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Please pledge & contribute for Yousif , 13 from Gaza
From: Deb

Hi and welcome to 2010,

My buddy Maha Mehanna in Gaza and I are looking for ten really kind people to pledge and send $100 each -- to cover two crucial days for her nephew Yousif, age 13 going on 14, at the Pediatric Immunology Clinic at Safra Children`s Hospital at Tel Hashomer. Photo of Kid Yousif attached! (For my Jewish friends out there, if you generally donate to Jewish causes, go ahead and think of him as `Yossi from the Lower East Side of Gaza City`.)

If you can`t donate $100 yourself, could you maybe get ten friends to give you $10 each and then send the $100 for Yousif?

Background: The Palestinian Authority is already committed to covering costs for Yousif`s upcoming bone marrow transplant and post-op hospitalization (to neutralize the immune disease he has, CGD) -- but neither the PA nor any of the other usual suspects (the Peres Center, etc) will agree to cover the cost of two days of admission for diagnostic pretesting at the Immunology Clinic, without which they cannot proceed.

The kid could die of this overdose of red tape -- isn`t that infuriating and ridiculous? Each day he is admitted at the clinic is approximately $500. He will need a minimum of two days, possibly three, according to the great doctor in charge of his case there.

Note -- If you can give more, the extra will go toward Yousif`s post-operative medicines (expensive!). If you can give less, I hope you will give what you can.

IN ISRAEL: Please send donations in shekels payable to me and mail to:
Deb Reich, POB 40379, Mevasseret Zion 40401
(that`s my new PO box at the nearest mall -- Abu Ghosh has no PO boxes).
Don`t forget to indicate that your contribution is earmarked for Yousif. I will give Maha the cash and she will acknowledge directly to you, by email, that she got it!

IN U.S.A.: send dollar donations to our pal Sam Bahour as follows:


2. Bank Transfer:

Bank Name: Arab Islamic Bank

Bank Address: Al-Bireh, Palestinian Authority, Tel: +970-2-240-5935

Bank Sort Code Branch #: 73-42400


Bank Account Number: 14984

Account Name: Sam Bahour

3. U.S. Check or Money Order, make payable to Sam Bahour and mail to:

Sam Bahour

2909 Biscayne Ave

Youngstown , Ohio , 44505-2111 USA

P.S. In each case, the sum in cash will get to Maha, and she will confirm to you by email that she has received the sum you contributed. Don`t forget to indicate that it`s earmarked for Yousif.

Thanks for whatever you can do for one more great kid who is well worth saving!

Blessings and a hug,

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