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Amnesty International calls for action to prevent Khan al-Ahmar demolition

Edith Garwood

Greetings All,

I dont usually send this group actions (just reports, statements),
but since so many of us are concerned about the imminent demolition
of Khan al Ahmar wanted to share with you all fyi, but also in case
you or your networks would like to also take action. Please feel
free to share.


Greetings All,


On September 23rd, Israeli authorities ordered the residents of Khan
al-Ahmar Bedouin community to demolish their houses and school by
Monday, October 1st. To make matters worse, Israeli authorities
included a phone number in the demolition order (see attached)
provided in case the residents need assistance in demolishing their
own home.


1) Call (+972-297-03762) to the Israeli COGAT (the Coordinator of
Government Activities in the Territories) office. The COGAT office
then puts the resident of Khan al Ahmar in touch with a Palestinian
coordination office who can assist the person in demolishing their
own home/property.


Hello, Im calling as an Amnesty International supporter about the
Khan al-Ahmar Bedouin community. Demolishing this village and
forcibly transferring its residents are war crimes, DO NOT DO IT.
Instead, remove the Israeli civilians living in the nearby illegal
settlements out of the occupied territories.

2) Share this action on your social media with this messaging and
graphic (second attachment):
`The Israeli authorities gave the residents of #KhanAlAhmar this
phone number (+972-297-03762) for assistance in demolishing their
own homes. Instead, how about we jam their phone line to ensure that
they know that they are approving a #WarCrime?`

* I called this morning. The call was answered by a polite,
English speaker. I spoke the script and asked that this message be
passed on to whoever was in charge of the office. He said he would
do that. I was initially put on hold because another call was
coming in, but I got through. We have NOT jammed their lines yet.
CALL. Also, please know, the residents of Khan al Ahmar do NOT want
their school, homes - community - to be demolished and to be forced
to live elsewhere (which is actually close to a dump site). They
support solidarity actions like this one so this is not harming
those we seek to support. Just fyi.

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