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The actor Rami Baruch, forced against his conscience to perform Pollard play in Kiryat Arba, needs your support

If the contents of the following letter are acceptable to you, please spend a minute to send it to Noam Semel with your signature – using either the text as it is or with whatever changes and modifications you prefer. Thanks!

Mr. Noam Semel
Director in Chief
The Cameri Theatre
Tel Aviv

Dear Sir

Jonathan Pollard, whatever one thinks of him, followed the dictates of his conscience with a controversial act for which he paid and continues to this day to pay a very heavy price. Rami Baruch is an Israeli actor who, to the best of his artistic talent, plays the character of Pollard in the theatre under your direction. The Cameri Theatre signed a contract to present the Pollard play, starring Baruch, at the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba.

Baruch feels that it would be contrary to the dictates of his own conscience to perform at `a settlement in Occupied Territory, many of whose inhabitants express open admiration for the arch-racist Meir Kahane and for mass murderer Baruch Goldstein`. One can add that many of them also want to make any performance at their settlement conditional upon actors signing a `loyalty oath`.

In recent days it was published that the theatre management applies pressure on Baruchi.

Even respecting your general policy, isn`t there an inherent contradiction in demanding that an actor violates the dictates of his conscience so he may play a character who follows the dictates of his conscience? Such pressure is ill-advised even from the purely artistic point of view - and incompatible with the very nature of theatre as a cultural institution.

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