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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm!
Email spread by `free jerusalem`

Dear Sir or Madam,

East Jerusalem and its Palestinian residents are placed under heavy attack directed against the historical and cultural Palestinian existence in the city. The assaults on Al-aqsa mosque represent this.
Like the rest of the East Jerusalem neighborhoods, Isawiyya is being oppressed by the state apparatuses: City Hall, police and the tax authority. Under this oppression, main entrances to the village have been blocked and regular citizens are being attacked by noise-bombs, tear gas and `Skunk`. Also, many minors have been arrested. This is collective punishment which doesn`t distinguish between minors, the elderly or people with special needs. The police have also repeatedly placed a vehicle at the entrance to schools, which is utilized to intimidate the children.
Collective punishment is against international law regarding human rights under occupation.

We are honored to invite you to a solidarity visit, taking place on Wednesday, 12.11.14. The tour will depart at 16:00 from the southern entrance to the village, adjacent to the main entrance to the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University (corner of Churchill and Buber).

Your presence means supporting our struggle

No to collective punishment.
Isawya is a calm village, don`t make it lose its calm.
Take your hands off al-aqsa.
Tear gas is harmful to the environment and hurts the innocent.
Don`t drive the peace away from the city of peace.
The Israeli occupation, the longest of all occupations, must end.

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