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Bil`in Demo Commemorates Land Day While Challenging IOF`s Closure
Eyad Bornat
Friends of Freedom and Justice - Bilin

Friday 2nd April 2010 -Dozens of people suffered from tear gaz suffocation due to the IOF`s violent suppression of today`s demonstration. Approximately three weeks ago the Israeli Occupation Army ordered Bil`in to be a closed military zone on Fridays, for Israeli`s, internationals and Palestinians. The Popular Committee, the villagers and its international and Israeli supporters challenge this decision by fiercely exercising its right to demonstrate in spite of the IOF`s regulations. Today`s demonstration commemorated Land Day, which took place on March 30th. It is an annual day for Palestinians to remember the six Palestinians that were killed in 1976 during protest against Israel`s announcement to expropriate thousands of dunams of land for `security and settlement purposes`. One of the speakers stressed the need to preserve the Palestinian land through cultivation, in hope to prevent it from being stolen by the Israeli State. Events of the past two months have shown Israel`s intention judaize Jerusalem and other holy Christian and Muslim sites. The march raised Palestinian flags and echoed chants calling for national unity in the face of Israeli Apartheid schemes. Upon arrival at the Wall, the demonstrators were met with tear gaz, concussion grenades and rubber bullets, causing dozens to suffer tear gaz inhalation.

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