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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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NEW OLD GAMES - The Other Israel May issue is out

The Other Israel

NEW OLD GAMES - The Other Israel May issue is out
The new governments of Israel and Palestine - dooming each other to failure? Why the rush of the Western World to boycott Palestine? Peretz and the Defence establishment - who will controll whom? These are leading questions in the new issue of The Other Israel.

Furthermore - two-state solution discredited. Translation of a remarkable Yediot interview. John Bunzl about Islam`s Holocaust denial trap. Gila Svirsky on Hamas (`I would never have voted for Hamas or Begin or Sharon)`. Bombs in Gaza and Tel-Aviv. Uri Avnery about the US-Israel relations & the lobby debate. Treeplanting report. Nuri el-Okbi`s struggle for Bedouin rights. Dignified protest met with violence in A-Ram`s. Refusers meet Palestinian ex-prisoners, and more.


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Table of Contents

* NEW OLD GAMES (editorial overview), p. 1-10
- Fatah`s failure, p.1
- What to do about Hamas?, p.2
- Recognition for a price / Bypassing techniques, p. 3
- Confronting the settlers, but..., p.4
- Skeptical voters, p.5
- The Jericho gimmick, p.6
- Malignant neo-nationalism, p.7
- Colossus no more, p.7
- The Bypass Map, p.8
- Ambitious Defence Minister, p.8
- Boycott against the occupied, p.9
- Gush Shalom`s call upon Europe, p.9
- Division of powerlessness, p.10
- Margin of Hope, p.10 (end Editorial)
* Two-state solution discredited, p. 11, 12
* Those who cross the fence, Asafa Peled, p.12-17
- Fascinating phenomena, p.13
- To be a bit blond, p.14
- Hell - half an hour from here, p.14-16
- Eleven criminal charges, p.16-17
* The story of the trees, p.17-18
* Stop the Gaza bloodshed!, p.19
* ...a week later, bombs in Tel-Aviv, p.19-20
* If there is a God, Nurit Peled, p.20
* Islam`s Holocaust denial trap, John Bunzl, p.20-21
* We don`t ask for the moon - Bedouin struggle p.21-22
* The dog did it (on settler hooliganism) p.22-23
* A-Ram`s dignified protest and how violence was used.. p.23-24
* Combatants for peace, p.24-26
* Who`s the dog , who the tail? Uri Avnery, p.28-26
* Whos is to blame? Gila Svirsky, p.28-27


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