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660 Israelis, among them many well-known, to Danish Parliament members: Vote in favor of recognizing State of Palestine!
Amiram Goldblum

Press release (in Hebrew) - 10.11.2014
Translation Adam Keller

A letter addressed to all Members of the Folketing (Danish Parliament) and signed by 660 Israeli public figures calls upon them to vote in favor of Denmark recognizing the State of Palestine. The Danish Parliament is due to vote on such a motion later this week, following similar votes in the British Parliament and the Irish Senate, and the decision of Sweden, Denmark`s neighbor, to extend such recognition to the State of Palestine. A similar vote is due in the French Parliament, in December, as well as in Spain.

Such international diplomatic recognition would greatly facilitate the Palestinian efforts to achieve actual independence and national statehood on the ground. Far from being a threat and danger, as presented by the government of Israel, the creation of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel is the only chance to end the long lasting conflict and bloodshed and achieve real peace between Israel and its neighbors - including and especially the Palestinians. The signatories are determined to go on addressing the Parliaments of all countries friendly to Israel in which such debates and votes would take place. e

The letter addressing Members of the Folketing was initiated by Dr. Alon Li`el, former Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, together with Prof. Amiram Goldblum, a founder of Peace Now, and Naftali Raz of the action group Massad. Also joining in the initiative is Prof. Eli Bar Navi, former Israeli Ambassador to France. e

.In Copenhagen, the letter was passed on to Folketing Members via Christian Juhl, the Member with whom the Israeli activists are in direct contact

For further information:

Dr. Alon Li`el - Former Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, +972-(0)50-5371000

Prof. Eli Bar Navi, former Israeli Ambassador to France, +972-(0)54 342 34 69

Prof. Amiram Goldblum, +972-(0)54-4653292

Naftali Raz, +972-(0)5494172


We the undersigned,

Citizens of Israel who wish it to be a safe and thriving country, are worried by the continued political stalemate and by the occupation and settlements activities which lead to further confrontations with the Palestinians and torpedo the chances for a compromise.

It is clear that the prospects for Israel`s security and existence depend on the existence of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel. Israel should recognize the state of Palestine and Palestine should recognize the state of Israel, based on the June 4 1967 borders.

Your initiative for recognizing the state of Palestine will advance the prospects of peace and will encourage Israelis and Palestinians to bring an end to their conflict.

