete steps to demonstrate to the Palestinian public as well that this time around, the negotiations are not intended to buy him more time for the expansion of the settlements. bz10/8/2013
What`s Wrong With the Discourse About Throwing Rocks?Moriel Rothman--The first time I saw a house being demolished in the West Bank village of Al-Khalayleh, I wanted to pick up a stone and throw it at the bulldozer. The first time I went to a demonstration in Nabi Saleh, the week after Mustafa Tamimi was shot at close range with a tear gas canister that ruptured his eye and his brain and ultimately took his life, I wanted to hurl a rock at the IDF jeeps. dn10/8/2013
Neither two, nor states, nor a solutionRechavia ďRickĒ Berman--Why even if the current round of peace talks are successful, the situation wonít get much better. Ready, set, go! dn10/8/2013
Commentary: Gaza depressed about EgyptRana Baker - AlAhram Weekly "Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are aware of and strongly affected by the hostile campaign brewing against them in neighbouring Egypt. Especially disheartening for Gazaís Palestinians was General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisiís decision to close the Rafah Crossing hours after his speech that ended Mohamed Morsiís rule on 3 July. For the residents of Gaza, this was enough of an indicator to expect a ďreturnĒ to the dark days of Hosni Mubarak." ca9/8/2013
ĎNYTí capitulates to rightwingers, declaring settlements not illegalPhilip Weiss - Mondoweiss "Ali Abunimah got to this before me. His piece on US policy shifts is devastating and precise. Excerpt:"A plain reading of the ďcorrectionĒ is that it is an effort to mislead readers into thinking the United States has never considered Israeli settlements to be illegal. This is obviously untrue." ca 9/8/2013
State Department was right: Israel colonizes the West Bank as peace process continuesAlex Kane - Mondoweiss "Israeli settlement activity is continuingĖeven as Israel and the Palestinian Authority prepare for another round of peace talks next week. Today, Israelís Civil Administration approved plans for 878 housing units in far-flung settlements across the West Bank. And on Tuesday, Haaretz reported that construction would begin soon on a new settlement in occupied East Jerusalem." ca9/8/2013
Five PMs, one mistakeGiora Eiland - Ynet - "They sent the world a message that Israel knows how to resolve the Palestinian issue on its own. Indeed, the world expects us to." - id7/8/2013
The Civil Agenda`s short life Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "After all, it seems that the dream of emulating the European countries, where it is social issues that determine the difference between Left and Right, must be deferred until (and unless) we achieve peace." - id 7/8/2013
Palestinians and Israelis cannot afford to be cynical about peace James Zogby - The National - There are plenty of reasons to be cynical about US Secretary of State John Kerry`s relaunch of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The personalities and the politics involved do not immediately inspire confidence. But I choose not to be negative, partly because it is easy to sit on the sidelines and take potshots.bz6/8/2013
The Original No: Why Arabs Rejected Zionism And Why It MattersNatasha Gill - Middle East Policy Council - In his March 2013 Jerusalem speech, President Obama offered the Israelis an astonishing bargain: history for peace. In return for his personal endorsement of each detail of the standard Jewish/Zionist narrative, the Israelis were asked to acknowledge the Palestinians as human beings with some human rights, to reconsider the occupation and do the right thing so as to help renew the peace process. But they were not asked to take into account the Palestinians` own narrative and perception of history.ak 6/8/2013
Civil War?Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "A civil war? Not really. Nothing like the American Civil War, nor like the present Syrian one. But still a hard, violent, brutal struggle, in which blood will be shed. Do I look forward to it? Certainly not. Does it frighten me? Yes it does. Do I think it means we should give up the future of Israel, give up peace, give up the two-state solution, the only solution there is? No!"5/8/2013
Iran`s Khamenei: Peace talks will force Palestinians to relinquish their rights JPOST.COM STAFF - "In Id al-Fitr address, Iranian supreme leader says Muslim world must not back down from its support for Palestine, should condemn "the oppressive action of fierce Zionist wolves and their int`l supporters." ca 9/8/2013
Kairos Palestine Denounces Attempts To Recruit ChristiansSaed Bannoura - IMEMC News Report - The Palestinian Christian Initiative (Kairos Palestine) issued a statement strongly denouncing the Israel attempts to recruit Arab Palestinian Christians, in historic Palestine to the Israeli military that occupies their people.-rh 8/8/2013
Palestinians` rights abused from all sidesBill Van Esveld - Human Rights Watch - Yet Palestinian leaders have also restricted the ability of Palestinians to debate crucial public issues despite their repeated claims that they respect the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. In the West Bank, Palestinian Authority police in Ramallah on July 28 used batons to beat demonstrators who were protesting the Washington talks. Police then went to the hospital and arrested three injured protesters who had gone to the emergency room.-rh 8/8/2013
Once More into the Peace Process Dead EndJonathan Cook - The Palestine Chronicle - The talks, which it was agreed this week will begin in earnest in the region in mid-August, are taking place not because either Israelís prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, or the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, believe a deal is in reach. The two sides are talking each to avoid being blamed for embarrassing John Kerry, the US secretary of state.-rh 8/8/2013
