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News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 5 April 2006
Courtesy of IMEMC and WAFA

Edited by Mark Marshall

Scores of residents detained under the rain at a military checkpoint east of Tubas
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 14:24

Israeli army soldiers stationed at Tayaseer military checkpoint, east of the West Bank city of Tubas detained on Wednesday afternoon scores of Palestinian civilians under the rain for several hours.

Residents` vehicles were forced to stop for search at the checkpoint, and the people were also forced to stand under the rain while the soldiers conducted their `routine search`, eyewitnesses reported.

Army arrests two residents from Dora village in Hebron
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 14:22

Wednesday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded Dura village near the West Bank city of Hebron and arrested two residents.

Ghassan Amro, 23, and Bilal Mohamed, 23 were arrested when troops stormed their families` houses; they were then taken to an unknown destination, local sources reported.

Eyewitnesses said that soldiers forced the families out in the rain and detained them while searching the houses before arresting the two.

Fifteen arrested, two injured in Nablus invasion
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 12:43

In a wide scale invasion to the West Bank city of Nablus, on Wednesday morning, Israeli troops arrested fifteen residents and injured two others.

Army vehicles and soldiers stormed the city and imposed curfew, forcing the residents in their homes, and searched dozens of homes after breaking into them.

the conducted an arrest campaign arresting fifteen known from them; Mohamed Samhan, 19, Mo`taz Sharaf and Samer Al-Ustah, eyewitnesses reported.

During the searches, soldiers clashes with youth and injured Maher Himeidan, 17, in his chest and another resident who suffered a mild injury, medical sources reported.
Army arrests one resident from Bethlehem
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 12:42

On Wednesday morning, Israeli army forces invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and arrested Mohamed Abdah, 17.

Troops surrounded the house of Abdah family in Wad Em Ali neighborhood in the city, arrested Abdah and took him to unknown destination.

Army invades Al Far`a refugee camp south of Tubas
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 12:40

The Israeli army invaded, on Wednesday morning, Al Far`a refugee camp, south of the West Bank city of Tubas.

Troops and army vehicles stormed the camp and conducted a wide scale house-to-house search, no arrests were made, local sources reported.

Army arrests a woman from Boreen village near Nablus
IMEMC & Agencies - Wednesday, 05 April 2006, 12:39

Israeli army troops invaded the village of Boreen, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, searched the villagers` houses and arrested one woman.

Zakia Al Najar was arrested after soldiers stormed her father`s house and searched it; she was taken to an unknown destination.

Over the last two days, soldiers arrested fourwomen for Nablus area, army claims that they all are members of the Islamic Jihad.

DATE: 05/04/2006 TIME :22:21
Grassroots: Night Raids in Budrus & Um Shara`it Fail to Intimidate Villagers

RAMALLAH, April 5, 2006 (WAFA)- Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, said that Occupation Forces have launched a new strategy of control in the West Bank villages of Budrus and Um Shara`it near Ramallah, undertaking night raids into the villages and forcing people at gunpoint to fingerprint checks.

The Campaign said, in a press release, that Israeli soldiers have stormed several houses over the last week in Budrus undertaking what they call a `statistical survey`, which involves forcibly documenting all of the men in the households.

In an attempt to intimidate the villagers of Budrus -known for their united defiance of the Apartheid Wall the nocturnal raids reflect the desperate measures taken by the Occupation to subdue the popular resistance of the village, the Campaign added.

Budrus plays a central role in the mobilization against the Wall. Villagers have repeatedly torn down parts of the Wall running through the village lands, and continually confronted the Occupation which strangles their lives.

The Campaign revealed that similar assaults have occurred in Um Shara`it, an area also located adjacent to the path of the Wall, and which has suffered isolation of the village`s lands.

`Aimed at cracking the united resistance to the Wall and Occupation - present across numerous towns and villages - Palestinians have refuted the latest strategy of intimidation,` the Campaign concluded. `Countering the strangle-hold of the Occupation over life and land, escalating defiance marks the ghettos of Palestinian communities in the West Bank`.

A.D. (22:16 P) (19:16 GMT)

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