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Event in Wallaje
Stop the violation of human rights and the obstruction of the peace process!

A nonviolent event in cooperation with the inhabitants of the village Wallaje

against the expansion of the settlements

and in favor of commencing negotiations between our leaders.

Friday 08/10/10 - departure from Jerusalem at 09:00 AM

Transportation to the weekly march at Sheikh Jarrah will be organized according to demand.

`Combatants for Peace`, in cooperation with `Rabbis for Human Rights` and `the Israeli Committee against House demolitions` invites you to a nonviolent demonstration

in cooperation with the inhabitants of Wallaje in the Bethlehem province

and in the presence of Knesset member Dov Khenin and prominent public figures from both Palestine and Israel, against the establishment of the settlement `Givat Yael` on the village`s territories.

The settlement `Givat Yael` is to be established according to a private building plan. This plan is backed by the Minister of Interior, Eli Yishai and is an additional step reducing the options or the possibility for a political settlement of the conflict. Wallaje is a village of refugees on the outskirts of Bet Jalah, North of Mt. Giloh.

At present, a part of the village`s area is annexed to the Jerusalem municipality and part of it is under the Palestinian authority. The developmental needs of the village have not been approved, in part because of the damage that would be caused to the adjacent national garden, `Nahal Refaim`. The building of a section of the separation wall was started in proximity to the village, but was stopped due to political and economic reasons.

The building plans for `Gival Yael` are advanced in disguise - as an `additional neighborhood of Jerusalem`, in parallel to the settlement freeze which the government of Israel is supposedly carrying out at present. This new settlement will extend from the Giloh neighborhood and up to the Mt.Giloh settlement, will surround the village of Wallaje and will imprison the inhabitants of the village in a Palestinian enclave. It will rob the village of most of its agricultural lands and of its potential areas of expansion. The founding of the settlement requires destroying Palestinian houses and harming the national Garden `Nahal Refaim`, the very same harm which prevented the village building planning outline from being approved in the past. We at `Combatants for Peace`, `Rabbis for Human Rights` and `the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions` see these plans as a sure way of perpetuating the occupation and the violence which stems from it and are committed to stopping the implementation of these plans. We call on you to join us at the area of dispute, where the intended settlement is to be established. The event is organized in cooperation with the inhabitants of the village and its purpose is to demonstrate the connection between them and their land.

***Because the Left can`t continue in its silence while the government destroys any chance for peace! Your presence and support are important for our future and the future of Jerusalem.

Please sign up either by phone- 054-4466706,
by mail:
or at this on-line form: http://spreadsheets

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