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An Invitation to Cover a Demonstration in Lod.
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29 January 2010

For several years the People`s Committee in Lod has conducted a struggle against home demolitions in the Arab neighborhoods in the city. These demolitions have become a common policy of the authorities. The home demolitions leave large families homeless and increase the feelings of alienation among the Arab population in the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Lod.

Tomorrow, Friday, January 29th, there will be a large demonstration organized by the Peoples` Committee in protest of these policies of demolitions in the Arab neighborhoods of the city of Lod.

All reporters are invited to cover the demonstration, and to take part in bringing forth the voices of the many families which are to become homeless.

The demonstration will begin at 1:00pm from Katzanelson street (by the Western Moslem cemetery) and will go through several streets in the city and end by the office of the mayor.

For more information:

Adv. Haled Azbarga, member of the Peoples` Committee. Cel: 052 8804400

Reporter Hurriya al-Saadi, member of the Peoples` Committee. Cel: 050 5221150

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