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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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The Big WinkUri Avnery - A true leader will want to set up a coalition that will enable him to realize his vision. But a Prime Minister who is a politician - and nothing but a politician - is simply interested in a coalition that makes life easier for himself. 9/4/2006
It really has happend - East Jerusalem in the North is separated from the West Bank Roni Hammermann - Machsomwatch report - "The often announced and much feared "upgrading" of Qalandiya c.p. to a border or closure checkpoint (meaning total prohibition on West Bank Palestinians to enter Israel unless they have a special permit) has come into effect today"6/4/2006
News Flashes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories 5 April 2006IMEMC, WAFA - residents held in the rain near Tubas; two arrested at Dura near Hebron; fifteen arrested, two injured in Nablus; one arrested in Nablus; Far`a camp invaded; woman arrested in Boreen village; night raids in Budrus and Um Shara`it6/4/2006
Weekly Summary, 23-March-2006 to 29-March-2006Daniel Breslau - A victory for the land-grab party - Does the IDF have orders to shoot anything that moves near the Gaza border?3/4/2006
The myth of the ‘honest broker’: Britain and Israel Mark Curtis - - IMEMC News " Growing links between the British and Israeli militaries have just resulted in one Israeli company, Elbit systems, receiving a £317 million contract from the Ministry of Defence. The MoD has trialled an Israeli-built anti-tank missile despite its use against civilians in the occupied territories. " 2/4/2006
Weekly Summary, 16-March-2006 to 22-March-2006Daniel Breslau - Casualties of occupation - The Gaza diet - More land stolen for the wall25/3/2006
Weekly Summary, 2-March-2006 to 8-March-2006 Daniel Breslau - Protests against the fence continue - Incursions, arrests, and a civilian killed in the occupied West Bank - Human rights organizations under attack - Missiles in the Northern Gaza Strip 13/3/2006
Weekly Summary, 16-February-2006 to 22-February-2006Daniel Breslau - Violence in Nablus - Election overruled? - The struggle against the wall continues 26/2/2006
Weekly Summary, 9-February-2006 to 15-February-2006Daniel Breslau - The invisible wall - More casualties of occupation - Sanctions against the occupied23/2/2006
Weekly Summary, 2-February-2006 to 8-February-2006Daniel Breslau - Extra-judicial executions - Forward (Kadima) to apartheid - Trees vs. bulldozers - No "natural growth" allowed for Palestinian villages 11/2/2006
Weekly Summary, 19-January-2006 to 1-February-2006Daniel Breslau - The ballot-box intifada? - The world reacts - Children in the crosshairs - The Amona clashes7/2/2006
Weekly Summary, 12-January-2006 to 18-January-2006Daniel Breslau - Evacuations of outposts - a charade? - The West Bank is divided - A deadly mistake22/1/2006
Weekly Summary, 5-January-2006 to 11-January-2006Daniel Breslau - Israel discovers the destruction of olive trees - One outpost removed, maybe two more - Israel tries to distinguish good occupation from bad occupation - Elections to be allowed in Jerusalem, but... 15/1/2006
Weekly Summary, 29-December-2005 to 3-January-2006Daniel Breslau - Sharon`s bitter legacy - More revelations about illegal construction on stolen land in Bil`in8/1/2006
PNIC: Five Killed, 32 Wounded and 98 Arrested by 46th Week of Ceasefire IMEMC & Agencies - A report prepared by the Palestinuan State Information Service (SIS) revealed that Israeli forces have killed five Palestinians, including one extra-judicially assassinated, and injured 32 others, in addition to committing 746 violations of the ceasefire declared on 8 February after Sharm Al Sheikh summit. 29/12/2005
