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CANCELLED BECAUSE OF THE WHEATHER: Saturday Feb. 6: Olive Tree Planting at the Bedouin Village of Al `Arakib
The popular committee of Al-Arakib village and the `Hakara` (recognition) forum invite you to join in the planting of olive trees at the village on Saturday, February 6.

Meeting points and times are 9:00 AM at the El-Al terminal near Tel Aviv`s Arlozoroff train station or 10:30 AM at Lehavim Junction heading south. The activity is family-friendly.

Background: after the people of Al-Arakib were driven off their lands in the early 1950`s, the land - tens of square kilometers - was confiscated by the state. Now some of these lands are leased to the JNF for tree planting, even though the residents` ownership claims are still pending in court.

The tree-planting day is part of a joint campaign to stop the land robbery and return the land to its rightful owners.

They plant thorny shrubs in order to drive out

We plant olive trees in order to nourish.

Registration and more details:

Yaakov 050-5733276,
Amos 052-6035685
Atiya 050-5702064
Noam 050-7701118
Nuri 054-5465556
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