EU stance on settlements threatens Israeli participation in bonanza called ĀeHorizon 2020ĀĆAnnie Robbins - Mondoweiss - Naftali Bennett, the new Economy Minister from the Jewish Home party, wants to throw in the towel and end co-operation with the EU. Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe YaĀfalon have gone on the offensive by ordering restrictions on representatives of the EU to access Palestine.-rh 8/8/2013
Helen Thomas revealed flaws in American democracy and mediaRAY HANANIA - Columns - " The assault on Helen Thomas isnít just an injustice against a great journalist with a stellar 50-year history. It is an assault against every American Arab, every American Muslim and all of the people of the Arab World." - id 7/8/2013
We canít lose a democracy we never hadTsafi Saar--Many dirges have been heard lately lamenting the death of democracy on account of the governability law that passed its first reading in the Knesset this past week. There is reason to lament; it is indeed a bad and dangerous piece of legislation. But for something to die, it must have once lived. dn4/8/2013
`Why are men so angry that they kill children to get what they want?`Joanna Moorhead--Rami Elhanan is an Israeli, Bassam Aramin is a Palestinian. Both live in Jerusalem, both grieve for daughters killed in the conflict. And somehow they fought off the urge for vengeance. dn4/8/2013
Middle East peace talks: is a deal possible this time?Harriet Sherwood--Talks begin this week amid deep divisions between the two sides and a public mood of widespread scepticism and weariness dn4/8/2013
Once More into the Peace Process Dead End Jonathan Cook--It may not have reached the level of fevered expectation unleashed by that famous handshake between Israeli and Palestinian leaders on the White House lawn in 1993, but the sense of hope inspired by the long-awaited revival of peace talks is both tangible and deeply misplaced.dn4/8/2013
What went wrong? Learning from the mistakes of OsloDahlia Scheindlin - +972 - In 1993, the Oslo Accords were a shining symbol of progress. After years of despair and death, it has become synonymous with failure for many. Yet it is the only model for agreements actually signed between Israel and the Palestinians. What were the mistakes of the Oslo process? What should the current negotiators learn from them, and seek to avoid? ak3/8/2013
Savir`s corner: John Kerryís diplomacyUri Savir - Jerusalem Post - America is involved not because of opportunity, but because of danger. Internationally we live in an era where a countryís well-being is highly dependent on the global scene, globalization making economies interdependent. And, if before, domestic considerations affected foreign policy, today the opposite is also true. bz3/8/2013
Time is on our sideEfraim Inbar - Israel Hayom - Israel`s integration into the global economy is evidence that it is not isolated internationally (...) Israel will be negotiating from a position of strength. [This article, appearing in Sheldon Adelson`s freely-distributed paper in support of Netanyahu gives a good summary of how right-wingers view things-bz]3/8/2013
Palestinian orchestra takes centre stage at The Proms with Kennedyís support Alistair Dawber--There is little that is more quintessentially British than the proms, but on Thursday the Royal Albert Hall will hear a youth orchestra from the Occupied Territories, which has been asked to perform alongside Nigel Kennedy. The Palestine Strings travelled to London today. dn3/8/2013
The armyís precious timeHaaretz Editorial--The IDF`s time is invaluable, but it is intolerable to believe that this is the reason 1,300 people will be evicted from their homes and cut off from their livelihoods. dn3/8/2013
What`s missing in the Palestinian prisoner discourse Gideon Levy--Discussion on the release of Palestinian prisoners is lacking even a modicum of compassion and humanity. dn3/8/2013
Why Palestinians are looking to the UN Haroon Siddiqui - The Star - "They are hoping to persuade the United States not to veto their bid in the Security Council...Israel objects, with American and Canadian backing. They say the Palestinians are unilaterally bypassing peace talks." - id2/8/2013
Why I`m (somewhat) optimistic about the latest Israel-Palestine peace Michael Cohen - Guardian - "Well I guess I`m a fool because I think there is genuine reason for optimism about these talks. Now to be sure I am setting the bar low (I might be a fool, but I`m not crazy)." - id 2/8/2013
A racist rabbi, peace talks and the soldiers in the field Adam Keller - Crazy Country - "When fear is the main motivation for a major irresponsible step, it would be easier to get such a step approved by a referendum rather than by a political party’s organ or in the Knesset." - id 2/8/2013
It must be asked: What if the peace talks fail? Shaul Arieli - Haaretz - If the failure is accompanied by the Palestiniansí resorting to violence, the Palestinian public will have to bear the brunt of an Israeli military retaliation, while watching the contributions and grants from Europe and the United States dwindle. On the other hand, if Kerry thinks the Israelis are to blame, it will be the Israeli public that will have to understand why the European Union implements decisions that harm the Israeli economy, and why the United States doesnít stop Palestine from becoming a UN member and doesnít block legal suits against Israelis at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. [Sorry if you can`t read, without payment, beyond this to my opinion most important quote-bz 27/8/2013
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