Abd Elkader Kanani Research Student
Abed Kaboub Jurist
Ada Ravon Lawyer
Adam Keller Journalist
Adeeb Awad CEO, Advertising & Media
Adi Rosenthal Tourism Advisor
Adina Aviram Dr. Head of Molecular laboratory in Hematology
Ady Yarkon Retired
Ahuva Bar`am
Alex Levac Photographer, Israel Prize Recipient
Alex Massis Film Producer
Ali Alasad Advocate, PhD
Alice Krieger Public Relations
Alina Edmonds Teacher
Aliya Strauss BA English Teacher
Alla Shainskaya PhD
Allen Minitzer Executive
Alon Confino Professor of History
Alon Harel Professor of Law
Alon Liel Former Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Former Ambassador
Amana Cohen
Amatzya Ido Translator
Amatzia Weisel Professor of Special Education
Ami Weinstein Industrialist, founder of `Shivion`
Amikam Cohen PhD, Biologist
Amir Agbaria Doctor
Amir Badran Advocat
Amir Orian Art Director
Amir Student Entrepeneur
Amir Yaari Agricultural Engineer
Amira Katz‐Goehr PhD lecturer and tranlsator
Amira Openheimer Clinical Psychologist
Amiram Goldblum Professor of Computational Chemistry, Founder of `Shivion`
Amira Ityel Family and Couples consultant
Amit Leshem Peace Projects Coordinator
Amnon Fruchtman Physicist
Amnon Lipzin Tourism
Amos Goldberg Professor of Jewish History
Amos Gvirtz Peace Activist
Amos Ityel Mechanical Engineer
Amotz Agnon Professor
Amram Ashuach Kibbutz member
Anat Biletzki Professor of Philosophy
Anat Frankel Education consultant
Anat Langer‐Gal CEO of Middle East in the Negev Institute
Anat Levin Language Editor
Anat Matar Academic
Anat Morahg Musician
Anat Natasha Camran Counselor
Anat Noy CEO Marketing
Anat Rimon‐Or lecturer
Aner Preminger Cinema Professor and Filmmaker
Angela Godfrey‐Goldstein Peace Activist & NGO director
Anuar Hasan Art
Arie Arnon Professor of Economics
Arie Geronik Lecturer
Arie Plat Community Consultant
Arie Stern Pensioner
Ariel Hanaor PhD, Civil Engineering
Ariel Niezna MBA, Lebanon border Settlement
Ariella Be`eri Ben‐Yishai Lecturer, PhD
Arnon Avni Graphics, Kibbutz Nirrim Gaza Border
Arnon BenYair Teacher
Arza Apelroit Dr.
Agi Mishol Poet
Asaaf Akram Metal Contractor
Assaf Moskowitz
Asher Fisch Musician, Conductor and Pianist
Avi Berg Social Activist
Avi Glezerman Dr., Corporate Executive
Avi Mograbi Film Director, Konrad Wolf Prize
Avihai Steller Researcher
Avinoam Ben‐Shaul Professor
Avinoam Koren Song writer
Avishai Margalit Israel Prize, Professor of Philosophy
Avital Spivak Lecturer
Avner Ben‐Amos Professor of History
Avner Cohen Lecturer
Avner de Shalit Professor of Political Science
Avner Giladi Professor
Avner Gvariahu Human Rights Activist
Avner Katz Professor
Avner Mart Inventor
Avraham Burg Former Chair of the Israeli Parliament and Head of Jewish Agency
Avraham Frank PhD, Education
Avraham Oz Professor
Avshalom Kaveh Writer
Aya Breuer Translator
Ayelet Lerman Artist
Azriel Nativ Farmer
Barry Morahg Producer
Baruch Minke Professor, recipient of Prince of Asturias Prize for Science 2010
Baruch Shalev Co‐Chair of Peace Making Social Workers
Bat Sheva Shapira PhD, Editor
Beate Zilversmidt Publisher
Ben Rafael Miriam Clinical Psychologist
Ben Tzion Munitz Professor
Ben Yeger Therapist & Peace Activist
Benjamin Arbel Historian
Benjamin Heifetz Teacher
Beny Gefen Farmer