Weekly Summary, 15-December-2005 to 21-December-2005Daniel Breslau - Hypocrisy exposed - Olive harvest again presents an opportunity for massive violations of human rights - Hamas support surges in fourth round of municipal elections - Israel plans to prevent elections in East Jerusalem - A victory for the Shabiba 23/12/2005
Weekly Summary, 8-December-2005 to 14-December-2005Daniel Breslau - Assassinations continue - Huge new outpost built on stolen land - The wall blocks access to medical care - Collective punishment at Qalandiya22/12/2005
Weekly Summary, 24-November-2005 to 30-November-2005Daniel Breslau - Europe`s disapproval leaks out - Justice minister admits that the fence is the border - Another Friday, more protests against the wall - Intensified occupation in West Bank cities 8/12/2005
Weekly Summary, 17-November-2005 to 23-November-2005Daniel Breslau - IDF operations in the Northern West Bank continue - One killing, two stories - Construction continues in occupied territories - House shelled with its residents inside2/12/2005
Weekly Summary, 10-November-2005 to 16-November-2005Daniel Breslau - Failed attempt to cover up a murder - Noise as a weapon - An agreement is reached on the border crossings - Palestinian militants killed in "arrest operations"18/11/2005
Weekly Summary, 27-October-2005 to 2-November-2005Daniel Breslau - Seven Palestinians, including at least four civilians, killed in Gaza assassination - Another assassination in Jabalya - The outposts game - West Bank is divided17/11/2005
Weekly Summary, 3-November-2005 to 9-November-2005Daniel Breslau - Gaza Crossings Still Closed - 12-year-old with a toy gun is shot and killed - Sharon promises to hinder, but not to disrupt, PA elections - Israel vows to continue assassination campaign, claims killings are effective17/11/2005
Weekly Summary, 20-October-2005 to 26-October-2005Daniel Breslau - Bil`in demonstrators are guinea pigs for new weaponry - Disputed deaths - Disengagement never happened - Israel`s war with the Islamic Jihad continues2/11/2005
Weekly Summary, 13-October-2005 to 19-October-2005Daniel Breslau - The occupied Gaza Strip - Border Police kill Jenin Jihad leader - IDF imposes restrictions on Palestinian traffic in the West Bank - Along the path of the wall... 26/10/2005
Weekly Summary, 29-September-2005 to 05-October-2005Daniel Breslau - Violent clashes between Hamas and Palestinian Security Forces - IDF kills three in Nablus, including an unarmed 13-year-old - Six weeks after disengagement - Gaza Strip still occupied - New report: the wall is choking Jerusalem - Bil`in defies the fence to harvest olives12/10/2005
Weekly Summary, 22-September-2005 to 28-September-2005Daniel Breslau - Palestinian civilian killed - The new war in the Gaza Strip - More unilateralism in the works3/10/2005
Weekly Summary, 8-September-2005 to 14-September-2005By Daniel Breslau - IDF out of Gaza Strip - The last victim of the Gaza occupation? - Another stone-thrower killed... 20/9/2005
Weekly Summary, 25-August-2005 to 31-August 2005By Daniel Breslau - Israeli Defense Ministry Director, Amos Yaron, reported on Monday, 29 August, that the construction of the Annexation Wall in the southern West Bank will be completed by the end of 2005. 6/9/2005
Weekly Summary, 18-August-2005 to 24-August 2005Daniel Breslau - On Tuesday, 23 August, the Israeli Government announced plans to proceed with construction of the illegal annexation wall around the settlement of Ma`ale Adumim, after the route of the wall was approved by Attorney General Menahem Mazoz.29/8/2005
Weekly Summary, 11-August-2005 to 17-August 2005Daniel Breslau - `Disengagement` accompanied by rejection of Palestinian rights
The Palestinian Authority, and its President, Abu Mazen, welcomed the withdrawal of Israel`s Gaza Strip settlements as a positive step toward peace, but as one that must be followed by further evacuation of settlements in the West Bak and East Jerusalem.
