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Israeli forces storm Tubas, clash with fighters and raid Palestinian homes; One Palestinian resistance fighter killed as army invades Jenin Refugee camp in the northern W.B

By Maan News Agency

Tubas Ma`an The Israeli forces invaded the West Bank town of Tubas on Monday at dawn and raided several houses, claiming that they were in search of `wanted` Palestinians.

Eyewitnesses reported that armed confrontations erupted between Israeli soldiers and local fighters.

They added that the Israeli army entered the city, accompanied by 10 military vehicles and ransacked numerous Palestinian homes.

The Israeli intelligence contingent warned families to surrender the `wanted` citizens, adding that if they did not surrender, they would become the target of assassination operations.


One Palestinian resistance fighter killed as army invades Jenin Refugee camp in the northern W.B

By Ghassan Bannoura

One Palestinian resistance fighter was killed during an Israeli army invasion of Jenin refugee camp, located in Jenin city in the northern part of the West Bank, on Monday.

Palestinian sources identified the man as Mohamed Abu Al Hija, 24. The man is said to be a member of the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of Fatah.

On Monday at dawn, a massive Israeli force, backed by military bulldozers, stormed the refugee camp, randomly opening fire on and searching a number of homes.

During the military offensive, a group of local resistance fighters clashed with the invading troops. Abu Al Hija was killed during the confrontation.

After Palestinian medical teams managed to retrieve and transfer the body to Jenin hospital, medical sources reported that the man had died after his body was riddled with bullets in the clash.


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