Benzi Keren Industrial and Management Engineer
Bernard Avishai Professor
Boaz Gork Lawyer
Boaz Levin Artist
Bosmat Gal Dr.
Carlos Ghindelschi Clerk
Chaim Gans Professor of Law
Chana Ullman PhD CLinical Psychologist
Chava Lerman Ceramics
Chen Biran Aldema Therapist
Cobi Sonnenschein Professor of Physics
Colman Altman Professor of Physics
Dafna (Laura) Kaminer
Dahlia Amit Translator
Dalia Golomb Teacher
Dalia Sachs Dr.
Dan Bavli Lieutenant Colonel (res.)
Dan Bitan Research
Dan Haddani Colonel (Res.)
Dan Jacobson Professor
Dan Miodownik PhD, Political Science
Dan Wardinon CEO
Dana Avidar Education
Dana Bar Ner Lawyer
Dana Lotan Social Media
Dani Shofla Programmer
Daniel Bar‐Tal Professor, Political Psychologist
Daniel Eilat MA
Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize, Professor
Daniel Lazare Kibbutz Member
Daniel Levanon PhD, Scientist
Daniela Gordon Psychologist
Daniella Halevi Architect
Danniel Qeletti Writer
Danny Karavan Artist and painter, Israel Prize recipient
Danny Rosin M.D.
Daphna Joel Professor
Daphne Banai Educational Consultant
David Adler PhD, Poet
David Blanc Professor of Mathematics
David Harel Israel Prize, EMET prize, Professor of Computer Science
David Lehrer CEO of the `Arava` Instititue
David Palma Poet
David Senesh Dr., Psychologist
David Tartakover Israel Prize, Artist
David Zonsheine Software Engineer
Deborah Bernstein Prof.
Diana Shoef Producer
Dikla Ben‐Shaul Psychologist
Dimitry Shumsky Dr.
Doreet Hopp PhD
Dorian Levin Artist
Dorit Eldar PhD, Lecturer
Dorit Solomon Teacher
Doron Lieber Agriculture
Dov Koller Teacher, History and Politics
Dubi Avigur Secular Rabbi
Dudy Tzfati Prof
Dvora Barkay Psychotherapy
Dvora Oreg Consultant to Social Change NGOs
Edith Zertal Professor
Edna Gam Dr. Psychotherapist
Edna Hakham‐Baskin Editor, MSc
Edna Kadman Teacher
Edna Morduch Psychotherapist
Edna Zaretsky Toledano Group Facilitator, Sociologist
Edward Eddy Kaufman Professor of Political Science and Conflict Management
Efraim Davidi Dr., Lecturer
Efrat Weil‐Amit Movement Therapy
Ehud Bandel Rabbi
Ehud Hrushovski Professor of mathematics
Ehud Spieser Student
Einat Gutman Combatants for Peace
Elad Ronen
Elana Wesley Human Rights Activist, Translator
Eli Bareket Video Editor
Eli Caufman History Writer & Journalist
Eli Kalir Lawyer
Eli Meshoulam Lawyer
Eli Safran Tour Guide, Sasa Lebanon Border
Eli Shmueli Neurobiologist
Elie Barnavi Historian & writer/professor, former Israel`s Ambassador to France
Elie Hoz Tourism
Elizabeth Freund Dept. of English
Elizabeth Goldwyn Professor
Emanuel (Mano) Shaked Brigadier‐General (res.)
Eran Lev Lawyer
Erella Talmi Musician & Writer
Erez Krispin CEO,
Eric Yellin Peace/Technology
Ester Levanon Mordoch Dr.
Ester Levinger Professor of Art history
Eva Jablonka Professor
Eyal Oron Lawyer & Internal Auditor
Eyal Raviv Founder,
Eylon Bavli
Ezra Mendelsohn Professor, Bialik Prize
Fawaz Hussein Author, CEO Education Dept., Hurfesh Lebanon Border
Gaby Lasky Attorney
Gad Friedman PhD
Gad Kaynar Professor of Theatre Studies
Gadi Stahl Polymer & Plastics Chemistry
Gadi Sternbach Vintner & Restaurateur
Gal Rosen Student
Galia Golan Professor, Former head, Dept. of Political Science
Galit Hasan‐Rokem Professor of Hebrew Literature and Folklore
Gani Bloch‐Tamir Actor and Singer
