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Israel`s report to the UN misstates truth
On the agenda 28.2.2010
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Israel`s report to the UN misstates truth
The report praises the military`s investigative and judicial systems, ignoring essential flaws in their operation. To date, only one soldier who participated in Operation Cast Lead has been prosecuted - for stealing a credit card. B`Tselem again urges Israel to immediately establish an independent, non-military investigative apparatus.
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Legislation to restrict HR organizations
Continuing the trend of delegitimizing human rights organizations in Israel, MK`s from the Right and Center are promoting a bill that will ostensibly ensure transparency, but will effectively impede the freedom of action of these organizations.
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Jerusalem police arrests minors at night
Several times recently, the police has unlawfully arrested minors from Silwan, East Jerusalem, in the middle of the night and taken them to interrogation on suspicion of stone throwing. Testimonies indicate that the interrogators beat and threatened them.
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Growing pressure on Jordan Valley community
Israel is effectively pressuring Palestinians to leave al-Hadidiyeh, a Bedouin community in the Jordan Valley, by denying building permits, repeatedly demolishing structures, and severely restricting movement. The community also reports harassment by settlers.
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Soldiers prevent filming in West Bank
Although the army states that filming in the Occupied Territories is permitted, B`Tselem`s staff and volunteers have been harassed, and even assaulted, by soldiers and officers while filming in the West Bank. Repeated complaints to military officials have been to no avail.

Hamas report shamefully evades responsibility
The report includes groundless claims that rocket fire from Gaza was aimed at Israeli military objects and harmed civilians only due to technical failure, and that lack of advanced weaponry releases Palestinian armed groups from the obligations of international law.

Suspicion: Soldiers killed person who did not endanger their lives
On 12 Feb. `10, in Hebron, soldiers shot and wounded local resident Faiz Faraj after an altercation between them. B`Tselem`s investigation raises the suspicion that they then shot him again, although he no longer posed a threat to their lives, and delayed his evacuation to hospital.

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