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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Following the murder of our comrade and friend Vittorio, we, activists
of the International Solidarity Movement, reiterate our commitment to
remaining in Gaza. We will continue to work with and live among the
Palestinian population as we continue the work to which Vik was so

In these days of mourning, Palestinians have organized numerous
memorials for Vik; they constantly remind us how sorry they are to
have lost him, of how they loved him, his closeness, his affection,
and his indignation at what is happening here in Gaza. We know that
the group that perpetrated this horrible crime does not in any way
represent Palestinian society. The Palestinians of Gaza are our
friends, our colleagues, and our reason for being here; we will
continue to stand by their side.

As we had done when Vittorio was with us, we will continue to stand
alongside the Palestinian people, we will continue to struggle against
the occupation, we will continue to accompany farmers to their lands
along the border, we will continue to participate in demonstrations,
and we will continue to tell the world what happens here in the Gaza
Strip, Palestine. We think that Vik would agree with Che Guevara when
he said, Dont cry for me if I die, do what I was doing and I will
live on in you. The best way to honor Vik is to continue the work
that he was doing. In particular we will soon begin crewing a boat
whose mission is to monitor the violation of human rights in
Palestinian waters. This boat will have its maiden voyage on April
20: Vik had strongly backed this project and he had enthusiastically
participated in its realization.

Vik has been an inspiration to all of us, we all hope to live up to
his example. In a documentary about him, Vik said he would have liked
to be remembered by Nelson Mandelas quote; A victor is merely a
dreamer who never stops dreaming. Your dreams are our dreams; we
will never forget you, Vik.

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