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Israelis and Palestinians will demonstrate at the Old City`s Damascus Gate against the "Jerusalem Day", the Day of Occupation
Email from Solidarity Solidarity

Today, Sunday May 20, there shall be marked the so-called `Jerusalem Day`, dedicated to glorification of the myth of the Unity of the City. But Jerusalem is not united, it is divided and occupied. `Jerusalem Day` a day of celebration for the settlers who make of use of this date to hold various activities in East Jerusalem, activities which are, year after year, accompanied by the terrorizing and mass use of violence against Palestinian inhabitants.

At the call of the Solidaroity movement we will join our Palestinian partners in protesting against the Right-wing `Flag Dance` which celebrates the ongoing occupation of East Jerusalem. The East Jerusalem neighborhood committees invited Israelis to join in the

Protest event at the Damascus Gate at wall of Jerusalem`s Old City, facing the Right-wing `Flag Dance`, on Sunday, May 20, 2012, at 6:00 PM.

It should be noted that the protest is organized by Palestinians and it is our partners who will determine the nature of the demonstrations. We must also warn that in recent years, `Jerusalem Day` is often marked by violence from both settlers and the security forces.

For more information: +972-52-5357456
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