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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Virtual protest - It`s not the virus which is murdering women!
Na`am- Arab Women in the Center نعم- نساء عربيّات بالمركز

Its Not the Virus Thats Killing Us
From the beginning of 2020, these women were killed: Zamzam Mahaid of Um El
Fahm. She was shot twenty times. Nasrin Jabara of Taibe was killed with six
shots. Hadija Abu Sabit of Arara in the Negev was killed by strangling.
It is not the corona virus that is killing us. Dozens of attempted murders,
stabbings and acts of strangling, physical violence and threats of murder
all of these are floating through our cities and towns. All the while, the
world has its eyes turned to the corona infections and the next war. It is
right now that women are in a life-or-death struggle against the violence
and repression they face every day. We look the other way, allowing the
blood of women to flow in the streets.

The pandemic has all of us closed up in our houses and in many families that
means the lives of women and girls have become an intolerable hell, the
pressures they must face both psychological and financial.
The difficult times the world is facing today place an especially heavy
burden on women, who are literally paying, in too many cases, with their
That is why we feminist activists from all over the country have chosen
to continue the struggle against all forms of violence and repression, our
march to freedom. Well do it from our workplaces, our streets and from
our homes!
The current emergency will not prevent us from demonstrating, from
denouncing and rising up against chauvinism, crime and the glut of weapons,
especially now, in light of the incitement we are facing against our work to
aid and promote women.
We are holding on to life we deserve to live!

You are all invited to join us: Women and men, young and old, office-holders
and activists, academics, artists and members of the media. We will be
holding a digital demonstration, Sunday, 22/03/2020, at five, pm.

To help:
Share this page on all your social media accounts.
Put aside a protective mask (further instructions to follow).
Prepare a sentence you would use on your protest sign for the event.
Get ready to change your cover photo and profile.
On Sunday at five, well have a live event, with slogans and signs, at our
doors, porches and windows

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