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Taybeh October Fest Reflects Democracy in Palestine

By: Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D.
Amin Org
September 22, 2005

Following a barbaric and tragic day in Taybeh where tribal law overpowered any judicial system that the Palestinian Authority might want to implement, we are viewing the existence of the Taybeh Brewery as a symbol of democracy in Palestine. The Palestinian policemen from Ramallah arrived just as an angry mob was at the doorsteps of the Taybeh Brewing Company ready to burn the place down for pure revenge on the extended Abu Khourie family of Taybeh.

This outrageous violent event in one little village which serves as the most ancient place in Palestine challenges the Palestinian Authority to protect all minorities and diverse communities in our country. We must work hard for law and order to be established not outdated tribal laws which ignore women rights. It is with this hope for freedom and democracy in Palestine that the Taybeh October Fest will be held, October 1 & 2 in Taybeh, Biblical Ephraim made famous in Biblical times by Christs visit and famous in modern times by Nadim Khoury, the master brew of Taybeh Beer.

For the first time in the history of Palestine, The Taybeh October Fest will be promoting the Palestinian Beer, Taybeh Beer which is not only the finest micro brewed beer in the Middle East but the first Palestinian product to receive franchise and be produced in Germany under the Taybeh licence since 1999. The new campaign appeals to beer lovers to Drink Palestinian and Taste the Revolution.

As a first time event to promote not just Taybeh Beer but all local products made in Taybeh, the October Fest aims to boost the economy by inviting people to come and purchase beer, olive oil, maftoul (couscous), honey, vigil lamps, soap, embroidery, olive wood products, and various art crafts and to enjoy a special day of food, fun, music and the beautiful hills of Taybeh.

The Festival is the cooperative work of the Taybeh municipality and its mayor David Canaan Khoury, three womens organizations, the Taybeh Boy Scouts, the three local parishes, the Taybeh Brewing Company and the Society of Christian Heritage in the Holy Land. This special first time event is sponsorsed by IOCC, UNDP-PAPP, Representative Office of Germany (Ramallah) and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS).

* Dr. Maria Khoury is the author of Witness in the Holy Land and the new childrens book, Christina Goes to the Holy Land.
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