Gavriel (Gabi) Salomon Israel Prize, Professor of Education
Gera De Shalit Advocate
Gershon Baskin PhD, Head of IPCRI Institute
Gershon Ben‐Shakhar Professor of Psychology
Gideon Lifshitz Teacher
Gideon Shelach‐Lavi Archeologist
Gideon Spiro Journalist, Human Rights & Peace Activist
Gidon Medina Professor
Gil Rimon Entrepreneur
Gil Talmi Film Composer
Gila Svirsky Peace and Human Rights Activist
Gilad Paz Advocate
Gilad Silbert Dr. Chemistry
Gilad Zamir Lawyer
Gili Veread Early education Counselor
Gili Zimhoni Architecture
Giora Baram Industry Worker
Giora Segal Teacher and Educator
Giora Teltsch Management consulting
Guy Hirshfeld
Hadar Ron Architect
Hadas Feller Freelancer
Hadassah Haskale Poet, Psychologist
Hagai Ginsburg Professor
Hagit Goldstein Industry Worker
Hagit Lobel Hagai Social Worker
Haim Baram Writer & Journalist
Hana Choresh MA Psychology
Hanna Barag Peace and Human Rights Activist
Hanna Naiman Nurse
Hanna Regev Teacher
Hannah Safran Dr. Of History
Harai Golomb Professor
Hava Halevi Gardener
Haya Nir Fashion
Hedva Adiri Chief Librarian
Hilda Wengrowef PhD, Dance Therapist
Hillel Bardin
Hillel Schenker Co‐Editor of Palestine‐Israel Journal
Hillel Schocken Professor, Architect
Hubert Law‐Yone Professor of Architecture and City Planning
Idan Segev Professor of Brain Research
Idit Avidan BA
Idit Scwhartz Medical Dr.
Idit Zertal Professor of History
Idith Harel Social Worker and Family consultant
Ido Amihai PhD Researcher
Ido Lam
Iftach Shavit Film Editor
Ilan Baruch Former Ambassador to S. Africa & Zimbabwe
Ilan Saban Dr., Senior Lecturer of Law
Ilan Sadeh Professor of Computer Science
Ilan Shtayer Historian
Ilana Pardes Professor
Ilana Segal Musician
Ilana Zilber‐Rosenberg PhD, Nutritionist
Irene Lewenhoff Nurse
Iris Dotan Katz Clinical Psychologist
Iris Lerman Psychologhist
Iris Milner Professor of Literature
Iris Parush Prof
Iris Stern Social Psychologist
Irit Hakim Artist
Irit Segoli Art
Irit Shamgar Teacher
Isaac Yanni Nevo Professor of Philosophy
Ishay Landa Dr., Historian
Israel Yuval Professor
Itamar Shachar PhD candidate
Itzhak Galnoor Professor of Political Science, former head of Civil Service
Itzhak Levav Professor, Psychiatrist
Jacob Barnai Professor
Jacob Katriel Professor
Jacob Shoef Producer
Jehoash Hirshberg Professor of Musicology, Emeritus
Jochanan Benbassat Professor of Medicine
Joel Klemes PhD Biologist
Joseph Neumann Professor of Biology and Philosophy
Joseph Shevel Institute Manager
Joseph Zeira Professor of Economy
Joseph Zernik PhD
Joshua Sobol Playwright
Judith Korin Director, Theatre
Judith Tamir Alexander Technique
Julia Horvath Professor
Karin Michaeli Editor
Kate Rosenberg
Karlos Lewinhoff Journalist
Klipper Noa Teacher
Kobi Peterzil Professor
Kobi Yakobovich Teacher
Koby Sheffy PhD
Lana Remez Teacher
Latif Dori Secretary of the Committee for Israeli‐Palestinian Dialogue
Levi Spectre PhD
Lior Amihai NGO Worker
Lior Kay Avishay Social Worker for community transformations
Lior Tamam Advocate
Liora Preis Spiritual Support
Malka Dvir Teacher
Malka Gerber Teacher
Malka Lindner PhD in Science
Marcelo Yarkoni Int. Sales Manager
Mati Kroin
Meir Margalit Dr.
Meir Peleg Musician
Menachem Brinker Israel Prize, Professor of Literature and Philosophy
