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In Lebanon, Palestinian refugees protest severe new government restrictions
Yesterday, Palestinian refugee workers in Rashidieh, Bourj El Shamali, Bourj
Al Barajneh, Beddawi, Ain El Hilweh, and other Palestinian Refugee Camps
began their strike against the decision by the Lebanese General Security to
ban all Palestinian and Syrian refugees from working without work visas.
This decision is on top of already existing laws preventing Palestinians
from working in the public sector, expanding the restrictions to dozens of
fields in the private sector. The protests began after hundreds of
Palestinian refugees were fired after the announcement by the Ministry of
Labor. The strike calls for Palestinians to not exit the camp, nor allow
Lebanese or any other foriengers, to conduct business in the camps.
Moreover, it calls for Palestinians not to purchase any products or goods
outside the camp. The objective is to demonstrate the impact and
contributions Palestinians have on the economy, and Lebanon generally, and
demand the rights and dignity of Palestinian workers.

Pictured here are photos from Rashidieh and Bourj Al Shamali Refugee Camps
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