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Barakat`s plan for Silwan is a political plan - for the settlers only!
PEACE NOW DEMO – TODAY 2/3/10- 14:30 – Kikar Safra

BARAKAT`s plan for Silwan is a political plan

for the settlers only!

Today at 14:30 - Peace Now will be demonstrating opposite Barakat`s Press Conference at Kikar Safra ( Outside the Jerusalem Municipality).

Barakat plans to release information on his project in the East Jerusalem area of Silwan.

Peace Now: ` Mayor Barkat is acting irresponsibly in one of the most sensitive places in Jerusalem. He continues to be the mayor of the settlers only. If he wanted to resolve the building issues in East Jerusalem he could have proposed plans for any other Palestinian neighborhood, where more than 250,000 Palestinians live, and not at the most sensitive one.`

SEE OUR SPECIAL REPORT REVEALING: Antiquities Authority maps prove there is no real archaeological reason to build a tourist park on the land of the al-Bustan neighborhood. The plan is politically motivated with the goal of expanding tourism settlement in Silwan. It is noteworthy that the municipality appointed architect Arieh Rahamimov to draw the plan, and he is the same architect who is working on a number of plans in Silwan for the settlers of the Elad organization.

Furthermore, the chances of building alternative housing for the Palestinians in al-Bustan based on the proposed plan are slim to nonexistent, not to speak of the fact that the residents have not agreed to the plan.

Read more and see maps here:

Call Hagit Ofran for more details: 0544556052

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