Menachem Golan IT Engineer
Menachem Klein Professor of Political Science
Micah Leshem Professor
Micha Hopp Professor of Epidemiology
Michael Benyair Former Attorney‐General
Michael Eden Attorney
Michael Kaminer Film Editor
Michael Keren Professor of Economy
Michael Sfard Lawyer, Human Rights
Michal Belikoff MSc
Michal Brody‐Bareket lecturer
Michal Goldberg Clinical Psychology
Michal Mazor Scientist
Michal Nitzan
Michal Paneth Peleg Blogger & Text Editor
Michal Preminger Psychologist
Michal Pundak Sagi Therapist
Michal Ronel Mental Health
Michal Schechter Internet
Michal Wertheim
Mike Arad
Miky Fisher teacher
Miki Kratsman EMET Prize, Photography
Milli Katz Graffiti Artist Media
Mili Mass Dr., Social Worker
Mira Edelstein Resource Development
Mira Livne Occupational Therapist
Miri Barak Translator
Miriam Barnai Banker
Miriam Ben Baruch
Miriam Frank Peace Activist
Miriam Makin Farmer
Miriam Patya Microbiology
Miriam Tal Theatre Specialist
Mooky Dagan Musician
Mordechai Bar‐On Dr. of History, Former Brigadier‐General and Member of Knesset
Mordechai Dudai PhD in Biology
Moshe Glick
Moshe Ivgy Actor
Moshe Kotler Biologist
Moshe Maoz Professor of Middle‐East History
Moshe Rotschild Independent
Moshe Zuckermann Professor
Mossi Raz Former MK, Chair of Peace Organizations Forum
Motti Lerner Playwright
Motty Perry Professor of Economy
Michael Persico Physician
Muhamad Diab PhD, Co‐Chair of Peace Making Social Workers
Nabil Saad Academic
Nachi Alon Clinical Psychologist
Nadav Bigelman Student
Nadav Weiman Instructor, High School
Naftali Raz Educator & Tour guide, Chair of Massad
Nakad Nakad Lawyer
Naomi Benbassat PhD, Psychologist, Ein‐Habsor Gaza Border
Naomi Chazan Former MK, Professor of Political Science
Naomi Raz Early Childhood Educator
Naomi Sussmann Academic research
Naphtali Ringel
Nava Sonnenshein PhD, CEO of School for Peace
Nehama Hillman Art Consultant
Nestor Portnoy Nurse
Neta Efroni
Neve Gordon Prof.
Nili Fisher M.A.
Nira Kedar
Nira Keren Teacher
Nirit Assaf Dr.
Nirit Haviv Human Rights NO ‐ Machsom Watch
Nirit Veiga Strategic management consulting
Nissim Calderon Professor of Litrature
Niva BenYair
Niva Segev Kibbutz Beeri Gaza Border
Noa Harris GBV
Noa Hershkovitz Economist
Noa Michaeli Lawyer
Noam Sonin Business Development
Noga Efrati Senior lecturer, MidEast History
Nomi Erteschik‐Shir Professor
Nomika Zion `Other Voice`, Sderot Gaza Border
Nura Resh PhD, Sociology
Nurit Badash Management & Public Politics
Nurit Budinsky Mathematican
Nurit Lotner Social Worker & Therapist
Nurit Peled Elhanan Sacharov Prize, Professor of Education
Nurit Schleifman Dr.
Nurit Shoor
Nurit Tolnai Mindfulness workshop facilitator
Oded Goldreich Professor, Scientist
Oded Lifshitz Journalist Nachal‐Oz Gaza Border
Oded Niv Hotelier
Ofer Cassif Dr.
Ofer Prag Films
Ofira Henig Theater Director
Ofra Ben Artzi Teacher
Ofra Danon Art
Ofra Goldstein‐Gidoni Professor
Ofra Kats Goldsmith
Omri Afek
Omri Feinstein IT Programmer
Omri Lernau Surgeon
Oren Yiftachel Professor
Orit Adam Clinical Psychologist
Orit Dekel Assistant to VP
Orit Friedland Translator & Editor
Orit Shochat Journalist
Orly Feldheim Film maker
Orly Morag PhD ‐ science education
Orna Glinka Computers
Orna Lavi ART
Osnat Bar‐Or Lawyer, PhD
Osnat Bartor Lawyer, PhD
