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Occupation magazine - Weekly summary

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The Weekly summary Jan. 16 - Jan. 22 2005

by Mark Marshall

During the week several Palestinians were killed in the occupied territories, several Palestinians and
Israelis were killed, one Israeli was killed in the Gaza Strip, and one Israeli was killed in Israel by a
rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. In addition several Palestinian residential and other structures were
destroyed, particularly in Nablus. The dead have not been identified in every instance, and precise
numbers of wounded and arrested have not been given in every report consulted.

Sunday 16 January

Fida Aram, 50, and her son Abdullah, 29, were killed on 16 January when their home in the Khan Yunis
camp was hit by Israeli machine-gun and mortar fire. Fida`s husband, Suleiman Abdullah Aram, 54, was
seriously injured when shot in the neck (al-Quds 17 Jan.; al-Ayyam 17 Jan.;, 17 Jan.
Haaretz 17 Jan.).

On the morning of Sunday 16 January Israeli aircraft destroyed a house in northern Beit Lahia, in the
Gaza Strip. Israeli bulldozers destroyed three houses in Qeizan al-Najjar near Khan Yunis, in the Gaza
Strip. Yusuf Sharab, one of the owners, said that the occupants were given no time to remove their
belongings (al-Quds 17 Jan.; al-Ayyam 17 Jan.; 17 Jan.)

Monday 17 January

Two Palestinians were killed during an armed confrontation with Israeli forces near an Israeli settlement
in the Gaza Strip. They are Nidal Abd al-Hakim Sadiq , 19, and Ahmad Muhammad `Ashur, 20 (al-
Ayyam, 18 Jan., al-Quds, 18 Jan.).

Three Palestinian homes, 4 greenhouses and 4 chicken-coops were demolished in al-Walja village near
Beit Jalla (al-Ayyam 18 Jan.).

Tuesday 18 January

A Shabak (Israeli security service) officer, Oded Sharon, 36, was killed in a Palestinian suicide bombing
in the Gaza Strip (Haaretz 19 Jan.). The suicide bomber was identified as `Umar Suleiman Bash, 21, of
Khan Yunis (al-Ayyam 19 Jan.). Seven or eight Israelis were reportedly injured in the attack that killed
Sharon (al-Ayyam 19 Jan.; Yediot Ahronot 19 Jan.).

Abdullah Jalah Hassan, 15, was seriously injured after being shot by Israeli soldiers stationed at Kfar
Darom, near Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip (, quoting Dr. Moawiya Hassanen of Health
Ministry; Haaretz 18 Jan.).

Wednesday 19 January

Two Palestinians were killed during an armed confrontation in the Gaza Strip (Haaretz 19 Jan.; Yediot
Ahronot 19 Jan.)

Two Israeli soldiers were injured when a bulldozer was hit by an anti-tank missile in the Gaza Strip
(Haaretz 19 Jan.; Yediot Ahronot 19 Jan.; al-Ayyam 20 Jan.). Five Palestinians were wounded by Israeli
gunfire near the Abu Holi checkpoint in Deir al-Balah (al-Ayyam 20 Jan.).

Mamduh Tariq al-Jamal, 12, was injured on the morning of 19 January when Israeli forces shelled the
Yibna camp near Rafah, in the Gaza Strip (al-Ayyam 20 Jan.).

Several Palestinians were arrested in Nablus on the morning of 19 January (Haaretz 19 Jan.;
19 Jan.; 20 Jan.). The Israeli army said the arrested people were wanted Hamas members.
(Haaretz 19 Jan.) Among the arrested in Nablus were Hamid al-?`Amudi and Rania Hinawi (al-Ayyam 20
Jan.). On the night of 19 January several local families were temporarily detained in the Ibn Haitham
school in Nablus (al-Ayyam 20 Jan.).

In Nablus, the Israeli military demolished the four-storey `Wasif al-Shak`a` building, leaving several
families homeless (Haaretz 19 Jan.; 19, 20 Jan.; al-Ayyam 20 Jan.). Three other houses were
destroyed and several were damaged in the same operation (al-Ayyam 20 Jan.). Kamal al-Ratrut`s house
in Nablus burned down after it was hit by tank shells (Haaretz 19 Jan.; 19 Jan.; al- Ayyam 20
Jan.). Five cars in Nablus were crushed by armoured vehicles (al-Ayyam 20 Jan).

Thursday, 20 January 2005

Salah al-Din Abu-Muhsin, 12, was killed by Israeli soldiers in Tubas southeast of Jenin, as he held a toy
gun (Ynet/Yediot Ahronot 20 Jan.; nrg/Maariv 20 Jan.; Haaretz 20, 21 Jan.) On the same day Salah Abu-
Ayash, 12, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in Yibna camp near Rafah (Haaretz 20 Jan.).

Eyad Salamah al-Dibs, 19, was arrested in the Aida camp near Bethlehem ( 20 Jan).

Friday, 21 January 2005

Ella Abukasis, a 17-year-old Israeli resident of Sderot, died as a result of injuries sustained when she
was struck by a fragment of a Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian was shot in the legs near Jenin. The Israeli military claimed that he was hitting the
separation wall with an axe ( 21 Jan.).

Two Palestinians were shot near the Neve Dekalim settlement in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military
claimed they tried to fire a shell ( 21 Jan.).

Saturday 22 January 2005

Fayez and Mithqal Shamasneh were clubbed by Israeli soldiers in Jayyous, near Qalqilya. Israeli soldiers
arrested another Palestinian, `Ammar Hatem Khaled, in the same incident ( 22 Jan.).

Eviction notices handed to several families in Ein al-Baidha and Bardala in the northeastern West Bank
near the Jordan Valley. They were told to vacate their homes and lands near the separation wall by the
end of May 2005 ( 22 Jan.).


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