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Melbourne action stopped by the police
Kim--July 9, 2011--on July 1, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) and Students
for Palestine in Melbourne Australia held a non-violent Boycott,
Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) action in Melbourne`s CBD. The action
called for the boycotting of two Israeli companies, Jericho/Black
Pearl and Max Brenner Chocolate and sought to highlight not only the
complicity of these two companies in Israel`s occupation and apartheid
policies but Israel`s ongoing war crimes and human rights abuses.

The non-violent and peaceful demonstration was violently attacked by
the Victorian Police and 19 activists were arrested. They are now
facing fines of up to $30,000.

In the wake of the police attack on Palestine solidarity activists, a
defence campaign has been set up in support of the 19
pro-Palestine/BDS activists and to oppose the criminalisation of
pro-Palestine activism and the attack on civil liberties by the
Victorian police. The campaign has issued a statement (please see
below) and is calling on all supporters of Palestinian rights and
civil rights to endorse the statement and support the campaign in
defence of the `Boycott-Israel19` (please email the campaign email
address or feel free to email me and I will
pass on your endorsement)

I have included a number of video links below of the July 1 action,
which shows clearly the non-violent nature of the event and the
unwarranted police attack on the peaceful action.

Video taken from walkway above the peaceful BDS demo (very clearly
shows the police aggression)
Police attack peaceful Palestine solidarity protest in Melbourne

Other videos of the violent attack by police on the peaceful
non-violent BDS action. [these all come up on the above link]

Violent arrests at peaceful pro-palestine protest Melbourne

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid BDS Melbourne Victoria - July 1,
2011 (Video 03)

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid BDS Melbourne Victoria - July 1,
2011 (Video 02)

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid BDS Melbourne Victoria - July 1,
2011 (Video 01)

The attack on the July 1 action marked a clear escalation in Victorian
police violence against pro-Palestinian demonstrators. CAIA had held
a similar action to the July 1 a month earlier on May 20 which also
focused on Max Brenner Chocolate and Jericho/Black Pearl. While there
was a strong police presence, the BDS action was not attacked by the
police, as it was a month later. You can see the May 20 BDS action
footage here: Boycott Max Brenner! Boycott Jericho! Don`t Buy Israeli
Apartheid - 20.05.11 (Melbourne, Australia)

You can find out more about the campaign by visiting the campaign
website at:

in solidarity,
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