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5th anniversary in Bil`in
Email from Roy Wagner

A complex logistic operation of the A.A. Wall [Anarchists Against the Wall] travel agency brought over 300 people from Israel to Bil`in`s 5th anniversary demonstration.

Despite several attempts, the army managed to prevent only a small
number of cars from entering the village. The demonstrators joined
radical clowns, a Palestinian prime minister, the Ka/Ya-Samba
percussionists, representatives of various Palestinian parties, The
Palestinian Struggle Youth Union marching band, one mayor from Geneva,
dozens of journalists and supporters from all over Palestine and other
parts of the world to express solidarity with the local wo/men of Bil`in
in their struggle against the evils of the Israeli Occupation. After a
string of speeches in various languages and a jam session of the
Palestinian marching band and the percussionists residing between the
wall and the Mediterranean, over 1,000 people marched to the wall. The
soldiers stood behind their usual post, and so the demonstrators broke
forward, crossed the gate, bent the fence, crossed it, and marched over
the soldiers` front post. After a few minutes of ecstasy, while
dignitaries were still making their way forward, the army`s foul water
cannon made a surprise guest appearance, and managed to push the
demonstrators back behind the fence. In a typical expression of
oppression, after the demonstrators backed away from the smelly water,
the army used a cannon to fire dozens of gas canisters - not into the
few demonstrators at the front, but rather into the hundreds retreating
or standing peacefully behind. The wind coming down the path combined
with the panic of inexperienced demonstrators led to many injuries from
gas inhalation, impact and falling. After the initial dispersal some
demonstrators remained to absorb exceptionally large amounts of gas for
the struggle. As has become customary lately, when the last
demonstrators were on their way to the village, a few soldiers invaded
the village, but due to the massive presence of supporters, they settled
for one more round of gas, returning to bask in their own stench.
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