Weekly Summary, 4-August-2005 to 10-August 2005Daniel Breslau - We are inundated with reports of the trauma of the settlers, the nation, the thousands of illegal infiltrators in the Gaza strip, with barely a passing mention of the trauma of occupation. But the events that escaped notice beneath the hystrionics of disengagement are reminders that the occupation continues.17/8/2005
Weekly Summary, 27-July-2005 to 3-August-2005Daniel Breslau - On Wednesday, July 27, the Knesset approved an amendment to the Citizenship Law which prevents family unification between Israeli citizens and their spouses who are residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 9/8/2005
Weekly Summary, 21-July-2005 to 27-July-2005Daniel Breslau - The city of Hebron and its surroundings continues to be a flashpoint of violence involving IDF soldiers, settlers, Palestinian fighters, and many civilians. On Friday, 22 July, a Palestinian fighter opened fire on Israeli soldiers guarding the Jewish enclave in the city. While pursuing him, soldiers shot and killed Ihsan Abu Hamdiya, 18, an unarmed civilian who happened to be near the shooting.3/8/2005
Weekly Summary, 14-July-2005 to 20-July-2005By Daniel Breslau25/7/2005
Weekly Summary, 7-July-2005 to 13-July-2005By Daniel Breslau17/7/2005
Weekly Summary, 30-June-2005 to 6-July-2005By Daniel Breslau13/7/2005
Weekly Summary, 23-June-2005 to 29-June-2005By Daniel Breslau5/7/2005
The Weekly Summary, 16 June - 22 June, 2005By Daniel Breslau28/6/2005
The Weekly Summary, 9 June - 15 June, 2005By Daniel Breslau20/6/2005
The Weekly Summary, 2 June - 8 June, 2005By Daniel Breslau13/6/2005
The Weekly Summary, 26 May - 1 June, 2005By Daniel Breslau5/6/2005
The Weekly Summary, 19-25 May, 2005By Daniel Breslau29/5/2005
The Weekly Summary, 12-18 May, 2005By Daniel Breslau22/5/2005
The Weekly Summary, 5 - 11 May, 2005By Daniel Breslau15/5/2005
The Weekly Summary 28 April-4 May 2005By Mark Marshall6/5/2005
The Weekly Summary 21 - 28 April 2005Vera Reider 4/5/2005
The Weekly Summary 14-20 April 2005Adi Dagan25/4/2005
The Weekly Summary 7.4.2005 - 13.4.2005 Yehudith Harel 16/4/2005
The Weekly Summary 31 March to 7 AprilMeir Margalit 11/4/2005
The Weekly Summary - 24 - 30 March 2005 Victoria Buch4/4/2005
The Weekly summary 18 - 24 March Mark Marshall25/3/2005
The Weekly Summary 13-17 MarchAdi Dagan21/3/2005
The Weekly Summary 6 - 12 March 2005Yehudith Harel15/3/2005
The Weekly Summary 27 February - 5 March 2005Vera Reider5/3/2005
The Weekly Summary 20-26 February 2005Meir Margalit - The week started with a political process and ended with an attack. Nothing is new in the Middle East28/2/2005
The Weekly Summary 13-19 February 2005 Mark Marshall - Arrests, house demolitions, land levelling etc...19/2/2005
The Weekly summary 6 - 12 February, 2005Victoria Buch - This week, front pages of newspapers announced the end of hostilities in the Sharm el-Sheikh summit, which was attended by PM Sharon, President Abbas, President Mubarak and King Abdullah. 12/2/2005
The Weekly summary 30 January-5 February 2005Adi Dagan - The last week was marked by preparations for the summit in Sharm al-Sheikh with the participation of the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, Abu Mazen and Sharon.6/2/2005
The Weekly summary: 23-29 January, 2005Victoria Buch - The relative quiet in the Gaza Strip has credited largely to Israeli pressure on the Palestinian Authority `to curb terrorism.` 29/1/2005
The Weekly summary Jan. 16 - Jan. 22 2005Mark Marshall - During the week several Palestinians were killed in the occupied territories, several Palestinians and 22/1/2005

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