Ovadia Ezra Dr.
Paul Heger Dr. PhD
Pepe Alalu Member of Jerusalem Council
Peter Harris Dr.
Pilz Dan CEO
Pnina Feiler Nurse
Ra`anan Alexandrovich Film Director
Raaya Rotem Teacher and Lecturer
Rachel Afek Peace and Human Rights Activist
Rachel Kaminski Yoga Teacher
Rachel levkovitz Management
Rachel London Katz Sculptor
Rachela Hayut Teacher
Racheli Bar‐or Psychotherapist
Raffi Lipkin Computer Engineer
Rafi Eshet Orhopedic expert
Ram Ben Moshe Academic Editor
Rama Yacobi
Rami Ashkar Banker
Rami Elhanan Peace Maker
Rami Goldstein Engineer
Rami Heled Translator
Ran Cohen Former Minister of Industry & Trade
Ran Hassin Professor of Hebrew
Ran Keidar Retired Leut. Colonel
Raphael Falk Professor
Raphi Meron Dr., Economist
Reut Ginj Films
Reuven Choshen Business Consultant, M.Sc.
Reuven Eden Veterinary surgeon
Reuven Gerber PhD, lecturer & Jewish Philosophy
Reuven Israeli
Revital Sela Translator
Riki Ben‐Ami Teacher
Rivka Machlion MSw, Social Worker
Rivka Nir
Rivka Sallum CEO of an NGO
Rolly Rosen Consultant
Ron Arzi Industry
Ron Barkai Professor
Ron Hoz Professor
Ron Naaman Professor
Ron Shahar Professor
Ron Weiss Economist
Ronen Shamir Lecturer
Roni Hammermann PhD
Ronit Matar Anthrpologist
Ronit Matalon Novelist
Ronit Pan Certified Art teacher
Rony Pisker Teacher, Theatre
Rotem Levin Med Student
Ruben Frankenstein Lecturer Jewish studies
Ruchama Marton Psychiatrist
Ruhama Shoulsky Graphic Designer
Ruth Butler Professor
Ruth Duek Clinical Psychology
Ruth Frumkin Nurse
Ruth Hacohen Pinchover Professor of Musicology
Ruth Maor Naturopath
Ruth Tirosh Biblical Researcher
Ruth Zakovich Editor and translator
Ruth Zimmermann‐Shahar Medical Doctor & Dental Surgeon
Ruthy Yarkoni Teacher
Sagi Frish Student
Sami Alkalay Marketing & Advertisements
Sami Ohayon Theatre Director
Sara Carmeli Communication
Sara Helman Dr.
Sara Shilon Executive
Sarah Levine Artist
Sariel Beckenstein
Schwartz Idit Dr. Physician
Shachaf Polakov Photographer
Shachar Camran Restorator
Shai Benjamin PhD
Shai Davidovich Student
Shalma Orr Teacher
Sharon Vaknin Artist
Shay Davidovits Student
Shay Shohami Adv.
Shimmy Belikoff MSc Industry & Management Faculty
Shimon Ben Ari Manager
Shimon Diga Human Resources
Shir Darwin Regev Woodworking
Shirley Racah Public Policy
Shlomi Hadar
Shlomit Breuer Curator
Shlomit Kedem Translator & Editor
Shlomit Peled Psychologist
Shlomit Simon Social‐Worker
Shlomit Yarkoni Social Activist & Organizer
Shlomo Kav Student
Shlomo Regev Nonviolence Teacher
Shlomo Nitzan Agricultural advisor
Shmulik Merzel Education
Shon Gam
Shosh Arar Real Estate
Shosh Goldstein Industry
Shoshana Fink Psychologist
Shoshi Inbal Communication
Shraga Hocherman Prof
Shuki Rosenboim
Shula Wardinon CEO
Shva Halevi Student
Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi Professor
Silvio Gutkowski Psychiatrist
Sima Sason Peace activist
Sinai Peter Theater Director
Snait Gissis Dr., History of Science
Sofie Livio Microbiologist
Sue Schachter Kibbutz Member
Sunny Gordon Bar Dr., Psychologist
Susie Becher Editor
Tahel Kaminski
Tal Grinberg Teacher
Tal Harris Former Executive Director of `OneVoice Israel`
Talia Ariav Student
Talia Krevsky Compromise Trainer
Talila Stan Astrologer
Talma Bar‐Din Femiist Activist
Talmon Silver Computers
