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International Women`s Day Action in the South Hebron Hills
International Women`s Day Action in the South Hebron Hills

March 6th, 10am, Tuwani

On March 6th, ahead of International Women`s Day, the women of the village
of Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills invite people of all genders to join for
a day of women-led resistance against the occupation and in celebration of
International Women`s Day.
Women from across South Hebron Hills, the West Bank, and from within the
1948 borders will come together in Tuwani for a day full of celebration and
joint resistance. We will plant plants together, raise feminist issues, and
support the steadfast resistance of the people of the South Hebron Hills in
claiming and reclaiming their lands as Palestinians.
We will gather in Tuwani at 10am and will depart by mid-afternoon. More
practical information will follow.
Transportation will be provided from multiple locations, which will be
determined by demand. Please register in this form.

Sahar M. Vardi
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