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Anti-wall demonstrations-Abud and Bil`in 2.12
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This Friday, December 2nd, two anti-wall demonstrations will take place simultaneously: one in Abud, the other in Bil`in. Participation of many Israelis in these demonstrations is extremely important, especially in light of the expected Supreme Court hearing, concerning the Bil`in Petition, in the coming weeks.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the route of the wall confiscates 2,000 dunams (about one half) of the lands of Bil`in, and 4,000 dunams of the lands of Abud - to allow the expansion of nearby settlements.

Those going to the demonstrations should call Aviv at 0525227867.

Those able to come to Bil`in on Thursday (highly recommended!) should call Ilan at 0524655675, 03-6482749.

Those wishing to come to Bil! `in from Jerusalem should call Amnon at 0546718064.

Please, please, please - call no later than Thursday afternoon, so that we can make the necessary transportation arrangements.

See you in Abud and Bil`in!
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