Tamar Eden Pensioner
Tamar Gozansky Economist, Former Member of Israel Knesset
Tamar Portnoy Lecturer
Tal Antabi Teacher
Tamar Hess PhD in Hebrew literature
Tamar Katriel Academic faculty
Tamar Paz Pensioner
Tamar Portnoy Lecturer
Tamara Sarfatti PhD, History
Tami Razi PhD Lecturer, History
Tommy Dreyfus Professor
Tova Buksbaum Clinical Psychologist
Tova Rosen Professor
Tsilli Goldenberg Teacher
Tuvia Metzer Banker
Tzachi Nevo Designer
Tzipora Banai Teacher
Tzvi Kesse Organization Consultant
Udi Gur Teacher
Uri Avnery Former Member of the Knesset, Journalist
Uri Ben Eliezer Professor
Uri Kantor
Uri Katz Professor of Biology
Uri Segal Symphony Conductor
Uri Weltman Teacher
Uri Zaki Fellow, the Emile Zola Chair
Uzi Maurer Engineer
Varda Helled Dr., Pediatrician
Vardit Shalphi Theatre
Vered Tzang M.Ba
Vivian Silver Social Activist; Kibbutz Beeri ‐ Gaza Border
Vitaly Markov Research Student
Yaakov Sharett CEO of Moshe Sharet NGO
Yael Ashuah Teacher
Yael Bassis‐Student Consultant in Gerontology
Yael Bechor Meditation
Yael Dayan Former MK & Writer
Yael Liber Education consultant and superviser
Yael Medini Literature Editor
Yael Nadler Shmueli Education Ministry
Yael Shalem Finance Manager
Yafa Ben Knaan Teacher
Yair Doari
Yair Gramse Analyst
Yair Inov Economist
Yair Tzaban Former MK and Minister of Health
Yaniv Belhassen Ph.D
Yaron Harel MD, Pediatric Intensive Care physician
Yaron Hirsch Shahar Teacher
Yaron Kaplan
Yaron Kochavi Customs Agent
Yasmin Amer
Yeela Raanan Dr., Lecturer of Public Policy, Kisufim Gaza Border
Yehoshua Kolodny Israel Prize, Professor of Geology
Yehoshua Ratz Teacher , Political Science, MA
Yehoshua Rosin Agronomist
Yehuda Sebok Manager
Yehuda Shaul Student
Yehouda Shenhav Professor of sociology
Yehuda Shubinsky Engineer
Yehudit Elkana Dr.
Yifat Solel Civil Rights Lawyer
Yigal Ben‐ Efraim Archeologist MA
Yigal Cohen Peace Activist
Yigal Vishinsky Veterinary Doctor
Yigal Yahav
Yigaal Livnat Civil Engineer
Yishay Mor Consultant
Yitzhak Frankenthal Rabbi
Yizhar Gil Or Art Psychotherapist
Yoav Harpaz Engineer
Yoav Hass Peace Activist
Yoav Steinberg IT programs developer
Yoel Mintzer Carpenter
Yona Ben‐Tal Engineer
Yona Pinson Professor, Art History
Yona Shwartzman Social Worker
Yonathan Shapir Prof. of Physics
Yoni Ascher Lecturer
Yoram Bilu Israel Prize, Professor
Yoram Talmon M.D.
Yori Kandel Ideological Department Coordinator, Kibbutz Movement
Yosef Hassin Agriculture consultation
Yossi Amitay PhD, Middle East Studies, former Director of the Academic Center in Cairo
Yossi Dahan Law Professor
Yossi Guttmann Prof
Yossi Sarid Former Minister of Education & MK
Yotam Cohen Opera singer
Yotam Cohen Restaurant CEO
Yael Novak Human Rights
Yuval Dor Professor
Yuval Eylon Lecturer
Yuval Halperin Language Editor
Yuval Limon CEO
Yuval Lotem Teacher, Film studies
Yuval Rahamim Chair of NGO
Yuval Roth Carpenter
Ze`ev Back Tour Guide in Israel
Zeev Sternhell Professor of History, Israel Prize Recipient
Zeev Zamir Manager
Zehava Grunfeld Child Specialist
Zivit Abramson Dr. of Philosophy
Zohar Chamberlain Regev Human Rights Activist
Zohar Ofir Tourist Guide
Zohara Hadad Psycotherapist
Zvi Bentwich Professor of Medicine
Zvi Tauber Professor

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