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RHR Update: High Court of Justice to Consider Splitting Sheikh Saed
Rabbis for Human Rights
Feb 02 2008

High Court of Justice to Consider Splitting Sheikh Saed
Sheikh Saed

Most of Jabel Mukabber village was annexed to Jerusalem in 1967, except for the neighborhood called Sheikh Sa`ed. The army wants to build the separation wall between Sheikh Sa`ed and the rest of its village. The court ruled for the residents, to leave the village united. The army appealed to the High Court of Justice. One justice of the HCJ has been replaced, so there will be an additional hearing. More than 1,000 Jewish neighbors are opposing the route which would split the village. The residents of Sheikh Sa`ed invite their Jewish friends to sit with them during the hearing, to show that Palestinians and Israelis can be good neighbors.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008, 09:00 AM, President of HCJ Dorit Beinish.
Additional info: Daoud `Awisat, 0523-801214. Hillel Bardin , 02-6732936

The Occupied Territories

On Shabbat Palestinian farmers from Jitt discovered that the seedlings we had provided and were planted on lands close to Khavat Gilad were again uprooted. Some 15 of the seedlings were still lying on the ground. The rest had disappeared. It took great effort to get the security forces to investigate and they didn`t do it very seriously. See more in `Legal` and the Ynet article in `In the Press.`

Home demolition

Jerusalem Municipality demolished the second floor of Muhamad Masri`s home in the old city of Jerusalem not far from the Kotel. The building of this floor was not finished yet.

Legal staff

Our pre-appeal to the Supreme Court on the closure of the criminal file against settlers who beat and threatened a Palestinian was rejected. We are thinking to transfer this case to `Yesh Din` for an appeal.

We sent a letter to the Defense Minister, the area military commander and to the legal adviser of the territories in the issue of the uprooting twice within a month olive trees plant planted by Palestinian farmers from Jit on their land near to Havat Gilad, by the settlers of Havat Gilad.

In the letter we demanded to defend the security and the property of the Palestinians in this area has a history of troublemaking settlers. Despite the many complaints against the Havat Gilad settlers during the years, nothing was done yet.

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