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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Tuesday, 1.2.11, at 14:00 demonstration for Al-Arakib residents rights - against JNF, at their Jerusalem office
[translated to English for Occupation Magazine]

Jewish National Fund uproots people to plant trees!

Demonstration On Tuesday, 1.2.11, at 14:00

The demonstration will be held at the JNF Office plaza in Jerusalem, King George 48

In El Arakib dozens of families lost their homes and are threatened to be deprived of our their land. To `prepare the area for planting saplings, the village was destroyed again and again. During demolition rubber bullets were fired and people were brutally beaten and arrested.

Both hands by the Israel Land Administration Police - entities that operate under the authority and responsibility of the Government of Israel, but the body is a planner and visiting the Jewish National Fund.

The JNF has broad powers on forestry and soils, although this international body is not subordinate to the state and its citizens. The Jewish Fund applies racist regulations, discriminating between citizens on the basis of ethnic origin and preventing access to the land of Arab citizens. The JNF is working to dispossess the inhabitants of Al - Arakib and many more Bedouin residents of communities whose existence is mot recognized by consecutive Israeli governments.

The Arakib community existed even before the creation of Israel - and the women, men and children who reside their on their land, are called today `invaders` by those who seek to destroy the lives and plant trees in their place. We will not tolerate it!

Every penny donated to the JNF is helping to dispossess people of their land.

Let`s protest against the expropriation of the Bedouin by the JNF!

Come support the right of residents to Arakib on their land

Together we will require the government to stop to shake off its Bedouin citizens,

To confirm their rights - to immediately cancel the sweeping powers of the JNF afforestation

For details:

Awad -052-2714020. Hassan -052-5393416. Michal -050-9391299. Eric - 050-5607034

Hassan -050-9787894. Sedan -054-7958143. . Michal - 052-6886867. Jacob - 050-5733276.

Please, register for transportation:

Tel - Aviv, Arlosoroff Railway Station, Sixt Parking lot 12:15. To reserve a seat: 052-6886867. 050-5733276


Beer Sheva,: Registration for transportation: Michal - 050-9391299

[here follow the Hebrew names of the many supporting organizations]
ועדת המעקב העליונה של ערביי ישראל *הועדה העממית אל-עראקיב *ועד הכפר אל-עראקיב *פורום דו-קיום בנגב לשוויון אזרחי *תנועת התחברות-תראבוט *קואליציית נשים לשלום *סולידריות שייח` ג`ארח *בל`ד *פורום הכרה

חד`ש *שומרי משפט-רבנים למען זכויות אדם


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