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The Weekly Summary 13-19 February 2005

By Mark Marshall
13-19 February 2005

Rashid Yousef Hamdan, 21, of Qalqilya, was arrested by Israeli forces at Nabi Elias village, along with two others (

The Israeli military gave confiscation orders to residents of Toura al-Gharbiya, west of Jenin, for 301 dunams of agricultural land (

PA Prisoners Affairs ministry reports that 321 Palestinian minors are still in Israeli prisons, including 11 girls (
The Israeli High Court of Justice issued a 21-day injunction stopping the construction of the separation wall on the lands of the villages of Salfit and Eskaka, south of Nablus (

Monday 14 February

A 16-year-old Palestinian, Sabri Fayez Al-Rajoub, of Doura, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. The Israeli military claimed he tried to stab a soldier. This was denied by witnesses (;

Tuesday 15 February

Alaa Hani Muhammad Dar Khalil, 15, of Bitounia, was shot and killed by Israeli forces near the annexation wall south of Ramallah. A 14-year-old Palestinian was injured in the same incident. (

Essam Hamza Ali Mansour, 24, of the Balata camp near Nablus, and Mahdi Sati Yousef al-Kanna, 24, of Kufor Qallil village were killed by Israeli forces near Nablus. The Israelis claimed they were on their way to attack a settlement. (

Usama Bassim Hamdan, 14, of Bitounia, was wounded in the shoulder by Israeli gunfire as he was walking near the separation wall south of Ramallah. (

Mahmoud Abu Zahra, 23, of Yatta, a PA policeman, was arrested by Israeli troops. (

Rayan `Othman `Amara, 30, was arrested by Israeli forces at Nabi Saleh village near Ramallah. (

Zakaria Mausallam Baraqa`a, 29, of the Aida camp, was arrested by Israeli forces at the Gilo checkpoint near Bethlehem (

Two buildings were demolished in al-Ashsqariyyeh, Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem. Israeli authorities claimed they were built without permits (

The Israeli army invaded neighbourhoods in Nablus (ibn-Rushd street, Haj Nimr Mosque area, al-Salaam mosque area, Rafidia), and broke into houses in Balata and Askar refugee camps (;

Also the villages of Baqat al-Hatab and Azzoun, near Qalqilya, were invaded (;

Wednesday 16 February

A settler driver struck and seriously injured Sa`id Bajes Dharaghmeh, 8, of Tubas. The settler fled the scene (IMEMC;

Two farmers, Nasser al-Hadara and Joma`a Reb`ei, were arrested by Israeli forces near Yatta, south of Hebron. ( This occurred after Jewish settlers from Maon attacked Palestinian farmers and shepherds who were accompanied by international volunteers. (

Thursday 17 February

Umar Ishaq Mukhamra, 14, suffered bruises and contusions when he was beaten by Israeli police at a protest against land expropriation near Yatta, southeast of Hebron. Four protesters were arrested in the same incident, including two foreigners. (al-Ayyam 18 Feb.)

Mahmud Salman Rubi was arrested at a protest against land expropriation near Yatta. Avi Ad, a member of the Israeli peace organization Taayush, was also arrested in the same incident (al-Ayyam 18 Feb.)

Zakariyya Baraq`a, 29, of Aida Refugee camp, was arrested in Bethlehem (

Imad Marwan Hawtari, 21 and Muhammad Abdullah Shrim, 20, were arrested by Israeli forces in Qalqiliya. (al-Ayyam 18 Feb.)

A committee appointed by Israeli armed forces Chief of Staff has recommended that Israeli military stop punitive demolitions of Palestinian houses. ( The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and Amnesty International welcome the step, but notes that punitive demolitions account for only 5-15% of the demolitions carried out by the Israeli military. (; Haaretz) On 18 February Israels Security Minister Shaul Mofaz announced that he would implement the committees recommendations. (Haaretz)

Meanwhile, the Palestinian press reported that the Israeli military was continuing its closure of the village of Kufr Qaddum, near Qalqilya and the Kedumim settlement, for the second consecutive day, preventing people from entering or leaving the village (al-Ayyam 18 Feb.)

Friday 18 February

A Jewish settler was arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of striking a Palestinian shepherd on the face with a club, in the South Hebron Hills area. (ynet 18 Feb.; Haaretz 18 Feb.)

Eyad Ali al-Qassas, 13, was shot in the chest by Israeli fire and was seriously injured. (

A Palestinian youth was lightly injured near Hebron after the car he was riding with his parents was attacked by stone-throwing settlers. The youths parents reported the attack to local Israeli forces. (ynet/Yediot Ahronot 18 Feb.; Haaretz 18 Feb.)

Local Palestinians staged a demonstration against the seizure of land in Khalayel al-Maghribi near Hebron. The demonstration ended with the planting of hundreds of trees to replace trees that had been uprooted by settlers (al-Ayyam 19 Feb.; al-Quds 19 Feb.)

Also on Friday demonstrations were staged in Ramallah and Nablus to demand the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons (al-Ayyam 19 Feb.)
Residents of Beit Sureik northwest of Jerusalem staged a demonstration against land confiscation, and forced Israeli surveyors who were planning construction of the separation wall to leave the area (al-Quds 19 Feb.)

Residents of the village of Balin, west of Ramallah and vicinity staged a demonstration against land seizure after Friday prayers, joined by international solidarity activists (al-Quds 19 Feb.)
Thousands of Palestinians also demonstrated in Gaza to demand the release of the prisoners. (

Israeli radio reported that the Israeli construction company Nesher plans to build a cement factory in the Gaza Strip, to by owned jointly by the company and the Palestinian Authority (al-Quds 19 Feb.)

Israel announces that it will allow 16 Palestinians who were expelled to Gaza to return to their homes in the West Bank. (

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