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Jamal Juma`s hearing today at Ofer
MC, submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 05/01/2010 - 12:58

Today the military court at Camp Ofer has extended the arrest of Jamal Juma`a by 3 days, which follows his imprisonment 2 weeks ago at the detention center of the Russian Compound in Jerusalem.

The prosecution requested that his arrest be extended by 8 days. We were in the dark throughout the entire hearing, because the prosecution`s extension request was based on a confidential report submitted to the judge only. It was no surprise to learn that the report includes everything one would expect to find in such a report : Prima facie evidence arousing reasonable suspicion that the imputed offenses were committed, the need for taking additional interrogatory actions, and also the reasons behind the arrest: the suspect endangering public security and fear of obstruction of interrogatory procedures.

Jamal`s attorney, who did not have any access to the report, as mentioned above, argued that the military court has no jurisdiction over Jamal Juma`a, an east-Jerusalem resident holding an Israeli ID card. This claim was not discussed, since the judge ruled that it can only be done during the appeal. Jamal himself argued that he was held for 12 whole days without being interrogated, and later interrogated only once, which proves that there is no real need for additional time to interrogate him. Before the hearing began, Jamal addressed the large audience who has shown up to support him and said: `This is an attempt to silence the voice of the national struggle against the wall and against the occupation, an attempt which is doomed to fail`.

During the trial two vigils were held outside of the Ofer prison, one on the Palestinian side and one on the Israeli side of the jail. On the Israeli side about twenty people adjoined by MK Jamal Jahlaka from Balad, and Hadash chairperson Mohamad Baraka. On the Palestinian side a vigil of about 50 people was present. Many representatives from foreign consulates such as the British, Spanish, Norwegian, and South African came also to attend the vigil. Jamal Jomah is a prominent activist in the human right organization `stop the wall`. `Stop The Wall` has been organizing for years a successful campaign against apartheid. His arrest is part of a wide program to silence and punish leaders of the popular struggle against the wall and occupation. In September, Mohamad Atman, another activist of `stop the wall` was arrested, and is confined to his house until now. Abdala Abu Rahma, a leader in the popular committee in Bilin, will have court day tomorrow where the persecution will ask to extend his arrest in jail until the end of his trail. Adeeb Abu Rahma, another leader in the popular committee in Bilin, has been jailed for the last five months.

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